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Do my li fi technology ieee base paper 2019

Do my li fi technology ieee base paper 2019 capstone clinic tuscaloosa 200 marks project for tybms topics argumentative essays [Applause] go stung by a cow killer it's Jane and it's javi we're gonna find out what a cow killer is from the thumbnail it looks like it's a giant like wasp type bug yeah a cow killer this thing kills cows and he's gonna get stung by it I know who this guy is because he was on a podcast I was into um what's his name coyote something I forget is Africa coyote yeah just college yeah but I haven't seen any of his videos yeah apparently he gets stung by different things and he had started a YouTube channel yeah a lot of his videos are him being stung by like really like hurtful things that no not something that could necessarily kill you let's watch guys if you like this video leave a like and subscribe okay I'm coyote Peterson now you see me stunned by harvester ants fire ants and scorpions but today I'm hoping a rung up on the insect sting pain index in my not by the cow killer I have a feeling that this one is going to home doing howdy Peterson why would you ever do this and that's been my loss is no question about cry the Wild West is rough and rugged and whether you're talking about the rocky terrain hears unless one kind of plants or its animals most of which are armed with fangs and stingers Arizona's Sonoran Desert is an adventure lovers playground Arizona right there sure we all have our fears have been bitten by a rattlesnake but venturing off trail or in my case having a giant desert centipede run on my pant leg but in actuality the good news is that each and every one of these creatures does its best to avoid human interaction however sometimes you have an accidental running and when you do a biter a sting can be incredibly painful when it comes to my life or yes the goal is to have an interaction so that I can show you the effects of these encounters this way we can all learn why I just started to tip it I strand back for a second wow that is a good-sized one to have we got our velvet aunt there okay cool well tomorrow morning I'm gonna get stung by that what's wrong with you cool sighs evident which is actually beauty she's of ground wasp and not an ant at all claims a famous nickname the cow killer ranked on the insect sting pain index as being the fourth most painful sting an insect Kingdom rumor has it that the pain is so intense it can kill a cow you may be looking at this thinking just off coyote are you gonna get stung yeah I am I'm gonna get stung by this today now the insect sting pain index says that the intense pain will last for about 30 minutes and the reason I'm not having it is to work my way up to the bullet in want to see me stung by the bullet in kind of feel like I have to get stung by everything else leading up to that I am NOT looking forward to 30 minutes of pain that's gonna come from this insect I know right here we go again coyote is about to enter the strike zone but this one's a little different when it comes to alligator bites crap pinches or blood sucking leeches I'm fine with that when it comes to stingers and venom that's where even I get nervous now the females do not have wings the males do have wings but what's interesting is that the males do not have stingers guess who does have a stinger that's right the females and that's we have here today now one of the most impressive things about this insect is the size of its stinger in fact it's about as long as the entire length of the abdomen what I want to do now is use these little entomology forceps to pick the velvet and up and show you guys just how big that steer is you ready for this yeah are they delicate they are not the velvet ant actually has a very very durable so skeleton one of the toughest exoskeletons in the insect Kingdom so me picking her up with the forceps is not going to cause her any sort of pain or damage go jeez oh gosh you didn't like have a thing walking around barefoot one of these you're not squish it's gonna spin around and that's gonna tuck its abdomen under and boom you're gonna get well I think at this juncture it is time for me to actually take a sting are you guys getting nervous I'll tell you what I sure was now they say that this thing is painful enough to kill a cow however there are no reported cases of cows or humans for that matter ever dying from a velvet ants sting this makes me feel a bit better but you never know how your body will react to venom so we always have an epinephrine pen on location just in case I have an allergic reaction to the sting all right mark signaling me it is time fans over there what's the game plan for this thing well this is gonna go down one of two ways what I'm gonna try first is to actually take this little glass flip it upside down get the ant to this end and then place it down on top of my arm this will isolate the ant on my skin and I'm hoping that as it tries to get away it's just going to sting me now if that doesn't work I also have my pair of entomology forceps and I'm actually going to pick up hold the ants place it on my arm and let it sting me one way or another I am definitely going to be stung by the velvety okay now the first thing I'm going to do is get the ants up into that part of the glass and I'm going to spin this over onto my forearm and with anyone is going to sting me here