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Do my capstone real estate new york

Do my capstone real estate new york guide to enterprise risk management frequently asked questions santa clara essay writer ´╗┐everybody Travis here at mud creek calm today want to do a review of the mountain house noodles and chicken pouch so this is a pouch that weighs four point seven three ounces you know these pouch is really nice because they're easy to throw on your backpack for like hiking or you know obviously trail backpacking you know if you're going in for an overnight or extend state or even a day trip they're just nice because it's easy food to carry in its you know real easy to prepare and it's a hot meal on the go so I like them a lot I take him hunting and fishing and backpacking and you know a lot of times you can just going out to go like shoot or something like that all I'll bring it just because I know it's a it's an easy meal it's hot and it's you know switch on a cold day it's really nice but anyway so we're gonna do a review of this today and and show you what we've got we'll do some quick specs here like I said it's four point seven three ounces width here just and the reason I give these so you don't think it's you know lame is so you kind of have an understanding of the pack way to something like this so in the dimensions so it's eight inches by about nine and a half inches and then it's about oh you can easily squeeze that down about two inches you know just kind of if they've been settling a little bit get down there if you shaking a little bit you can kind of spread it out a little bit so what you do is you can lay them flat so you can take another pouch like this if you're in your pack and you even like rubber band them together and just stack them up like that and you know try to conserve as much space as you can on them that's kind of nice thing about these Mountain House pouches is you know they don't take up terrible you know a whole lot of space or anything you know the other thing is they can also use be you don't be used as water container if you had to after they were empty you could you know fill up with water something in a survival situation or or whatnot or even possibly boil some water cuz they're kind of a foil inside so I'm mylar so you know i don't know if i would recommend that but if you were in the situation you probably could let's go ahead and take a look here at the ingredients in the and i'll look at the nutritional facts let's do the nutritional facts first so this is two point five servings per serving it's 220 calories so 2.5 x 220 you know you're looking you know probably shy of you know close to 600 calories probably just shy of that total fats five grams carbohydrates 34 grams and proteins 10 grams that's per serving calories from fat 45 if you want to look at this a little bit more detailed if you know something specific you're looking at in like sodium and whatnot you know feel free to pause this and look and I'll hold this here for a second but you can also go to our website at WWE com we'll have all this information on there and you don't have a full review written up their ingredients you know in pre cooked noodles it's kind of main thing eggs salt you know that's what's in the noodles anyway and then there's cooked chicken sweet red peppers corn starch you know things like that but contains we egg milk and soy so if you're allergic to any of those things something to think you know think about so instructions on opening this let me tell you real quick though first the shelf life on these the cool thing about mountain houses they used to have a shelf life is seven years it's now up to ten years what they do now instead of actually printing a an expiration date on there they print a manufactured date so they'll say it's manufactured January 14 2013 so something to think about sometimes people get something I think oh it's expired and that's you know mountain house doesn't do that anymore they just print a manufactured date on there but they'll now last 10 years and they suggest and they think that they'll last anywhere between you know up to 30 years in reality and what will happen is over the years they'll you know maybe lose a little bit of flavor but you know they've eaten them you know anywhere between 15 and 30 years mountain house on the website talks about this if you if you go to their website but they've eaten them you know up to 30 years old and they like said the about the only thing that's wrong with them as maybe just lose a little flavor so something to think about you know I think you can make these last long time is great for food storage or sell them by the case so you can buy them in a box and of six and storm like that if you like so something to think about they'll last you a long time so it's not like you're wasting money on something that's going to go away real quick and the nice thing about this kind of food or does it actually tastes good like I will eat these you know even for just like lunch one day I would eat one you know to me they're they're actually really good you know there are some flavors I like more than others but for the most part I really enjoy them so let's go ahead and get this fired up and let's tear the top off and see what to see what we're looking at on the inside here when you open up you're going to want to take the oxygen absorber out its first thing to do don't forget to do that left in sometimes so you know it looks pretty savory it looks like it's going to be pretty good to me I've actually never had this flavor so there's going to be a bit of an experience for me so we'll see how it goes so I'm going to go ahead and get some water going I'm going to lay down a cloth though it seems like every time I do this I like to spill so I'm going to go ahead and lay it down a cloth on top of this so we'll go ahead and add it asks for two cups of water so most bottled water is a you know 16 ounces this is 16.9 so we'll probably be just shy of that so 16 ounces 8 ounces in the cop so 16 ounce is going to be our to cut mark so what I like to do it leaves about that much you know that's my little swig of water for the day or not for the day but you know or save it to drink with it if you want it a little bit more running you can if you wanted a little less runny you can so if you want to go like maybe a cup and a half just cuz you don't want it is is runny that's uh that's not a big deal you know it's entirely up to you so we're using the crux light stove today we'll go ahead and fire this up this boils pretty quick I'll go ahead and put the lid on here and what I'll do is I'll actually come back here in a minute so you don't have today no watch water boil it can't imagine anything much more boring than that but I'll be back in a bit when this gets blown with dump didn't show you we've got all right so our water just started to boil we're sort of get some steam coming off got a nice little rolling boil there you know the directions just say to bring it to a boil I don't know what you have to boil then you know too long if you're obviously using like stream water or something like that probably want to boil it you know some people say a couple minutes 25 minutes you know as far as a good rolling boil to help kill and the you know any things that you know that are inside it that could be a harmful your body but you know let's good clean water so I'm not too worried about it so what we'll do is a go ahead and get the stove out of the picture here take the lid off okay just you know I'll just reminder be careful you just never know you know switch we have