Do My Capstone Student Activities Unit 7 Lesson 42
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Do my capstone student activities unit 7 lesson 42

Do my capstone student activities unit 7 lesson 42 write for me capstone thesis example pssa writing rubric grade 3 I think about Stern I think about going above and beyond your limits Stern really stood out to me because of the collaborative community community community community community such a wholesome group of diverse opinions and backgrounds and experiences I absolutely adore my study group it's really incredible how you make friends for life that come from different backgrounds so different places great to have so many smart people surrounded by them and learning from them on a constant basis everybody has their own superpower somebody's gonna finance them he's good at marketing somebody who has international experience coolest warmest smartest people that I've ever encountered in my entire life living in New York was one of my dreams I said to myself at some point in my life I have to live in New York we're downtown here you can run into someone's office but you know five minutes away and get back here in time for a 130 class over lunch and that's sort of an amazing thing I you step off campus and everything interesting about the world in the city and whatever is happening right there it's really unmatched opportunity I don't think I'd find it anywhere else in the world I think Stern is a really special place it's filled with people who have talents that they're humble about and have a really open heart and they want to get to know you beyond you know your future professional plans you come on campus you meet with professors you sit in on a class you meet the students and there's something palpable about the culture about the energy it's kind of like taking all of New York and putting it into one little school and saying here's all the diversity in one place and the bonding you have here is pretty insane to you can get to know everyone well no one's really trying to hide anything I find that to be one of the most important factors and for me is why such timing is because of that openness this is an incredible school with incredible students I think when you're honest guv you get to see the kind of the entirety of the spectrum whether it's faculty administrators and people buying the scene so it makes the kind of experience really real for you I mean we preach the IQ EQ penguins true and i think the EQ is particularly true and that's sort of awesome program here sir really allow me to think more creatively I see that with business there's a lot of opportunity to be able to apply the hard skills that I'm learning its turn toward areas that need a lot more improvement which my focus is is in health care now at this point I understand how complex some of the problems are that that need to be solved and how MBA students can really help in solving those problems the events have been so much fun the community here is just so rich and so wonderful we had a lot of lofty goals this year for the store Women in Business Club and we were able to accomplish a number of them the theme of the conference was reframing the conversation really just thinking about new ways to approach the idea of women being successful in business I feel empowered as a future business leader I mean I think that's what Dean Henry wants for us and I think that's what comes across and launched in our orientation so it's nice to look back and say that wasn't all just talk it's it's something that I feel like I can really do I've also had opportunities to meet amazing speakers here amazing speakers and of course make those professional contacts that we all want to make as well so we recently brought Arianna Huffington the campus to speak at the ex conference and it felt like she was speaking and I think a lot of people in the audience felt that way Henline Goins pretty entertaining my god know that right from me I went to spring fling last week I really like this event because it brought out something that I really admire about my fellow classmates they use the event as a vehicle to get together but also as a vehicle to contribute to a charity we've done charity poker last year we do charity ball we did it finale over on bowery and we had 700 full-time and part-time students and we raised money for the Lower East Side girls club through our silent auction proudest my far from me first day of launch all these professors all the house speakers I came up just the first day for me just blew my mind I was a launch Captain for the incoming class class of 2015 and being able to speak to the class of 2015 about my experience and I just felt so proud favorite professor I think definitely professor open is one of them he's brilliant trick question right there all your favorite professors for me I think it's a professor Jeff car he he was suited and booted for every class sharpest man I've ever met he's gonna trust that you're gonna get it he's not gonna babysit you I'm gonna say professor dolly chug she teaches leadership in organizations it's hard to find professors who are more committed to the students than she is professor Cavalli's Lauren boom boom boom baby definitely copy he had to be one of my favorite professors professor Sonia marciano energy go to graduation I have like a huge crush in right away she's also brilliant although I find her a little bit intimidating so do and by a