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Do my copthorne hotel cameron highlands brinchang pahang

Do my copthorne hotel cameron highlands brinchang pahang capstone project ideas billing and coding private tutoring for writing ´╗┐hello traders Gary Wagner here just after ten-thirty in honolulu 330 in New York it is Friday happy aloha friday as we say in the islands fifth day of februari 2016 and this is the daily report for gold and silver our weekend review we are combining this with trending markets to cover the entire breadth of the market today and we do have a lot to cover first of all precious metals finishing on a positive note today up moderately to strongly higher on the day gold trading currently up about ten dollars 1168 we saw a real flair come into the market during the last couple hours of trading and as I said currently at eleven 6810 its traded to a low of 11 45 50 and a high today of 6880 so we're just under a dollar off the high on the day so traders as you can see we are really ramping up in terms of price structure in gold first thing that I wanted to do is to spend a couple of moments and talk about a current trade that we are in and where our stops are what our expectations are and exactly what it is that we have accomplished on this trade the first thing is that beginning a week ago on Monday I did send out a special recommendation during our show to enter the market from the long side that was roughly in this area here and traders taking that call got in roughly at about 10 11 10 12 somewhere in that area on the following day Tuesday sent out an official trade alert stating that those who hadn't taken the call should actually go in and enter the trade everyone needs to be long and traders taking that call got in roughly at about eleven twenty market moved in our favor and moved in quite nicely originally we put our stop well below the market i believe it was at 1097 right in here we would move it up a couple of times since that point but in essence what happened is as this market came up my recommendation was to go ahead and raise our stops and also add to the position so at around call it 1121 1122 right in this area here approximately of course we added a second position to that so we were long in essence two golds of those that trade multiple contracts were double their exposure in the market and then as the market began to move up we began to trail stops behind it and that was up until yesterday on yesterday's market I made a basic video outlining a couple of different strategies one of those strategies is simply to use trailing stops and as the market moves up of course you trail the stops up behind when the market does correct it comes back down and hits you and it pulls you out in profits assuming that you've been able to raise your stops enough as in the case of our current trade yesterday I came out and I also talked about the fact that we could in fact see some resistance come in and around 1160 and so what you might want to consider is actually putting the order in as in OC 0 1 cancels the other so you would have your stop which we had at that point move which is where it's currently at just below 1130 ocio 1161 last night as the market was actually approaching the 1160 i felt you know what with the kind of momentum that it has we have because we have a double position we have the ability to actually have our cake and eat it too and so i sent out a special email alert that said for those that are considering that ocio strategy my suggestion is to liquidate half of your positions and on the other half let those run so to speak so traders that took that ocio call covered one or half of their positions i should say at around 11 61 and then the other positions or position is still running along roughly on average from 11 17 for those that simply trail the stops up they are continuing long with multiple positions and the last note that i do want to make about this particular trade that one of the strategies that I'm going to be really utilizing this year more than in past years is the strategy of scaling and the reason we added to that position is we felt that it was the potential was so strong we were at these real historical lows unprecedented lows it seemed like we held support and then we had been under so much pressure from the end of last year this of course is at the end of 2015 in which we saw the market genuinely go down from almost 1,200 1191 down to these intraday lows at 1045 so with that kind of momentum my sense was let's double up on this position we are going to be utilizing more and more scaling as it's called in the upcoming weeks and months so traders we are roughly at 1045 equity still open for a little bit they're under tremendous pressure you can see how that is translating over into the gold market gold now on a new high currently trading at eleven 71-80 putting it up about fourteen dollars on the day so we're really seeing whether it's short covering or buying going into the close a major push in the markets at this point and that is really in sympathy with some other markets if we want to look at first of all Dow Jones Industrial Average off about 242 points16 173 down about one and a half percent on the day crude oil interesting and that it is also under pressure off almost three percent on the day at 3084 and then lastly before we look at some charts take a look at the US Dollar Index US Dollar Index is back up it looks like it had a tentative recovery in the market very very quickly we'll go ahead and pull this chart up in this chart that we're looking at is a daily chart and in that daily chart we talked about this a little bit yesterday but the fact is is that there is a potential support level which comes in roughly at 96 3561 percent retracement of this particular move here what makes this interesting is take a look at these series of tops to come in roughly in that same area and then if we carry that over you can see how eloquently that does match up with the current low of today as well as yesterday so traders one of the noteworthy things about today's US equities markets is really the big hit that we have been seeing in the technology sector we're looking at the nasdaq-100 e-mini as you can see that is off about three and a third percent on the day when we compare that of course to the standard & poor's 500 that is off under two percent on the day and traders speaking about the sp500 that has been under pressure when we were anticipating some potential for a rally in the market now we're looking at a daily chart let's go ahead and kind of line that up we talked about the fact that during the August meltdown of course we have these lows that came in roughly at about eighteen thirty-one so that was a key point that we wanted to look at in terms of a level that we might find some potential support second level that we looked at was this bottom right in here this comes in roughly at eighteen sixty on our charts now the market in fact came under pressure we have this severe meltdown very similar to the August meltdown also really caused by many of the same factors lower oil prices but more so a concern about the economic slowdown in China now as far as I'm concerned the economic slowdown in China is to be expected they can't expand in the in the way that they have with those unrealistic growth spurts and so I think that over the next five to ten years we will see China's economy go into a period of stabilization in which it will be come back into alignment with a growth of some of the more dynamic economies such as the US economy and the EU economy and come into some more realistic sustainable numbers now back to the market so we have that concern market came down we did get a V formation we did get a bottom and the market came back up but it ran into really strong resistance roughly at about nineteen thirty-eight you can see these highs here now it appears as though it's headed lower there's really only one point that we want to look for which is eighteen sixty and we're very close to that under that it's got to be eighteen thirty we could see this market continued under pressure next week as far as our current gold position maintain your current long we will send out a special trade alert to raise that stop up that's absolutely warranted our stop doesn't need to be at thirty when the market is trading now above 70 this has been Gary Wagner wishing you as always good trading will talk to you on Monday for another daily update review bye bye you do my paper money values star notes SUNY Canton.

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