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Do my omb enterprise risk management playbook

Do my omb enterprise risk management playbook capstone park directions motorbike wheely compilation report [Music] hello viewers we are here with the sports talk at sports spend your host for OCD he and we are today we have some dynamic people from an amazing cricket club dolphins career club so we welcome adoption liquor club members here dolfin Cricket Club is started in 2010 as per their CEO and Founder a dilemma and since then they have been gradually achieving success in different leagues and now approximately they have nine to ten championship we will get more information about their club and personalities with their very welcome haha Thank You Molly he is the board member for the club and we have for hon and we have Hazara so how are you guys doing so just to introduce yourself and a little bit about the club and we take it from there yes so we were specially for me my name is the house money and I started with the club in 2010 when we were founded I'm kind of the board of directors I deal with a lot of them publicity and media relations yeah as well as I do so my training coaching for our juniors and up plumbers okay hi my name is Johanna you may I started my journey with the club back in 2015 and I started out the batsman I got some training for to see new from the seniors and everything but now over the years I've become a boiler and that comes token training hopes from like the seniors and everything and overall she didn't be buckling well like I was a facade I started off 2013 of what I came in I was more of a middle or busting committee meeting pacer but over the years training wise and everything I've turned into more of a bowler than a batsman but looking forward we'll see where it goes so they tell me like what your club what the structure is how many teams you have you know what divisions you play or what to level ooh so we cater to all ages we have a very growing Junior program where we are focusing on kids that are under 18 we're primarily focused on the City of Mississauga so most of our from the general vicinity on top of that idea where you focus on the trying district division is where we have our third division first division primality little things anything so we've really moved up to the rank so you can say over the last few years it appears okay go for hunt this you know Club is more about the youth and you looks like the more youth in this and you are between the two heavyweights of the club so what's your position and what level of cricket do you play I had to get our largest I can mention that the young are the new thing by I play I play Division one and then there's minor leagues that play out and then Division one would say like MCO and BTO which is more based on like 2500 words and stuff alright to play like 50 over the top I'm not I feel like I'm not that like no yeah upgrade it to that level yeah but hopefully over the years I think therefore what's your role in how what's your association with the club how long you been with the club I've been with the club for from 2013 that was my first year my role is basically when I walked in was just you know some guide in the middle or they'll go out there big hits but over the years it's more of a bowling role I say that I've transformed into I've also like worked behind the scenes with like the photography or you know editing videos or kind of stuff just helping the club out behind the scenes but since my first year 2013 we've as a crowd as a club together we've grown a lot over the years and the way we're going it's just it's phenomenal so far and the things that Hatter's is just like so bright that you know anyone that's coming in all the new guys the juniors and everyone it's just like it's something that they should really look forward to okay oh that like what's the structure I mean who is that do you have like a Board of Governors or you have just you know is it democracy system or is you know or is it more of dictatorship no it is a we actually have a very set agenda we're a not-for-profit organization okay so we do get elected board of directors we go to election process we actually just went through two months ago where do you want to name them like so yeah so it's myself I am on the board of directors that our deal is another dilemma okay we have such a passive we have no Mon Salim and our Monica port okay and we have Danielle abroad so we are most of us have been with the club since the inception which was back in 2010 and you know we've all represented prepares up in divisions and captained various different teams throughout the years so having said that you know being the seniors we took leadership and ownership as a club moves in a more positive light okay yeah I saw this one you know flyer nominating people for different roles yes I I see like a very good friend of mine caster Chaudhary yes I am in there what what said yeah so he's actually uh it plays a huge part in us reaching out to the community and connecting with different members of parliament and different opportunities within the community caster Chaudhary he is he I forgot to mention he is on the board of directors as well so he was nominated and he plays a huge part he's a very he's one of the newer members of the team he's been in the dust for the past three years I believe mmm but you know his presence it's it's great yes because I remember we had a game actually sports fan cover that game it's between a dolphin and Taunton police two years ago yes and guess what I was playing and amar was playing in there I think in Hyrule was playing in there too so that's a few of my friends in that position so that that's good to see because they know that some serious minded people who really looking forward to doing some positive you know activities for the youth yeah so Casa baya is there you know okay sir bye you're always welcome to join us in the program and I hope one day when you get time and represent okay so who else is because a name like some high-profile people people who represented Canada you're a junior senior-level so from a Canadian representation point of view we had a markup port yes he's he's one of our league coaches we've had a modulator in the 1988 under 19 he's represented various divisions and he's played for various leagues throughout the world as well he's one of our leading players we've had americani he's represented Canada most recently when we were competing in the Middle East and he is uh we also have amar haha yes he's also represented us at a very high level ok so we've created some big profile players up and you know our hope is to continue having these players and getting all of this experience back to us and you know help us with the juniors ok so therefore like how do you see how difficult this running a cub you know like Wars you get funded from somewhere you get paid from your pocket how does it work well actually working very close with the deal over the years I've seen him you know struggle a lot like behind the scenes where he's always on the phone talking someone it's very hard to show he's talking to the sponsor honestly it's it's not just sponsors but it's other it's people of the community like the MP or p.m. you know that he's always around talking to people getting recruiting new players and just like getting all these juniors talking to like sponsors that you said but he's always on the phone you know very busy guy it is a tough job I personally want to be able to do it all by myself which is why we do have the board of directors all these guys