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Do my internet of things sensors companies

Do my internet of things sensors companies do my uta nursing capstone syllabus kabihasnang inca slideshare presentation ´╗┐what's up guys today's video is gonna be a comparison video between the veksler FL 8 and the hummingbird helix 5 stay tuned gonna be going alright guys but before we get into today's video I just want to say a couple things if you're brand new to the channel feel free to drop down and hit that subscribe button really help me out I need about a hundred and forty more subs before I hit that 1000 mark and when we do it that 1000 mark we're gonna have giveaway so do me a favor smash that sub button and a notification bell so you don't miss anyway guys so before we get into this video I just want to kind of talk about these units before we turn them on the veksler is a very simple unit it's one of the first ice transducers that was really created for ice fishing and everything about it's designed strictly for ice fishing a great unit portable simple to use and it's a really stellar piece of electronics that really amps up your ice fishing game this unit retails for $279 and it's it's a great little bargain I mean if you're trying to amp up your ice fishing game I would highly recommend the FL 8 very basic unit but I mean it works well got the gain and the power and the interference rejection there so very very nice little unit very simple basic it even has great portability to it it came in this little blue pack you can buy it in a different case but when I bought it at shields it just came in this pack this unit retails for $279 and it's just your basic ice flasher no we're gonna move over to the hummingbird unit a very similar case set your battery back there this is the hummingbird case it's the portable pack case for like 170 bucks and you just mount your actual unit to it comes with a transducer and you you just got to assemble a little carry case here this will fit in a five-gallon bucket so if you're a fisherman that uses a bunch of 5-gallon buckets like every other ice fisherman a very very nice little unit very portable and it it works great I mean if anybody ever if anyone of you have ever used a hummingbird unit it's got all the bells and whistles a little more complicated than your simple unit but works great very nice and I love it so let's turn these bad boys on all righty so once again we're gonna start with the veksler alright guys we're gonna start with this veksler here pretty simple your on/off button is right here you got one two and four for this side sorry the screen might be flashing at you but it is what it is pretty simple it's got this the dials got this hum it can be kind of annoying but it's not too bad one two and four are your depth markers on the dial and that's shallow one two four and then on the right side is deep one two four and that just allows you to fish much deeper water I think it goes to 120 feet so that's pretty cool there is no zoom feature on this unit once again it's just your basic veksler Fla it's got the the mag shield on it which helps keep snow and water out which is kind of nice and your game so very simple unit on/off that's how that one works all right you guys let's get on into the hummingbird unit just put your power on right there and she takes a second to warm up but once she gets warmed up it's pretty simple you got to kind of go through the menu system here once it flashes he looks 5 you got to press your menu button and go to normal otherwise it'll go in a simulator mode because hummingbird doesn't read its own transducer and that's really ridiculous exit and then it goes right into your your sonar view let's see that's some interference Rob yeah but that's actually ice umm twenty three point eight feet deep well that's pretty deep right there we're just gonna kind of scroll through these views the nice thing about the hummingbird ii unit is that you can scroll through the views and you can kind of pick and choose which one you want you can even do your flasher which is pretty nice if you're a flasher kind of fisherman or whatever and then you can go through your sonar too bad you cannot use down imaging on this transducer this is just a regular X 920 I believe so the and you got your map right here - which is pretty cool the view that I use the most is the the sonar with the zoom feature you can go up to eight which is pretty cool and you can zoom in right towards the bottom once we start fishing I'll kind of show you guys how that looks a very cool little unit but I just kind of want to scroll through some of the features of this unit here very complicated unit actually if you don't know really what you're doing it can be a pain in the ass to set up but once you do set it up it works really well so you can actually choose your your different frequencies you can go switch fire I mean this is a very complicated unit compared to the veksler and that that's on off this is much more complicated you can even choose your your transducer I have generic 50 by 200 kilohertz it seems to work the best so that's what I use but yeah let's get fishing poison I'll show you kind of what these units do differently alright guys so I just turned the veksler on and I don't know if you guys can see this if you can I'll edit it or whatever but um there's my jig gone down all the way to the bottom there's a little red line there at about 13 feet where's the bottom is and you can see your jig pretty well it's gonna be a green and yellow mark with about and we're just going to sit there and give her a go and you can see it pretty well I mean it's it's extremely real-time there's no lag to it at all it's a great little unit there's a fish right there coming up to it about to banging it about to bang [Music] come on fishy [Music] come on Missy and you can see them come right up to the jig mom okay guys so the rest of this video is gonna mainly be on the hummingbird unit if you want to watch the veksler unit work there's a couple different videos on YouTube but that's a pretty simple unit it's just your regular flasher this is this video is going to demonstrate the difference between the hummingbird and the veksler the biggest difference is the ability to see the separation on the bottom the veksler FLH really doesn't have a zoom feature and the hummingbird has a x 8zu m-- so that really plays a big role in your ability to see what's going on down there and identify how it's happening this is in real-time view drinking up and down right now and when we see a fish come in its gonna be a giant blob on the screen and it's just gonna come in hot and that's the biggest difference between this unit and the veksler it's only on x 4 right now I can actually back it up x 2 or I can go down at x 8 and that's gonna bring it right to the bottom and so that's x 8 right there and the ability to see the separation on the bottom if you're fishing like a weed line or whatever you can get pretty exact on top of those weeds or on the bottom and even when a fish comes up and sees your lure you can identify what the fish is doing as it approaches your actual lure so it's a really big difference when it comes to ice fishing and it gives you the ability to really hone in on that fish that's trying to attack your lure I'm gonna turn this to be down to 5 for ya it's better just to kind of barely read that jig and so when a fish does come in its gonna mark a pretty big mark let's see if we can get one for you turn it down and so as you guys can see it's very detailed right there on the bottom trying to get a fish for you let's see