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Do my excel 2019 capstone project 1

Do my excel 2019 capstone project 1 phd research topics in water management for money angelas ashes review movie spectre ´╗┐hey guys what is going on it is Dunbar snack bar here we've got some Madden oak demo team coming at you hearing this one now I did a big boo boo you guys so Justin as I read through the comments and things like that you know people give me little tips you know ways to kind of help how this all goes and stuff like that and you know what's always helpful and one person was just like you know what dumb bar you don't you should do you should play one of the solo play type of options here and then and I went through it I'm like oh sweet you know there's there's all these other things I totally had missed it since it's my first time playing Ultimo team and so I was going through it and I'm like oh sweet and some party I can you know get Vince Lombardi as my coach that'd be pretty sweet and and there he is so uh the big boo boo that I did is I totally forgot to record it what I had to do is I had to beat the Packers with two minute quarters and I I got through it I won by one point and I was super excited and everything and I go back I'm like crap and I don't think I can go ahead and replay that or anything like that so here we go Vince Lombardi is coaching the snack bars now my first 99 card so one of the things I did is I did purchase some cards here as well to kind of get the secondary a little bit of a boost because I realized in some of the other episodes I was doing I was getting destroyed I went on defense here when the computer would go ahead and pass so I still need to get my xbox live renewed here so I could play against other people that'd be kind of fun here but not the smartest call be at school having Vince Lombardi now and I'm thinking about y'all see what I could to to get some other 99 overall it type of cards here I gotta buy some legendary packs and stuff like that for it and I can't remember how many Microsoft Points that I have but I'm gonna have to go through and and get on my oh sweet catch and the touchdown nice I know I got to get on Microsoft expert zone and do some of the tests on there so that way I can get Microsoft Points at a lower or cost but anyway starting it off here with a nice touch down here from Tom Brady wish I could get more more passes like that now because you guys have been saying - I've been working on long distance passing a lot more as I started off very very short doing a lot of slants plays and things like that and kind of it was really short to mid distance to have two throws but try to see if I can get you know better at the longer tosses here anyway Jackson fighting to be able to get eight yards right here keeps running like that it's gonna be hard to stop him yep there he goes with the first down doing a little Juke that I thought was kind of unnecessary because then he gets right behind his own lead blocker here and it ends up so on him down a little bit so a lot more running than I'm used to here but a holding call is gonna go ahead and send them back seven yards first and 17 they might go with the pass right here that's kind of what I'm prepared against but they go with the run and I guess it works out for me here not really pick up a lot of yards Jackson's just destroying me Bradford's really not doing too much here of course now he decides to go ahead and throw it once I mentioned that he's not throwing that punch at all but he throws that one out of Bounce probably heard footsteps here from a defensive lineman she was trying to go at him here so I'm gonna go through to you guys cuz I think I'm gonna be purchasing a couple packs and things like that just kind of boosting the team the way that I like to do it here and I don't know if this is necessarily the most intelligent way to play Ultimo team but I'm I'm usually buying individual cards instead of the packs I get I mean I figured that so it's better at the introductory level I guess so since I still have a lot of 70s on my team things like that got a couple 80s and $1.99 with Vince Lombardi I think it's alright to go ahead and buy individual cards at this point just for like particular players it's not like I'm gonna spend like four hundred points or something like that on a contract card or anything I don't even know if they're that much I haven't looked at the contract cards yet but I probably should alright we're about ready to reach the end of the first quarter here there we go not too bad of a pickup to end it off seven yards right here so we're gonna go with the deep pass i formation tends to be what i like to go with here in ultimate team oh my gosh I said ultimate I met Ultimo it's so much cooler to say it Ultimo but yeah I formation seems to be the way that I go with it here in NC double-a it's like an offset I that I like doing I don't know I seem to find things that work based off of my team and with this one here when I'm going up against teams that have a better defense than I do offense I got to