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Do my capstone project ideas in business

Do my capstone project ideas in business capstone recruitment london examples of crystal reports welcome to the real news network I'm Paul Jay in Baltimore on Sunday night President Hugo chávez venezuela was reelected now joining us from New York City to talk about his views on the election is Gregory Wilfred he's a sociologist who between the years two thousand and two thousand and eight lived in Venezuela where he taught at the Central University of Venezuela and he also founded Venezuela analysis calm in 2007 he published the book changing Venezuela by taking power the history and policies of the chávez government he moved back to the US and to the other night when his wife was named Consul General Venezuela New York and since returning to the US he's been an adjunct professor at political science at Brooklyn College thanks very much for joining us great alright thanks for inviting me so the polls had been showing each other as a head and the polls more or less turned out to be correct and he's now elected for a new term a six-year term I believe let's talk a little bit about what the challenges facing Hugo Chavez are what do you think are the main things he needs to accomplish over this next period and to some extent why hasn't he already accomplished some of these things I think one of the main things that Chavez has to accomplish is to gain the trust of the our youth I'm not saying that he necessarily lost a most youth however since he's been in office for 14 years he there's a significant proportion of the population about thirty percent of the population that basically grew up under his government and who have become frustrated with various problems and don't have the reference point that Chavez always talks about which is the pre Chavez era and so these problems are about such as crime and corruption and inefficiency in the public administration but some of the main problems and issues that the youth have serious problems with and um and they need to figure out they they want that addressed obviously in a way that that that gives them a brighter future really and for whom this comparison to the past just doesn't doesn't have much impact right and some of those youth were in the opposition I mean you see a lot of young people needs office opposition protests there were a fair number of university students that were in the opposition I went I know a lot of them come from the sort of more elite classes but not all I'm in a sense that some of them are the kids of professional families and and working families in Caracas to us and you know Caracas is fairly divided but when when Chavez went to Cuba for his medical treatment one of one of the times he came back he did it kind of a self-criticism where he said that some of his rhetoric against the opposition and against some of the middle class opposition he called him squalid oils and things like this he said that was probably a mistake he shouldn't have labeled everyone under the same category has he changed that language and as he changed do you think there's evidence he's changing his approach to those other sections of the population well he goes back and forth on that um sometimes when he gets very frustrated with the opposition and becomes very strident he falls back into this old language of of insulting basically and of disqualifying the opposition and then afterwards gap apologizes in ten tries to end for a while and manages to tone down his of his verbal rhetoric against the opposition and that's of course also something that turns off many voters I think and Chavez knows this which is why he tries to back you know step on them and improve it and the thing is that the the people who this youth that were talking about who grew up under the chávez government they actually many of them benefited tremendously and were given social mobility through the Travis's policies however as they rise so to speak in the MSS Venezuela becomes a less in unequal country um they're in their aspirations change and their willingness to identify with Chavez and with his rhetoric of rich versus poor does it doesn't have as much of an impact on the Sun was rising I youth really that that uh that was enabled really thanks to Chavez is mostly educational policies and other social policies now we should put all this into context that I said we're kind of assuming everyone else's far already followed the results of the election which others won this election by 10 points and there was a massive turnout in the celebrations and in the pro Chavez rallies of young people so you know clearly there's a he has a big support amongst youth but you're talking about who's in that forty-five percent that voted the other way or young people who may not even be old enough to vote yet but you know who have really you know have questions about why the pace of progress has not been more Swift yes I mean one of the things that I always find interesting when you look at polls and that divided the voting preferences according to on both age and according to social class you see that Chavez has overwhelming support in the poorest sectors of the population which make up about half of the population which is constant they're usually referred to as the classes II and D which are the poorest but where he has one of the weakest supports of obviously as you go up in tom it weakens but the middle class section it really drops off quite dramatically that is in assume people become slightly better off their support for Chavez growth just just for the sin let's define what you mean by middle class because the United States they use middle class as a way to say working class but for some reason they don't want to use the word working class when you're saying middle class what are you talking about well basically I'm talking about people who live you know something like double what Venezuela's our poverty level would be which is still quite poor because the poverty level is set very low um I mean it's people who might still live in the barrios but have slightly bigger a better incomes who are um you know they might you could call them working class perhaps but uh but they you know they have I studied a little bit at your technical school or something like that and um and yeah I don't know it's very difficult to describe briefly but but the people that have have a job that had in the Venezuelan contacts relatively decent pay we're not talking about you know well hire paid professionals and we're not talking about the poor we're talking about you know what right working-class people with working-class jobs that pay okay exactly right and you're saying they're his support falls off but one would think he should have support there exactly and but i think it's it's a very common phenomenon that this uh this group of people that belong to that class aspired to something better and i are much more willing to adopt the viewpoints and and worldview of the classes so to speak just above them and and therefore their rejection of Chavez is even stronger because they wanted they come from that poor background and and basically want to leave it and and therefore reject everything that I is associated with that background and 10 and Chavez belongs to that well if javis wants this 21st century socialism to last beyond him and this is assuming his health stays good and he fulfills his whole six-year term but he didn't want and one assumes he's hoping this is something that sets a course for Venezuela for decades not just for another six years he needs that youth