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Do my capstone project journey cheap

Do my capstone project journey cheap capstone project discharge planning for money essay topics for iGCSE english I could tell you at the great battle centuries ago how the traveller was crippled I could tell you the power of the darkness it's ancient enemy there are many tales told throughout the city to frighten children lately those tales have stopped and that's because the traveller has finally awoken from his slumber and upon his revival from eternal sleep he bestowed upon us Guardians the power of the light once more now with our beloved Kaede having been taken from us in our hour of need the traveller asses our cry once more the traveller once more shines bright and bestows even more power to ask Guardians I could tell you of each and every super that we would be getting but you know what Clawd Jerome buzzes so well I'll leave it to him and give my force at the end so enjoy with forsaken we knew we wanted to give everyone a new way to play we learned from the taken King that it was great to add in subclasses but when people sort of identified with other subclasses we weren't always offering them a new way to play right and so we wanted to extend every subclass instead of just adding new ones because this way everyone gets me way to fight no matter what you identified with and so we took each subclass one at a time talked about their identity the mechanical goals and what they're missing and then tried to see if we could fill that gap or if they're doing a really good job they're just trying to surprise you with a new way to think about that fantasy so at the sunbreaker we knew the identity was pretty solid it's like destructive it's raw force and power the current way you can do that with the sunbreakers like a bombardier you're staying back you're the the top of the hill tossing bombs super far away and we wanted to see you like what would it feel like to be the Sun breaker that charges the castle and breaks the door right so we took this little hammer I made a giant hammer and you can basically use all that weight to like use it with momentum and just spin around like over and over again anytime you can hit the right trigger and you can do like this giant overhead slam and you'll hit the hammer down the ground send the screaming earthquake in front of you and that'll hit guys detonate into this giant world in the fire the other thing that we wanted to with the sunbreakers neutral game like the rest of the perks that come with the subclass path we always wanted to find a way to give you a way to throw something just like hunters do but we wanted to find a way to make that feel like Titans right so we'll be tried was you throw the hammer instead of it just like detonating like a grenade it actually like blocks the guy in the face falls on the ground and it just stays there when you pick it up you get all of your melee energy back and you can do it right away so basically you just like hit guys in the face slide back over the top of the hammer grab it again and just keep doing it as long as you want so people ended up building like sort of an attachment to it they're like oh man my hammer I can't I can't let my hammer go I gotta go get in the way I got to go fight all these dudes to make sure I get my hammer every time I throw it so Sentinel what we wanted to do this time let's give you a way to sort of carry your team when you guard with your shield it's actually a huge wall instead of like a personal shield and the wall is big enough to actually have multiple teammates behind you and they can actually fire it through the wall so you're basically carrying this wall moving your team like a convoy protected and they can fire where they're perfectly safe basically we also found a really interesting element to the new Sentinel where you can basically be a commander for your team what we wanted to do is put a bomb on targets that you had to keep firing it to make it explode and it kind of feels that you're filling up a balloon the whole time you're like you stick it on a guy you're shooting at him and it's filling this balloon like bigger bigger bigger than pop and then that damage actually causes the balloon to get sort of planted on other targets and a keep spreading and it's sort of guiding the action for your new team so the spreads got a bunch of really new exciting things on him we all kind of like empathize with the community in the sense that we kind of missed that old fashion just like one-offs lay on the ground everything's dead you just kind of go home and we found a really interesting way to do that with what we're calling it Thunder crash you'll actually take off into the skies from wherever you are and you drive around like a ballistic missile and actually get the steer yourself along the way and just slam it in whatever you want and just causes massive detonation we wanted to find a way to constantly make you feel like you were this missile so when you're sprinting you just jump in the air and you lift and from there if you press your melee button you'll actually charge up your fist and just detonate against the ground anyway you'll kind of like dive back down through the ground it's like a dive bomb and cause that nation so you can kind of always be this missile we like to say like strikers don't use weapons they make themselves a weapon right so like their their body at the end I mean that's what this entire path is all about it's throwing your body directly up the fight so storm collar basically the our theme is this is long-range destructive power where you're unleashing lightning at enemies and it over penetrates all targets sometimes you'll just murder everything that you want it to and you're kind of just hanging out with this energy just kind of flying out of your hand and you wanted to save it so what we did was we made a way for you to turn off your theme early and you actually save a bunch of your super energy we want to try and make sure that each super has something that no other super can do we wanted to find a way to make it feel like you're tapping into the world of Morlocks sort of mystic energy eternally was we called something lay lion which is like this energy that's sort of latent in the world the only Morlocks could tap into when you're killing enemies occasionally these like sparks of light will come out of the ground where they die and you have to kind of catch it you have to like position yourself to get in sort of the line of sight of this ley-line and pick it up and when you do you'll actually get a bunch of energy for all your abilities so the voidwalker instead of like hanging back the regular explosive from range we wanted you to be able to stuff around the battlefield and basically charge up a detonation locally and just unleash havoc around you if you have to moves in your super one is what we call a dark blink and it's basically a teleportation move that you can combo like one after another and then we can charge up and detonation that can get bigger the longer you charge it or if you want you can kind of save the energy and you can just tap that trigger and get little localized explosions they're a little bit smaller but way more efficient so Dom blade right now that's this angel of death floating above the battlefield tossing blades of fire down to starting everything on the ground and instead if we wanted to make you this the nevolin angel flying around the battlefield looking at people who need help and giving them energy and giving them life instead of summoning your blade and jumping into