these pouches sometimes they're a little awkward open and you just don't want to spill on yourself because that's hot water so we'll dump that in there and then what it says is to let it sit so we're gonna stir it first then we're going lot 6 about eight to nine minutes you know you can always go a little more probably been a little less if you like if you don't mind some crunch you know if you're in a hurry or something like that I've done it it's not a big deal you know it's kind of preference what you can do is just pull it out and sample it so that's what it looks like with the initial water in it and then we'll let that sit so I'm going to mix this up real good and just get you know especially on the bottom some of the seasoning likes to settle down there and sometimes the noodles would like to stick with some that seasoning so just something to think about so we're gonna let that sit for eight to nine minutes we'll be back again and show you what we've got and see how it tastes so one other thing you do if you're careful or if you have gloves on you can kind of squeeze it like that to help mix it up that's really hot to me right now which is bare hands so I wouldn't recommend that unless you got a pair of gloves on or it's been sitting for a minute you know it's actually a great little hand warmer if you're cold and it's you know on the winter or something like that it's not a bad little hand warmer just good warm or suppose you could put your feet on it if you don't mind eating it afterward but you know it's not a bad thing in that sense so we back in eight to nine minutes and we'll see what we got all right we have let that sit for about eight to nine minutes so we're going to go ahead and take a look at it and see what see what we've got so let's go ahead and open this up you know when you might just do that a little bit or even like even put you know your spoon and just mix it up a little bit again if you like just and you can lets it one more time if you want to just for another minute or two but that's what it looks like so you know honestly for me you know when we open it I I I didn't expect originally when we first opened this with the dry ingredients in there I you know I didn't expect to have like the peppers as much you know I means on the ingredients but like when I first look at this I guess that's one thing I don't see it you know would be nice maybe if they put that on there so you don't think it's maybe a little bit more mild I don't know that the peppers are going to be you know like so this is my first time tasting this so I don't know the peppers are going to taste you know hot or anything it might just add that a little extra flavor is all so i'll let you know here in a minute if it's really kind of a harder one but you know maybe one criticism is just that it would be nice if maybe they just specified on the front like they do want some of the others some of the other ingredients that you know may or may not turn you off if you're not into peppers or something like that if you're worried about the heat so all right let's go ahead and look you know it actually looks pretty dang good to me though this is pretty typical the noodles I've seen that mountain house tends to do I wanna see the stroganoff noodles are similar this and maybe the chicken ala king or something like that I want to say look like this if i remember right so you know these are kind of the typical mountain house noodles kind of a flat egg noodle if you will you know but it doesn't look bad to me they're a little smaller than maybe what you'd think you know a typical like fettuccine noodles or something like that but you know they look fine to me so I'll give us a try you can see right there see all the flavors in there I just spilled that's why I've got a regular now you know quite unexpectedly that's really good I wasn't expecting a whole lot from this just because it wasn't really my you know my cup of tea peppers I don't really know some I mean I think you just add just that little extra flavor maybe some savoriness to it so in that sense I think they're pretty good you know just a few little spices and whatnot in there to kind of add a little extra flavor to it so it's not so bland maybe yeah that's actually really good you know it's cooked perfectly no crunchiness so if you do the eight to nine minutes you know depend on altitude and things like that but that's probably pretty dang accurate I'll get one with a little bit more of the peppers on there's two big chunks pepper on here I'll see if that I don't really taste a lot of pepper and I'm up i know i said i'm not a huge fan of a lot of things but i guess it's because i'm not but i'm not a huge pepper guide one of the things that's wrong there and you know i don't mind them so yeah so it's just sweet red peppers but I don't even I don't really taste the peppers in it they're pretty mild in the sense that they just add that little extra a little extra flavors all we don't be nice maybe if that chicken was a little bit bigger so there's a couple pieces of chicken right there one right here one here you know obviously I'd always like a bigger piece of chicken that's just me but you know I definitely taste the chicken in it it's not bad i mean quite a few pieces and chunks in there so it's not that big a deal so honestly like I can also say this is probably going to be one of the ones will start rotating with I just always looking I thought chicken noodles sound bland to me was never that exciting they ought to really put that on there it's got a little more flavor on it and it might have killed more people I actually really like it and I'm not just making that up like it it really is pretty good to me and you know I definitely throw it in my pack just add a little different flavor and it's not like too heavy it's not too saucy or anything i'm not a big things are real saucy to me don't do well for me and so for me you know things like that and that are heavy and sauce I just I don't like a lot but this is you know this is just right I think this would actually feel pretty good and settle well too so you're not you know having to crack the time later on because it just didn't settle well so if you haven't tried this one I definitely give it a try I think it's well worth it you know mountain house in reality I know I say a lot of their flavors are good but they don't make bad products and it seems like any stuff that I've tried that wasn't that good they've discontinued and they've you know brought on some new flavors so they're always trying and always coming out new stuff they really are to me they're really the leader in freeze-dried foods and then the pouches so give this one a try if you haven't you can come get it from us at mud creek calm that's a 2ds mu d DC r EK kaam you click the link in the description and also click the link will probably have one at the top of the video as well so thanks for checking us out you enjoy the review will keep doing these we're going to keep doing them till we go through all the flavors and kind of get a virtual taste of all the mountain house products and hopefully I get an idea if it's something you like or not but you know for food storage camping hiking backpacking hunting I don't think and go wrong with this I I would eat this regularly and I I'm honestly saying that to me they're pretty good you know and maybe it's maybe I'll eat a lot compared to other people but to me I think they're pretty tasty so come check us out my kreek com thanks capstone project on hypertension cheap University at Albany.

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