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Do my enterprise risk management dashboard sample

Do my enterprise risk management dashboard sample do my term paper on nanotechnology tulane university new orleans admissions essay ´╗┐hi everyone welcome back to world of subways for or the neon corridor of hell as I like to commonly call it we're coming into the can scene becomes we are after a mission slam that door in our face thanks Brian do you have a mission for us Brian to unlock the bonus mission you have to complete seven other mission successfully okay fine let's check out I see five Sarah lohan hello honey great hey have you heard all the stories hang around to you oh no let me get this finished I don't want to get in trouble with the bus let's talk later okay okay wow that was a why do I feel that more time is gone into modeling her animation than the rest of the game I know now anyway do you have a mission for us it was lovely to speak to her ah he's green who's this dude Oh Brad is this brad Brad Pomeroy just call me Brad that's it I've been driving for a while for this employer ok that's it apparently sounds kind of South African okay these people just big least others like weird dude who come on it's gonna be somebody's got a mission for us ah this guy's got are we done his mission have we got story about the power of failure oh yeah we done that one Scott yeah I don't I don't listen Scott thanks bye so we need to find admit I guess red means we've completed their missions so there's no there's no one in there is there now he's got no ring so to speak this guy's got green ring so to speak you'll know what happened boo me I've Russian called Jeff teach wow this game this game I don't know what happened to you Jeff at least I never do cookies again you were at Grand Central we are just dispatched the train when the earthquake started literally an earthquake if we start to talking the direction of flushing and then he inevitable of it all the inevitable goes on the track sticks oh yes River you had some really weird noises and like your voice translation of time building history would flood the tunnel a tunnel the box with the emergency powers like real quick to get the train out of the tunnel system get to the choppa glow another snot on his Austrian loudly anyone again oh yes sure I wasn't listening Jeff but thank you I will do it yes did anybody was anybody paying attention something about an earthquake power going off flooding in a tunnel right here we are mission briefing force of nature close the doors manually and drive to Main Street keep in schedule okey cokey rights we are regular as clockwork thanks to our old brand and good dietary thing anyway let's let's turn the ventilation on let's turn this on well there's a rumble is this the earthquake no wasn't much of an earthquake was it let's put Express on because I'm pretty certain with all up we've got actually the key so let's uh no wrong one let's close the door awesome whoa oh wow this is over the earthquake all my my monitors on its way out it's all come down wow that was the earthquake gun-woo terrifying mission briefing an earthquake struck New York shocker I'll Drive the subway as fast as you can out of the tunnel walkie talkie oh we got a minutes 39 seconds right and what we done so far let's fill the pressure that's down cool wait for pressure to build out have we done everything okay crack crack the window open we have to do that that's that's law and that's special we're special I've always I've always been told them special I'm not quite in what context but okay here we go let's bring up the root monitors and stuff so 20 miles now we need to get out of here Zippity doo-dah we've got eight minutes so we're not gonna be hanging around it stick our lights on it said switch off the cab light and there's a water ingress in the tunnel which I think means leaking in the next section is impossible I'll gue guard at the next switch is a platform which you can use to exit the subway stop the first car at the spot so you can enter the subway again now let me read that again stop the first car at the spot so you can enter the subway again okay alright ok that's the platform information check if one of the three doors of the car connects to the platform with this shift right key if so then open the doors with the num six key or six number ok can't actually see the platform in driving the direction go in the driving direction of the tunnel look for the emergency fuse box to activate the pumps hurry the time is still running you can turn on the flashlight if you desire right ok let's um let's hop out then other way we need to get out onto this platform and we need to go in the direction we are driving ok I've got a thought the train was rumbling after me then I we just a disaster right stick heart light on so we've got seven minutes 20 seconds and where we are going down the tunnel wall for some bizarre reason gonna look for a switch box to make sure the pumps are on it doesn't actually look that flooded to me although is the sound effect is either a gent going to the lavatory yeah did you hear that or it's somebody with a jug of water pouring it into a bath yeah great sound effects there right purple light here not sure why is God be careful of the the live rail right there that's some cause it's like actually doing any good whoops as we walk on the like click the mouse when we walk on the rail may not really but we'll