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Do my enterprise risk management magic quadrant

Do my enterprise risk management magic quadrant internet of things incubator benefit of grant writing ´╗┐guess who's back back again Nikki's back tell a friend all right in today miss Nick that okay I did spin a very long time since I last saw you guys I'm really sorry I needed to take a big break out for the final haul of my university life and let's just say it wasn't very easy so I apologize that I am now finished to win my degree and I can finally get back to doing videos on a regular basis I promise you I will be having a video on every other day is not every day we'll see depending on how I love Mia done and baba but i am back and i can now make videos whatever I want that's fabulous today I just wanted to do a bit of a quick vlog about University in general and my experiences and if you're not skip there yet i'm thinking about going this is just some advice that i have like learned over my three years of being there i was studying in degree called screen cultures and media practices which is basically a really fancy term for media studies but yes i am a finish my degree is over I should be getting my final results now really it's in a while and Martha work in a few weeks ago now that's not anything though that's a bit goodness Oh so first of all this is you're gonna hit any everywhere like it's for exams anything I didn't have to do any exams on my cause it was like course web-based the whole thing but really do start your work early do not leave it to the last week for hands you can kind of get away with that when you're like secondary school or something I mean doing sick form whether like that but University takes a lot of time if you particularly study in England this is a really weird facts that are kind of a lot of people you've gone to university feel the same way as I do if you give your a levels I don't know the equivalent that is an American someone to tell me but it's what you do it's optional to do after you do your like years in high school it's like an extra bit at the end you don't have to do you can leave the 1600 you 82a levels hey a big new a levels I personally am a lobby runs but you feel the same way feel that your first year of university is generally easier than you're doing a-levels your second year of a levels i think in my opinion it's harder than the a levels in the first room university and unfortunately you think come on it's fine it's all right and we think about a lot of I don't know if it's applicators a lot of things but especially in UK universities all it all the time your work in the first year doesn't really count yeah you putting all that money thousands and thousands not like i think i paid around eight to nine thousand pound a year to do my universe boss and the whole first year all the work i did I literally just had to pass I just has passed it and am I university it was on a scale of like the past rates and the scores went from zero to 100 and if you got any we're about 40 that's a part so it was pretty easy to do is you had to really really up to not get a house yes so I've proven stop stirring first you didn't get the best marks but I just needed a pass they didn't go towards anything so what does it matter then second year came and I was like holy this is a lot harder than the first year things slide to matter not everything not everything un you did when towards your degree but the best marks you get you can then fall back on in the third you if you don't you very well so i was adamant i was gonna be one of the second gear so I had things to pull back on later on second-year spot to hit very hard and I spoke to someone who also entered the same investment she has she told me the people second year was harder than the third year so I do luck oh good today second year was pretty stressful okay I'm glad and then third year came and it she was wrong third year I just finished my third in my final year and i can say with all honesty i think it was the single hardest few months of my life I have never been in such a state of heightened anxiety and stress but I was barely sleeping by I lost weight of having stress dreams every night up until deadline like one of my lecture and actually said to me this was one of the projects we had which is our major final project we had months to do it let absolutely month I think we had about three months to get it done and I remember him saying at the very beginning you got to remember that this is always gonna be in the back your mind that this has to be done there are two bits in your final year so our final major project and our dissertation which basically on the same and they have to go towards your degree so whatever word you get they will go towards your final are quite no matter what and they take a group chunk of that like amount up what your bottom of the grade so you have to do all of them yeah this helps dress in the final project pretty much kept me awake for months and it was I thought I'd even put into words how much stress equipment a million people always like oh yeah then you get to go into work and that's gonna be stressful and yeah I understand that but the different days only be getting paid to be that stressed in university case i would pay them to be stressed out on my mind to a point where I never experienced dressed like it and I'm surprised I managed to put up with me for as long as he has with because I was an absolute psycho for a few months and it's all I could talk about was just how to best i was and i'm black is one of my friends you and expects me more dogs together she was in her third year of gloves that's pretty much all we spoke about one on dog walk just like i'm so tired I'm not sleeping I'm so stressed again this just be over I what needs to be done so close to the end and yet one of my courses on the last one footage of the university's though yeah everyone was finishing at me like half finish my uni way I'm now will crack you it and I'm like yeah great thanks I'm just gonna sit here and continue mama other points do you think well if you're when you get given your coursework and I don't get it save everyone Oh everything in all you guys came with a brief which is pretty much just this is what you need to do this is what you're being marked on this is how you hand it in and i can say with all but the confidence in the world you have to treat that brief like a Bible like you have to follow thats cuz they specifically what they're going to mark you on so if you like read it and go oh god I'm smoking about that you need to speak about that they can mark you down significantly so whatever they set out early on for your assessments make sure you follow it's 280 are they unfortunately with like media and a lot of like art degrees there is the thing where a lot of bias can come into it if teachers not keen on what you're doing that can be read because they can walk you down if they're just not that keen on what you're doing but luckily briefs can kind of Beverly way there because they you have to mark you on what they said so that's it if you have an online submission for any work make sure you send it in way way before it smells ivide unlike few hour at least but days even if you can manage days before handing in your work make sure you do because stuff with the internet can go wrong like I've had time that I've been handing in work and it just wouldn't go I had this read what these work earlier the ship that I went to send off to the University and it literally but it was submitting for over an hour and nothing was happening I don't know why things with my internets awful where I live so I then I send it on trop box to my friend and she then logged into my account submitted it for me took her two seconds took me over an hour to go two seconds ridiculous so yeah always always love a god have a back-up plan in university they do not give a if your work is gone missing or its things elite adore hard drive and white they do not care they they need you to have backups of absolutely everything and I mean everything like if you've done something you shaved it to your documents make sure you save it to your Dropbox can make sure you save it to a separate hard drive them so you also save your memory stick do you know you have like a thousand all these things go wrong I cannot like swear on this enough I mean don't get me wrong I'm making yourself or doing ago but no university is fun it really is and you let I've learned so much over my time there about how to be professional loads of traits i can then use when i go off and get a full-time job and i can finally stop everybody stop being broke bull yeah i don't think this is all doom and gloom but i will say if you're wondering what you want to do like don't worry if you pick them on course and it's not you a lot of the time if you notice that early that you switch you over to another course pretty easily especially in the first year even in later years actually it's not really that much of a problem but don't ever feel scared to just be like this isn't for me and lee or go on to another course because it really before but like don't be wasting your money on something like that so important but yes i really really genuinely do hope that you guys like you're thinking about going like just take some on my word of caution because it is like it's someone else I've seen you push people to the edge but it really is worth it because it does get you ready for later on in life by understand is expensive and it's not for everyone we go thanks for letting me rant a little bit about how stressful it sinful asking us but I am back now and I am raring to make videos again so I have a few ideas all I want to do over the next few weeks let me know if you're fancying any of these so here are my ideas at the moment I want to do a sin series if you're interested in that at all I want to like mix it in and then have like a whole adventure with that glow are this seems like I've put more time since Game popping at any other game of ours if you're interested I can do stardew valley I've played a lot of that in kind of like what probably about 18 hours in maybe a hundred how sad is that okay overwatch I thought over which I love over which I've definitely gonna be doing videos on that I did say ages a girl's gonna play pvz life answers husbands a zombies garden warfare 2 so i will get around to that where we play some more today with that probably with Sam oh and I'm going to be doing some hitman and stuff as well so I hope you guys enjoyed this video it's so good to be back I missed you all so much yes thank you show me fortune honestly in the next video thanks guys bye biology research proposal topics Frank G. Zarb School of Business.

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