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Do my international business plan outline

Do my international business plan outline capstone it development for money quoting an article apa format ´╗┐what's going on everybody my name is Justin Godsey for Justin Godsey TV thank you so much for checking out tonight's video tonight guys what you're talking about a three-team deal has just went down between the Rays Padres and Nationals it's a 10-player deal and let me break this down for you guys on who is going where now the San Diego Padres will be standing Trey Turner and pitching prospect Joe Ross to the Washington Nationals wil Myers Ryan Hanigan in minor league pitchers jose castillo gerardo reyes will be going to the san diego padres Steven Souza Travis ought Rene Rivera burch smith and jake bowers will be going to the tampa bay rays now autin Sosa our prospects from the Washington Nationals now let's talk about the big name in this trade and that is obviously wil Myers now yesterday it was announced you know from ken rosenthal that you know the Padres and the Rays are discussing a deal how they got the nod the Nationals and it involved in this deal is beyond me but needless to say that is done it is you know set in stone and the National did get into this trade now the National is already knows really we know building up on their farm system they did lose a big name and Steven Souza on but needless to say you're getting a lot of you know promising players back you know you're going to end up getting a couple of months you know young rookie pitchers you know in traitor our shortstop Trey Turner who's a hitting prospect and pitching prospect Jill Ross so I have a lot of promise in I think that Joe Ross is going to end up being within the major league level within the next couple of seasons I think he can make a big impact for Washington potentially you know what kind of situation that he is in how will they you know handle him in the farm system but needless to say he's going to be on his way to the Nationals now the big deal around this is the Padres and the Rays know the Tampa Bay Rays let's talk about them real quick before we get into on the big name and wil Myers in the Padres now the Tampa Bay Rays or not is not in your same team as they were a couple of years ago you saw a lot of success from them but this team this past year became sellers you know they traded away David Price to the Tigers they don't have Joe Maddon going in the next year he's off you know coaching the Chicago Cubs he opted out of his contract this team is really primarily trying to get much younger you know their team is getting much weaker could we have a step back here for the Tampa Bay Rays absolutely you have your prime three players on this roster being Evan Longoria Nell Escobar and Ben Zobrist you know James Loney is great but he is not a consistent enough you know player that had to be called and be a member of a big for so you know you've got to look at your main three guys you just can't put it all on these three guys the Rays were you know there has to be some sort of rebuilding phase in Tampa Bay following the trade of David Price that means that you know number one David Price they were not able to get David Price under contract so they traded away into the Tigers now that leaves Alex Cobb Matt Moore Chris Archer Jake order easy Drew Smyly and Alex Cola me you know all competing for you know the rotating you know this spot in the rotation so you know the patron rotations up for grabs but the hitting was always a big crime aspect of this race squad because you cannot win games without runs and the pot in the Rays are setting up their year to have a kind of that step back kind of year they're going to try and rebuild and get much younger talent because this team has a lot of veteran met veteran names such as David DeJesus James Loney Ben Zobrist is getting up there th and that pretty much leaves Yunel Escobar at Evan Longoria out there but Ben Zobrist you know with his aging he's still a consistent enough you know a 2nd baseman outfield or wherever you want 11 a pedal to place them he sell showing a lot of success so you know they're not going to end up training him away but wil Myers was at once this promising prospect I'm going from you know back in 2012 from hitting 37 home runs at double-a in Tripoli respectively he has risen to you know at main event status you know the main stage status at the Rays were just right on the cusp of bringing him up but the past two seasons he's only played a total of 160 games 160 games over two seasons injuries have just plagued him and plagued him and plagued them and plagued of them and plagued them of having a full season about the major league level so the Tampa Bay Rays trading them away is not that bad they're getting back a bunch of prospects that can help build for this team for the immediate future now as it pertains to the San Diego Padres the Padres our team is really you know shocking me the most because there has not been a ton and I mean a ton a free agent imma be a you know San Diego has done a good job in developing a couple of a couple of big names like Jake Jericho down at triple-a i'm alexi are mamita mamita but they also did get a couple of me no miner named trades he traded away chase heading to the sand out to the new york yankees to get Solarte who is now their team seen a primary third baseman so this team