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Do my capstone projects in information technology

Do my capstone projects in information technology write for me capstone custom mesa us congressional campaign finance reports [Music] if you're like me then Avenger is your favorite era of chuck-e-cheese when I say Avenger I don't just mean the Avenger era which was prime but the mouse as a whole including his late 90s era kolchak era and Avenger but why exactly do us fans like Avenger so much where are we diehard fans for this era and not the current rock star era well there are lots of things that could explain this and that is why I made this my channel has been blowing up since the beginning of summer and I want to keep this going a couple of people have probably messaged me basically knocking me for begging for likes and subscriptions if this were the case I would have no likes because no one likes a beggar I just simply asked you guys to show me some support for my channel you guys enjoy these videos you keep me energized to produce more of these like you guys are my batteries and I'm the Energizer Bunny I live for you guys so your support really means a lot thanks a lot for tuning in to do another Chuckster chat episode if you're new here and would like to join the Chuckster crew hit that freaking subscribe button as for a lot of my videos I'd like to start with the beep brief background and history lesson and that's still the case here Duncan Brandon started the role of giving life to Chuckie Cheese in 1994 back when Disney produced some shows for CEC back then he was still going for the hard Jersey accident trying to impersonate the previous voice actor Scott Wilson I'm gonna make a separate video on that era but this video isn't covering that era this video is describing the calmer child friendlier era we all know and love Duncan gave life to Chuck in a smoother way in 1997 this would be the iconic recognizable voice for almost another 15 years this was the voice most of us grew up with and naturally it became the one I fell in love with in 2012 power things changed big time for the company when they decided to just up and give Chuck a massive makeover it he was given life by a new person in Jaret Reddick he's the lead singer of the rock band bowling it previously did work on the Disney animated series Phineas and Ferb like many others I really like this carnation of chucky cheese as well the early portions that is I'll eventually make a video on that subject as well Rockstar Chucky is good he's produced many good things throughout his official now 5 year reign however all good things must come to an end and rockstars reign died too early in 2014 current rockstar isn't bad he's alright but personally he makes a venture Chuck look like a god compared to him today I'll be comparing the two and listing off what a venture did right since the obvious approach for this video would to be including attachments about the show I'll save those until the end until then let's focus on some things that are outside of that criteria one of the many things that Avenger did white was with the animation one of the biggest and noticeable changes that happened to Chucky in 2012 was that he was CGI animated if you know anything about CGI you'll know that it's hard and nuts let's not forget expensive to reproduce that's why for the CGI counterparts we always seem to see the same few poses and frames from what I understand from what I was told the company that animated the commercials in DTG I work for CDC is no longer in contract that's the reason why us fans are so happy to see a rare new pose of a CGI character that's also the reason why these fun energized commercials don't feature chuck anymore Chuck has always been in the commercials and now that he is absent it's adding to the company's generic feel avenger however did not experience this problem he was traditionally animated with 2d this worked out because if a company decided to drop down another one can come and you would barely notice the difference the animation doesn't only apply for the commercials it goes for the merchandise as well nowadays if there's CGI work on a prize it's most likely going to be a to pee shop photo shop Chucky on one of his several poses a venture Chucky didn't really experience this problem at all there are many different poses of this character and some never being used or seen again in this case that's a good thing a venture had a large variety of artwork in different movements to choose from we didn't see the same eight poses reused over and over and over and over and over and over again 2d is cheap to make easy to use and well let's face it it's basic no one cares if something is CGI or not actually many people prefer to the over CGI so I think that's automatically where Rockstar messed up once again this doesn't only go for the prizes this can go for the posters as well money of this era of in-store posters use the same animation style they had way more variety than today which gave the character more personality another way Avenger became more productive than Rockstar is that Duncan was involved in the company it's history Duncan Brennan has been heard in orientation tapes he has gone to general management conventions and entertained hundreds here in Vegas I'm not so sure about Rockstar however I haven't seen the current orientation tapes maybe he is in them maybe he does go to gym