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Do my capstone disassembler examples

Do my capstone disassembler examples enterprise risk management university of washington peter pan in kensington gardens analysis essay a Neil deGrasse Tyson Yankees fan Geoff Blum Astros announcer a Mon game on this is Gary O'Reilly and I'm Chuck nice and this is Facebook live thanks for joining us and the reason why Gary pointed that out is because we're here in studio talking about baseball man with me DJ price this is DJ price coaches college college baseball here in town come on by cuz yeah I know he's wearing some opinions so welcome to playing with science you're outnumbered dude I'll tell you this much we if those of you who are tuning in right now be a facebook live you can ask us anything you want if you want to ask Geoff Blum something about the Astros if you want to ask Neil something about baseball and the universe if you want to ask DJ something about baseball and training we got it all here if you want to ask me something about I don't know joke general life ask Gary sceptic about like how soccer and baseball actually compare and contrast you can do that and I'll be taking your questions as we go through so somebody already said Neil I love your shirt and clearly you are a Yankees fan because you are from born and raised in the Bronx Bronx in the house right on right on he lives in the Bronx - DJ is wearing an Eagles hat let me just point this out anybody who's a boy fans fan knows that I am a huge Eagles fan so Thank You DJ all right Jeff who's gonna win Astros Yankees the game or the series all of the above it's an Astros tonight game on is Game one right I can't give away yeah tonight is Game one Jeff are you are you aren't you're on tonight announcing tonight's game correct no you know what I'm done regional sports TV broadcasters are done they go regional I'm a fan tonight Oh for you okay whadya Stroh's and not the Yankees for you um Dallas Keuchel pitch is very good at Minute Maid Park and the Astros offense they're setting records with their o-p-s that I know Neil loves in the playoffs over not together 160% good that's not how you do numbers but go on go go Jeff yes good they're young swinging the bats good and they put a hurtin on Tanaka in 2015 last time they faced off in the play memories there okay yeah to a question real quick Jeff Kohler another Jeff says what would happen if you switched a baseball to a cricket ball ooh how would the game how would that change the game it's a cricket ball like wood it's the same thing it's last slightly larger because it's got the race to got rate stitches and crook a slightly larger whatever yeah yeah it's only has one seam so it reacts differently when they spin it and stuff like that the baseball moves a little bit differently but I think you're right as far as size and weight and so it's leather covering wood right Neil with that speed up or slow down the game ah if the ball is heavier stuff is gonna go slower okay I mean it's I mean look at the speed of a golf ball that gets hit a night and how far it goes I mean you you want it to be dense enough so that it can actually win against the air right so so you can have you could you know ball up with sheet of paper throw it as hard as you want it's not gonna go more than 10 feet so the combination of size and weight and density especially matters here all right many more questions very cool very cool pitches faster is it the bowler you know in cricket or is it the I think the pitcher the baseball pitchers I mean this Chapman's gonna dine up so you've gotta roll this chapman there he pitches 105 miles an hour that's incredible he's dialing up three digits I think these guys who do that how fast are their balls go forget it's gonna hit it's gonna hit the way it's gonna hit the ground and bounced off the pitch they're not gonna be far behind but yeah alright okay if you throw a baseball through a wormhole burn wormholes that pigeon I just made that up no no I know I I know our listeners I know how they are but I have an answer you could you can play baseball across the universe through a wormhole I'm just thinking about that go through the wormhole if somebody's waiting on the other side of that hole and then out comes the ball and then you swing and so you can go back and you hit it back through the lost universe baseball game that'd be cool trans Universal baseball I love it all right can aaron judge strike out enough times to cause a black hole why is he striking out what's he doing wrong here a lot more breaking pitches I mean you can tell that he's uh not going the other way with it he's trying to pull he's pulling his left side out I think a little bit and oh sorry and he's not he's not waiting he's just not getting it recognition that he needs anything he's not as good on the slower pitches you're I mean it's easy to hit a fastball within reason I mean the the slower pitches are gonna move they're gonna they gonna change planes so it's definitely something you have to put into perspective and try to go the other way with and he just