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Do my capstone course lse

Do my capstone course lse average age of menopause in india for money bendeniz essay mi yani ´╗┐should we go to Mars yes thank you one year ago today I was actually on my way to Mars not the Mars you're thinking of I was on my way to the high-altitude desert of Utah to the Mars desert Research Station the Mars desert Research Station is a facility dedicated to astronauts on Mars simulation studies and as the crew commander I was in charge of a group of six other engineers and scientists and we conducted about two dozen experiments during our two-week stay there everything from psychological studies to protocol studies Hardware testing rover field testing transforming soil into rocket fuel a whole range of things but why were we doing this of course to push forward our knowledge to increase our preparedness for a manned mission to Mars the first manned mission to Mars but but why surely there's more to it than it just being really cool now don't get me wrong cool is cool the Apollo program set on getting a man to the moon inspired a generation the number of students from high school through to PhD in the subjects of mathematics engineering the sciences and sciences sorry the number of students doubled over the Apollo era now doubling the scientific literacy of your population when you're living in a world so dependent on science and technology was a very good move and it launched the u.s. into what it is today what do we have to inspire the coming generation so a few years ago I came to a realization whilst studying my PhD in green morphing technologies in the aerospace sector and it's it's a realization that's quite obvious those that the world we live on is finite the resources we share honor - limited my existential angst is a teenager had returned now if we have no intention of leaving this nest this cradle that we're on we are in effect each other's enemies fighting - fighting over the remaining resources that exist on the earth and as Jacob Bronowski once said a war organized war is not some human instinct or break away from rationality it is a highly planned and cooperative form of theft now we are unique in that we are a shaper of the landscape we are not locked to it like the rest of the animals we engineered the world around us to our liking if we did not we would still be in South Central Africa tropical creatures over there but that's not the case take away our inventions and innovations the use of fire clothing agriculture how quickly what the world's population drop especially in the northern latitudes so we engineer the world to our liking and there's a problem with that and as that the earth is a highly balanced system anything we do to it subtracts from that balance almost like the the law of entropy so this is the problem we face if we remain locked to the planet we will eventually collapse pushing forward green technologies bringing in strict regulations policing the way we use our resources will slow that collapse but don't be fooled into believing it as a solution they're just speed bumps we will eventually collapse so here we are faced with this critical problem a branch point in human history so we remain on earth or do we spread an initial layer to this is that we need to protect ourselves and the life around us so so this is this is the problem I think Mars is the next logical step for Humanity not the moon the moon to Mars is what Greenland was to North America in the previous Age of Exploration the the moon simply does not have the resources required to sustain a technological civilization Mars does take plant life for example Mars has fertile soil it has a carbon dioxide rich atmosphere it has an abundance of water and it's got a 24 and 1/2 hour a day the moon it doesn't really have an atmosphere it's it has water as abundant as gold is on earth it's got a 708 hour long day the moon is simply not feasible for plant life or on Mars it is now cold and dry Mars was once a warm and wet planet about three billion years ago what happened was Mars slowly lost its atmosphere primarily due to solar wind the the core of Mars cool down and it lost its magnetic field the magnetic field that protects the atmosphere from solar wind shedding near the air away and the thing is with a relatively small push from humanity we could take Mars back to its previous age and it's warm wet climates with the relatively small push what we would need to do is increase the temperature at the South Pole by a few degrees doing so would enable a self-sustained global warming and we know how to do global warming once the atmosphere has increased in temperature by a few degrees of the South Pole carbon dioxide that's frozen into the soil would begin to gasify this gasification process carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas would further increase the temperature of the atmosphere so we'd have a self-sustained global warming eventually water also frozen frozen into the soil at Mars we begin to liquefy covering nearly half the planet once we kick-start this process the transformation of Mars would take on the order of about a century that's not a long time Mars would settle down with an atmosphere of equivalent density to the lowland Himalayas and with the temperature good enough for t-shirt and shorts sure the atmosphere wouldn't be breathable it will still be heavily carbon dioxide based but we could