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Do my capstone medical spa wasilla ak

Do my capstone medical spa wasilla ak do my capstone logistics forgot password reportaje al peru caravelis ´╗┐hey guys if you click the first link in the description it will take you here to the liberal tears website where you can go ahead and purchase this mug here is in real life it's very cool it's high-quality it's printed on both sides and if you use the discount code on the screen right now I can go ahead and get 20% off of it so I'll see you there thank you thank you I got an inspiration to me so with that being said do you think that women who voted for Hillary women who have strongly supported the feminist movement and supported the left are feeling disenfranchised given the current climate of sexual brutality and oppression brought to light in Hollywood recently so I think that people have a willingness to blind themselves to facts that they don't want to see and so what I've seen a lot is people saying well the problem of sexual harassment isn't unique to Hollywood and has nothing to do with our culture regarding sex a leftist culture regarding sex no it has to do generally with men right it has to do generally with American society it has to do generally with power relationships it's funny how everybody is willing to generalize as soon as they're ox is gored right as soon as as soon as the left sees weight our culture our feminist culture that we said that we were gonna promulgate was gonna protect women hasn't protected women you know nearly at all then all of a sudden it turns into well it's not us that's in it's men that's in right and and so I've been getting a lot of this online in the last couple of days it's it's you men who haven't stood up and I keep saying like what do you want me to do and I'll do it really what do you want me to do like if you show me a rapist like Harvey Weinstein allegedly is then I will say send him to jail or castrate him right like this is not difficult but if you just say to me you don't acknowledge the rape culture again I need you to define that and I need you to explain to me what I did I think really I knew anything and I think the vast majority of people in this room didn't do anything and if they did do something that maybe people should report it to the police because that seems to me the best way to root out evil is to actually have law enforcement get involved so the left is the question of what the left is doing about this do they feel disenfranchised no I think they're just gonna blame the same people they always blame because we're all in our own little bubbles should they feel disenfranchised 100% because in a society that treats sex is transactional in a society that basically reduces sex to any sort just a physical transaction that is based solely on consent it makes it very difficult to explain why it is that the casting couch in Hollywood is bad per se rather there's actually like feminist theory says that it's bad because of power imbalances but the sort of libertarian culture of left suggests that power imbalance doesn't have anything to do with it if I feel like trading my body for a part in a movie well that's my business and if you say differently than your slut-shaming me right so that's it well you can't really have it both ways either it's bad or it's not bad and if we are going to fight sexual harassment and sexual assault it seems to me that we have to do a couple of things one we have to reinvest sex with value beyond just a physical transaction it's not just two people who are getting each other's rocks off it actually means something beyond that there's a relationship that's attached to it and beyond that I think that we need to re-encode Kate in men themselves not just the teach men not to rape routine like again it's such a weird concept like when I was 11 my dad didn't sit me down and say son don't rape people maybe if you have to teach your child that my guess is that you got a bigger problem than that on your hands what my dad taught me was to be a gentleman and to treat women with respect and that has to do with being a gentleman and recognizing differences in sex roles because one of the things that's happened is the traditional masculinity the idea that is a man's job to protect women this is one of our jobs as human beings as men to protect women the feminist movement doesn't like that well then you can't blame us for not protecting women if you don't want us to protect women like I want to protect women I think men should protect women I think one of the reasons God put man on earth is to protect women ok well then it is incumbent on me to protect women but if you're telling me that I can't even open a door for a woman because this is somehow an offense to her honor and that if I say that it's man's job to protect women that this is somehow reinforcing gender stereotypes then don't come whining to me when bad stuff happens because the answer to bad behavior is good behavior the answer to Vice is virtue the answer device isn't just yelling and hashtagging crap [Music] hello my name is David Hamilton again super happy here like everyone else um my question is preggers University came out with a video it was like why the left or how the left is fundamentally different than the right really great video changed my perception on a lot of things but one thing they talked about was fundamentally the right act from the inside out and fundamentally the left act from the outside in and so I guess engaging people on the campus who are fundamentally different than you like how do you go about doing that and then also how do you go about doing that like with politics some people who just fundamentally don't see it the way that you do well so I think that you have to have a common language so you know for example I'm a religious person I rarely rarely cite religion in any argument that I make I try to have a secular ration now because I'm trying to speak a language that I think more people speak and then I think everyone is capable of speaking you know I I think the first thing that you have to do is you have to remove a self-appointed sense of virtue that so many people on the Left have I'm a better person than you that's why I started the speech tonight by suggesting no you're not right all the people in here believe the same things that you believe about evil behavior now can we get down to what we actually think politics are about if you remove the UH the unearned sense of moral superiority the left loves to engage in then they actually have to get down to business and this this does work I mean I've done it routinely on television if you ever watched me to bait anybody on the left it's actually my first move always right which is to say okay we're gonna not insult each other here now let's have a discussion and half the time that ends the description because there no more there no more arguments other than the insults and if somebody is insulting you I would say that you know the best thing you can do is just walk away from the conversation sometimes because it's not worth wasting your time but I think that you have to determine whether somebody is worth engaging or not pretty much in the first 30 seconds of a conversation a lot of conversations are not necessarily worth engaging mr. Shapiro thank you for coming out like everyone else uh said my question is so you've had former libertarian presidential candidate Austin Peterson on your show few times and you've come out in support of a lot of his ideas and what he stands for and he is now running in Missouri for Senate as a Republican