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Do my capstone lighting remote

Do my capstone lighting remote internet of things reaction paper teruo hayashi nih reporter ´╗┐hi guys my name is jii one day and I don't usually make youtube videos but I thought that I'd make quote for the dentistry process in getting into dental school I've really recently just started into school and I remembered when I was applying I really wish that there was a video out there that helped me the process and just other people who shared their experiences so I just thought why not watch just do one and help you guys that are going into it now I know it can be a strenuous process you have a lot of ups and downs but hopefully I could try and talk you through it and calm you down a bit so firstly I'll tell you bit for a bit about myself my grades my background and stuff so for my GCSEs I got five days five a stars and three B's which is sort of the grade you need if you want to do dentistry later so it obviously don't need exactly that but you need sort of a species or a stew beings if you wanna get if you want to get mission from your needs because dude is a really strict these days they're really hard on people they really want a they really look back at GCSEs stuff like that so try and start from early if you were second in school now and you're thinking that you want to do dentistry medicine then really focus when you're do says these because a lot of people might tell you that they're not really important that oh my god they're just GCSEs yeah but yeah they are important do get good grades because literally GTF sees other bases they're the foundation for everything cuz once your GCSEs you do a levels you do or you do ib @ then you d go to UT and universities just want to know that you have that good foundation cuz I remember I was applying they wanted you to have a a in maths or an a if English so those things are really poor if you just flop other things like jobber the door crap of stuff that doesn't bar make sure you get good grades in your chemistry or bass and English obviously in chemistry or biology and yeah I chose to do chemistry biology obviously you wanna do something very clearly and related you need to like science so either chemistry or biology yeah and for Dexter I didn't always know that I wanted to do dentistry honestly I didn't know some insects or anything I just knew that I really like fires and I really liked people and I was looking I wanted to have a sort of clinical based job anyway and what was the corral I came from said to shoot I really liked it I mean a lot people might be like the volume and the caffeine all day but honestly it's so much more than that and yeah how about we go to watch DL but it became something that I really really wanted to do and I could definitely see myself doing get a toy again so when I got to six ball I went to school that at the International Baccalaureate so for those of you who are the UK you probably familiar with the IP and it's like instead of a levels you do seven subjects instead of four so for my iron side on chemistry biology and psychology and for my badenside bass German and English nature performance everybody has to do best everybody has to do and I would Jen even putting a CD dish yeah I'd be Lascar I don't know why why I'm so yeah javi it was just unnecessary stress but it was really good for prepared me for uni and it was something that I don't regret doing I say that with the whole heart but I probably noticed even though it was like so long it was it was actually quite good yeah yeah for those of you dude I be I don't sort it go to attach it but for those of you did I be and if it's really difficult but try to get the hard stuff out of the way first so stuff like extended essay and top casting try to get that out of the way and just really try and be on top of everything to go disclose to a-level students as well I know it's really easy to say I'll just be on top worthy but if you wanna do something like I said it or dead tissue you need to learn how to divide your time don't how to just let us learn how to do do things where they needed to do needed to be done I'm not trying to give you elect or anything like I wasn't perfect stood there like I wasn't like a week - okay one day I could go out I did have fun as well but make sure lastra having fun you also study as well so it's sort of like work hard play hard so then I've got a saying that I feel to do better said that you have to be like a complete geek because I I wasn't like a complete nerd I was what I wanted to be but obviously I did have a social life as well so just try and have a little bit of a balance yeah and for interviews so okay obviously when you're applying to dentistry medicine you need to write a personal statement make sure that your personal statement is very well rounded when you burn teachers tell you they'll tell you to have a bit about and why you want to do dentistry or listen why you wanna what yeah why would I do that distri work experience that you've had in the past a bit of extra stuff that you've done and they also want to see that you all go around in person as well so in between stuff about your hobbies they'll just want to see a personal thing and they're just it's just bland I mean they want to know that there's a person in here as well and for the first round I actually took it ends up taking a gap year Bartle but I'm a bit so for the first time I applied I applied to Liverpool Manchester Bristol and Sheffield I got an interview for Manchester Liverpool and ended up getting two offers yeah yeah are you happy about getting that and if it interviews I advise you guys I made one thirds all the time but literally just be yourself it goes a long way that everyone has different personalities and stuff but they literally some of the things I didn't even know know what I did even though what I'll say that half the time but as long as you say it with confidence enthusiasm and at like you don't we'll talk about you get fired you know I mean they just want to see someone whose things yes think about what what they're saying and even when they do I'll choose difficult questions I know I have some ethical scenarios just put yourself in that situation I've generally think about how you'd answer it there's no sort of model perfect answer and yeah I think that's how I end up getting two offers I was quite chuffed to be honest I didn't expect it but I'll tacky um also although they don't be too damn hard about rejections I did get a rejection everyone gets them like I know where you applying for MIT for dentistry masters everybody else around you it's all getting offers from all their different subjects and they get their offers like that and you just from there waiting and waiting and waiting like oh my gosh when am I gonna get what I'm for never is offer entity when I got to get into like literally it was not until December 1 when I got my first into new and some people had this and like mark but try me so don't don't don't be too nervous about that just your time for calm like and I'm my first my first big from UK she don't you Cassie says something his children because my first thing that I got was a rejection that oh my god I was literally in tears I was crying my friends until I go like as a pictures my friend of myself Craig's so basic but like it's deep getting a rejection but honestly I've learned to deal with rejection after that so don't let it get you down too much once you've had an offer do you need that rejected you it's just their loss anyway yes and also the UK cap so I will do