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Do my enterprise risk management training courses dubai

Do my enterprise risk management training courses dubai capstone pacific investment strategies inc for money capital and revenue receipts expenditures report ´╗┐hey joseline with Walter's world and I am in lovely cuenca ecuador right now and today's video is about flying with kids but it's not a it's not necessarily a video for parents flying with kids it's for the other passengers we very often get ugly remarks when we walk onto a plane with our kids people have said all sorts of things being my kids shouldn't here and things that you know are rather insulting and then by the end of the flight when they apologize to us I just kindly point out the fact that our kids have behaved better than they have so um anyway I had that thought two days ago when we flew here to cuenca from quito i got on the plane at the ungodly hour of 6:00 a.m. I had been up since 3:30 we sat down got our seats everybody was settled in had not yet pulled away from the gate and this kid starts screaming something fierce y'all it was like he was just angry he did not want to be on that plane and my first thought was oh no I really wanted a 45-minute nap to cuenca right and my second thought as they looked at the woman sitting next to me was why is this woman giving this poor struggling mothers daggers with her eyes and so that got me really thinking about what we as other passengers can do because my first thought was after I thought dang I want to take a nap was hey mark we got chocolate in our bag and so I told mark I'm like hey dig out one of those kinder bars and give it to them out because you know chocolate solves everything right but anyway so that's what this video is about I just I just want to talk about how to fix it or how to help the person whose kid is having a complete meltdown the plane because you know what we're all in it together we are all on this flying metal tube and your ticket doesn't guarantee you peace or quiet or much of anything else quite frankly its public transportation you know and better to spread a little kindness then to cause more stress or to be unkind to someone and make it a worse situation so I'm gonna go through just a few of my tips as a mom like what I know would help me and what I've done for other moms and dads or around the world so let's get started first of all if you're sitting near the kids play with them kind of you stick your head over there and smile at I make a funny face wave Adam sometimes a kid only sees the backs of the seats in front of them and their parents and they're absolutely trying to manipulate so when they see a stranger's face especially if it's friendly it kind of like jolts them out of out of there their issues sometimes sometimes it doesn't work sometimes it makes it worse but just trying and giving a kid a smile and when a parent sees that they're like oh great at least somebody on here doesn't hate me and that relieves the parent stress a little bit and kudos if it then also makes it better for the kid so the first one is try and play with the kid play peekaboo make faces whatever just try to engage the child so number two carry earplugs you can get like 15 or 20 of them for three bucks at Walmart just carry some in your bag dang these pigeons anyway so have your plugs stick them in your ears hand them to the grouchy guy next to you you know what they're also really great for snoring businessmen and hungover college students who are passed out next to you on the plate you know just stick them in there and it kind of alleviates a lot of problem for you and if you have enough to share then that does you know you just pass it on the kite that's right so my of it might my third one is give give a piece of candy to mom or dad and if they so choose they can give it to the kid or you know what if not if that kid can't have chocolate or sugar or whatever you know what mom or dad might really appreciate that after this is all said and done a two second you know five second reprieves eating a piece of chocolate sometimes is like all a parent needs to just decompress if the parent is alone or even if they're not turn around and say can I offer you a hand is there something I can do or just kindly say I've been in your shoes I know what you're going through on the mom to let me help you out or you know what my kids have my kids have melted down I'm playing so many times you can't even imagine if I can help you don't hesitate to ask because you know what every parent has been there whether it's in a plane or Church or a store or restaurant kids melt down in public and it's embarrassing and it's really hard sometimes to deal with that stress but knowing that someone next to you or or nearby is willing to help out that just to leave the eight stress and then two if you can actually pitch in and do something that just you know it just takes the situation from here to here quite rapidly so think about just pitching in my last thing is just smile at the parent they are under a lot of stress just traveling in general it's stressful for everybody getting through customs and you know the the security checks and all the other things and oh my gosh did I forget that did I remember to pack this and whatever else you know what if if then your kids melting down and the person next to you just smiles it fit and says you know it's okay and you just spread a wee minute of kindness instead of shooting them dirty looks that takes somebody stress down it just it you know in the less stressed pigeons me pigeons they totally you know take the stress level down anyway if if you can defuse the situation somehow and make a parent feel better or less stressful then the child will feel less stressed and I tell you what the other day on this and on this flight as soon as that kid started screaming you could feel everybody around us get like really tense and as soon as Mark Hannah bat candy to the woman and she you know replied thank you very much it's really kind of you that made her calmer it made everyone else around us calmer and the lady next to me saw me turn around playing with the kid and she quieted down so when we make an act of kindness you can breed more kindness and wouldn't if you a better place if everybody did that all of the time but especially when you're on a tin can flying through the air it you know 30,000 feet so just think about how the rest of you surrounding parents with children can help out because you know what this on the plane and make a little bit better for everybody anyway just spreading a little bit of kindness trying to make someone else feel as if though it isn't the end of the world when their kid melts down on a plane or a bus or a train or anywhere else for that matter and it it just diffuses the situation so much and yeah I know it's tough flying with kids and yes sometimes they freak out but you know what there are people too if children never fly they will never learn how to fly so if instead of being an ugly passenger next to the screaming kid you're kind to the parent and to the kid maybe then the parents won't be so afraid to take their kids somewhere and maybe they will be able to learn how to fly better and to behave better our kids are really great on planes but you know what they've both been flying since they were six weeks old so it's it's a rare very rare moment that either of them melts down so if you could just diffuse the situation a little bit it makes it makes everything better for everyone and you know what kids will never learn to fly I know a lot of people are gonna comment and say well you just shouldn't take children on a plane well that's not actually a realistic thing some people live in a different country than where their family is or whatever and you have to fly there sometimes that's the only option you have and if you never take a child on a flight they'll never learn how to fly as older children or teens or adults they'll always be ugly about things because they won't understand how to behave so instead let's all work together to make the situation better spread kindness that's the whole point of this anyway I hope I haven't made too many people mad with this video and I hope it makes somebody out there think about being a kinder traveler so bye from cuenca ecuador second this is for you and everyone around you mark you're gonna step in poop y'all stay away from the dog poop go over there [Laughter] it was like my dream could you see ya Dino I'm gonna get pooped on capstone management inc order Pratt Institute.

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