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Do my capstone realty nc

Do my capstone realty nc wgu capstone sample describe your favorite place get lost essay I actually have a very long history of dealing with waste at a young age I was put in charge of my family's trash my job included a daily emptying of every waste paper basket and trashcan in the house and I had to take it outside but my chore didn't end there since we lived outside the city limits we didn't have residential garbage pickup so I had to take all the trash I took outside and I had it divided into two categories the stuff that would burn and the stuff that wouldn't I would take the things that would burn and I would take them way in the backyard and put them in a large metal barrel and I would burn them pretty good job for a young kid then I would take all the things that wouldn't burn aerosol cans glass jars and whatnot and I would put them in garbage cans trash cans behind the garage then when those trash cans were full I needed to notify my dad and we would take those trash cans and we would load them up in his old car and we would drive them out to the town dump I don't know why but I liked going to the town dump I liked traveling those gravel paths and that alien-looking place filled with odd sounds odd sights some odd smells with piles of things smoldering of what knows what smoke going into the air of what knows what's going up and then I have to admit I like leaving the dump because my trash cans were empty my trash was now someone else's problem Oh 40 years ago I worked at Great America outside Chicago and my job there was the empty trash cans the job there was called doing Garbo after we put the trash in the large dumpsters in the back of the park I don't know what happened so over the years I've worked at grocery stores I've worked at restaurants [Music] and I've worked at other parks and it seemed like every job I've ever had part of my job was to deal with trash so how come now as an academic dean at a midsize comprehensive university am I still talking trash well it started for me when our students did a environmental audit in 2001 and our University made a commitment to become more sustainable we entered into fair trade agreements we put in renewable energy installations we tried to manage waste so as 24/7 living and working communities universities are wonderful places to model advancements of sustainability one brief look at Sierra Club magazines school school program will allow you to see all the amazing things that universities across the country are doing in the area of sustainability among these are energy are renewable energy installations such as photovoltaic and solar panels wind turbines geothermal systems green roofs bioswales natural lighting and things like that for universities of which I am aware operate biogas plants so let me give you one example of something universities have to deal with we offer flexible abundant food programs for our students some which include cafeteria buffet style selections unfortunately these types of food services lead to a lot of waste in fact on average a college student throws away about a hundred and forty two pounds of food a year in total US universities throw away about twenty two million pounds of food now a lot of universities are working on this problem through trayless dining halls or compost programs but this problem on our campus led to the construction of our first dry fermentation anaerobic bio digester which is about a quarter-mile from our main campus this digester really contains about for really large garage type storage areas in which we put organic waste anaerobic means the absence of oxygen so what happens is anaerobic microorganisms eat the waste and through their digestive process they create methane rich gas we capture that methane gas and that methane gas is burned in a generator and it creates electricity and it creates heat also the leftover waste is further composted and we sell it as fertilizer so in some sense a digester is just a souped up form of decomposition and a technologically efficient way to turn waste into energy our digester process is about 11,000 tons of organic waste a year that's waste that is agricultural waste yard waste and food waste including all of the food waste on our campus so that's 11,000 tons of waste that otherwise would be put into landfills so why is this important believe it or not as the family trash master I have a lot of experience knowing how fast trash accumulates each American generates about 4.5 4 pounds of trash per day so that's about 30 pounds a week 132 pounds a month or 1,600 pounds per year so a family of four accumulates over three tons of trash in a single year coming from a family of six I was a pretty busy 12 year old now of course not all of that trash accumulates in the household a lot of this trash is accumulated in the whole process of living in the United States and buying things and working here so collectively if you take it all together the United States generates 254 million tons of trash per year now after recycling programs and other things we're left with about a hundred and sixty-two million tons of trash that has to be dealt with putting all that trash into landfills is wreaking havoc and I do mean wreaking think about that a hundred and sixty two million tons a year year after year left to decompose in landfills creating lethal greenhouse gases contributing to climate change and global warming we often don't think about it in fact it's easy not to think about it because we put our trash where we don't have to look at it remember my dad had me put those trash cans behind the garage but something needs to be done with all this trash so what can be done what can we do how do we solve this problem of working on trash so a lot of that trash has to do with food waste of that trash I'll give you a couple of an examples of that trash about forty five million tons or forty five million tons of that trash is food wastes of the 254 now this is food food waste that's sold or it is accumulated as food is produced sold consumed all the way through the process so let me give you kind of a crappy example here people in the United States eat about 40 pounds of cheese per person per year in the United States with Scott of the United States cheese production Wisconsin produces about 25 percent or a quarter of that cheese we have about a hundred and twenty seven cheese plants just here in the state of Wisconsin in the state of Wisconsin we also have about ninety four hundred dairies and Wisconsin is home to over a million dairy cattle so what we have here in Wisconsin is a lot of milk about 90% of our milk goes to cheese production we have a lot of cheese and forgive me we have a lot of poop so we have this problem to deal with that's connected to food waste our second digester that we worked on is on a 9,000 cow dairy which produces a lot of milk in fact they produce about one tanker truck of milk every 30 minutes in addition all of their milk goes to cheese production so in addition to all the milk they produce they produce about a hundred and ten thousand tons of manure per year the manure that's our digester in the bottom that manure goes into that digester and is turned into electricity we create enough electricity in that digester to power 1,100 US homes which is equivalent to about 40 percent of the electricity my University needs the first digester is about 9 percent of what our university needs in addition we work with small dairies as well the picture on the top is a pilot project it's a small portable digester which is on a hundred and thirty five cow dairy farm so our goal here is to try to mitigate and reduce waste manage that waste try to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels reduce carbon emission and try to increase use of renewable energies in the United States we about 87% of our energy produced is produced using fossil fuels that's environmentally unfriendly and fossil fuels are finite so increasing our use of renewables is one possible solution to waste management as well as increasing the use of renewable energies and decreasing carbon emissions in 2009 my interest in waste management took me to Germany at that time in the country of Germany there were 6,000 biogas plants across the country compared to 250 anaerobic digesters on u.s. farms six thousand versus 250 why is that well the answer is complicated but the answer has a lot to do with the availability and the abundance of natural resources in the United States it has to do with current policy around energy in the United States and it has to do with profit margin however this is where universities come in in fact I was on one of these tours of a biogas facility in Germany and an operator asked me why is an academic dean on a facility tour the answer I wanted to say was well I knew as an administrator I have to deal with metaphoric BS and I thought I should have some experience with the real thing but the real reason is universities can take the lead because they are centers of innovation and research the technology exists to turn waste into energy it's just not economically profitable at this time but how can the university take the lead as living learning laboratories and show that we can develop sound profitable biogas plants that can help us mitigate or waste in addition to providing research opportunities for our faculty staff and students these facilities have enhanced our programs in engineering economics political science environmental studies geology rural studies and environmental health in addition we have the opportunity to develop and demonstrate these facilities as outreach programs for k-12 schools for municipalities and for businesses so our goal here again is to try to educate and to try to research and to try to find out what will work and change the way we produce energy in the next generation also our international partnership has allowed our faculty staff and students to look at waste management and renewable energies and energy policies from an international perspective so we hope to enhance our community we hope to educate our students we hope to graduate technically skilled knowledgeable students who are able and willing to enter the International and national debate on waste management and renewable energies I am NOT a physicist but the first law of thermodynamics states that energy can be neither created nor can it be destroyed it can only be changed from one form into another in my youth I got rid of waste by either burning it or by passing it on to someone else I now know that waste is energy and we can either use it or we can waste it thank you [Applause] capstone cottages of san marcos prices for money New York State College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.

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