Do My European Conference On Artificial Intelligence 2018
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Do my european conference on artificial intelligence 2018

Do my european conference on artificial intelligence 2018 ashland ohio police department co to jest reportaz I love to run and I live in the suburbs of Philly so there are a lot of trails and parks I take my Boston Terrier with me she makes me feel more and less secure when I'm alone even though she's only about thirty pounds we do far lake which is Swedish for Speed play for those of you that don't know it's a form of interval training on varied terrain it's good for running with my dog because she has a short nose she's sensitive to over exertion and I don't want her to have any breathing issues we were at the park on a warm fall day we had stopped our run and I was standing in a remote wooded area so she could sniff I could hear some people through the trees playing softball the dull echo of the aluminum bat and people shouting echoing through the air my dog sniffed for about five minutes before she lifted one from Paul with a wolf and looked in her direction and saw a man through the trees he had his back to me but I could tell he was Caucasian with short brown hair and wearing a white t-shirt in basketball shorts I reassured her we were okay and moved along but my dog kept turning around and looking at the man or planting her feet in the ground hackles raised the entire time pulling her along I noticed the man jogging alongside us that wasn't particularly easy to do since he wasn't running on a defined path and there's high brush poison ivy and thorny multiflora rose plants in these woods I'm a naturally paranoid person but I rationalized that maybe he had a dog off the leash somewhere or was geocaching but he took all the same trails parallel to the path for a good half a mile keeping pace with us the entire time we came to the area where the trees then to meet the curve of the trail and the man was closing in I wanted to pass him before we would intersect I'm a little self-conscious running aside others and my dog loves people so I didn't want her to get too excited and startle him plus when she sees other runners she won't chase them but gets convinced that she's in a race with them to be first she still had her hackles raised and wouldn't stop turning her head to stare at the man no matter how fast we ran finally the man picked up a burst of speed and darted out in front of us and stopped he pivoted to face us his arms were covered in scratches and rashes probably from the plants I mentioned that's when I noticed his junk was hanging out of the waistband of his shorts my dog went apeshit barking and growling like I'd never seen or heard her before he looked at me with a sickening grin and said be careful there were wild animals in these woods and ran back into the woods in the opposite direction the whole time laughing like a hyena with his dog flapping against his legs my dog was still barking up a storm and tried to pull after him but I nope tin the opposite direction back to my car I never reported it to the police just because I didn't think there was much they could do but next time I'll make sure to listen to my dog this story takes place in America in early 1980s before my mom was married she lived with her sister her sister's husband and their three dogs my mother's family is from Ireland and so is my aunts husband his sister Mary Katherine was visiting the states for a few weeks during the daytime everyone worked so it was just Mary Katherine at home with the three dogs princess a German Shepherd standard collie mix Kelly a German Shepherd husky and Mickey a massive illegal wolf makes all three dogs were big hands but fiercely protective one day my mom came home from work to find the lights turned out shades drawn and doors locked she thought maybe Mary Katherine had gone for a walk but when she opened the door she met Mary standing white as a sheet with a knife in her Oh Patsy something terrible happened today we had a visitor she spoke around noon Mary was in the kitchen fixing herself some lunch when she heard the front door open the dogs went crazy howling and barking the dogs never barked at family so she went to see who it was it was a man a man she had never seen before had led himself in through the unlocked door and was sitting on the couch the dog stood on the staircase landing adjacent to the couch will refused to go near him before she could ask who he was he said I'm very thirsty could you give me a drink of water she figured he was just a neighbor or maybe his car had broken down my house was situated in a remote and relatively safe area so she didn't think of him as a threat plus she was from a small village where she knew everyone and unexpected guests were the norm for her he sat on the sofa so casually like he was waiting for someone she said hello and went into the kitchen to get him something to drink assuring the dogs in with her to avoid making a fuss they were very angry growling at the man with their hackles raised but they still didn't approach him she had her back turned at the kitchen sink filling up a glass for him when she felt a hand clap on her shoulder are you waiting for someone the family won't be home for a while Mary said nervously I know they won't the man replied coldly Mary whipped around to face him you know he said you're a good-looking woman and I'm a good-looking man the dogs backed up against her barking and howling she reached behind her - got a knife off the block in one hand and the glass of water in the other I think you should drink your water and be on your way the man stood there and drank his water while Mary stood there with the dogs she watched him place his glass on the table open the door go down the steps and walk into the street until she lost sight of him once everyone was home my mother called the police there wasn't once they could do since Mary wasn't hurt and they hadn't heard any reports of break-ins or assault lately so they just took a statement my family always tells this story as an example of how Irish people tend to downplay unfortunate situations almost humorously the Irish comedian tommy Tiernan caused this a fundamental darkness that the irish people have we laugh at the blackness in life but it leaves a lot of questions unanswered had the man been watching the house to know everyone's schedule knew that Mary wasn't from around here and was going to take advantage of her or was he just a wandering creep looking for unlocked doors this started 8 years ago and went on for about a year I was a fairly young kid who lived in a trailer park between two towns in eastern Iowa each town was about five miles out and there wasn't much to them at the time the trailer park was pretty desolate and it was consumed by fields of corn and timber back then it wasn't hard for me my childhood friend Brock I am still in contact with today to stay occupied cap guns and lightsaber battles were part of our daily agenda it was nice and simple however things started to spiral a bit and I'm still trying to come to grips with them today it was a cloudy and musty overhang summer day my friend that I had been doing our normal ritual of pretending to fight offset overlords until one of us and I'm not exactly sure who had the bright idea to bring the game into the cornfield our game shifted to the cornfield and it was really cool until about 10 minutes in we got so into the game that at some point we had split up after 10 minutes or so my friend and I regrouped back in the cornfield that is when we noticed something that still haunts me about 15 yards away was a