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Do my capstone project data science order

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diversified assets and the cash is because it's a fantastic five when it's cash so guys keep the faith keep the discipline key saving and investing every month into your diversified portfolio if you need help subscribe below newsletter I do it every week I write down what I own what I'm buying I talk to you guys here the basics of what to do just to get to that 50,000 you want to get to fifty first then once you get to fifty you start seeing the snowball getting larger and larger trust me the hardest part is getting to ask fifty thousand seventy thousand hundred thousand once you get up to five six seven hundred thousand you start seeing gains like tell you where I made 15 grand in a day not five hundred all I bought JD st a triple leverage whatever bare gold funds and I have to get out at this level by this level I don't know I don't pay attention to that nothing it's gonna keep growing then we're gonna have days where the market teams time for the next month and I'm gonna make three 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