is right around you know one of the youngest teams in Major League Baseball you know they're bringing in a couple of veteran names and you know Matt Kemp they're bringing in um the pretty much bringing him at camp for the most part but they do have a couple of veteran names on this roster of naming your Carlos Quentin who's been you know a big journeyman around Major League Baseball you know from Arizona to the Chicago White Sox for a few years to the San Diego Padres but now that the San Diego Padres what the addition of wil Myers and Matt Kemp someone does have to go so this is the opportunity where the San Diego Padres can now can do trade bait now they do have two options to end up getting traded if they want to you know commit you know wil Myers to be in the right fielder that's going to end up leaving you know Seth Smith cameron maybin in center field with the addition of Matt Kemp on the line of potentially getting traded but I think when you really look at it they've got to keep either or I mean Seth Smith has really made a big name for himself out there and Oakland you know what this clutch hits his home runs so he does how he does pack a mean bat but the San Diego Padres biggest need right now you know next to adding a couple you know maybe a picture to add some depth to this roster but you know you can / always you know for shadow that and look at you know your biggest need right now and that is a catcher San Diego does not have you catcher to open up for opening day that means they have to hit the free-agent market hit the trade market likely it's going to end up being the trade market because they do have two players that are open to getting traded that night that with this edition of wheel marks its going to open up a lot of trade rumors with San Diego with other teams now Cameron Maybin has always had a lot of success where he's gone but this past year it was kind of one of those tone down years because he did get suspended I want to say if it wasn't for I think testing positive for an illegal substance I think that's what it was but Cameron Maybin has kim me a name that can be on being brought up in trade talks the padre do need a starting catcher and right now when you look around the diamond in Major League Baseball around you know teams there's not a lot of teams out there that's currently training I the Padres could be linked to potentially end of training done with the Milwaukee Brewers I think that could be a legitimate option for the Milwaukee Brewers they could end up trading away Martine Maldonado who has been trapped as the backup catcher above Jonathan Lucroy not Jonathan Lucroy has found you know it is one of the top prime catchers in Major League Baseball but Martin Mull denial is a very young he's a rising catcher but he's not getting enough that time to show what he's all about the Padres Reed needs someone and they need someone fast to really open up spring training and get something going you know you don't have Rene Rivera you don't have you as my knee grand doll you don't even have Nick Hundley this team has really you know dig the hole for themselves at catcher that means you have to end up bringing someone in develop them their farm system is not even ready their farm system does not have an MLB ready catcher to really do you know enough work to really make a big impact they really need someone to make a big impact and I think guys who are some underrated catcher is Martine Maldonado and I think a lot of people don't give them enough credit um there's also rumors out there that then Atlanta Braves are obviously packaging Evan Gattis along with Justin Upton I think that the Potteries could potentially end up talking out of you know getting Justin Upton because they already have a stacked outfield I think they could potentially end up setting up in trying to trade away either Seth Smith or training Cameron Maybin and maybe a prospect or two over to Atlanta to acquire Evan gas because he is a badass catcher um he can do a whole lot for the Padres team Evan gas showed it last year you know he was very under the radar name a major league baseball until he start you know with his consistency being brought up from triple-a from triple-a gwinnett I'm starting the entire year he has done a whole lot for Atlanta and has made a big name for himself at the major league level so getting Evan Gattis over to San Diego is a big option so I would expect you guys to really hear from you know the Padres you know industry and trade talks with the Atlanta Braves with the Milwaukee Brewers about their catchers because those are the two teams I could end up shopping catchers but besides Jonathan Lucroy out there Milwaukee I think the Padres will say within the National League and trade within the National League I think that could be a big option for that team going forward so if you guys have any other thoughts about that let me hear what you guys have to say about this this is a huge huge deal on the Padres do not have a catcher they really need it a 10-player deal has been finalized between the race the Padres in the National for wil Myers going to the Padres Matt Cantwell Mars carlos quentin is this the best outfield in the National League West is this the best outfield in Major League Baseball let me hear your guy's opinion about this capstone construction cayman order Liberal Studies.

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