distinguishable figure moving towards us it was clearly a man and he was roughly 6 feet tall the man was looking me straight in the eyes I remember his face and appearance clearly he was wearing torn up jeans and a white shirt with sweat stains his face was beaten of had scars and he had a slight purple tint to his lips we were frozen in shock as he moved towards us speeding up rapidly I could see the malevolent intentions in his eyes I was frozen for 10 or 15 seconds before I realized my friend had already booked it out of there I immediately took off after him and soon caught up to him we ran for probably 5 minutes straight not even looking behind us before we ended up making out of the cornfield regrouped once again and made it to the safety of his grandmother's we then made a pact to never tell each other's grandparents for fear of not being allowed to return to the area and play however it doesn't in there a week later things became more odd daily occurrences would happen my grandfather would leave for work every morning at 7 a.m. sharp and he would find random trinkets and surprises on our porch each day however they were never the same to give it just of some of the items the ones I recall were a severed doll's head some notes with gibberish written on them paper bags of human feces and a pair of muddy shoes fast forward some time it was midsummer now and the collection of random items had come to a halt I wish to say it was all over but it wasn't one night I had been gently falling asleep in my bed when I heard a soft knock on my window keep in mind I lived directly across the street from the cornfield where my friend and I had had the first encounter I hadn't been fighting by the nog as I figured it was just walk wanting me to sneak out with him to fuck around I peeked out my blinds I was wrong I saw the familiar silhouette dimly lit by the streetlights his arms raised up waving at me and I could see his yellow crooked smile dancing across his face I closed my blinds rushed to my grandparents room and scared shitless told them what happened and told them about the first encounter with my friend they immediately dialed the police who showed up very quickly and made a futile attempt to comfort me and find the mystery man another week or so later comes the final encounter my friend and I were not allowed to go anywhere alone we either had to escort each other or be accompanied by an adult on the night of the last encounter we were at my friend's house in the yard tossing a football daylight was dwindling and fading in tonight my friend and I were about 20 feet apart plant and catch when I had thrown the ball over his head and he had gone to retrieve it as he went back to get it I noticed his attention shift towards the alley which led to his shed his face grew pale as he walked towards me trying to play it off but he was obviously scared he shoved me into the door and alerted his grandmother he said he's in the shed he's in the shed and has a knife call the police his grandmother having been filled in by my grandparents didn't take a second thought and dial them immediately the police showed up and had to escort the man out of the shed and warned him not to return it turns out he had been following my friend and I around since our first encounter and had been taking shelter in their sheds since I had never been locked we both moved away from the neighborhood since then and never spoke a word of it again I'm a 13 year old female now but when this happened I was only eight years old and I really hope no one judges me for all these stupid mistakes I made as a child I had just gotten my first face book and before you ask where my mom was she said it was okay she's not a bad mom at all she told me all about Internet safety but I stupidly disobeyed I loved the game called Yeovil which is basically another sins but by facebook that's the best way I can describe it now around this time my best friend had introduced me to corn let's let you decide what this is well somehow I got to another person's house and saw pictures of children I'm not going to go into details it wasn't corn but it was creepy as hell and I was terrified I met a guy there Bob and we started talking I stupidly told him where I lived city and state and he recommended that we need to which I agreed he said he was in a wheelchair so I figured he couldn't hurt me then right wrong I was so wrong you came to my house sometime in spring I told him when I was going to be home alone he arrived and to my eight-year-old shock he was standing upright I was terrified the door was wide open and he could have just came in I was about to cry I was scared he would kill me or steal me from my house I didn't know much about rape so that didn't even crossed my mind I slammed the door ran to my room and used my phone to call 911 911 emergency I whispered I live at one to three pine lane and I'm going to get robbed and killed the lady on the phone was hesitant but then said why honey I sobbed and told her the incident she told me an officer would be on the way in ten minutes and for me to stay on the phone by this time Bob was screaming and pounding on the door then it stopped I was relieved and I heard my gate open and closed I was crying so hard now and I was hoping he was gone for good then I heard a window smash and I hung up and turned off my phone hoping he wouldn't hear it I climbed under my bed as quickly as I could as I heard my stairs creaking slowly and steadily I was so scared he started slamming open doors and I could hear him rummaging through things he eventually made his way to the room I was in he slammed open the door and started searching the room I remained in a completely frozen state trying not to even breathe until I heard him leave somehow he didn't think to look under my bed maybe because I had drawers on one side of the bed he then started to say in a childish voice come out Katie I just want to talk I was panicking and still trying to decide what to do when I heard the sirens I was so happy I then heard the man run towards the living room and then I heard the door being busted down the police came in screaming and I heard a gunshot I thought he had shot the police but it was the other way around he survived but was arrested on multiple charges some of his charges included possession of illegal drugs rape drugs possession of an illegally purchased weapon breaking and entering attempted rape and much more I only found out most of these details when I was 12 and my mom told me what happened after the police got in it's still hard to think about what he would have done to me if I hadn't had the opportunity to call the police that day you won't get out until 2016 and by that time Bob will most likely be dead or about 90 years old we have already left the state and I don't have a facebook anymore so to anyone this may concern make sure your children know the dangers of the Internet and always monitor your kids social media accounts and if you're a child try listening to your parents about Internet safety because you never really know who's on the other end of the conversation if you enjoyed this video and really appreciate if you'd leave a like share with your friends and subscribe for future content if you would like a chance to have your story featured in an upcoming video make sure you check the description for information on how to submit your stories I hope you all have a wonderful day and I'll catch you in the next video and just remember it's always scarier if it's true do my capstone books to read Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Morris Park, Bronx.

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