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Do my capstone project ideas for civil engineering

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blue quarterback Aaron Garcia starts the trick play complete to Julian Howard the quick flip to Dwayne Owens and it's 14 to nothing knowing what a game out there tonight congratulations to the abbot over del Sol tells bubble burster hide a better kick this time Owens back on the goal to the 10 again some daylight at all is Muslim outside the 45 in side of midfield and out of bounds at the 35 of Arizona that guy can run Gary Causton the kicker was the last man and he's the one that coerced Goins out of al dueno and makes he makes people miss they look this right on the goal line 1 yard deep he's flying and the wedge is good well timed now he's got jason blum out there trying to catch those people kicker makes a nice player it's a touchdown he is among the top kick return people in the nation's hello kickoff up the center takes a while to get back there wants to collect it Owens with another outstanding return the 7-yard line of Arizona pitch is on the option to Wayne Owens battles to the 25 her down and six for the Beavers strasser motioning Owens with a letter old has a first down and breaks it out to the 45 boy he reaches top speed so very quickly he is a jack drop later Owen surely his runs over defender right but this oh it's just flat ran over a wildcat and route to the first down hammerschmidt runs him out of oz oh well that's hi gher here and this is great he takes a couple of shots meet some people nails hammerschmidt that's their best hitter now watch he he gets knocked out of bounds who he was out of bounds quite a way to looks like they market the correct spot but the best part of all was after he got knocked out of bounds he walks back finds the kid that knocked him out shook his hand and walk back battle had some ups and downs I still think he's doing a break one here we go ball game is underway the kickoff is taken on the goal weight on knees to the 20 breaks a tackle and comes out just shy of the 30-yard line he just put his head down and ran and 10 the spot of the ball is at the 48-yard line of Southern California mauris Wilson motions to the top of your screen from the I formation this is Owens makes a nice move oxide Owens works his magic against the Trojans to reach the 40 in a cross and come up just shy of a first down the tackle by Stefan pace the free safety and inside linebacker Gideon Morel magic is right just as simple it's a lead play off the left side watch these mrs. this amazing these SC players haven't seen a guy that runs like this in a couple of weeks what a talent that's a very special challenge indeed to make people miss you like he does the ball is spotted at the 41 so it will be second down and three for the Beavers information with receivers set each way and go on the quick count here's Owens trying to get a block on the outside corner fights his way on his own to the 30 arm tackle Dwayne Owens and rarely can one man bring him down despite his relatively small size Mike Pollard and Marcus Hopkins bring him down at the 29 yard line there's the little counter step by Owens counter play an agent makes on his own and get some blocks look at Rob Strasser friend this is the chemist roster trying to stay with his people didn't get in the way that's what you have to do when you're wide receiver that's a tough block Keith it's all over nothing like talent is it sure to kick this time received by Owens on the seven looking for some help now turns on those after 30 these to the 40 inside the midfield a score oh tight breaks and thinks it back 93 yards for the touchdown and there are no markers on the field way he ran about 200 yards for that one right square on one side of the field fix return to the other side all the way back are you we've been saying it's going to happen ever since we saw this guy any and guess what folks he's back next year for the beaver take a look at this is almost over where he's going to go out of bounds now he's just cruising just cruising along now he gets a little opening and look at him accelerate blowing these people yeah this is just fun to watch nobody was gonna tackle a not one man with a nun with arms you look too slow and he knew he was going in and they raised his arm there at about the 15-yard line great return by Duane Owens and that'll have those all-purpose yards statistics considerably that'll keep all sleepy awake for the half nine Georgians to kick it off low and hard and Duane Owen stakes it on the fly of the seven a lot of people out in front o kicks in those afterburners here we go he has a master of that in the Beavers Steven this football game have done a good job getting people out in front of him he just follows along those four people and then kicks in that afterburner and away he goes boy is he fun to watch oh this will be great we'll get to look right from behind it see it just the way Wayne Owens does now look at these other people Orioles linemen running hard now he just takes off wow remarkable acceleration the advance across the 45 to the 40 6 first down Oregon State too bad we can't somehow just keep getting kickoffs get back in the ball off you can build up that return record there it is yep no one's will feel it on the five that's of Roman a outside ski waiting for some helmet is caught up from the rear he slowed the moment at the 40 but a dazzling a return to the 45 yard line that's a 40-yard return for Owens or he's really going to make up some ground in the stats this week that Oregon State comes out in an i formation Wilson motions to the near sideline nice cut by Owens have some daylight and rambles across the 30 and keeps on going to the 35 Steve he has remarkable strength for a man that is not a good size in one stride Michael Wright makes a stop at the 50 but not before the way knowing this causes some embarrassment look at this move take a look at how he skips to the outside he barely tell you didn't touch him now he's there now he's not mean he just about runs through a couple more people just shy the fifth palos is the motion man the grotto or hours of the 20 pounces off a tackle pounces up another still going as a five and through the three a remarkable run by dewayne oils who continues to excite the crowd here in corvallis Michael right with the tackle inside the 5-yard line they'll make the spot after to take a look at this it's again the sprint draw nice hole good sign Adam Alba let your keister on the right side and then look at the man run through it there's three broken tackles right there almost the face by us well the tackle by right go Owens he's got it the Wayne Owens on a sprint to the corner and a play beavers at the 30 of Washington State as his Owens see the nice move outside breaks a tackle down the sideline to the five he is astonishing with his ability to move laterally but the shame he didn't score he deserved a touchdown on that rely was beautiful he looks like he gets hit knocked on the ground and somehow squirts out of those shots take a look at this again this is sprint Grodd if the Oregon State features were thawing now look at