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Do my capstone meaning in urdu

Do my capstone meaning in urdu excel 2018 capstone project ex 1 working with sales data for money system for reporting and investigating accidents near misses ´╗┐welcome to episode number 583 this is Bobby Crosby Road the show's serious Toronto I like Toronto I was there just last year 2017 it's still weird to think of last year as 2017 feels like that should still be the current year even though it's already what January 20 seconds 2018 we're already three weeks in a day into the new year tell me in the comments how your year has been going I hope it's been going great my year has been going pretty nicely it's set for that that was the worst thing that happened to me this year which means I've had a pretty good year going I saw my diet I'm on week 12 now's the start of week 12 um that was surprising how about high fastball plays and maybe contact so I'm okay that's a double I'll take a double I haven't used contact swing in a long time and MLB the show normally I go with the old power swellow every once in a while I change the difficulty to a tougher difficulty and then I go with contact swing all the time with two strikes Lana diamond dynasty where you can't be on an easy difficulty I use contact swing quite a bit and let's just throw that second base yes yes and strong throwing that perfect throw perfect throw if for some insane reason the runner on first was trying to tag up and go to second on that don't walk me don't walk me second inning already have a double um how about eight hits in this game I got seven hits in a game recently that's power swing that's power swing I wanted to stay in the hotel they have here in Toronto I chose not to though I did not stay there it's a gazillion dollars to stay there and I went with 40 members of the softball crew oh boy 451 451 the I 18 feet off 18 feet off yeah so I didn't want to if we had all 40 people stay in those hotel rooms it would have cost 8 gazillion dollars and I kind of and then for a while I thought maybe just me and Benny and Benny's family will stay there and I thought we don't want to be excluded from from all the fun of hanging out with everybody else so so no we all stayed together what in the world although so many people actually rented for those few days in Toronto a few different apartments or condos I guess that's caught on the fly I'm not gonna get eight hits in this game and yeah we stayed in pretty cool place a couple different buildings actually that are right next to each they're trying to remember time Toronto they're only about what less than a mile from from the stadium this stadium right to min when walk walk walk walk walk walk walk catch and just hit the cutoff man guy with 37 speed definitely not take it off from first on I nobody should be tagging up from first on that - four three a homer and a double Yankees are 86 and OH which is not bad oh my off the Polar gone oh right down the line sometimes they call those super far but I don't know indoors here in the building the dome might be different I'm still working on the lighting and the whole setup by the way it's not all perfect yet 481 481 okay if you know pretty good guess I - tear him down am I gonna just stare down the picture after touching home play that's that's holding back only back that was a blast Matt fest Scourge and david burrito bases-loaded helping our rob grand slam I don't think I never robbed a Grand Slam maybe I can do it maybe I can do it and I no oh but I can throw them at home where's my blue line there it is and come on come on go for it now he's not going for with 34 sweetie would have been toast would have been toast oh but they then did score a million more runs nobody out in the seventh only up by three runner on second time run on deck and you're not gonna tag up but if you go for it I got you gunned I got he's going for it your your gun your gun please please no garbage throw I don't know what my arms strike this right now but it's in the 90s that did not look like an arm strength in the 90s I caught that like right here look how short that is the third base that's not a very long wait here's the next batter robbed a homer that's Mel can catch that was the most perfect placement anybody's ever placed themselves in the outfield that was just I didn't have to move an inch but I moonwalk for fun now I'm up top eight one out need some insurance so let's get it let's get it that's fair bye thank foul okay ball physics how about that low inside no and yeah this is the most to strike counts I've ever had in a single game since I don't know ages ago oh that's a triple that's gotta be three Oh darlin he got two that way too far I can't do it can't do it would have been out would have been a toast and not over yet oh they're gonna pick me off leaning leaning snow that oh I can steal home on this guy I think I think I might be able to steal home on this guy never tag me never once tagged me I'm gonna move the mic just a little bit right here cuz I'm looking that way so I'm talking right into oh I didn't even try to get my leader stealing because I was moving my mic don't you dare get to that I want to tag up on this no one out top aid I'm not gonna be able to get my lead in time don't think mouth no I almost almost there we go I'm scoring scoring yes Oh beautiful I'm too fast for you mister shortstop too fast for you ten to six bottom eight