in the beginning of season he was hitting the ball the right side a lot more and now he's you know he's getting left field happy center field happy you agree with that Jeff no a lot of it is approach but you also get at in the pressure the postseason so when first a first day slows down the game speeds up and that's not a good combination for the hitter because like I keep saying you start to try and go get the baseball the baseball is moving your head starts to move that means two things are moving and that makes the game real tough so he's in a bad place right now let me cuz I know jeff has to go Lisa Fraser one Jeff last one for you do you think players that have a better understanding of physics have a better advantage in the game and therefore better performance do you think that Jeff it's a great question oh I see I think it's important for these guys to understand that these days because we talked about pitchers pitching on a different plane but it's the application that worries me a little bit sometimes guys let their head get in the way of the game a little bit too much and then things get a little screwy so if the guy can understand it and apply it that guy is gonna have a way better chance I think yeah interesting I'm very cool you gotta go man thanks so much for joining us cuz you have to get to get to another interview right now he's wanted man he's a wanted man dude I love the Space Shuttle up on the shirt I love talking with you guys this is a great shirt and thank you up on that and that's in Memorial - it would have been was that in your oh three Jersey is that right yes exactly right so that would have been the Columbia disaster in Memorial because of course the the manned space program is based in Houston yeah Jeff thanks a lot man and for those of you who are with us via Facebook live we're going to continue with Neil and DJ and I have a question now who says Neil can't wait to see you in Richmond did the Yankees use physics when designing the new stadium this that's the only reason I can think of to make it so easy for them to hit homers now first of all you kind of secretly hatin on the Yankees I don't appreciate it hate innuendo hey innuendo is there but it's a very good question in that how does an actual design and construction of a stadium assist in the statistical performance of a player well so consider that if the air circulation in a stadium yeah prevailing winds mm-hmm you know that they're one way more often than another in the evening and you want to exploit this for the stadium you could and your stadium is like u-shaped you know horseshoe safe and imagine orienting it so that the air circulates and then comes back out and helps the pitch and helps the hit ball the thing is it's not gonna help one team and not the other team mm-hmm okay so so you can't claim that this is specifically a Yankee advantage in a game the Yankees are playing against another team what the Yankees did do in the original stadium mm-hmm was the Yankees had the far this point in any field in the major leagues at 464 something feet hmm it was so far out the ball would never be hit there and there was monuments out there there's a flagpole whose stuff out there some stuff there we're never we know we're never going there thank you no watch and and that it was left-center field the right-field fence was 296 feet it was the shortest point of any field so you could hit a home run not even hitting at 300 feet why because the Yankees power were left-handers right so they pulled in the 1920s Babe Ruth Lou Gehrig and so you could think of just loft homeruns not just at any whim so yes in that case they had a stadium designed for their batters all right and that way and so if you want to talk about homerun asterisks you can say oh you hit most of your home runs on the shorter field over the short post homers homers are at home rather than on the road at least half will be this is where we play more games than not why not build our own advantage in yeah in fact if I always hit to exact right-center then bring that part in in a promontory [Laughter] City Citi Field originally was built for a field for the Mets yeah for the originally built for pitchers but opposing teams were hitting so well there they were like well how do we get our team to do as well as and they started bringing the fences in and then opposing teams are still hitting well there and then the Mets started to come around but even when you try to build the C Stadium to match your team because that's we're trying to match their team for pitching sometimes it doesn't work in your favor and another way you design a stadium for the pitcher not the hitters have very wide foul zones right right so you can catch a foul ball right okay so now DJ I got one from you and this is this is from Soren Holland who says this hey how you gonna wear a Brooklyn shirt and the Eagles hat I mean I like all sports a big everything uh you know the Eagles are just a family thing and then you know I can't go wrong with Mike Tyson and I mean come on absolutely right I have to tell you sure I said to myself