introduce plant life to Mars but then let's say this does happen when we eventually get to Mars and we've transformed it who says our progress in technology and bioengineering won't make us more adept to the environment there one of the major questions regarding Mars is has there ever been a genesis of life there so what I'm talking about is has Mars ever itself had an origin of life we know there's life on Mars already we we stopped decontaminating our spacecraft a couple of decades ago and we know that there are microbes earth microbes on Mars inside of the spacecraft hardware but has life ever originated on Mars Mars had the requisite conditions for life for about five times as long as a tip for life to occur on earth that's a really interesting question and but bring forward our human understanding of the world around us it'd be a really big thing for the history books but what about ethics if there is life on Mars even if it's microbial do we have a right to go there it's it's quite a stranger argument I find but it's one that's been gaining weight over the last few years I don't really understand it because every time we wash our hands we commit microbial genocide we engineer and farm the complex life around us in as systematic and cheaper way as possible I mean most most of you eat complex life that was breathing and thinking a few days ago on a daily basis and don't really give it a second thought why all of a sudden with microbial life on Mars be given such sanctity that we should not go there we should not spread there I don't understand it but there is the question of bat contamination this is that say we came across life on Mars and we got infected with it and brought a plague back to earth it's another worry that that's people seem to have but again I I don't really understand it because the stuff that kills us has been involving with us in lockstep in a sort of arms race as Robert Zubrin once said trees don't get colds and humans don't get Dutch elm disease if there is life on Mars its evolved completely independently of us and it's very unlikely to even be able to communicate with us on a molecular level so I don't think this is a real concern to sure we need to if we do find life that we do need to make sure that on the off chance it is risky that we mean to care of that but it's not a showstopper we we need to put things in context I mean what are we talking about here the evolution of the universe one of the steps been there was the Big Bang there was the expansion of the universe and the formation of the fundamental forces there was the war of attrition between hydrogen that's right between matter and antimatter those the formation of hydrogen and helium atoms clouds of these atoms came together formed galaxies and stars the fusion and supernova processes created the heavier elements these created a second generation of stars this time with planets around them on at least one of those planets the advent of single single celled life came into existence that life became complex and differentiated itself into plants and animals like been from the oceans to the land the Darwinian process of evolution to mammals life becoming conscious the universe is now self-aware through us at least that consciousness engineering the world around it to its liking I would argue that the next step in evolution on this grand scale would be life becoming multiplanetary and as Elon Musk once said if you can put something on that scale of evolution then it's important and it's worth a little bit of our resources so why haven't we gotten to Mars we've we've actually had the technologies to do it for at least a couple of decades it's just a case of making the nuts fit the bolts we don't really need to invent anything new a couple of decades ago NASA came up with a design for a manned mission to Mars costing on the order of 50 billion dollars in today's money 50 billion dollars to set up the architecture around such a program to create the launch vehicles and to launch that first mission with each additional mission cost costing about three billion dollars why isn't this happen I mean putting 50 billion dollars thoris into context is it's about two to three weeks worth of the US defence spending there's been about a thousand weeks since that mission plan was put together what's going on political inertia we are too short-sighted as a species with two courts up in trivial things today that have forgotten next week yes there needs to be a balance between focusing on our near-term and long-term problems but with the world spending seven times more on cosmetic makeup than it does on its face agencies with the u.s. spending ten times more on nuclear weapons than it does on space exploration I question whether we have the right balance don't get me wrong I think I'm confident that a manned mission to Mars will happen in the coming decades what I'm saying is don't don't assume that it will be carried by NASA or European Space Agency rockets that those astronauts will have NASA or European Space Agency badges on their shoulders if we in the West do not take the next step for Humanity someone else will we've not been given any guarantees that the superpowers of the past were not given humanity has a right to change its colors thank you capstone student activities answers unit 6 lesson 38 for money Margaret Warner Graduate School of Education and Human Development.

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