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Do my du mba capstone project denver

Do my du mba capstone project denver capstone concept for joint operations 2019 make research proposal on lifestyle due tomorrow ´╗┐Sara and Vinny on a lasat 97:3 so what about acting you did some stuff on Glee yeah some shows as well theatre yeah that's I mean my I spent most of my life before I told doing theater right I'm doing musicals and yeah I mean I would love to get back on camera when I when I got the call to do Glee I was like oh cool this will be a nice challenge and were you a fan of the show yeah I've seen the show yeah totally yeah and and you know I had friends that were on it dancers that I knew that were on it and I've been watching it since the beginning and the funny thing was I actually auditioned for the show before it started really yeah so would that have been before I don't oh wait before I know yeah I know it was audition for the lead guy the football guy hey more Corey yeah Corey and didn't get it the guy told me he's like you're really talented B you're too old I was like okay and then they put me on it anyway well after the fact right it wasn't my tip that might have been the that might have been the let him down easy card maybe because I think Corey was something like 28 or 29 he got but he did look pretty young so so but but I when I did the show I started when they asked me to do it I showed up the first day and I was so nervous and I was like why am I so nervous and I realized no one auditioned me for this guest spot I hope I don't suck like what if I'm horrible and I'm on set and they're like I wasn't worried I'm like what if I'm like crap at this you know and they're like cut do it again cut do you know so once I got control of my nerves yeah do you do any live singing on that shows at all it's all pretty beautiful yeah is the studio awesome that yeah and the guys that they did that put together all the songs are so cool really really nice we're talking with Adam Lambert who's here talking about the original high yeah which I assume is just an adrenaline high right yeah yeah I mean look at you you're so fit and how they look there's a lot of different highs out sure so I think it's kind of like whatever their original high sex mm that's definitely one of them yeah right I could go there yeah for sure I mean I think that's what I'm so excited about with this album is that it's kind of like I we purposely wrote the lyrics to have some sort of kind of it's a little more vague here and there I wanted everybody to be able to kind of find their own meaning in them even though they're coming from a personal place there's a lot of BB do I mean that yeah there's a lot of like double-double things it don't sometimes it can be disappointing when you hear an artist say here's what it means yeah and you've already kind of got your own well I have to say that to my team you do I was like I don't know if I should be talking so much about all these songs cuz doesn't that take some of the connection out for the listener like it should be it should be about what it means to them I asked everybody on on Twitter the other day I said what does the song mean to you and it was really interesting to read the responses right yeah your team yeah I just mentioned your team have a team yeah like a whole managers publicist the the record label I mean you can't do this by yourself no yeah but I it's funny because I you know people think about your posse or your entourage or whatever I see but I was I was you know it's been thinking about you for the last few days we knew they were gonna come on I was wondering like do you have a I mean you're not as glam is used I mean you're still very glamorous don't get me wrong I don't I actually been as far as like that kind of team like yeah I'm team I've been doing a lot more of it on my own I mean I ask for help when I need it but it's kind of like but like for shows and stuff do you have people who are like for the Queen I had a designer that I worked with but I get really specific about what I want and like no Sanji something like this I get a picture I want this and it's more like here's what I want go go get you please - yeah right can you here's what I've got for you put metal on this leather jacket thank you yeah oh that's got to be care tonight yeah that was nice yeah yeah call Versace and get them to send the runway piece they did great yeah you're in the middle of getting ready I would imagine your meeting with your team as you're getting ready to promote this record yeah and you've probably got a lot of shows set up Emmys you just mention you don't wait for summary shows set up yet the Queen things in September this is this time is about you know getting around and talking about it and trying to perform the single we did The Ellen Show last week that was great yeah I think things will start coming up a couple times after she's great yeah she's so great is she is nice in person totally really like Missy prank you not yet before you know she's one of those people some people you meet and they're a little bit aloof but Ellen like looks you right in the eye and connects with you it's great nice yeah so about just reading about Sam Smith and hung he's blown out his voice no he isn't he just flew to the states to get a specialist and I was wondering like I had a hemorrhage once I had the same thing happen to me once years and years ago before right oh yeah and it was really scary because I was like something's wrong something's wrong and I went to a specialist and he was like you have to shut up for a whole week and I thought well that's never gonna happen but I did it yeah I showed up and it and it came back so I'm sure he's gonna be fine I'm sure right yeah we it's gotta be I don't know him well but like we we like text everyone smell he's such a nice guy oh such a nice guy yeah do you have a million famous friends no no I really don't I really don't I don't think famous people like me that much what cuz I have a big mouth they're like I can't tell him my secrets he's gonna tell them I do do you tell secrets like it's not I'm not a gossiper anymore that I just don't have them very open and that you know can't remember what people said not to say yeah or more about myself even like I have a hard time kind of like remembering oh yeah everybody doesn't want to know everything about you all the time so I'm learning what's still learning people do want to know everything about you so it's it's confusing dangerous way to be because then you're like oh I said that exactly don't reveal that that's the problem and and sometimes you say one thing and then that of course the game of telephone exists right you don't know and yes you know they said the headline turns into that you're like I didn't say that one so have you tried to date any other celebrities not work at all never try to date a celebrity why not anybody into it I you know give me a call there's no celebrity where you're like oh my god I'm not you know I never come up it really are a dream guy like who do you think gay or straight isn't that guy right now like an you could you know I'm like you don't have a dream guy I do I do I have a kind of a type but what's that I mean usually like go for guys are a little younger than me because I'm an old man these days ah like mid-20s usually the hood yeah pretty do you find Justin Bieber handsome I don't know who the guy that was talking to you the other room hey do you find Justin Bieber handsome he's a good-looking guy so he would be but I wouldn't know that's not for me all right and plus he's not for me I mean not my team yeah yeah but I mean this is all just rhetorically yeah of all because Calvin Klein ad was wonderful oh yeah I thought it looked good yeah my favorite thing is I was looking online and I have a couple of older fans who I love and they were like oh we love the song and all his voice and the guitar I don't really understand the techno part of this song I thought that was so funny I was like oh that's cuz it's for your grandkids yeah very modern fun but but you know I'm really glad that people are excited about it and I think that fans are gonna love the album because there's some dance songs on the album there's some there's a huge ballad on the album there's some you know the Tove lo song has like kind of like a like a hip-hop beat to it I mean it's gonna be something like exactly here because I don't think they understand what they're in for yet write for me capstone project quora online Touro Law Center.

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