we go ready I'm coyote Peterson and I'm about to enter the sting zone with the Velveteen wandering zone - there we go 300 my heart's racing right now boy see its abdomen kind of pumping oh good my heart is going now any second happen yeah any second it could sting me he doesn't know that the ground it's not guys theme right now buddy my skin it's fighting at the end of the container I'm so like a little going into my skin this is intense the glass is actually starting to get a little foggy from the heat of my skin so at this point I think we were going to move to plan B which is holding the velvety with the entomology forceps I don't think it's going to sting me at this point it's been in there for about two minutes and so far no sting it's just trying to get out so I'm gonna flip my arm upside down and get the amp back under control okay here we go my heart is racing I actually think I do have to take a second just to get my heart rate to come back down ok cutting GoPro okay alright the only way to actually move forward with this is for me to hold the ant with the entomology forceps up against my skin and let it sting me nothing is worth this in the world of entomology when it comes to milking the venom of insects and arachnids holding them with forceps is a guaranteed way to induce a sting so I think we all know we're already happy not just this is crazy guys this is crazy I can't imagine what the tarantula hawk and the bullet ant are gonna be like he's trembling that stinger is enormous yeah yeah okay you can do this you can do this okay then you're gonna go all the way under your skin yeah it's gonna go right into my skin I'm coyote Peterson and I'm about to enter the sting zone with the cop killer this thing's are you ready go oh no I'm never ready one two three good [Applause] okay murder that thing hit hurt you you think it's like try to touch right there with a stinger in each seat there's blogs okay I get shocked if I can get it more like walk around for a second ever sent me I could feel it was like you can feel go all the way under the skin all the way in I could feel it inserted into my arms okay now they say that the sting of The Velveteen will last for about 30 minutes and I can tell you guys right now this is the worst thing I've ever taken there's no question about it is worse than a horror strand is worse if I mean it feels like I'm getting stung over and over again you see the welts start to form on my arm the pain it's radiating it is ready and he feels like here if you get a charley horse in your muscle and it like seizes up and then it's like it's Jean used to be a low-income [Music] intense pain right there how long's it been seven minutes now they say this the pain from this lasts for about 30 about 23 minutes to go guys 23 minutes to go now aside from working my way up to the bullet and the reason I was willing to take a sting from this insect was so that we could all see the effects of the venom 25 minutes has gone by my arm is still on fire and what's crazy is that look at all the red watching that's formed around the sting there's the stinger insertion point right there and it is swollen and it is very tender and you can see how red the entire radiuses of the sting I'm sweating my gosh I could definitely still hurts but not as bad as the initial impact of the stinger but what's interesting is that all around the sting is tingling like these little tiny pinkish and needles going and as you can see there's all these little red dots forming and I'm assuming that is where the venom is spreading into my arm well I would say very intense sting the cow killer has earned its reputation as being one of the most powerful stings in the insect Kingdom and while it may be ranked as a for an insect sting pain index for me at this point it's definitely number one I'd say I'm one step closer to being stung by the bullet ant but first I'm gonna have to go up against the tarantula hawk I'm feeling that that one is going to be bad I'm coyote Peterson be brave stay wild we'll see on the next adventure man if there's velvet answer nomadic ground dwellers that feed primarily on nectar there's no reason you should ever fear them if you live or are hiking involving a territory and want to avoid a possible sting keep your boots on your feet and you will be just fine if you thought that sting was intense make sure to check out the compilation yes bite saws and stings as you work our way up to the bullet and challenge and don't forget subscribe so you can join me and the crew on this season of breaking trail okay that's pretty cool I feel like you should end the videos holding a big it's not the bugs fault it's educational I think the only satisfaction you get from being stung for these things you cuz then it dies it dies after you're terrible it's educational alright so guys definitely the links to the original video will be in the description go like his video and click that subscribe button on his channel [Laughter] doesn't murder than we let them get away yeah and then come back after you're done and subscribe like our videos leave a comment let us know which videos you want us to watch if you liked that video and you want to see more go ahead and click that Square button and if you want to subscribe click that circle button thanks for being part of team go voice recognition capstone project order Missouri Synod.

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