go with like the slants of shorter type plays just to try and you know find openings like right here but that didn't work out well for me just to do whatever I can to be able to get the the yards there we go I'll take that one wait I didn't make it fourth and goal I'm going for it I don't care haricots Brady making it into the end zone here taking it himself that's leadership right there Oh Vince Lombardi apparently Pat's people on the butt too I don't think I've ever actually seen Vince Lombardi ever do anything like that so maybe I'm crazy but I'm stoked Vince Lombardi I think is one of the best coaches here you can ever find in professional football so to have him leading the snack bars sounds about right oh ho great catch Gibson and I just totally over shoot him Oh getting really anxious wanting to do the big hit and that seems to be like how it works with me whenever I'm like oh here comes a big hit I totally plan it wrong and yeah I just run past him or something like that it never works out flag on the play let's see what that is another holding call now what do I want to do second in 17 or third and 11 third and 11 all right so I'm gonna get set back here of course I think they're gonna be passing here at this point Bradford really hasn't had the best so far in this game here by way of passing and I mean destroyed on the line but he throws it deep and that was a bad throw so fourth and 11 that was a good call for me then to go ahead and decline it just second and 17 they may have been able to convert so 14 to nothing here 2 minutes and 30 seconds left in the half so yes I do want to go ahead and score another touchdown here is time is about ready to expire I want to make it before time expires here so first and 10 going to the outside Oh Trent let's hope it gets some yards on the ground here with Brady besides that little rush into the end zone but throwing getting the catch to Jacobs and I'm glad that I was able to go ahead and get recent Jacobs here to kind of complete my backfield so I think I'm gonna start working though on defensive line next with some of my coins and things like that interception oh not the best call too and I've noticed that they kind of figured out when I'm going with the slants computers a lot smarter I think this year than on previous years but that was beautiful so I will give up an interception and I will get an interception myself and this goes into the endzone boom touchdown so I guess my interception was better than yours so I guess I do get a score before the end of the half-year even though I was kind of worried about it after that that interception of my own earlier hey if I come back with another one and get a touchdown I'm just as happy with that maybe even more so they don't get too many interceptions get returned for touchdowns here I haven't added that many in Madden so so anyone - nothing here one minute left now at this point the computer is just going to throw that's all that they it feels like they do when you kind of hit we're within the two-minute mark here so Bradford back once again and I intercept it once again that's why I play the pass play the pass that was the thing that has helped me the most in NCAA in Madden just for well for NC double-a the last couple years that's when I really been using it but huge when you know they're gonna be passing it so that's why you see a lot more interceptions for me here close to the end of the game or to the end of the half cuz I know they're gonna be passing and I prepare against that and took a little boost anyway Jacobs though I'm just kind of I don't know with 42 seconds left here actually 30 now I'm trying to get into the end zone here but there's one sack I'm gonna go ahead and call it timeout so I'm gonna have to resort to a field goal which isn't necessarily too bad here at all because that means I'm gonna go ahead and head it to the locker room here 24 to nothing gosh so as we're playing the Rams I look at the rancer because they're still equal to where I'm at here but I don't know if it's because we got Vince Lombardi I don't know if it's because I got some new cornerbacks here but I'm playing a lot better especially on the defensive side of things no I don't know so I wouldn't change anything about how this game is going I mean heck if you're going into locker room with the 24 to nothing lead it's pretty safe to say that your game plan is working and it is working well so snack bars won't be changed in anything at all I'm cool with that so mate this may mean I got to go up against a more difficult opponent now again something I am totally fine with as well but I don't know I've been kind of working my way up here I don't think I'm gonna be necessarily buying any coins on the next round but or before the next video I may I don't know I got to take a look at see how many that I have I do actually you know what I do have some more now because one of the things too about completing those solo plays is I also get some coins for Vince Lombardi too so I don't know what I'm gonna do it's not like I've got too many cards to sell