convinces I don't know what I'm saying is Duncan seems to have been way more involved with the company I remember a few years back there was a video online with Duncan Brandon and John Bowen messing around at Department 18 using the voices Duncan just gives off that vibe that makes you think he loves his job and he did he still does to this day she said if CEC ever offered him a job involved with the shows he would take that offer Jarrett however gives off that vibe that makes you think he thinks his role at CDC is a job not a lifestyle and that's just the thing to expect when you hire celebrities gerrae is a busy man he has way more thoughts on his mind than just giving life to an animatronic Mouse at a children's pizza parlor not saying he doesn't love his job that man really does like his job he wouldn't have auditioned in the first place if he did it he even takes his kids to chuck-e-cheeses that's pretty cool explain that to your kids that the singing Mouse on stage - I did - the boy says ok the moment most of you guys have been waiting for these are the ways of mnsure has succeeded in shows where Rockstar has been we all know aventure has a nice kind big-hearted Mouse he's a person you'd like to sit down and have a conversation with he's like the older brother you never had Avenger is known for his friendly personality a venture shot never puts down his friends he rarely even raises his voice he's smarter than all of his friends but he doesn't brag and boast about it there are group and Chuck knows that he doesn't put himself above his friends he isn't too cool for school think of everything what I just said now think of the opposite yeah that's rock star modern rock star that is I'm going to be making a video on why I can't stand modern rock star but I'll briefly go into summary here long story short modern rock star is a jerk he's always mean to his friends and he puts them down every chance he gets especially Pasquale's a man if I was that guy I would have Seth Rollins curb stomp Chucky right now [Applause] [Music] [Applause] I don't know how he puts up with all his crap modern rock star is a scum of M Storm himself he thinks he's above everyone and boasts about his superiority of intelligence over his dumb friends rock star has no patience at all whatsoever and isn't a guy who would want to be in the same room with don't get me wrong rock star wasn't always a huge jerk his early self was a nice kind-hearted kid but his current attitude is horrible we tried asking why they always make rock star a huge jerk to his friends and they replied with they don't want him to be free to take us tomatoes peas creased potatoes tomatoes beans cream cheese come on that's a pretty lame excuse no one ever wanted Chuck to be preachy avenger wasn't preachy and he seemed to work out and make a connection with kids just fine right now try and think of an inspirational quote from the rock star era go ahead oh wait live for moments like this you live for embarrassing moments no I live for a challenge because no matter how tough a situation might be if you work hard enough and don't give up you're bound to figure it out eventually and once you do figure it out you're better off because of it that's true Larry wait keep a positive attitude yeah well life is gonna hand you challenges from time to time all you can do is decide how you're gonna respond me I just try to do my best and forget about the rest seems to be about it and to be fair that's not even from Chucky that was from Larry there's a thick line between being an inspiration and being preachy now think about any inspirational quotes from the adventure era unless you were born last year automatically tons of quotes from from his era should have popped in your head there's many more but for the sake of this video I'll move on to the next topic the next thing that might come as a no brainer for the older fans but might not be as obvious for the newer fans from 2014 enough until now obviously show quality isn't as good as its former self if you were here to experience the Avenger shows you would have known that the shows weren't ran how poorly they are today there wasn't such a thing as single song skits there was no puppets kids that much we're using songs every other show was out of the question things really are ran today differently from the before the worst a venture shows had heart they had variety they did classic covers of songs that parents knew and sometimes did modern songs that children knew the lyrics to it felt like they were actually a band today however all we have are 4-minute originals using puppets and a Sesame Street style of shows even early rock star had some great shows April 2013 in January 2014 for example even though they changed a lot of the aspects that the adventure era shows had it's still better than today's standards go ahead and watch it an Avengers show segment particularly from January or April 2012 now watch the current shows from 2016 in 2017 yeah it's depressing right and that is just a sample of all the things Avenger Chuck did right during his reign I know that there's way more but for the sake of this video I'll leave it at that should I make a part 2 if you want me to list some things in the comments and they might be featured thanks for watching and subscribe 10 minutes and 55 seconds 1 [Music] pa capstone project order Canisius College.

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