the moku ha flirt you didn't even get close to him looks like oj simpson on that move boy gathers makes the tackle Owens has now gained 96 yards rushing take a look at him run away giving these other four yards lets the ball at the 13 Dwayne Owens cuts it up in a ten cracks of the 5-yard line Morgan streets got to get Owens the ball when he's in there he's a great talent they found in a couple weeks ago really running kickoffs back it was going to be a red shirt but he has tremendous talent well conceived they bring the wide receiver in Nebraska is not in the right kind of defense that lost it Ethan sit back should be making of course Owens makes the right cut nice blocks down at the 4-yard line in its own owns the background behind rule or throwing it is caught Owens dies touchdown beavers where do you Wayne Owens with his first score of the year the young man who was so brilliant against unlv in returning kicks and the beavers have jumped on top of Nebraska well if you get a fairy tale out of a game like this it's got to start this way Oregon State has to get a boost they've gotten in now with a fumble recovery watch Owens go for this he gets it the hard way a great job by Jove kick the ball of that man right there do we know ins he could do anything he could turn it around he could end up in the other end zone he gets a couple of blocks shed Paulson is also back for the Beavers it is fine Nebraska van Bennett kicks it to Owens at the five hurdles at the 20 and a penalty flag awaiting the kickoff all right short kickoff Minoans collects it and the 12 arey goon auds has some room at the 32 the 35 the 36 yard line where he stopped by Bruce Pickens and all big eight conference cornerback Owens at the two with a 15 and 2 Wayne Owens another father and record a flag where they think this kickers in trouble he throws him out of bounds like he shouldn't oh-ho boy did Osborne doing that right there Darren shaker will put it a walk-on in 1990 he's earned spotting Scott in job the last two weeks Wayne Owens pushed back to his 5-yard line looking for room to run spurts through a hole at the 10 and Owens is off the 30 the 35 to 40 still going a beautiful job of running for Owens cuts to the near suit he is gone for a fever touchdown 95 yard return for Dwayne Owen my goodness what a rug when you start out on this play as will see it on replay it looks like he's hemmed in by about six guys take a look he catches a little deeper than he's supposed to let that ball go if it's inside the 10 and look at this just that's great speed and strength he runs through people now look at this he's got great acceleration I think he tires a little as it comes towards the end that was Hershel curry number 20 that got a great block downfield really house and look at JJ yeah just getting in people's way now watch this a flying one and a half 9.6 that is the longest putt return in Oregon State history oh look at the man or a deer safeties and UCLA Kenny easily Don Rogers James Washington second at a yard Owens has some room on the sideline oh and still going to the 40-yard line of UCLA that is exactly the plays it offered kept with a hundred forty-eight all-purpose yards well he's a guy that beavers need to get the ball to you see him right there give me the ball he said that's not a bad argument the average is 123 point three yards all-purpose per game well he's really come on as a block or two make summers offensive coordinator was mentioned to me today that Dwayne has really started to blossom to broadcast the Northwest College is broadcast we're never together we're always working for our respective teams but today we get to join up with a good man by the name of Steve priests you all know him and remember him back in the late 60s he would terrorize wide receivers when the pac-10 when he played for the Beavers Steve could have you with us today thanks great to be here I'm looking forward to it let's talk about somebody who's really quite exciting he had a big day against UCLA Dwayne Owens on offense Dwayne Owens is a real talent he's got great size about 215 he's among the leaders in all-purpose yards punt returns kick returns and the Beavers put the ball in his hand when they get close to the gold liner need a big first down he's got four for speed this is an all-time OSU punt return he beats four people real quick just runs through him you watch the acceleration again a 44 speed over 210 pounds he runs out of wind here he's telling some people to pick up a block and then he does about a forward two and a half stop action see that gets about a nine for the dive and always he happy but a great run I want to know how he stopped in midair like huh that's amazing Owens back to receive me along with Paulson Owens again in his own endzone and he got to the 20 so he's into plus five yards at the 25 ready to go with the second half I'm Don ployer along with Chuck Nelson Steve priests the terrific trio here bringing you some college football try sports North was washing to kicking off like he did against UCLA finds the seam and may have another long return gets past three Huskies that he's going all the way no flags touchdown oregon stones with a 97 yard punt return for TD against UCLA last week wishbone box behind over Gawaine Owens very very powerful runner crosses the 40 a lot of NFL scouts lookin at Duane Owens brother should be extraordinary physical ability Adam brass makes it in the conference he's a guy that liked to have the ball all the time org instead like to get in the ball very difficult in this offense though because marks mark Alford's going the line of scrimmage here you see Dwayne Bowe selanne scrimmage he has to run the play that's appropriate for the defense sometimes it isn't dueno inside so he doesn't get the ball it was number eight nationally in all-purpose yards in 1990 158 points six yards per game of that big game a Southern Cal Steve 271 yards area is the way knowing he did not play last year a last week he was sick as a dog out there upset stomach having real problems and still played played well you have served lot of courage ball is at the 17 yard line Arizona State is not allowed of touchdowns last two home games second down and four it's back to arms or looks to throw the ball in simply the intended receiver was Maurice Wilson eh six more receptions to enter the top 10 all stantly Oregon State is the only team to score a rushing TD against them 15 seconds remaining in the half ball at the 20 Warner Arizona State touchdown beavers Gawaine Owen that's the Dwayne Owens run but don't minimize the blocking there were some great blocking up front and what a momentum changer 21 yards for the touchdown and it doesn't happen often here at least this season their home that Arizona State yields a touchdown now take a look at this what are the cuts right there yep no idea how good that one is and look at the guy go for the touchdown he gets hit solid on the five shouldn't be there what he sure looks like an NFL back to me he does to me too he doesn't look like he's sleepy like his nickname sir write for me onenote black paper CUNY William E. Macaulay Honors College.

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