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Do my capstone project essays for money

Do my capstone project essays for money do my capstone mining shares lego lord of the rings orthanc review literature ´╗┐everyone is vigilant Christiane Mario and you here for a third video in my video series dedicated to exposing this Jesuit Illuminati Pope visiting the United States of America and how this is to push the New World Order which is the Antichrist Kingdom in the world here today now what I wanted to share with you here in today's video is that Rick Warren and TD jakes are there to support him not to expose him or call him out for being a wolf in sheep's clothing no no no no no these two by the way wolves in sheep's clothing also trying to push the New World Order agenda are supporting him so I wanted to make a video here today to show you that all three of these wolves in sheep's clothing are in fact being used by Satan to push the Antichrist Kingdom in our world today so if you haven't seen my previous videos I'll leave them linked up in the description section below there is the first video I covered when the Pope had arrived and I talked a lot about the Catholic Church in this one so definitely check out that video also in this one I covered when he addressed Congress and the fact that he didn't present the gospel at all he has a political agenda not the agenda of the Bible of a true Christian which is to preach the gospel the Great Commission he has another Commission which is to establish the Antichrist Kingdom and come as a Wolfe's in sheep's clothing to deceive the masses so I got this here from good fight ministries TD jakes and Rick Warren at the White House to welcome the Pope with open arms perpend Purpose Driven meets prosperity mixed with a whole lot of Cathal ISM so definitely if you haven't liked good fight ministries I encourage you to do so but after seeing this post I needed to make a video here because this is very important that we recognize what Satan is doing through these three men who the majority of the public think are representations of the Lord Jesus and they're not they are shills wolves in sheep's clothing fakes frauds all right so let's start off with Rick Warren did you know that he's an actual CFR member you can go to the Council on Foreign Relations website and check out their membership roster and you will find Rick Warren there and yes that definitely deserves a grumpy cat face that is ridiculous for those of you who don't know what the Council on Foreign Relations is it's a piece a arm of the New World Order now you can also find this handsome fellow Rockefeller over here who is also on the roster and he had something very interesting to say in his memoirs you can go and get a copy of David Rockefellers memoirs and this is what you will read some even believe that we are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States characterizing my family in in me as internationalist and listen to this of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure one world if you will if that's the charge I stand guilty and I am proud of it alright so David Rockefeller admits that he's proud of conspiring with others who include this guy Rick Warren who's a CFR member who is a wolf in sheep's clothing who also has a political agenda to bring in the New World Order this global and integrated system that will have a world religion it will appear as something positive but it will be so so destructive evil wrong twisted anyways so definitely do your own research and check this out Rick Warren is a CFR member the Illuminati's Council on Foreign Relations has enlisted the services of evangelicals Pastor Rick Warren and Richard LAN to Marshall to marshal 10 of millions of evangelical Christians in a global crusade to convert humanity to the new global spirituality all right so these guys are total sellouts and they're on the CFR working with the presidents Obama the bankers in order to create this world religion this is why they compromised in their truth a biblical doctrine and then we have mr. TD jakes who's a best friend of Oprah and teaches life classes with her it's one thing to go and preach the gospel on Oprah and call her out for being fake and a fraud it's a whole other thing to go on and teach a class together well it doesn't surprise me because he does not teach the real gospel it's a prosperity gospel it is self-centered it is how to use God to get what you want out of life I was at a church recently that was preaching this and the prayer was God allow us to use you for our goals was basically what the prayer was which is completely backwards so it's a false gospel if you're not aware the Word of Faith is heretical to the max and this guy is a preacher of that false doctrine and here we have Oprah with Eckhart Tolle and she was pushing a new earth and what is a new earth it's the new world order it's this coexisting religious system that true fundamental Christians will not be a part of because we are going to say that no this is wrong this is the great deception that the Bible warned us about that would come as something positive but in fact Jesus said when they say peace peace sudden trouble will fall upon them so here we have her pushing the New World Order and this guy's buddy-buddy with her no surprise all right so we have New World Order pawns here who masquerade themselves work with David