delicious you know if I would have planned better if I would have known I was gonna be coming on I would have definitely warm at scare them out of the street here so when you coach at Lehman College are you uh are you mostly a strength coach a batting what do you I do something I do most of the speed and strength stuff I'm the third-base coach and I work with the outfielders in defense mainly so the Astros have a diminutive hitter Altuve tuve what is going on there because normally it's the big power bill you know the guy with the guns just comes out goes ding this is a little guy that's it's amazing making everything of being talent and it's funny because he was told at one point that you know we don't need you like when he originally originally got signed by the Astros they told him to go home you know and he got on a bus and he's like you know what I'm not doing this and he came back for the next day and they're like well we cut you and he's like no no another country but yeah so I mean he stuck around and they they kept him and you know so now he's VP talent but he has an unbelievable knack for making quality contact his bat is always where the ball is we're talking about Gardner before why why is it now a little guy can do that whereas before little guys weren't at speed bats all about bat speed because you gotta think about it it's a bat path so his hands get through the zone very quickly and you know let's say he's you know he's using a 32-inch bat which is probably gonna be about 29 30 ounces give or take I mean he uses a tool that matches his size and now only to do is make good contact with a ball it's coming 95 miles per hour you're going to send that ball someplace you strike zone smaller they have to shrink down definitely strike zone whether the natural the strike zone was gonna be between knees and so you know he gets down nice and low he's gonna get a lot more pitches to hit because we were talking about Aaron judge beings from kryptonite he six what's his what's his six eight 284 pounds total opposite but he's kind of proportion so he walks around and he looks normal and then he stands next to someone else whoa yeah Jolly Green Giant right guys in the dugout and they're just towers over them but you just see a head I'm watching the game he crouches down he actually does bend his knees if you watch him he's not trying to he he doesn't let them exploit his size he actually gets down a little bit all right let me get to one more question because we're we're running out okay we're running low on time here Neal Neal this from Valerie Williams hey Neal if you were to throw a wiffle ball on Mars how much different would the throw be compared to a regular baseball home on Mars with Marge's gravity and atmosphere it's a very good question what's good about that question is of course a wiffle ball you can leave your hand at 100 miles an hour it's right it gets to the batter going nothing that's right because it is totally absorbing the air exactly air resistance is all about that and so on Mars the air pressure is 1/100 of what it is here oh yeah yeah do you not yes there's hardly any air is no pressure at all take a wiffle ball throw it 100 miles an hour and get hurt by it so that thin thin so the thin thin atmosphere allows that wiffle ball with all those holes in it your time to think about it okay wiffle ball will behave in a thin atmosphere the way a heavier ball would and inhale your atmosphere that's you right so the thin atmosphere makes a wiffle ball heavier it makes it behave roun as much once lit out right and with a lower gravity you know oh I want to make sure we get this in I calculate it and tweeted long ago there is a slowest possible pitch we're here on earth yes yes so if you calculate it so these anything slower than this is gonna bounce before it hits the catcher okay five miles an hour at 45-degree angle okay that is the slowest process the slowest possible pitch to make it over the plate make it to from the pitcher to the catcher catcher 60 feet six inches right anything slower than that at any other angle is not gonna make it Wow stickin the tail off it'll tell off that's really super cool yeah so on a different planet it will be airborne although there's some thought up the student baseball week oh well that's at 30 miles an hour my tweet from five years ago says 30 miles an hour go check now you got to redo all your calculations it's either 25 or 30 but that's either way it's how fast I'm throwing a ball all right we are out of time so make sure that you check out Gary and Chuck nice on playing with science and you can find everything that we do on Startalk all-access dot-com no matter what it is if it's star talk it lives there plus things you can't find anyplace else so make sure you check out start off all access calm Neil thank you sure and DJ thanks for coming in baseball expertise absolutely absolutely and you're confused fashion still next time I'm Chuck nice Gary O'Reilly we'll see you write for me capstone lighting led SUNY University Centers.

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