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Do my capstone development llc

Do my capstone development llc do my national exercise program capstone exercise 2018 post teacher interview thank you letter sample I was born and raised in canada in vancouver and discover just while I was at college my second year where I met someone who is was at the time slightly younger than I am now doing exactly what I'm doing right now and I got addicted so from that point forward I I started following anthropology as a major and then I couldn't get enough and so I went to grad school and I picked up a couple of master's degrees one in African and african-american studies from the state university of new york at albany and then the other one was a master's in anthropology from the University of Florida where I continued on to do my PhD and while i was at the University of Florida I'd always wanted to learn an African language and I really wanted to work in East Africa which was where my mentor from college had worked she worked in Uganda and so they had a great African language program in African Center at the University of Florida so this was the perfect fit for me and I really it just had a wonderful experience they're getting an education was able to teach a lot while I was there I taught topics I hadn't really thought I would ever teach on human sexuality and culture which was a class that had 671 students per semester it's a little different than northwestern and I taught cultural anthropology I got to teach on HIV in Africa and while I was in grad school I thought I was going to do work on AIDS orphans and family structure the kind of thing that a lot of people want to do I want to help with AIDS but when I went over to Tanzania for language training program that was funded by the US government I when I got there and a friend of mine got sick and she went to the doctor and she came back terribly confused and about what pills she should take and why she was taking them and so I went back to that private doctor with her where I realized that actually there's a lot going on here in terms of just medicine as a whole they had an entirely different way of thinking about how they were treating and healing people and so because there was so many development organizations in the area and there was really interesting change in health policy and structure I got really hooked on trying to figure out what does it mean when the government overhauls their entire health sector what does it mean to be a patient what does it mean to be a health care provider what does it mean when we have all of these governments that are investing tons of money into one thing what does it mean for people that have that one thing or part of that one population what does it mean for the people that don't so you know what does it mean to be HIV positive when you have access to free drugs but to have malnutrition and you don't have access to to good food and so I got to explore those those issues a little bit initially when I went back for additional medical Swahili training in 2005 and then I started my research there in 2008 on all of that this last year is my first year so I taught the introduction to international Public Health which is the required core course for all of the minors and then I got to develop five other courses for the year so I my first quarter i taught hiv/aids in Africa which I taught previously at the University of Florida but this was a the quarter system and a different set of students so it got tweaked a lot and then in the winter quarter I developed a class on qualitative research methods in global health research which ended up being a tremendously fun class for the students and for me as well as biomedicine and culture and then in the spring quarter i did a class on indigenous medicine and global health and another one on hospital cultures and it's the hospital culture sounds a lot like biomedicine and culture but they're actually tremendously different classes one is really looking at why when you walk into one hospital in the middle of bangladesh we recognize it as a hospital and yet it's so different from walking into the one in thailand and so that class is really thinking about institutional cultures and how medicine and infrastructure and administration and policy and economics all play in to the way that healthcare is delivered in hospitals it's been great one of the big pleasures about teaching in a global health program is that your students are there because they want to be so it's not like in a major where you have to do a distribution requirement that requires you take all of you know that the history of theory or this kind of thing global health is by nature interdisciplinary and I'm a very interdisciplinary person and so you have students that are interested in being there but they have other minors so you get a bunch of people that are of course pre-med but then you get to mix them with people that have double majors in chemistry and english literature and another person that's doing something on political science and communications and another person that's in human human what is it human human science and culture and they all have very different perspectives and they the students here many of them are very well-traveled or they have very diverse backgrounds which means they're always bringing into the classroom little nuggets of oh well when i was in peru this happened and i wonder how we can think about this in terms of that example and so you have enough teaching material just in the students that are in the classroom to develop an entire class on its own so it makes teaching here extraordinarily rewarding and fun well global health impacts just about everything it's when it comes to trying to think about our own backyards or going abroad someplace when it comes to health health is sort of the foundation of being able to build everything else you can't have a good economic situation if you don't have a healthy populace to do the work and you can't have a good education if you're not healthy enough to learn and so there's a lot of ways that things that we think of as sort of the common tracks in terms of you know going for a business degree or a law degree or a medical degree there's a lot of aspects of trying to think about how we can create people that are the most productive in the world that that tie into that if you want to have people that are able to make the world go forward in a variety of different ways and we're under utilizing our human capacity and so global health can really start helping people think creatively about how are ways that we can think about improving this situation at home or elsewhere in a way that brings all those talents to the best place that they can be to be able to move forward in creative directions right now they say that the careers that are undergraduates are going to have in five years don't even exist yet so I think the more that the students can be taking things that are maybe multidisciplinary and thinking about things simultaneously not just economics or political science but how does political science and art fit together in some novel ways and northwestern is an amazing place to be able to do that kind of thing I'm working to develop a supervised undergraduate research program abroad so this is instead of a study abroad it's a situation where the students would actually get some training and research methods and then they would be going to Tanzania in arusha region which is in the northern end of the country to be able to do actual public health research that the communities in the area have talked about being the things that they would like to know about and they would be doing it in partnership with an undergraduate student from the university of dar Aslam so this is amazing opportunity for the students to actually understand what it means to really collaborate with the local people or the local capacity and do it in a way that consults from the ground up and so in that program will be looking at some of the different the different access to health care some of the problems that they have in terms of water sanitation and this kind of thing as well as how health care is delivered some things with traditional medicines will also be looking at some various sites on the weekends and then during the week those students would be doing their research projects together the undergraduate from the university of dar Salam and the undergraduate from northwestern with supervision so every day we would come back together and talk about what's working what isn't how do we collectively think about workarounds and making this sort of a collaborative collective research experience where the students are doing something that's meaningful for the local community but also able to give those undergraduates and experiences that they can take and move forward in tanzania i'm starting up a project to look at the experience of students from all over the world who go to Tanzania to do these medical missions or international medical electives and so there's very little information about how its experienced on the ground we know why people want to go and there's been a lot of surveys with students after they get back but very little about how they insert themselves into a clinic or a hospital or how they figure out where to use their strengths and where their limitations are and how to get around that and so I'm starting up a pilot of a wider study in Tanzania this summer that will actually be interviewing people from from Europe and North America and Australia who are coming to that area to work in some capacity in healthcare and then I'm also developing a new research site here in the Chicagoland area where we're going to be collecting testimonials and interviews with students who have already been on some of these global health study abroad or the medical missions or international medical electives to talk about what they thought about it before they went what they didn't expect when they got there what that experience has meant to them going forward what ideas have changed so instead of doing it in a survey capacity it's really going to be talking to people about what that meant for them or what connections they've maintained or not and why and how it made those people think about their place in the world and so that project here will actually involve a lot of our undergraduates eventually where I'll be compiling a team of undergraduate student researchers who will then be interviewing some of the people that have been on these international medical electives or volunteering missions to be able to again increase their skills and at the same time contribute to a wider research project business capstone mission statement order Dutchess Community College.

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