Rockefeller to make these this global political system just crazy craziness and people don't have a clue oh look who's also on there what a surprise you know yeah wake up just it's time to wake up and see what is going on with evangelical Christianity in the United States it has been taken over by the elite a secret cabal okay he even uses that that that term conspiring is the term that he uses here so they're conspiring against secret cabal conspiring for an integrated global political economic structure a one-world a new world order the Antichrist Kingdom these guys are the most evil evil men on the face of the earth I do pray that they would repent and find the Lord Jesus but as it stands right now they are literally being used by Satan to bring in the Antichrist Kingdom our eight world so it's time to wake up this is what their agenda is as part of being the New World Order shills the Pope TD jakes and Rick Warren all fake frauds who do not represent God pretending to represent God really working to bring in an all-inclusive world religion at the end times there needs to be an economic side to this all right so that's where the bankers come in there needs to be a military side to this and there also needs to be a spiritual glue that holds that entire Antichrist New World Order system together and they are working hard to fulfill Satan's agenda of producing this type of spirituality in the world compromising biblical truth and replacing it for this satanic ecumenical let's all get together regardless of our differences even though that's the Jesus said I didn't come to bring peace peace I came to bring a sword to divide and we need to be divided from this heretical understanding because in the Bible in John chapter 14 verse 6 it clearly says Jesus said to him I am the way the truth and the life no one comes to the Father but through me there is no other way all right so these guys this is what they push you can oftentimes hear Rick Warren talking about you know Islam and and stuff like that and he's siding with the world and Oprah well the Catholics are the doctrines just false period so you have all these wolves getting together to go against the very teachings of Jesus which say Jesus is the only way and what I want you to pay attention to is the amount of popularity and the love from men that all three of these people receive James chapter 4 verse 4 says you adulterous people do you not know that friendship with the world is hostility towards God therefore whoever chooses to be a friend of the world renders himself an enemy of God Pope Francis's popularity bridges great divides his popularity has loved by men out there that's bringing everything together look at Jesus on the cross alright I want you to take a little moment here and this Pope here who's being praised by the world by Time magazine the new world Pope and the people's Pope even on the Rolling Stones magazine Jesus was crucified they would have never put Jesus on the Rolling Stones magazine they would never ever would have called him the people's / prophet or Messiah ever and put it on Time magazine this shows us that he is an adulterer he's not of God he's cheating on God in essence because he's of the devil and he's mingling himself with the world wanting to be praised by men 90% approval rating for this heretic in the world today Jesus clearly says in the scriptures that if you make yourself a friend of the world you are now an enemy of God this is an enemy of God and I mark him in the name of the Lord Jesus and I rebuke anyone who would try and defend this wolf for being a real follower of Jesus he is a heretic he is a wolf in sheep's clothing a shill a New World Order agent who is here to deceive many many people and it's time that you wake up I know you don't like it but the truth is the truth and the truth thanks for taking the time everyone this is the Vigilant christian saying god bless each and every one of you as always when there are men who are masquerading themselves as representations of jesus christ here on earth and they are establishing in secret code conspiring with a secret cabal of elite bankers and world leaders in order to bring about the religious system of the New World Order and people don't have a clue 90% of the world are buying into this nonsense you need to stay 100% vigilant and fear no evil all right before we end this video here I just want to give everyone a reminder that tonight 7:30 Eastern Time I'm in Canada so figure that out I'm gonna be doing a live broadcast on this YouTube channel so I'm very excited it's gonna be TVC live episode number one of the Vigilant Christian podcast so make sure that you tune in I'll leave the lane for you to do that in the description section here below and I'm really really excited because I've got a lot of things to cover and you know I couldn't make enough videos to cover all the things that I want to report on so in this live broadcast tonight I'm going to be going through everything on my to-do list and probably it'll be the best TVC episode you've ever seen so make sure to tune in you guys can come and ask questions live we're gonna do a Q&A at the end as well so make sure you're there and we'll definitely be discussing this Pope stuff for sure thanks again god bless you you do my enterprise risk management course objectives Baruch College.

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