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Do my capstone hong kong summer program

Do my capstone hong kong summer program do my electrical capstone 2019 heterology literature review Good day everyone time now for weather news today with j7409 the name you know the news you can use I have several pictures for covers this morning I cannot use them all but do not fret. I will get your picture up in later forecasts. If I don't use it right now But I have two people I want to show you this morning first off I'm starting off with these pics from Janelle O'Toole now Janelle is located in South Lancaster Massachusetts Where she received 20 inches? 20 inches of snow oh my goodness Jen Janelle I hope everything is look at that. How do they had to dig out? I hope everything is going well for you guys Would you look at that snow people? 20 inches and yes, it looks like there's 20 inches on that table for sure So these are from Janelle O'Toole and South, Lancaster, Massachusetts She received 20 inches of snow Yesterday and so far as the vehicles go look at that Look at that it'll take a while just to Get those cleaned off and look at the path. They had to dig to get out Wow And we've all heard of turkey in the straw' well We got turkeys in the snow this is from Sarah Hopkins now this comes from mid the mid main area The turkeys aren't liking the snow too much, and I feel bad for don't you know they're cold But they seem to be getting around so I wanted to share this one, and thank you. Thank you Sarah and Thank You Janelle I've got some more pics coming in that I've received from Shannon from, Kentucky I will be sharing all of them, and if you have any pictures of Strange whether bad weather sky phenomena pictures that you don't think just write anything concerning these areas and you would like to share them with me and I Will feature them on my cover thumbnails Please click show more scroll down You'll see the address to send them to thank you so much everyone for participating And sending me these pics they mean much and helps Spread around what's going on in other areas? If you are interested in the weather of any type? You like what you see please? Click the j7 4:09 in the lower right hand corner Subscribe then click the bell and you will always receive the latest news weather forecast updates and alerts Last evening I was talking about these systems rolling through Would we have any more nor Easter storms to form well? I'm going to get to a few days ahead, and show you what's going on, then I'll get to more localized stuff We are looking at the GFS courtesy of tropical tidbits Let's turn it on I hate to I hate to even say this my friends But here we go what's going to happen from the west to the east well This is what it looks like will happen rain and higher elevation snow It will be initially over the western states and it will taper off from the west to the east during this weekend as Supporting dynamics head into the plains now the system evolving over the eastern Pacific Should begin to push Worcester into the West around Tuesday? best focus for precipitation with this event should be over portions of California With northern central area seeing highest totals through the weekend based on the most likely scenario now potential for enhanced precipitation to extend father south as within the guidance spread though now snow level should be Somewhat higher with this activity than the preceding event Departure of initial western upper prof. Will allow for some moderation of temperatures after some areas see highs 10 to 15 degrees Fahrenheit below Normal during this weekend now as we head to the Mississippi Valley into the south eastern United States There's going to be a wave that will be accompanied by Mostly rain during the weekend while the combination of associated front settling over the south and weak energy aleph may produce one or more episodes of rainfall with varying Intensity across the southern tier now the system emerging from the West will spread precipitation across the central eastern United States during the first half of next week best potential for snow should extend from the northern plains eastward while locations from the mid, Upper, Mississippi Valley and Ohio Valley through the mid-atlantic Appear to have the greatest uncertainty for the proportion of rain Versing snow, this is based on the surface load track spread Yes, it may happen again people this system will have the potential to develop into another storm that could bring significant wind precipitation effects to areas along the east coast the northern high plains and Northeast United States This is where we should see the most persistent cold anomalies for temperatures including one or more days at 10 to 20 degrees Fahrenheit below normal Now the southern tier should be on the warm side of normal into early next week before cooler temps spread over much of the eastern half of the country Behind the system expected to reach the western Atlantic by Wednesday So we really got to watch the systems coming in people we do have another one that Just maybe possibly next week is Going to bring snow up into these areas once again Now as we take a quick look this morning at the NAMM model? Which is the forecast model of what is happening? It's the? Forecast model for your area weather each day. This is what's going on around 7:00 a.m. This morning we can see the system has moved further northward still have some