if we can get one to come about yeah there's a fish right there see how it's see how it marks yeah there's a couple fish down there and you can really identify what's going on there come on what do you guys eat this freakin there I'm gonna change jigs because this one is just a little too big I do believe just change lures here we're dropping it down as you can kind of see there this owners picking it up we're on times eight so it's right on the bottom there and you can see it drop in and so once we drop in we're going to look for fish as you guys can tell that's an obvious lure just chilling there and once once a fish comes in its going to be a big blob and it's pretty obvious what a fish looks like on a sonar unit so once they come in it's pretty obvious and it really gives you great definition and clarity see there's a fish right there on the bottom coming up for it coming up he's coming up come on fitchy I know you want it I know you want it I know you want it you want it you want it oh you really want it come and get it tonight today not tomorrow and just yeah the ability of this unit to just clarify what's going on and using that to dart that 2-d sonar screen is really an improvement on the the whole fishing experience let's see if we can't get one for you guys want to get one for you we'll get one here in a minute it's got a player by a year the ability of this sonar to just amp up your whole ice fishing game is an amazing deal and you can actually take this unit and throw it back on your boat so that's a really cool deal that I really enjoy about this unit is that it's very versatile whereas the veksler units are really only designed for ice fishing and any other flasher that's kind of a bummer too and with this unit you can actually dim it and you're gonna your best battery life when you when you do dim it I'm gonna go over a few more pros of this unit with the ability of this unit you can actually cycle through onto your map so you can see I'm in Billings Montana right now and you can zoom out and you actually get your your real-time sonar on the left hand side there as you guys can see there's Montana Saskatchewan there's America for you so I mean anywhere anywhere really you are it's gonna be great detail you can even zoom in to your actual lake and see where you're at which is pretty cool here's your flasher for us standard there we're back on the unit just another pretty cool feature of the unit no there's a fish come on buddy smash it he's on it come on he's on it one of these fishes not want what I'm throwing at him oh there's a fish came in hi he's coming for it he's coming for it come on eat it eat the damn thing he did it he did it coming back down for him he's still there he's still there and he can really tell the difference between bottom fish and bottom vegetation because this unit gives you that clarification whereas on the veksler when you're fishing you know 12 to 20 feet deep it's hard to really clarify what's going on on the bottom if it's a tree if it's a bullish or whatever with this unit you can clearly identify if it's a fish or not you know or if there's veggies down there there'll be a little green line there's a tree branch or a bush down there you can actually see the vegetation so that's pretty cool and the thing about this unit see there's a fish right on the bottom there right on the bottom for it coming up for it come on bite it bite it he's on it let's go come on come on dude does he want to come up for it he's going away now come on these fish are I don't I don't know I don't know see and now he's gone now that fish is completely gone out of the sonar so that's just an example of what this unit can do you're really going to see detailed information especially on the bottom and for anybody who's fishing really any depth of water you need that zoom feature to really identify what's going on see right there there's a fish on a vector unit it would just blink you're not quite sure what it is you know or what that is if it's a tree or a branch seeing this fish is on it he's on my lure right now come on he's on the jig he's he's looking at it and then he went away and see that sharp mark right there you can really that's just an amazing an amazing deal right there really puts the fishermen right into the action which is what we're all looking for you know and that's that's the biggest difference between this unit he's on it come on he's on it there's two fish there there's two fish Wow see that's amazing you can clearly identify the fish what they're doing and how they're doing it come on there's two of them there there's two fish there come on wow this is really embarrassing guys I don't understand what's going on here usually I don't know what that's a trout or a bass or a freaking tiger muskie in these fish usually just bite it's a nice day come on he's coming up for it he's coming up for it come on he's on it he's on my freakin lure you know and when you raise it up an inch it actually comes up on the screen and you can I want to catch these fish we got any water craziness dude how are they not biting this they're right on it those fish are all over this lure she was bumps on the bottom on a veksler you really probably wouldn't be able to tell what that is on your veksler you could probably see that it's a fish maybe or a bump but you really couldn't identify and tell without this to do without the 2d sonar it's it's hard to really identify what's going on down there this is the most finicky bite I've ever experienced this is unbelievable what is going on here what is what is this fish doing I've got no idea he's on my freaking leer Wow I cannot get this fish to turn there come on come on what is this fish dude it's a decent mark Wow I've got no idea this is unbelievable how is this fish what in the heck is going this carp or something Wow if this fish doesn't hit the next like 10 seconds I'm switched artificial how much time left geez because that is unacceptable let's see if this into the trick little minnow head come on this has got to work there's a fish down there he's down there come on he's down there he's down there this is gonna change his mind there's two of them clearly two fish down there I'm not gonna put this pole down and let her these fish are just not having any of it see come on up come on up fish if I get this fish up off the bottom he'll come and attack his lure come on he wants to he wants it there's one about dang time just a little perch just and that's the reason these fish aren't biting because they're itty-bitty fish come on bud there he is for you but yeah that's just a little letting go back in the hole just a little demonstration little video of what this unit is capable of all right guys that's gonna be the end of it there cut that one little perch I just wanted to show you kind of the slight differences in those two units the VEX there's a very very basic unit it's gonna get the job done for you but that hummingbird unit man I'll take it to an upgrade really gives you that separation that we're all looking for hope it's audio is not that bad but yeah beautiful day out here in Montana probably gonna stay in the hut for another 15 20 minutes or so and finish out the night if you guys liked this video please subscribe throw a like down there and a comment please to keep these videos going and different reviews if you guys want to see a review of the hut or the auger just comment below and we'll get it done for you thanks so much for watching guys have a great night [Music] capstone development st louis missouri order York College.

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