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Do my it capstone project examples online

Do my it capstone project examples online write for me capstone steel run rsparam report sap ´╗┐hey guys Sam here and welcome to another episode of our Leeds United career mode series Before we jump into today's episode of guys if you could smash the like on the video that would be very much appreciate if we get to the hundred likes like we've been doing on these episodes consistently you guys are smashing 100 likes plus go ahead and leave a like on the video the absolutely fantastic if we could do that again the results of the poll from last episode in and your guys man-of-the-match was actually Berardi the left back earning your guys's praise which means this is how the Billy Bremner award is actually looking at the moment I said Billy Brehme in the last episode that's what I thought it was because I didn't really look at it properly I apologize that is my mistake I should have done better so I do apologize but it is fixed now the Billy Bremner award and he gets two points cuz he was your man of the match I decided to give one point to Koopa I thought it was a rock at centre-back he picked up a goal as well which is great for a centre-back so I decided to give him the one point but we cannot waste any more time guys it's a chock full episode so many things to show you guys so many goals to show you guys so without further ado let's take a look at the highlights see what happened and then we'll get into our featured game of the day okay today's highlights are brought to you by I don't know who should sponsor this if you have any suggestions for some sponsorships I guess for the highlights let me know in the comment section below but we do kick things off in the caribou Cup against the Grimsby Town and it is a team that I really do believe that we should be beating so we head into this game away but we do give some fresh faces some new faces a chance in the team and it starts off fantastically with Connor Chaplin going across the goalkeeper in the 6th minute we're up 1 nil and I really just wanted to give everybody else a chance it was a complete read whole of the team I wanted to give as many people a chance as possible and I wanted to see what people were made out of and someone that was straight away making me a very happy guy and getting me very impressed actually was Chaplin but oh my word Oh Kane with that a hell of a finish on the volley across the goal are you serious ok are you for real I cannot believe what I've just witnessed look at this volley that is beautiful you would never get that in FIFA 17 guys that is a hell of a finish look at the ball move beautiful from O'Kane wearing the captain's armband here today in the absence of Cooper and Yan Singh and we don't stop there guys and absolute flood of goals here early on against Grimsby Town a felt like they just couldn't deal with us we were just everywhere and it would burn off the volley who gets us our third goal and we're just volleying everywhere here so why not go for another one we chip it in a lean through to roof it is technically a volley but it might not be the cleanest one you've ever seen in your life as it just rolls into the net greens beat out coming out in the second half and their manager must have given them a spraying because they come out and yeah they do get a goal back unfortunately which is a little bit embarrassing considering how bad they've been but it is only just one goal in the grand scheme of things and we probably came out in the second half snoozing as soon as that goal went in we replied came our roof with an effort that gets past the keeper making it five goals to one here and he gives a little bit of a bell how nice so what a gentleman came our roof is as we go to the 19th minute here though greens beauty I want to have the last laugh so they do go for one last attack and it is a well worked gold and bereta gets the last goal of the game making it a 5-2 win to Leeds United I mean not something that you would hear every single day especially not in the Cariboo cut but we will take it and there it is end of the game 12 shots 8 on target 60% possession it was a comfortable performance for us and as you can see on the left-hand side roof with three points I added to his Billy Bremner award tally chaplain picking up two and O'Kane the Spidey's fantastic volley was only able to pick up one just because of how good roof and Chaplin were going to the next game back in the championship we host Preston North End and that is the lineup that I feel did more of a stronger lineup I would say probably more towards what the first team would look like however the highlights that in the second half because this was a boring game and Preston North End made a very boring although they didn't have a couple of chance Vermeil there with one of the best once it was nearly what could have been a fantastic goal Phillips was trying to reply in his own way he's been trying to bang in some long goals since the start of the season but Bharati here tries to making things happen he plays it through two safes he finds Sakura off the bench and fantastically worked from Socko this guy was on for five minutes before he found the back of the net and what a cocky little bastard he goes and celebrates in front of the Preston North End away fans when he has a whole stadium of Leeds fans that he could celebrate in front of I mean that is a rubbing salt in the wounds in the 90th minute we were still looking for a second here to wrap the game up beyond a shadow of a doubt unfortunately Sacco couldn't get it on that occasion but this time he wins the ball back here fantastically fighting for the ball all the way to the 90th minute Saif's repays him on the volley he scores that fantastically done and Sacko two goals off the bench and he should be very proud of himself as the Leeds fans go up in celebration for three points here at home a fantastic finish as well well worked from safes to chip at over we ended up picking up the two nil win with six Austrian target and 58% possession as you can see safes picked up three points as the man of the match Sacco was able to grab two and pontus Jansen was able to pick up one point as we headed to this game against Fulham at home again we host another team the lineup looks very similar a few different changes this time a link coming in okay in both week Jackson Woodburn and science as well or Saints man having to people with safes and Saints it's not easy guys let me tell you it is definitely not easy but Fulham we're not gonna make this easy as McDonald gets through through on goal and he puts it away no mistakes talked his chance when he had at Fulham didn't have many chances we gave a ball the ball away cheaply and Fulham punished us man it was the one chance they had really I would say throughout the game Pontus Y Anson nearly brings one back but rattles the crossbar as we head into the second half here trying to fight back against their really well structured and really sturdy Fulham who should have been to Lille up if not for the efforts and heroics of the right back alien tastic work to put his body on the line but he can see how chances were there but they weren't really good chances not like Fulham here who played their players through we were trying to score with players and defenders still in front of us in the 90th minute came our roof goes for the run he's got to sweat it across and unfortunately it doesn't work out and fall him escape with the 1 nil win I don't even want to say escape because I was well earned ok picked up three points Yan Singh with