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Do my internet of things overview

Do my internet of things overview write for me video game capstone project proofread dissertation introduction on cheating for cheap ´╗┐all teachers president james hoffa james very good to have you thanks for coming good to be here um this was fully supported but you knew then just to be clear you were consistent about this when President Obama rejected it so you welcome this we welcome it because it's the beginning of working with unions to help rebuild our infrastructure pipelines oh there were Dakota access whether it's Keystone this is a good beginning also the president met with union leaders yesterday and I met with them before that to talk about what we can do together how we can work together to keep jobs in America and he basically is very oriented on creating jobs what he did with carrier was terrific what he did with Ford was terrific keeping those jobs here and people are talking about investing in America and creating good jobs I think he's off to a good start and I encourage you you know it's so weird to think about it because it seems like upside-down world right now this is a Republican president after all meeting with union leaders having one-on-ones with guys like you that's not to say he's not doing the same with corporate leaders he is but again he's not fitting typecast as he I think it's important he really is doing the right thing of reaching out to say he's president you know of the whole country not just you know going to be the big business president he's going to be the president of everybody here I think it's important what he did with trade those were issues that we had major differences with the Obama administration and the first thing he does is pull out of the trans-pacific partnership he's going to renegotiate NAFTA we've been talking about this for 10 years and finally it's getting done so it's amazing that it's a Republican that's doing what we've been talking about all this time about that we can make changes in trade then we can make changes that basically keep good jobs in America and make America competitive this is the same president though James as you know was very keen on cooling it on these minimum wage hikes that fifteen dollars goes too far he's kind of edge a little bit about what's an acceptable minimum wage but he doesn't do everything do you require does where were you where do you think what he's doing now with these jobs and trying to protect these jobs and the overtures these making the unions in general compensate for that well we have to work this out you know he we don't know where we're going with we obviously have to have a raise in the minimum wage and it's happening almost in every state is raising the minimum wage we really realized the old minimum wage isn't enough we're going to work with him to try and find the right minimum wage there's got to be more than what it is now we've got to help all Americans especially those out there that are not fortunate enough to be wealthy or they have lots of money like the people that are you are out there and basically get these people a race and I think he realizes that and it's a consensus so what the number is I don't know but we're going to encourage him to make it as high as possible you know there had been talk and it's not really ever gotten beyond that the administration the Trump administration is keen on putting a tariff on all imports that come into this country they had refuted that it still hangs out there so I don't know what's true or not I should posit but how do you feel about that because some have listened to that some corporate leaders and said well that's the slippery slope could lead to trade wars never good for anyone down the road what do you say well I think it's a great beginning because I think that's one of the major things that made Ford do what they did when he started talking about tariffs whether he could do it legal or not I don't know but it's certainly going to stimulate a renegotiated NAFTA that's a tremendous threat to start out by saying I'm going to put a tariff on everything made in mexico and it's going to make it a lot easier to renegotiate NAFTA so it's fair for American companies to stay here and basically not have to move to mexico to get cheaper labor on what do you think of the move and you kind of touch in the beginning Jim but this idea to re encourage get back to you know it has a keystone pipeline thing that they did traditional fossil fuel energy not to step aside away from new energy solar wind would have you but to re-emphasize what we have plenty here where there a lot of jobs Cole for example it keeps coming up that this will be a president who will embrace that holy and totally how do you feel about them I think with regard to oil it's important because you know we see oil prices down we're no longer held hostage to the Middle East we basically can produce enough oil in this country whether it's whether going to do it through cracking or whatever we're going to do but we basically change the dynamic of oil by lowering prices and be able to make America almost self-sufficient so I think that's a tremendous thing I don't think oil is going anywhere obviously the combustion engine internal combustion engine is going to keep out there we need gasoline in this country and that's where it comes from so i think it's going to keep on and I think this is an emphasis I mean this is what you know it might be long right what someday we'll have other sources of energy but right now it is gas and oil I'm you know the last Republican president to win over Union folks not in the majority but certainly strongly was Ronald Reagan is Donald Trump doing that right now and so Democrats be worried well I think it's important to talk about the fact is he picked up the message that's been our message and and the Democrats did not emphasize it's about jobs it's about people being left behind not having the opportunity to make a good living here in America I think that's important and that is something that he picked up and he basically hit a core you know out there and working people listening to him saying boy I'm going to get a job I'm going to get people back to work and what he's doing right now basically getting out of TPP you know going to renegotiate NAFTA people want to hear that because it talks about them and their chances for a better life that's what's important out there so I think it's important that was one of the message that was the message that won the election for him yeah indeed it did I didn't say you know there's a lot of good you know give and take on this but this notion that Donald Trump could have more problems with his Republican base that then Democrats because he is winning over guides like you is talking up infrastructure type of thing and some Republicans conservatives are saying wait a minute we're sending money we don't have will go into bigger deficits or add to our debt what do you say to that I think he's going to be had to show a lot of leadership and I think Congress eventually we'll get in line he is the president of the United States I don't imagine him fighting that right now there about all you want to build a wall how you're going to pay for it you want to do this how you're going to pay for it he's basically saying we're going to do this and we'll find out how to pay for it later on that's going to cause a problem with regard to you know the you know the Paul Ryan's and people like that that want to basically balance the budget he's saying we've got to be dynamic we got to be aggressive we got to go out there and build the wall the things he talked about he is basically going out fulfilling whether it's TPP whether it snapped ax whether it's build a wall you can see he's going right down the checklist and he's not saying how we're going to pay for it it's important to go out and do it because that's what I ran on and that's what the American people expect and you support the wall building thing well the wall I think we have to have we have to have an orderly operation with regard to our border anybody that has a country where anybody can walk in i think is a problem I think we have to have an orderly issue issue of immigration we can't have immigration i'm not against immigration but the answer is we have to have people come in here in an orderly fashion jens other teams to the general president good thing again thank you very much alright jobs with capstone management order College of Mount Saint Vincent.

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