little i mean a lot Scott Galloway is my favorite professor at stern he's a real hard-ass but he shows sort of this like tough love in the classroom and then Charlie Murphy he has some very interesting insights into the financial services industry and backing in particular because of his experiences when the professor kind of you know at the end says says thank you and goodbye there's always a round of applause for that professor and I don't know if that exists other places but I'd ever really seen it that just reminds me of how great our faculty is and how well they engage that the classroom that we're all willing to give them around applause at the end of class I was able to travel a lot just two years and about it's been amazing i was in the japan track with a group of over 60 people i was on DB I Brazil two-week intensive course in South hollow my first experience with the Cannes Film Festival is unrivaled experience I did the Vegas class with Justin we were in a group project together and we did why vegas needs an NBA team and I never thought in all of my time in business school that I would end up in Vegas for a class ice and stands for international social impact strategies it's been run in India and Colombia and this year we were in Rio de Janeiro I went on the the Cuba trip the crass is called Cuba sanctions reforms an opportunity that kind of gave us a glimpse into what's going on in Cuba now it was an amazing opportunity I'm so happy and I don't want to leave pepper I want to be at stern forever if that doesn't even possible so many memories that feeling of relief after you gave the presentation you crushed it and you it that's what the experience was really all about like having these these different circumstances and challenges that forced you to get closer with your classmates those will definitely be something that we resist and Elfa man i just happened to stumble upon the Nobel Prize sitting in a display case and then a few feet away wasn't a second Nobel Prize also on display on the fifth floor and I just thought that was really amazing we think social drink local we've been trying for a few years now to get to you Henry and this year he finally agreed to be a model in the show and I think everyone was just super excited and happy about that Dean Henry's biceps are apparently bigger than mine so I'm a little jealous we've got to do a lot of things that I think you really only think about doing and really other time to do when you're in school and I have to say starting it off Terry with the spring break and we went to switch them in and the first time we jumped out of an airplane so Lango treat was the first thing i did when i came to stir I hadn't met anybody and the first thing I did was do a three-day trips in upstate New York with a hundred new friends I think a lot of those experienced that you get a stir and really depends on under people are you going to class with for them to you know appreciate me as I am and then you know let me know hey whatever you bring to the table is valuable I think it's what I'm gonna miss the most I think I'm also gonna miss the business schedule without the structured schedule i'll probably end up a couch potato so I think I need that structure I feel like all of my exploration has been enabled by Stern and as a result i do feel comfortable and confident with where I'm going next in my career all in all i'm walking away feeling like yes there is definitely a space for business to be a change for good and also being in this environment makes me believe that i'm not alone in thinking that that's possible and that's also very encouraging I'm constantly amazed and impressed about the people in these walls and what they've already accomplished before coming to stern and I'm really excited to see the impact that we all have after graduation you know people actually really want to make a difference and and and I think we'll you know it just gives me a lot of hope for the future in like you know we've got a pretty rad generation I think it's not very often written about alright class of 2014 remember to work hard play hard avoid carbs pizza get a prenup follow your heart congratulations class of 2014 thank you so much for having me through the last few years I love you all let's go get him class of 2014 it's our time take a risk go out and change the world you guys have been an amazing group to share these last two years with and we should all be so proud congratulations stir in class 2014 class of 2014 it has been amazing spending the past two years of you I mean look forward to getting to know you guys better over a lifetime good luck I'll miss you all go out there and do some great things and next year make sure to come back and buy me lunch looking forward to working with you guys as leaders are shaping this world helloo see that is safety clash congratulations class of 2014 to the class of 2014 thank you for all the great moments you shared together I can't wait to see all the amazing things you're going to do congratulations I'll miss you next year congratulations good luck and don't screw up now let's take over the world congratulations class of 2014 it's been rewarding challenging and an absolute blast it's been an unforgettable journey we love you all even more than Alex Montes yeah my part yet one more year one more year you you capstone wind projects online Columbus Circle, Manhattan campus.

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