right now I had thought about working the system a little bit just like taking a look right now and see who's on there for a ridiculously cheap go ahead and buy that one and then just try and sell it for a little bit higher kind of be an economist here with Madden I might do that but I still do need to get that xbox live subscription it's been way too long since I've had Xbox Live I don't know part of me is kind of cool with it cuz i don't know i just get a focus on what I'm doing and I knew if I had like Xbox Live right now I did oh I'm gonna go play some battlefield instead of making these videos I don't play battlefield for a while I'm sure I'm so far behind everybody to the new maps and expansion packs and everything that's probably gonna put a pretty big hole in my wall if I decide to cut and pick up battlefield again but yeah anyway we're gonna get to the game here cuz I don't know you know what no it's okay I can bring this up right now so I'm trying to think here what I want to do for the shooters since they're gonna be coming out here in a little bit I'm thinking like I don't know like I used to play Halo a ton and so I get excited when with whatever new Halo comes out so I'm thinking about you know maybe get back in a halo a little bit I've thought about Call of Duty oh is that gonna be painful oh that was a bigot no I don't think you'd call of duty I'm thinking halo I'm even thinking Medal of Honor - you know it's even cross my mind to buy all of them but that's like 180 bucks right there and I don't even know how much I'm gonna be able to play these games especially with all the other games that are gonna be coming out because I'm gonna have NBA FIFA coming out in gosh just a few days we've hit the single-digit mark now oh there's a good sack here 1326 Oh I've gotten this ad Oh instead they pick up 25 yards so I guess it's still all right ah I wanted that safety really haven't had the best third quarter here that's alright I'm up 24 to nothing but yeah go ahead and comment you guys if you want to see any or all of those games I just don't know how Medal of Honor is gonna be though because I was pretty disappointed with the last Medal of Honor especially with the multiplayer but I think that's cuz I got a bad experience with it like I went ahead and I rented the game and then it was just bond camping just right from the very beginning I'm like you know what forget this so first impressions I think are are huge with video games and if that's what my first impression is just getting uh you know killed right as I spawn yeah I was like no thank you so I don't know let me know what you guys want to see I think I'm for sure gonna get halo because one of the things you guys have probably heard me mention his name before Gus Gus was Gus is the creator of the snack bars and was my roommate I consider him a brother and he used to get on a low at all hours you know whenever we were free cuz we were both working part-time and stuff like that men and going to school but we would go on and we would like take turns just like talking crap to people and I mean not like like oh my gosh I'm better than you like we would come up with voices and stuff like that and like I've wanted to do this again I haven't I don't know I the thing I'm worried about is I'm gonna start laughing but oh he would talk about like how halo was the closest thing to real combat and we'd be like hey I've got cheat codes you would just be trolling and stuff like that really telling people that we got our we board set up so that way if we run in place Master Chief will run on the map too so it's it's a workout and and entertainment at the same time but the thing is is when you're doing the voices and stuff like that which I don't want to do right now because I think it's a lot better in in the moment of playing Halo it was just so entertaining and the reactions we would get some people are super cool about it like every time like there's one or every time we'd get killed and say we were out and we'd give ourselves some kind of sports injury and stuff like that and somebody else was was doing it with this here's like up up got turf toe but I don't know that story did not do it justice at all hey yo end up winning this one let's worry about this here now so I kind of improve our record here I'm going to try to go up against a more difficult opponent cuz that game was kind of insane but anyway I appreciate you guys watching here too kind of nice having Vince Lombardi on the team it'll be pretty sweet to see what will happen because of that edition but yeah let me know since I mentioned the first person shooters what would you want to see halo Call of Duty Medal of Honor all of them I don't think I'll do all of them but I don't know but anyway again thank you you guys subscribe if you haven't already you guys can follow me on Facebook Twitter too so check the description below again though you guys are awesome thank you so much and as always I hope you have a good one uts hrm capstone SUNY University Centers.

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