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Do my it capstone project proposal

Do my it capstone project proposal capstone chapter 1 sample for money oliver bungartz risk reporting structure ´╗┐so I stumbled across this youtuber named oh no Peter I think this is name I just randomly in my recommended videos and he's he's he's a Japanese teacher in Japan for foreigners and he's talking about he's responding basically to all the backlash he got for some video what a lot of his come with her thought he called him a racist and stuff so he made this video three questions of Japanese guy has four black people knew us and questions is kind of a light from the really more like accusations about them but I the whole video kind of you know if this feels like a justification really for stereotypes against black Americans um but I don't want to just paint him as a racist because a lot of it I understand how it could be misunderstood from a foreign perspective especially when so removed from American culture and absence of the context so hit three questions because the first one is why are you so obsessed with the past and this question kind of lacks an understanding of how recent slavery was like first off slavery didn't end in 1860s when it officially was outlawed right slavery with my phone slavery continued on far beyond 1860s is first right give him endure you understand his southern economy was a third black there was a third slave labor one third of the population was enslaved okay so you can't just whisk that away overnight through through new law because they just either integral to the economy they can't they have no place to go right so so right away when slavery was ended most of what happened was people switched over to tenant farming no tenant farming is is effectively the slaves are now considered tenants of their masters and they are paid like very minimum wages and when I say minimum wage I mean like basically nothing like like equal to maybe what they would have just received in food rations beforehand as a slave so they just continue to work the same farm they were working beforehand they live in the same quarters they were living in and they're since they're living under their house they're effectively still subjects to the master of the household right so really ten farmers would adjust slaves for a very long time and to that point slavery even though it was illegal actually continued on in practice up until the 1960s okay nineteen sixties just let that soak in that's all but a hundred years after it was officially outlawed now this was obviously illegal and it was rare but it was still in practice it was there were plantations in parts of the deep south where people were still being held against their will by gunpoint to the threat of execution on farms to do slave labor just outright slave labor okay so first you just need to understand that it wasn't that long now secondly secondly you need to understand that generational generational wealth plays a big factor in this okay like every generation gets something from its last generation we don't just we not just restart every generation okay now when blacks were emancipated and like I said it didn't even it didn't even really happen at the time it officially happened I you could argue we're still in the process of emancipation um but when it happens it's significantly after the amount of time that White's had to start accumulating wealth and economic power and influence okay so they're starting from zero like the whole race has basically nothing right off the bat okay that's when they were officially allowed to leave the farms and but more again a lot of them did not because they just no other where to go so they had no generational of we not only do we have lots of generation well filled up but still we have the white Americans at the time they had they had explained exploiting the waiver of these slaves for hundreds of years before the end so not only did they have did they have significant advantage economically as a group of the blacks which was starting at flat zero but they also had labor value extorted from those blacks that had been working for them against their will slaves so the the whole the whole set up here is very dramatic and has effects echoing into the present like that generational wealth that carries over just eat into the present now I mean c'mon it's only 150 years ago that the support ended so this is about a century and a half so we're talking like we're talking like two old women basically lined up neck neck like this people are alive today that knew people who remember it that there are people life today who neusel that who knew slaves okay so like this is this is something that is still a it's still having effects in the whole social order right it's it's not the past it's it's still an integral part of how our society is evolving now moving on to the second question it was why do you avoid facing the fact and this whole segment he basically just goes on about the black crime rate now absent knowledge of what causes this it does look pretty bad blacks do new york i should say they are convicted they are convicted lee much higher rate than whites are or any other ethnicity but they make up about 13 percent of the population the general population and they in some in some kinds they hold like 50 percent of convictions now there are there are lots of questions guarding like prejudice among prosecutors and all that but I'm gonna skip over that and get back to the last question we were just on which was that generational wealth disadvantage now not only did they have the generation of wealth disadvantage and the disadvantage of being discriminated against in employment which for the most part I I like to think has kind of gone by the wayside but it is still a real issue and if it isn't an issue now it was definitely an issue up until very recently up until very recently especially when you're being considered for very high paying positions being black was a huge disadvantage huge disadvantage so there's they're not only the distort from zero but they had less ability to climb in terms of economic mobility okay so all that leads to poverty now now we see you see these statistics that you show from the FBI saying if you're black you're much more likely to commit murder or if you're black you're much more likely to rape or something like that although I do I don't think blacks actually of a high rate if I remember correctly but um beside the point societal point but if you remove race from the equation and you just look at the correlation between poverty and crime you will see that poverty is a much stronger indicator of criminality than races and then you also will see that race and poverty are very neatly tied and that goes back to the economic issues I was talking about earlier the generational wealth difference has has echoed into the modern day so that blacks are much more likely to be poor and if you're poor regardless of your race you are much more likely to be criminal because poverty increases your exposure and your perceived necessity to commit crime to provide for yourself the view feel like you cannot make it honest living to provide for your family through any other means other than smuggling coke then you're going to small hook like if it's between what am I going to risk going to prison and smuggling cocaine or what I might want to let my baby starve you're going to smoke with the cocaine that's just how it is and this is acro across all races poverty is a very strong driver of criminality now the last one is and I don't want to accuse him just painting in broad strokes even though he is but his last question is why do you threaten someone who disagrees with you um I'll say - this is and I understand that you know he was threatened himself very graphically but also this is every group does this every group on the internet uses violent threats it's very common practice especially among angry white guys this is not a black exclusive thing I would say to put up with less common among blacks then angry white guys I encounter over the internet death threats are very common and often very graphic or sexually explicit this is not a black phenomenon and I understand he himself was threatened so I understand why he's feeling this way but just understand this is not specific to blacks alright well I hope I hope this helped understand some of these issues of greater context that and farewell write for me capstone bank wire instructions Rockland Community College.

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