have it on anyway we done after seem to be going a long way into this tunnel are we sure this is right I've been walking a long time now when you got six minutes 20 seconds just under starting to worry idle about you not sure what's going on and I got two barrels possibly full of toxic waste because you know that's where you store barrels isn't it down on the the underground oh look here is the ingresa quarter until what oh actually and I actually the loser yes there is water okay we're up into our ankles of water and I'll just point out that is a live rail there so how on earth we are still alive and looking in this water with the live rail your guess is as good as mine I'm kind of thinking maybe with the past the point where she look because we've been walking out about a minute and I don't know about you but I've got a funny feeling we may have missed oh no the southern green what's this greens it's more toxic waste or is your song this is giving this could be it this could be it oh here we are information from the pumps are working get back to the subway oh good god can I apart closer for heaven sake okay well again looking crew the water over the high-powered cable there's a rumblin this is where we see our subway train come running towards us yeah I'm not sure how ever i was a corpse and it's not just rubble yeah hmm i think i might just to bang them the train and and not worry about it to be fair you know I wouldn't worry about finishing my shift I probably just get out and not worry about it okay we're out of the disaster area we still got the sound effects the the gent go to toilet but apart from that everything is groovy it's all gone a bit purple here for some reason not sure why there's no purple lights but hey ho there's our train about four minutes now we'll be walking for the best part two minutes but the hell's our train why do we park so far away look under four minutes now come on do you really part this far away oh there there it is there is it's just zoomed into focus there all right come on Carly I am actually got this is walk speed this is running speed we are going flat out I can tell you if I if this was actually happening I was this guy my chest would be pumping away the heart would be banging to get out my chest my little bit my lungs will be burning as I'll be absolutely hammering it up here not just merely having a gentle walk almost there three minutes 10 seconds think we're going to die okay almost back I can't cross the rail there we go across the rail up we're in we're in sit down see right go full throttle out the tunnel before the pumps fail okey cokey don't go I'll go I think we just go full file okay build up the speed using the gears okay 230 230 sorry two minutes 30 building up the speed using the gears correctly up to 20 30 miles an hour let's go up a gear building speed nicely now hitting 40 miles an hour oh my god this feels great cracking up again oh that's it I said I'm going to come up to 50 miles an hour an hour standby right we need to be on we need to be on the window wiper there we go window wiper is prepped with in 55 miles now oh my god this is really going to be like the Millennium Falcon when it comes out the second def Starling where's bang whoosh and then we come out when we all think my dad but good god okay the pre white just to get everything in position we're rocking out here 55 miles an hour this is quick all the music's kicked in now one minute 39 seconds come on I haven't seen the browser we don't pass we must have got past where l is the purple white where's that this was the water seal off yet we know you're white that we have read there'd be a red signal now and will fail us I know how this game works oh no I think we're out I think the subway derails but narrow the curve rageous the lower the speed you should go flat out okay do you wanna restart mission no you piece of crap no we don't so there we go that was the failure of the the subway mission for the what was it the the earthquake we failed it did say go flat out but it didn't obviously mean go flat out it mean go flat out but actually break and and follow the schedule so okay we failed that and am I gonna do that mission again no am I gonna do any more missions again do you know what let me know your thoughts you won't actually see any more of this game because my feelings are quite indifferent if I'm honest I thought come back to after a week or so away and see if it really ignited any passion for me but to be honest with you this game feels a little bit soulless a little bit non engaging at all london underground subway yeah well as always three it was far more engaging for me i'm not really feeling this game i'm quite happy to make fun of it and do a few more videos if that's what people want to see and but let me know your thoughts and feelings I'll leave the lovely Sarah just staring into conductors eyes here look at that as a beautiful impasse oh look at that that's yourself thumb she's back to staring oh and he's down he's out for the count oh and they saw wow they're really wilting in this in this environment then I what's going on so let me know your thoughts and feelings if you want to see any more I will do some more if not fine we'll do something else and we'll leave it there thanks for watching guys and I'll see you next time internet of things ppt 2015 for money Empire State College, Saratoga Springs.

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