the sky you'll actually take your blade plant it into the ground and that'll radiate this aura that helps your friends it heals them it gets some bonus damage it basically gives you this well of power that reinforces what and gives you a way to kind of destroy all your enemies much more you leave the other thing we added to the dawn blade is what we're calling the healing your name the way it works is you take whatever grenade you have a clip and you hold the button and instead of throwing a grenade you'll actually convert your grenade into you a healing grenade and when you throw it it'll heal anyone it hits and it'll give them an over shield so you can basically protect your friends from afar you can kind of follow them around wait for them they get weak throw an energy ball down that gives them a shield or you can coated leaving one around so someone to come pick up when they're in need Forex trader we wanted to kind of deep dive on what else we could do with the martial arts sort of fantasy of the arc staff hunter so the way this stupid works is you hold the left trigger while it's active and it will actually you'll spin your staff super fast and the Flex projectiles right back at enemies you'll keep yourself protected and be able to send their damage back it gives you a little bit of like depth on how you block when you block if you're aiming well you can actually kind of send the damage right back at them and you get to feel like just the ninja just spin the staff around really fast dodging attacking all still options so the other thing that the Eric starter is they found a way to make the hunters shoulder charge and the way this one works is you sprint and you slide and once you're sliding if you press melee you'll actually summon the arc staff temporarily to slicing across the ground and create this lightning storm that just use the head of you and this damage is all these types of funny when a gunslinger is totally different it's awesome it's like we went from this hyper precise steel focus thing so there's just storm of burning knives that just finds guys and it just hits them all in the face with these explosive knives so kind of like plants in the face it plants or wherever on the ground lights up and then boom they all pop up off of a pop like it's super cool and basically we wanted it to feel like the hunters easier super to use for sort of like ramping any players in but then also give it that depth the hunters love really get to be still pretty precise and pretty skillful depending on the number of targets that are in front of you it'll actually sort of like choose how many knives it's gonna throw out each guy so if there's like one big guy he'll get every night for you throwing and if there's like 20 of them it'll just spread across all of them evenly and just kind of create this like giant popping sea of explosions for the next Tiger overall fantasy it's always about being this tactical ninja having tools of the trade having enhanced information but we wanted to do it where you can get up close and personal this version of the Night Stalker actually has a super where you summon to you void blades they kind of kind of like katanas and you'll go into stealth and once you're in stealth you get something we call a true sight which means you can see any enemy behind a wall so you can basically stalk the battlefield from stealth have enhanced information about where everybody is choose your route jump out of the shadows and to stab guys in the neck it's super cool another philosophy we wanted to explore this time around was basically broadening all the combat options you have the different roles you can play as a player destiny trying to give you ways to kind of play with team composition ways to make you feel uniquely different from the rest of your team having lots of different options that just feel like they're gonna be able to do something that no one else can do and so at the healing support kind of stuff we wanted to make sure that that was a really strong focus on healing and helping where something else can be a really strong focus on just tactics or creating opportunities and something else when we focus on just raw damage and then you can kind of play together around what your team composition is like [Music] the darkness is coming back we will not survive it this time and that's pretty much where your hard cash comes in guys by default shaken game by Daniel pass and you pretty much make the travelers dream come true and defeat the darkness for good okay okay okay let's get serious now the supers look amazing I love every single one of their supers hunter looks Opie especially with the knife daggers Auto aiming onto multiple targets Titan looks absolutely awesome and sick warlock looks like it's finally entered into his own self and become a warlock these supers look absolutely amazing I love the way each one has an additional perk that goes with it I love the fact that some breaker Titans now have this intrinsic hammer that they can throw and pick up and don't throw again much like Kratos in God of War it just looks amazing these supers look game breaking my only concern is the fact that then the current available supers will pretty much all be destroyed and redundant and I don't want that to happen I'd like to see more things done to the bubble but it does look like the Warlock sunsinger super has pretty much replaced the Titan bubble when it comes to weapons of light because it's pretty much doing the same thing why it's doing this I don't know and it's pretty awesome as well because it pretty much acts as a complete empowering rift for everyone in it and it's also defending them and increasing their defense not only that warlock now has the ability as a Sun singer to pretty much toss a grenade at anyone to give them an over shield so pretty much these nine new supers are going to be game-changing and revolutionize the way we play the game I just hope that the other supers that we currently have right now will also receive some kind of buff or modification or some kind of treatment to make them relevant come here too otherwise everyone is gonna be using these supers something else of note something Game Informer mentioned in a previous fred and also in article they released today you pick one super and the rest is time gated until you finish the campaign once you finish the campaign then you can unlock the remaining 2 supers much like you did when destiny 2 first released so do keep that in mind so when for second LANs you pick the super date you want naturally I am going Titan where some breaker because that hammer a forge looks great I want to reenact that mode of Kratos and 4 and run around and absolutely decimate everything with infinite hammer froze leave a comment below and let me know what you think which super stand out for you what do you love about these supers what do you hate about them what's your force concerns leave your comment below and let me know because I'm highly interested to hear your thoughts if you found this video useful a like would be greatly appreciated don't forget to slap that red button to the side over there to the bottom right of the video to subscribe and right next to it you'll find a shiny little Bell that you can click to be notified of all the things I release as always Guardians you can also follow me on Twitter and Instagram details for that is in the description below above all else Guardians have a wonderful day have a fantastic evening and remember remain legend [Music] capstone turbine problems order Bronx campus.

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