dentistry you need to do the UK cat that test yeah it's an interesting one not my favorite but I don't have to do anyway for advice of that there's not really past papers on on UK cat but there's this thing called ratify but I use that I found really helpful I'll leave the link below it's just like an online question bank that has loads of questions that you can just practice on and I just learn how to do it in time because the thing about you cake is all about being quick like there are some questions I didn't even get to read but you just have to learn how to do it systematically and don't have to skim read and stuff like that so you skills that you acquire after practicing for a bit so yeah just really do practice because you kick out even though it's like an online computer test it's not easy it's actually not easy yeah so happy I don't have to do that again but yeah the leaves I had to do the bean mat as well for those of you in America probably watching this that's equivalent to the entry tests that you have to do I think in America it's called a DAT so you got this that's how the UK cat is like here and yeah that was a rumor too much as long as you've got a good personal statement but you can literally get okay UK cat school and still get an interview so don't be too worried if you're UK cat school it's not amazing like my wasn't fantastic but I still got to interview tonight means that you don't have to get a fantastic score and when was your school where I dunno and so my gap year so I ended up having said he got P cuz when I've got my results I actually missed my chemistry and biology grade I missed chemistry by one percent and biology ended up making a stupid mistake ends up accidentally missing out a whole 25 more question I just think to this day don't know how I didn't see it like I beat myself up all the time about it like it was just a horrible mistake but yes so the two into the two offers I've got went down the drain because I got at first I've got those seven points and I be all together that's like equal to a a be in a levels or any be in control but something like that and they wanted a a like they were not flexible they would not have in it like it was it was hard times like I'm not gonna lie it was hard because I knew that I worked hard and it was just God like in that moment I tried to think back to how I felt like after I realized I made that mistake I was in tears like I just felt like just something sucks up by the floor and just disappearing like I was so upset I thought I just threw it all away and the one-percenters were just like oh gosh like why me why this happened why does it have to happen to me like I I really want this right Mitch it was really hard so I had to make a decision about whether I'm going to go and the biomedical science because that was my insurance I had an insurance you get to get getting insurance sheeny so I have Warwick they did biomedical science there but biomedical science wasn't something that I wanted to do I mean I signed up for dentistry or biomedical science and I was thinking I'm not to do of course where I wasn't that I was a whole heartily in it because whilst I was in that course I'll just be thinking I'll just be thinking about dentistry so I was about to go to Warwick just because it's such a good GED but I just realized that that's what I'm going to do my medical science isn't the only do dentistry and it was a hard decision deciding to do gap year we take because the whole stigma around it like we're taking it just makes you seem like a failure and I really did care about when all your friends are going to be there oh my god she's so clever how good did I mean I know just walk I just didn't like that I just thought really like down throughout that whole summer really down but I'm good oh it's good that I had a good support network or friends or family like my family don't pressure me to anything else they were literally like do whatever you want to do and my friends are telling me that it dentist shoots what I want to do why not just hanging you're out like nobody and that I took that gap here I'm so happy that I've done it because when you think about it here is actually what that deep is small it's just one year it seems like a lot when you haven't taken it because everybody else is going but it's not that bad like you know if you have to do one subject again you're a lot of failure just get that thought out of my lot area because that's why I kept something in oh my god I've got no but not like I've got a reasonably good score but was it kids go like I always try on that I always took pay my top down but it was a good squad that day I didn't have to do the whole thing again it was just that mistake so it was just two sockets I had to do and I'd done it I had to swallow my pride to go down and don't know again do it again do two subjects again but when the exams came I did do it I did pass and I did to get I did get a offer again from Kiev University to do dentistry and yeah it was one of the best decisions like take out here and if I do it get my words because over the gap here I've got to work I got to do work experience I dental practice it was just it was really good like and I'm happy and I done it and literally just take I just I I would advise anyone who's ever in that situation just to take a risk you know like you never know what's going to happen like it's better it's better to look to not regret something right because if I went to go do biomedical science I knew I know that I would have got something good grade there so yeah don't don't be put off by the idea of a gap year or doing something again like you can get to where you want to be and one main message of this video was for anybody in that situation I just wanted to reach out to you or anyone like that that you can't do it and it's not over if even if you do have the grades and you're thinking about whether to reapply do it honestly now that I'm in meeting there are so many people that have done all sorts of things some people are 25 and spine again starting first year some people take took to clapping some people took free gap years like my one gap want my wonders it was nothing - no I mean some people have I've done crazy things so just take those risks like you're not going to be all to announce and miniport on different things but if you know dentistry is what you want to do thank you for it honestly go for it there's no one actually stopping no one stopping young yeah sorry I'm getting really passionate about it's because I just wish that I'd learn something like this was just told me that it's going to be okay and now that all the other side I'm I'm really happy that I learn it but I've been my first year now and I really like the course like it is really good like MF isn't really the dental school if anyone was a blind the way they teach everything they have practicals as well we're already starting to do things like drilling and polishing them stuff like that so yeah I just thought that I would think it paid off yeah and if you guys have any questions if you want any help with the you take I've got minder to leave like up and especially on the shape section I can send that to you if you want to answer your questions do them how many able to answer there yeah I hope this video helped you have a good journey I wish you guys the best of luck it's not easy to get in just yeah believe in yourself have faith trust that you can do it and you get away you need to be alright see ya do my nursing capstone research projects College of Optometry.

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