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Do my capstone consulting services skyforest ca

Do my capstone consulting services skyforest ca write for me self reflection essay interpersonal communication bpmmo review of literature I have to start with a warning and that is that if you stay in your seats right now your brains are going to be changed forever the activity there's going to be caused by this talk in your brain is going to change the activity of your brain cells that is going to send signals deep into the nucleus of each cell it's going to cause your DNA within your cells to be read differently to create new proteins they're gonna change the membranes of your cells those cells are gonna change their structure and the way you think is never going to be the same again you some we're excited than scared that's good because this is exactly what's happening all the time the only thing that's really changing now is that we're learning so much about how the brain works that we are gaining the capacity to change how our brains work by design we are actually starting to know what we're doing what this does is it creates a very strange loop and that strange loop is that when we can think in ways that enable us to change our thinking it means that we are going to be creating a future in which the way we think is unimaginable to us today so I think that is bringing on to us the next stage of human evolution we're changing the way we thinking we're thinking is going to change the way we think forever after what I'd like to talk to you about today is well what can you do if you're given the tools to be able to manage your own brain and create it in your own design what are you going to do with it and that's really the big question this is a beautiful picture I'm sure most people know this is the human hippocampus and cross section it's really spectacular and one of the spectacular things we've learned over the last couple of decades is that we used to think that the total number of cells we had in our brains was fixed pretty much at Birth if you lost them if they died tough luck you're not gonna get any more of them but now we know especially in certain regions of the brain like the human hippocampus long associated with learning and memory functions that cells can actually grow we can stimulate them to develop new cells and even more incredible you can see there are lots of nice little tendrils going up there they're rich neural connections within the hippocampus and throughout the rest of the cortex and what we've learned in the last twenty years is that the capacity for our brains to change the number of connections is even more dramatic and it uses a process is referred to as experience dependent plasticity a great neuroscientist named Donald Hebb once said cells that fire together wire together so if you exercise these brain cells get them to fire together you can actually create new neuronal pathways you can form new synapses and in fact this kind of exercise can actually beef up parts of your brains like the hippocampus it's actually amazing how much we've learned about the brain that we can create brain processes in the laboratory I don't know how many people know exactly what this is there's a great donut shop in West what's called Stan's Donuts so the best guests I've heard so far is that this is one of the sprinkle doughnuts from Stamp not true that is memory in a dish memories created in a petri dish cells were put into the petri dish provided with the right chemical medium provided with the right electrical stimulation the cells reach out to each other form connections and truly remarkable thing is that we know the kind of ingredients the kind of stimulation to apply to that cell medium that once you stimulate one cell it'll connect to others and it will stimulate those and keep active for a period of time that is memory so here we have memory in a dish what are we going to do with this kind of knowledge how are we going to go forward knowing that we can actually create memory in the laboratory and ultimately we're going to be able to do this in our own brains well what if I told you that driving a taxi was one of the most mentally stimulating forms of human activity yeah that it could change your brain permanently and forever this looks a little bit like another one of those brain images with all kinds of tangled neurons and synapses but it's actually a map of the London City streets imagine that your job is to know that map well enough that you can figure out how to get from say Big Ben to the Isle of Dogs even if there's traffic and Westminster Bridge is closed how are you gonna do that it's a pretty awesome feat being able to manage all of that map and some colleagues including Elinor McGuire at University College London thought you know these cabbies are mastering such a rich visual spatial map it must be changing their brains and she had the tools to do it so she decided to get a bunch of cab drivers and throw them into the MRI scanner and see what happened to their brains sure enough and again I know all of you are familiar with the little red spot on that brain is the posterior segment of the human hippocampus right it was bigger in the taxi drivers than it was in a match group of other healthy people the structure their brain was actually bigger in the region that is widely thought to subserve visual spatial memory process but this leaves us with a chicken-egg problem is it the case that people with big posterior hippocampi just are good at driving taxis so they're naturally drawn to it say I have a big posterior hippocampus I'm gonna go with the cab driver that makes sense right but we can't rule out given the data that she had from this one cross-sectional study could it be that all the activity and exercise of learning those routes is actually what caused the hippocampus to get bigger so Catherine Woollett colleague of Eleanor's did another study where she longitudinally examined taxi drivers got people before they enrolled in the 2-year course to learn the city streets and then study them again afterwards and what she proved is that it's the work it's the hard effortful work of acquiring the knowledge of those London city streets that led these hippocampi to get puffed up bigger and moreover the amount of growth in the hippocampus was correlated with how hard they worked how many hours they spent doing the exams that shows us that the old adage no strain no gain is probably true when it comes to exercising your brain cells you have to actually work them hard you have to push yourself to a point of desirable difficulty you don't want to work too hard so you quit but you want to work as hard as you can comfortably that's how to change your brain but you think well what could go wrong with that right but could there be any adverse effects well what catherine decided to study in this was whether or not learning the london city streets could generate other kinds of gains transfer to other cognitive skills so she picked another kind of a visual spatial learning and memory task the learning of a very complicated figure and she had people do that pre and post and she found that indeed the training impacted the ability