and his chances of getting elected of skyrocketed just by putting an R next to his name even though he's running with the same policy positions etc so my question is how do you feel about the two-party system and a possible conservative libertarian alliance so I think a conservative libertarian merger is the direction in which the Republican Party is going to end up moving and what I mean by this is I think the conservatives have to understand that libertarians are basically right about government the government sucks at everything and libertarians need to understand that conservatives are right that you do need social networks outside of government of people helping each other and promulgating common values there's unfortunately in some parts of the libertarian movement this sort of antipathy toward churches and synagogues that these are these are purveyors of untruth right we are though whether these are people believe in the spaghetti monster ooh right and I think that and I think that a lot of libertarians gonna have to get over that crap because the fact is that without the virtues that are instilled by religion there cannot be a free society right even Voltaire who is an atheist recognized that he wanted his servant and his wife to be religious people he said they would steal from him cuckold them less if they were so even atheist libertarians should probably acknowledge that one I do think that that merger is is going to happen I think it's already happening frankly but that's gonna be the battle inside the Republican Party is going to be basically whether there's a conservative a conservative liberal merger whether the the Republican Party becomes a big government party that basically just wants closed borders or whether it's gonna be a party that is that is more libertarian in orientation [Music] hello mr. Shapiro I thank you so much for coming out I'm a huge fan you're one of the biggest role models for me I've seen you so no thank you preciate my question basically is as obviously a black man when I say I'm colorblind I mean I'm like physically culture and as a conservative who one does not believe in my privilege I don't believe that exists and as someone who believes in individualism and does not believe that he is a victim you know I obviously have in my opinion the greatest university but how do i basically combat other primarily other blacks who basically call me names you know the classics you know Uncle Tom oh that could all that jazz and how do I can bat that and basically say explain to them how they like me are not victims so I mean I think that the first thing that you have to do is something that you've already talked about which is just you have to say you're an individual I'm an individual let's stop talking as black people and let's start talking as individuals now as an individual would you like to succeed in life would you like it and is what you should say right you say do you want to succeed in life because it because you're obviously succeeding but there are a lot of people who are not and one of the great barriers to success is feeling that you're a victim and feeling that society is putting you behind the eight-ball how about try my way for a year I try my way for a year where you ignore the societal obstacles that face you and you just put your nose to the grindstone and you work really hard and I promise you there gonna be a lot of people out there who are willing to help you and want to help you and want to see you succeed and no one has ever gotten ahead by by complaining about the society itself the way that you get ahead in America at least in a free country right in an oppressive country then maybe this helps but in a free country then the only way you get ahead is it has an individual if you if someone wants to first of all I think that it's someone in tributes a name to you like that the first thing that you can say is that if Simone says you know your Uncle Tom I think the first thing that you should say is well no you're an asshole so because because there's more evidence that are an asshole than the ear and Uncle Tom and I mean that very seriously the slurring people without evidence is one of my least favorite games and if somebody slurs you that way I'm not sure you can honestly have a great conversation with them anyway but I think that when you treat people as individuals there's a there's a certain seductive nature to that because everyone in the end wants to be treated as more than their skin color I think you're doing a great job of that right now I think I'm probably talking to a future senator from the state so so thanks for coming thanks for asking the question [Music] hey Ben my name is Kiki I'm a huge fan of yours um I'm not sure if you've noticed recently but I'm a huge sports fan and recently I've knows how ESPN becoming really left-wing and how they're embracing late caught on yeah yeah no big mystery right mouthing a follow-up question after this but honestly and yfp embracing that Leslie in politics into their audience okay so I think that some of it is bubble think and some of it I think is actual market research that's driving them to the left so so the the bubble think is pretty simple most of the people in sports media exist on the coast they exist in New York or LA they exist in big media markets those big media markets lean left so the pool from which they're drawing is a bunch of people who are left the the sport the the market research that I'm talking about and I actually have done a pretty deep dive on ESPN because I used to watch ESPN incessantly I used to love ESPN I used to be a subscriber to Sports Illustrated I canceled my subscription circuit 2015 when they when every week it seemed they were putting Caitlyn Jenner on the cover someone who had not been athletically relevant since before my birth and so at that point I was like okay if I want to read about transgenderism I'll get People magazine if I want to read about sports please give me some news about a sport involving involving balls [Applause] headin went somewhere I wasn't expecting but you know so so I think so here's here's what the market research says so the market research says that ESPN spends an outsized amount of time focusing on the NBA they think that's the real growth area is the NBA and if you look at the the constituency of people who watch the NBA it is it is disproportionately black folks who watch the NBA and are watching longer hours pikal young black men are watching the NBA in larger numbers those people tend to be more politically to the left and that means that ESPN is skewing to the left in order to pick up some of those viewers that at least would not be illogical that at least make a certain amount of sense I think it's a big mistake on their part because I think that number one I love the NBA I love watching the NBA but I don't want my NBA in fuse of politics I think black folks are just as likely to watch the NBA whether it's infused with politics or not when we all turn into ESPN I think we all are wanting to watch the same thing and I'm not really that concerned about what LeBron James message is putting on his sneakers on opening night and I'm much more concerned with are these people good at basketball so I think it's a mistake by ESPN I think they're losing subscribers hand-over-fist and I think that they should but I think that's probably the combined reason behind the move to the left so I do not know enough about this issue to speak [Applause] [Music] write for me capstone technology llc Tri-State College of Acupuncture.

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