right here helping us out um that's something that we've brought in this year and looking moving forward is something that we hopefully will keep doing as it is a bigger club now we have over 150 players something that yeah that's um yeah but you know with great sponsors like the healthfirst group their physiotherapist or massage them any kind of sports therapy needs yeah they're they have three different locations Mississauga but they're a great sponsor that's helped us out throughout the years of I think it's their third year now that they're sponsoring us but they've been a big help so far bother than that you know the I person couldn't do it but it's very tough job yeah it's always a team work right you I don't have a team one or two three people who's always looking for the financials and the benefit of the group and I I do follow your club for a little while and Domino's used to be one of you and you know because the main sponsor and I know you when you guys were winning last year at King City there was like a lot of boxes for domination so you know Thank You Domino's and so Domino's was with us they did their part they did their part there and you know thank you for to them healthfirst like himself as much has been great and not from the pizza standpoint you know but from keeping us ready to play cricket yeah it's a sport you know where you get injured fairly often so having a sponsor with that kind of a background really helps us penetration okay so we gotta take a small break and we'll be right back welcome back we were said we are back and now we have joined by Abdullah is one of the very lively member of the dolphin Cricket Club the below welcome my name is okay you don't have to be that serious like so anyone from your club is so what's your goal what do you guys want to do where do you want to take this club so our goal isn't just cricket right so cricket is a huge part of it but what we're trying to do is we're trying to create a more community-wide approach okay not just cricket but we want to get multiple sports and boom you wanna do y it it'll be out of that okay if we get to right we're gonna start slowly right now we're here but when I get to this point okay right and I think this year we will really starting to get them starting to pick up the pace and you know with people like Joseph of the law you know we're getting a lot of juniors involved then that's where our core goals and getting our community involvement so what are you good what are you guys thoughts on that know what you said because num many saw these ingredients want their kids to play cricket look into hockey and future in it because right now the government doesn't support that much we need more support from the government and getting lights and getting more freedom with the fields only then we can get more kids involved yeah so what do you think what's the obstacles what is it stopping you guys from an obstacle standpoint definitely you know it's the lack of awareness of the support I think once we have the sport at the ground level at primary school you know middle schools as Canada turns to more multicultural society it's gonna get anything and I think when that happens we'll start getting more adoption yeah and ultimately we want to see local homegrown bears make it to the Nationals and we're dolphins with some of the players I mentioned you know they're grown and training Canada but I think adoption of the sport at the grassroot levels it's definitely something which is lacking yeah I've seen your club billion on wall with Khalid meeting unit rock-solid and I recently with the Iranian gonna be the candidate provincial and other dignitaries you you've been trying yeah we're trying to go to the City of Mississauga officials for the all those things yeah so that's good effort this is right in fact what else but do you think anyone like who else should come forward and help you babe I feel like a lot of elementary schools you know come forward and they try to learn a game from art club or another club just like in general because like kids that go through kindergarten to grade 6 that's their learning point that's their standpoint you know they go through gym class and everything they play various sports and that's where they learn and adopt their abilities to play the sports like kids playing hockey they started at age three before that's when they put their first skates on and they start playing yeah I've had I have a couple friends that play and do each on the NHL that started you know very young so for cricket we can start that elementary school that started off with but yeah so you know when kids learn the sport then over the years they're playing it every year through great kindergarten to grade 6 and then on tour it's like I've seen it it's only in school point the only place I've seen corrugators High School where they have the indoor curriculum like yeah but if you know like Zubin Sakaki yeah of Canada he is doing a tremendous job on school level and everything so I know if you guys already contacted him but you should guys should look into that you have to he is a wonderful wonderful person to work with and that's what Lake also has to like grow throughout all of you know not just Mississauga but the GTA over Canada and that's what will expand the sport and you know bring more attention to it and that's where well kids will come out and parents will trust you know where they're sending their kids so there's something I've seen in Mississauga mayor's cup or something like that that's where the school level that is where every year yeah but they do it very silently nobody knows about it until there is no big price so you guys are here to make sure they're known about this contact sports pencil you know positive coverage no that's that's good point what are like there's other clubs right yeah so there's there's there's a lot right we recently had an event-driven saga Steelheads you know a huge hockey club and they feed press the NHL so we had a family day where we took out a lot of over 100 people from Mississauga Dolphins to go and we're getting support from these organizations yeah so we're really trying to get to the point where it's you know getting the next level okay and you know everyone every great club in Mississauga or t or the Toronto area should really try and shake hands with these different established organizations already we we tend to focus on ourselves more and add Mississauga dolphins we try not to do that we tried to reach out and it's an open door policy anyone can come and you can have a child I don't consider in honor meetings you know and we promote that we like that if you look at our social media if you follow Mississauga Dolphins on Facebook Instagram yeah you can take a look we are very active we regularly communicate with the community like you mentioned these different MPs you know a Gruffalo dinner on me at the local the nominee is just because we really wanted an open door policy so well yeah it's always been the whole point is that get together and then are you are you guys getting like any grants or anything from the public and but before that we'll take a break and we come back we talk about a very important member of you Club yes ooh I don't want to get to there's so many important memories no there's a verb but the person will be like the poster boy off your club IRA Siddiqui no no oh is that so will we come back we talk about your key and we'll try to see you know who is behind your key [Music] do my suggested topics for capstone projects Yeshiva University.

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