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Do my internet of things base paper

Do my internet of things base paper do my the living one by russell mauldin cilt reports and papers Hello it's Argos. In this video, I will tell you about the very first French pope. I love this pope because, like many other personalities that I already have mentioned in my chain, it is part of these characters who dared to brave the forbidden of their time in order to sow the seeds of knowledge. I want this time talk about Gerbert d'Aurillac. Gerbert born about 945 a modest family of peasants. He is educated at Saint Géraud Abbey of Aurillac where he is studying for to become a monk. There, he is quickly noticed for his intelligence. In 963, he crosses the comte de Barcelona who is then traveling in France. The count is dazzled by the vivacity of spirit and knowledge of the young monk, and then pushes him to come to continue his studies in Catalan abbeys. Gerbert accepts, and donates the road to Catalonia 4 years later, in 967. You should know that this time, a big important part of the Iberian Peninsula and Portugal are under the domination of the Moors. Moors designate the inhabitants of North Africa. They landed in southern Spain around 711, where their domination over a good fraction of the country lasted until the late 15th century. Still their presence is strongly marked, in architecture in particular. But above all, Muslim Moors are very much in advance in almost all scientific fields and artistic in relation to the West Christian. Spain is then a kind of gateway for greedy Westerners to know.During his stay in Catalonia, Gerbert shows insatiable appeal to science, but also to culture antique. He is particularly passionate by what is called the "quadrivium". Quadrivium refers to all four mathematical sciences:arithmetic, music, geometry and astronomy. There, he discovers the numbering ten numbers and decimal writing widely adopted by Arab traders, while the West is still in the Roman numerals. The writing in Roman numerals is extremely heavy and strongly discourages scholars to approach mathematical calculations too complex. Try for example a simple addition. That's it, and well it gives, er ... that ... So in Arabic numbers, that gives 876 + 387 = 1263. Historians are not yet sure of how zero and numbers decimals were written in Roman numerals. But it seems likely that the numbers to comma were written as a fraction. As for zero, it does not exist. We understand while the slightest operation yet very simple soon becomes a puzzle. Gerbert understands quickly that writing in numbers Arabic is an innovation that will revolutionize the world of mathematics. In 970, after three years spent in Catalonia, he returns to France, and reports with him the Arabic numbering system, and participates actively to the introduction of this system and zero throughout Europe. Nevertheless, do not mess, we are when even in the 10th century. Western Europe Catholic does not always see a very good eye impure knowledge acquired in contact Muslims. It will indeed be necessary to wait the 14th century for the use of numbers Arabs is systematic.Gerbert then makes proof of a rare erudition for his time, which earned him the admiration of personalities very powerful policies, including the pope in person. Schools and universities from all over Europe pull it out. All over, in addition to taking his role as preceptor very seriously, he continues to show a keen interest for philosophers and poets of antiquity. But not only. he will also write charts allowing to to achieve divisions. He is the author at least two arithmetic treatises. He imagines and builds a lot of objects dedicated to culture. He builds a globe and devices intended to measure time like sundials and clepsydras. He also makes an organ. It is things that may seem trivial like that. I remind you that we are not even in the year one thousand. At this epoch, concepts that seem to us simple are still new for the time. And integrate them into the collective consciousness is not easy yet. Some sources even think that Gerbert d'Aurillac is the first to bring back to Europe an astrolabe. He would have acquired this astrolabe in Spain in contact with the Arabs. We also think he would have participated in the research that allowed to develop the pendulum pendulum. Nevertheless, some historians begin today to question these versions. That does not prevent Gerbert from being probably the craftsman of many other written works or material that failed to reach to us more than a thousand years later. Especially more than, as I will explain to you more late in my video, we have long tried to tarnish Gerbert's memory. Which probably participated in destroying some of his work. Throughout his life, Gerbert meets a lot of political figures influential in Europe. He plays a particular role of prime importance on the stage politics during the events that bring at the fall of the Carolingian dynasty, which gave way to the Capetian dynasty. Well, I think it deserves a little reminder historical. Carolingians rule over France since 751, with the accession to Throne throne The short. The term "Carolingians", is derived from "Carolus", which is the Latin name of "Charles". This name is references to two iconic men and famous in the history of France. The first is Charles Martel, father of Pepin The brief, and grandfather of Charlemagne. The second is Charlemagne himself, who is considered the most illustrious king of the Carolingian dynasty. In 987, more to political pangs I'm sparing you the details and in which Gerbert is in front of the stage, the Carolingian dynasty gives way to that of the Capetians, whose Hugues Capet is the first king. The Capetians will then reign over France until 1848 with the abdication of Louis-Phillipe, and the advent of the Second Republic. Yes good, I know, the most picky of them you will retort that their period of domination nevertheless suffered some short interruptions during the revolution and the first empire. And finally, in 999, at the twilight of his life, Gerbert becomes the first French pope, under the name of Sylvester II. He will be pope until his death in 1003. This short period of pontificate earned him the nickname "Pope of the year thousand ". During his duties Papales, Gerbert pursues the same dream as that of the illustrious Charlemagne. The dream of a Europe not fragmented into a multitude of empires and kingdom but gathered around a single government that would work alongside the pope. Well, no need to be history expert to see that it has not frankly market. Nevertheless, the idea of a Europe under the thumb of a government unique, it's already a bold idea in the year 999. In addition, the Church shines anyway a proud candle. Because historians today believe that it is thanks to the efforts of Gerbert to fulfill his old dream, that Rome has established itself as the capital of Christendom.It is undeniable that Gerbert is a man showing a erudition and a considerable humanism, making him a being who transcends his time. Yet, Gerbert's memory has long been flouted. With time, the Middle Ages radicalizes its Catholic doctrine, and is less and less open to progress, what I had already mentioned in two from my previous videos. His memory arouses more suspicion than admiration. Its attraction to the arts and sciences secular from his relations with Muslims earn him a sulphurous reputation. His detractors claim that he actually acquired all the occult knowledge of the universe following a pact he allegedly made with the devil during his stay in Spain. According to them, his appointment as pope is even the irrefutable proof. How a man, having maintained such good relations with the worst enemies of Christendom was able to access the highest of functions Church? The only explanation is that the devil himself wished it, as evidenced by these works dating back to 14th and 15th century which represent Gerbert paying tribute to satan. He is then nicknamed "the magician pope", which has a strongly pejorative connotation at that time. Still, Gerbert deserves ample to remember him as of a learned and humanist man. But now, finally, and for several centuries, the memory of Gerbert is restored in the arcana of the history of France. And that is in much thanks to Victor Hugo who makes tribute to Gerbert d'Aurillac in his book the legend of the centuries, and who says of him that he is "the soul delivered to the dark adventures ". how to write capstone proposal Baruch College, Gramercy Park.

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