leadoff man up in the bottom of the eighth he's gonna turn on this fastball pull it down the line yeah that's me that's me okay fine I didn't dive at anyone get injured did not wanna strip we win awesome another one pinch-hitting now I think the situation was top nine down by one so we don't want that guy number 12 we 197 yeah the better twelve okay top nine to us I don't last out but I can tie it I can extend it right now let's do it yes fair ball like an eighth off a window up there oh that's upper deck I think top tank top tank shot to tie the game then I forgot a win it though I was the distance on this puppy the distance on this puppy is so I don't know I'm gonna say 479 no 485 okay 460 322 feet off not an amazing yes did we win or do I do I stay [Music] yes of course we win this one an old one and by the way check it out we got two more games in Toronto and then the all-star break which means the next episode will probably be a home run derby home run derby all right let's play the next appearance and okay let's play the game um stolen bases Crosby leads the majors right probably he's got 41 cross basically in Haiti 704 all right now it's because I I let all my other stats oh the important ones I don't go down to zero like my but stats who cares about my but stats my but stats are zero all kinds of things are zero other than like contact power defence arm strength arm accuracy stuff like that yes okay okay did my ice a little early there a little bit early we sat down the right-field line along with the the old softball crew home run territory a guy in a red shirt is over there so we were front row mostly over there first and second rows mostly it's hard to get a lot of people into the same rooms not many rows have 40 seats in them so and really want to kind of talk so we got people behind us you know part of our crew so we'll have like ideally we'd have like six like 13 people right on top of each other front row second row third row that'll be kind of cool so we're all kind of close enough to to talk a little bit but it's hard to find tickets like that first three rows especially for 50 okay for 68 a lot of you were one foot off I was eighteen feet off little defense now on tamari Hiroki tamari 3 3 time bottom four that's gone that's gone we're loosened by a lot oh that would be awesome to rob one here jumping up like that that would be sweet but I never robbed it and now we're down 6 to 3 bottom five and this is herman thurman tripled earlier apparently and that's me please yeah like a gazelle I like it I like it a lot frosby up with nobody on base fine top six we're like 88 no I think we radiate no stop being so impatient Crosby do better do better and that's gone I think better get out yeah ask on that's gone Oh up there those are cool seats too I don't think too many people actually had homers up there they're like it's not crazy far but it's far right for 41 mm for 41 feet for 41 height I guessed it I think that's two episodes in a row guessing a homer I believe we have to win the game though we're now in six of tying run is me in the 8th with nobody out and score a lot of runs this inning please come on here we go and yes oh so nice up against the roof of that dome yeah yeah first row basically no one is sitting there some people in the sixth row should have moved up and said you know I'll take the front row seat with my glove that I brought although nobody there brings gloves and I'll be the show none of the thirty stadiums nobody brings gloves in the stands I that's what I want to see change from the show eighteen 420 420 okay four fifteen five feet off pretty close say we won don't say we lost whenever you yeah I'm up yes we did score a bunch of runs in the eighth and what why am i swaying him is is seriously because of my age cuz I'm getting older is that why that's a triple that's three maybe why am I really so slow I'm pretty sure I have 99 speed still no no no no no no okay all good all good double for Crosby and I'm waiting I am leaning [Music] smell that stuff oh oh that safe yes yes I love it let me get now I wanted my extra step of a lead at the start so I can get my two steps and then do my go goes and that's low three and one I need this insurance run we need it mmm need it that's a strike full count there we go I'm going for it I don't care I'm going for a 5-time I might have it come on no beginneth he blocked him safe ball four he blocked and that happened recently awesome awesome he blocked him I love that so much we're still undefeated I stole home the hitter on a walk blocks the catcher from tagging me and you know he's doing the right thing the hitters just going to first base I mean what's he supposed to do there it's ball four he's supposed to go he didn't do anything wrong it's I'm not sure actually what the rule is on that but I loved it if you liked this episode the like button subscribe if you haven't yet um telling your friends about these videos trying to doing subscribers money this year and you know what I'm going to see you in the next episode for the home run derby that's episode number 584 the way before we go check out this replay he's got him in a headlock he's got to catch her in a headlock so he can't take me out oh that's amazing putting the catcher in a headlock I love that all right now I'm gonna see you in episode number 584 do my capstone project title cheap LIU Brooklyn.

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