and he needs that working-class youth and he needs to address some of these problems they've been lingering up for what many people think too long and I guess starting with crime is one of the most important people are afraid simply to go out at night and even to some extent in the day and and we've talked about this before in previous interviews but what are some of the recent things he's been doing to try to solve this and what is the direction these policies are going well it's it's a policy that was started a couple years ago already um but which is of course still very late and my job is this presidency but a couple years ago they started implementing a new national police force to replace the municipal mid police forces and the reasoning is pretty clear i mean the the municipal police forces were completely and hopelessly corrupt and the local mayor's had no way of combating them or replacing them or improving them and so the national government really have to step in there and now there's a transition phase and they're being instituted or in being introduced in the municipalities are very gradually bit by bit and the this transition process from the municipal to the National Police is extremely slow and it's going to take several more years actually in for it to be fully implemented and in the meantime you also have various transition problems were where there's more uncertainty precisely because of the transition although once they're in place actually crime has dropped in those municipalities quite dramatically I mean well crime is still pretty high but by twenty percent more or less on average which is a pretty significant bit a lot remains to be done in that area now iíve when I was in Venezuela I heard some people suggest to me that one of the reasons crime isn't more crack down on is that a lot of its being organised out of the barrios the poor areas and this is also the base of Chavez electoral support and there's some reluctance to go after some of the some of the kind of more organized crime there because it may affect the outcome of Elections you think there's anything to that uh I'm not sure because the problem is of course obviously the high crime rate is affecting Chavez just as much probably a lot more and think than and especially since you know even though he might count on the support from some of the people who are connected to crime I really think that's exaggerated am NOT it's not that significant certainly the people that suffer most from the crime are actually people in the barrios yeah and they're much more the people who suffer from crime the number of victims basically are far more larger than the people who are perpetrated right so so I mean people do ask this question then there's been enough money there's been enough resources so why does it take so long to face up to this or deal with it well like I said it's a very difficult problem which takes a long time to just deal with in general any country in the world would take a long time the big problem really was that Chavez recognize the problem very late that there's no not until almost 10 years into his presidency and the reason for that is simply because there was an assumption that once you lower the crime once you decrease in quality crime will resolved by itself and that just didn't happen and so it was a massive miscalculation I think on the part of the government right that if you deal with the social conditions you don't need need to deal with the policing in the same way so what what so after crime what are the in terms of this youth this working-class urban youth that are quite divided about Java is what what else does you have to do to kind of win them over or solve some what's the next problem they want so well I think it's also the quality of the education I mean one of the people are very grateful I think that many news our educational programs have introduced and given tremendous amounts of opportunity to them but they've been introduced very quickly and with the relatively little funding although I I mean obviously a lot of money has been spent on it but professors and teachers still don't get paid very much in Venezuela and so the quality of the education is actually uh it's increasingly recognized that that is an issue and I think that's an issue for this the segment of the population and then the the other issue I heard when i was there is that there was a lot of support in the barrios for some of the on-site cuban often Cuban doctors that were doing like what gps do but there's a lot of critique about the hospital's themselves that once you get past that kind of GP level care that was creating these new medical centers that the hospital's didn't live up to what people's expectations were yeah that was I think a major issue actually a couple years ago in the meantime on many almost all of the hospitals actually been thoroughly renovated I mean there's still places that that haven't been dealt with that still need to be fixed up but I think a lot of investment has been made in that in that area so that's not such a big issue anymore so who else is in that 45-percent that voted against each others and we know the more the really rich in elite sections on the whole where anti-chavez but they don't make up the rest of that 45-percent that voted against him no I think there's also a segment of of the people living in Barrios who aren't young and who used to beat each other supports my track there was a series of articles that I think we're dealt with the problem very badly that is in the New York Times and in the los angeles times but but it is an issue sense that there are people who used to support Chavez who who aren't young but live in the burials and basically they've become disenchanted for variety reasons and I think one of the main reasons is to see the persistence of corruption and clientelism in many of the social programs that that do exist and and the inefficiencies for example Venezuela's constantly struggled with a housing problem and building public housing but oftentimes that gets all mired in local corruption and so on and so so that's some one of the things that also has turned to some people I mean that's really his big challenge isn't it to find a way to govern more effectively that people I mean much of the opposition people that actually vote against it really do support much many of the objectives of the his administration they're fed up with the ineffectiveness of some of the execution well exactly that's one of the reasons why capitalist the opposition candidate was running practically on the same platform as Chavez he was promising to continue almost all of Travis's policies I mean many people didn't buy that argument that that was what he was really going to do but he had to do that because he realized I mean he was a smart and he realized that that was a major reason for Chavez popularity okay well in the coming weeks and months we're going to follow some of these big issues like like crime like education and such and see how this next term unfolds and we're going to make Venezuela kind of a regular go-to story and we'll be going back to Gregory and we're also going to have some people go go again to Venezuela as we have in the recent last few weeks so and if you want to see more venezuela stories there's a donate button over here because it's expensive to send people to Venezuela Greg thanks very much for joining us thanks again and thank you for joining us on the real news network write for me capstone final examination part 2 bus 475 answers Daemen College.

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