to an ailing with one you couldn't really credit any of the attackers and that brings us to our feature game of the day here coming to you from the Stadium of Light against Sunderland one of the teams that I personally believe we will be challenging for the top of the table they've started a bit iffy in the championship in real life but they're squatting FIFA surely should be good enough to challenge or be there abouts for promotion in the championship I believe they will be so this is a fantastic test for us coming off of that loss against Fulham which was a bit unexpected we're now on the road and we're trying to pick up as many points as possible so let's just try and do this let's try and grab as many points as we can lineup that I've decided to go and try and get these points call a chaplain is up front and I think that's the only major change to be honest I've decided to give chaplain than not a head of loss saga a bit more pace up top Phillips over the top that's a fantastic ball in so Hernandez puts it on his right he's trying to find somebody in the box it falls to calvin phillips not kevin phillips i'm gonna try and get kevin phillips out of my head i was subconsciously calling Calvin Kevin just because I'm so used to Kevin Phillips wandering out of the air I put her through to seis I believe is how you pronounce us said a couple of people in the comment section it goes to a Leo ski he's gonna go out whiter ailing is there an option here maybe if Lasogga was in there over year or trying to take the role of Pierre Michel but unfortunately he was offside paddy McNair now through to Vaughn good little touch from Vaughn there puts it out to Magee D got a look out for him good work from ailing to defend that great work from ailing that is fantastic by the way do any of you know how to get rid of this arrow here because I've tried clicking the rights too apparently that's well that's what I thought it would be but it isn't so what a touch from Hernandez but does anybody know how to get rid of it because it's annoying me Aly Oscar now a bit of room to play around he gets passed over later with a nice little touch he's got some room here who's he gonna find Connor chaplains in the middle obviated with a great recovery unfortunately we can't make the most of the opportunity Ally Oski is looking dangerous early on my commandment to make anemic net hits the post I wasn't expecting paddy to hit the post from near post and a near post shot there I wasn't expecting him to hit the upright my goodness keeping us awake in this game to vorn back to Patty and Paddy is looking dangerous this man wants a gold say snow con a chaplain that's the run I want you to make I want you to hit those holes chaplain across goal and what has saved from the keeper keeping Sunderland in the game here at the start of the second half variety with a second opportunity and the cross goes begging but what a start this is to the second half for us oh good ball through to McManaman this could be dangerous pontus hansen stands his ground and gets the ball stops the corners well what more can you ask from pontus hansen seriously to Phillips Calvin Phillips now just steaming forward gets past the player Aly Oski whips it in far post someone's making the run and it's Adam Matthews cleaning up the mess I feel like when knocking on the door here and Sunderland are willing to open it we just have to push it a little bit Ronaldo Vieira through the Calvin Phillips Phillips to SACE he's gonna go out wide to Hernandez Lasogga you got to get yourself readily available in a crossing position or maybe we don't need him good safe from the keeper again he's doing a fantastic job McManaman through tamiya he goes over the top trying to find Vaughn he does find Vaughn and Yance and was there with him if he got past Hanson he would have been one-on-one with the keeper alie Oskie nicely done to head that down to Hernandez he probably doesn't have the strength to handle Kony so he gives it to Ally auskey Ally Oski to Phillips there's a bit of room here between the midfield and the defense Sacko now fake shot through onto his right Sacko all the way Saco and in the 98th minute it is Sacco our impact substitute this man is making his name off of impact substitutions great work from Sacco it's one nil two leaves in the 90th minute the Red Sea of that sundaland wall just parted and Sacco just ran through where was the defense and I feel bad for the keeper more than anybody because he's had a fantastic performance here today for Sunderland and there's just nothing you can do about that one nil and surely the game-winning goal get in there Sacco sundaland aren't dead yet Magee D with no stamina can they find some sort of inspiration not if not if gansan is there you cannot whip crosses in Afghan sense they're the Goliath Pontus Y Anson and we do pick up three points here a full time all credit to Sunderland I think it was a fantastic performance from them but they just got found out right at the end they lost their heads and we get the 1 nil win at the Stadium of Life 3 massive points to bounce back from that loss against Fulham great work from the boys here today I thought it was a fantastic performance I couldn't be prouder eight shots seven on target for us with 56% possession to someone's three shots one on target 44% possession and even though they didn't get many shots they were pretty dangerous going forward and looked like they were gonna make some things happen and fortunately never clicked for them and we got a fantastic 1 nil result here Hayes man of the match was Calvin Phillips he's gonna get three points in the Billy Bremner award you guys now have your say on who you believe should have two points I'll go through the statistics here with you Sacco on the impact substitution getting the goal courtesy of Phillips himself and there you can see the rest of the statistics I'll go through them and you guys can make your choice in the top right corner who was your man in the match apart from Phillips there's some options there I got to tell you okay guys that is the end of today's episode this little league table is looking at three episodes in four games played in the league this is what we look like at the moment sundaland themselves have struggled like they have in real life they said in 15th Brentford at the moment for from four wins and then ourselves Middlesbrough and Wolverhampton all have three wins and a lost Derby County are undefeated in Bristol City are tied with a bunch of other people for that final six spot and before we leave off this is what the Billy Bremner award table looks like at the moment seis has six points and is too clear of o'kane who had a couple of fantastic performances in the highlights and then we've got a three-way tie between Ruth Hansen and Phillips of course is it before you guys have voted for your points on the featured game against Sun blurs for three more points still up for grabs to fill one person and one for the other of course so there could be some changes going into the next episode but for now this is what the table looks like in the Billy Bremner award guys if you did enjoyed today's video I do urge you to leave a like on the video if you haven't already it does mean a lot subscribe if you are new around here and if you want to see more content thank you so much for joining me here today guys I hope you had a good day and I hope you enjoyed today's video I'll see you guys in the next one very soon keep it real write for me capstone baptist church Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences.

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