light snow showers going on in Western, North Carolina Splashing - showers going on in Virginia also, West Virginia, Pennsylvania Northern, Ohio some areas still receiving a little snot as well as a little farther south as we move up north, New York Vermont New Hampshire, Maine is getting the heaviest bands at this time We'll pull it down and see what it looks like in this area you guys are getting about 2.8 inches in Three hours, that's what that's looking like there as we move on across here. We are moving into Canada you guys You guys got heavy snow bands you have snow all over You also have some freezing rain as well as ice pellets falling down and over Nova Scotia You've got freezing rain You've got rain, and you've got snow That's what it's looking like about 7:00, so we'll move it on up to around lunchtime today We can see the system moving on through where the snow should be still falling We'll loo that up to 7 p.m.. Tonight We we'll go up to 11 p.m.. Tonight You can see how it begins to slack off some in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia Some of you guys aren't receiving anything New York looks like for the most part and in these areas right in here you're still going to be getting Snowfall so let's go up to Abraham 7:00 a.m.. Thursday tomorrow morning Still snow in these areas. It's moving up. It's getting better, but the system is still there and We will move up to tomorrow around 4:00 p.m. Things begin to start to really clear out then so it's just I'm sorry people that was my weather station stuck to my computer going off excuse me looks like if you make it to Hang in there till around 4:00 p.m.. Tomorrow afternoon Things will be getting much much better, but this little snow band for Pennsylvania and Ohio Let's go back. Just a little bit It's like it's one of those. That's going to snow. It's going to stop. It's going to snow It's going to stop so this is what it's looking like the route tomorrow Now as quickly as we can let's look at the NAMM forecast for the entire lower 48 Here we go 7:00 a.m.. This morning what it should be looking like will move up to 2:00 p.m. this afternoon Still got rain off the coast if you could hear my weather station. Yes, I still got some Cold rain going on should stop in about an hour. We'll move it on up now to 8:00 p.m.. Tonight We see the systems moving through Let's hop up to Thursday morning around 6:00 a.m. We see more snow rain freezing rain out in the areas of them off montana going down into parts of why Oni Also out of her these systems are moving on across the the other one is clearing now 2 p.m.. Tomorrow afternoon Ice pellets up in this area snow begins to slack off some to ease up and we will go to Friday at 5 a.m.. This is as far out as this model will go You see this other system beginning to turn It's got snow. It's got rain. It's got ice pellets. It's got freezing rain You see the areas that it is in Please get right for it and Now we are on the GFS model so we can go a little further. Let's check out Let's check out and see what happens here. Here's the winter storm scholar That's out of here now. Thank goodness. We have a high pressure here and a high pressure here Get Skylar out of here we have this low developing. Here's the other low Let's move a little further to 3:00 p.m.. Friday We'll go over to 2:00 p.m.. Saturday We'll go over to 11:00 a.m.. Sunday Will we have another system to develop? 9 a.m.. Monday the 19th we Got to watch it right in here and right up here We have another one coming in this high should separate them to push these out So let's go to Tuesday around 10 a.m.. The 20th here we go. We do have this developing again 6 a.m.. Wednesday the 21st Yes, it is developing barometric pressure 29.1 8 Now remember guys this can change it can always change I'm just trying to give you a heads up if all of this comes true You'll be prepared if it doesn't it looks like it's going to change You know I'll be right here to take you so but as of now and as of yesterday as I thought It does look like this storm will develop and it will bring snow to Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire Long Island parts of New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Illinois West Virginia, this is what it's looking like Wednesday next Wednesday around 6:00 a.m. You can see it's moving along will go just a little further to see what happens to around 5:00 p.m. Next Wednesday, you can see it moving right on up the coast this Is still at 5:00 p.m.. Wednesday the 21st of next week? One week from today as a matter of fact Will this next system if it develops like it's looking like it's going to have wind yes it will Look guys all of you up there. You're in my thoughts and prayers everybody all over where you're having all of this bad weather Please never forget to check on the elderly check on the handicapped make sure your pets are alright You know it would amaze you when you do something no matter How small it is for someone else that can't do it in themselves? How happy it makes them, it makes you happy Keep that in mind you you just get happy all over when you do something for someone that appreciates you so much So keep that in mind. Let's all hang in there. Let's all stay positive Everybody have a wonderful day a blessed day and much peace loving kindness to each of you capstone pain management dr moore Columbia-Greene Community College.

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