to do this other task and the impact was negative people were actually worse after they learned along the city streets on doing another what you would call near transfer tasks of ability to learn visual spatial complex information it was almost as by learning the london city streets people had filled up their hippocampus and couldn't get any other stuff so what this shows is that we can exercise our brains we can develop changes in brain function and structure we can improve and certain activities but we have to consider there may be costs think about going to the gym how many people have ever gone to a gym that's a place where they have weights and that kind of stuff yeah now you notice what I did is I actually used both arms what if you went in and just exercised one arm or just did curls you could develop a really impressive left bicep now that would be fantastic if you were a left-handed arm wrestler perhaps but not if you're a swimmer or not if you're doing any other sport so we really have to think about this as we gain the methods to change our brains got to think about what do we want to change why do we want to change it and what do we want to change it for now when we think about what are the options for changing our brains I think we have to start with what mom told us this is my mom that's me I was cute once and my mom told me you got to exercise you got to eat well including vegetables you got to sleep and then you got to socialize I was just at a fantastic talk yesterday by Michael Greene who is sitting in our audience today and Michael highlighted that socialization is now recognized by the Surgeon General as being more helpful to your health and to your brain I predict and it is more valuable than stopping smoking so this message that we all need to learn to love each other it's probably one of the key things that our moms told us and I'm sure many of you tell your kids and your grandkids if you're lucky enough to have those but you didn't come to hear a brain scientist to talk about stuff your mother could have told you so what I want to talk to you about is the kinds of things that you can do now to modify your brain and one of the first low hanging fruit activities is brain training exercises you can easily go online in fact it's hard to go online and not see advertisements for brain training exercises that you can do you can play these games what we've learned from now a lot of study is that yes you can change certain functions working memory functions that's the ability to keep things in mind long enough to use them like remembering a telephone number long enough to to dial it memory of the kind that is used to recall shopping lists when you're in the store processing speed the ability to do certain kinds of tasks quickly also certain language and visual spatial functions you can beef up those functions and in almost every study that's been done what we see is that the regions of the brain that are mediating and responsible for those activities actually get puffed up and you can make them bigger so that we know we know you can do but what about other things what about electricity I present to you what is to my knowledge the earliest form of electrical stimulation applied to the brain this is the electric catfish torpedo electric as' which was used by the Roman Emperor Claudius his physicians grew boniest applied directly to the forehead to cure headaches later in the 11th century it was used as a treatment for epilepsy again by being applied to the scalp very effective a treatment modality a little slimy that was a problem and now we have a lot more respect for fish rights and so it's not not recommended but you can if you want go online and get the plans go into your garage and with common household supplies make for yourself a transcranial direct current stimulation to your brain now I don't recommend that everyone rush off to do this you have to be very careful if you switch the poles of the battery so that you got plus and minus confused it could have bad effects if you apply it to the wrong spots in your brain it could have bad effects but done properly and now in the research laboratories around the world we're getting more and more evidence that there are ways that this technique can lead to improved cognitive ability and most remarkably in this experiment done by a colleague Adam green he stimulated people to have increased creativity following stimulation to this region of the brain which you all recognize as the frontal pole region creativity and the solution of novel anagram problems was enhanced and people are able to identify new analogies in a way that they were not able to before they were able to increase the search space of possible solutions in a way that's been linked to higher levels of creativity amazing huh but that's the kind of stuff that's in the research labs today where is it going in the future nanobots nanobots just refers to really really small robots things that are so small that now there are robots that can take atoms and make molecules out of those what that means is it's easy to create these kinds of robots that we could inject into our bloodstream and that can then go to target organs and do a whole range of things that are probably useful and really cool like cleaning out your coronary arteries going into your brain capillaries and getting rid of stuff they're going into your brain cells and getting rid of the plaques and tangles that are associated with Alzheimer's disease those would all be good things right I've also always wanted to learn French I've never been able to master it what if I could inject nanobots and they could go and remodel the neural connections in my temporal lobe and enable me to have a command of French would that be cool is it creepy yeah for every one of these amazing utopian fantasies there's an equal and opposite dystopian future so I just want everybody to think about that before you inject the nanobots read up on gray goo covering the earth I'm not gonna say any more about it but self-replicating nanobots can lead to a lot of gray goo very fast so please be careful with nanobots don't rush out to inject them if we can do all these amazing things with our brains it brings back the question why why do we want to change our brains and for what and what I'd like to describe briefly is this distinction as we pursue happiness between cadonia brief and fleeting happiness that comes from gratifying our immediate needs and eudaimonia a term most people probably not familiar with but which refers to the sustained happiness that comes to living a life with purpose and meaning and I think as we decide how we want to manage our own brains we wanted to determine what is the purpose what are the values that we really want to exemplify if we align our actions with the values that we treasure then that will make a huge difference for our future so I'd like to leave you with three words that I think exemplify what are components of the path to how to manage your brain with some guidance and that is think of the balance of your training activity don't end up with a left bicep that's over inflated or a left hippocampus that's over inflated think about all of the spectrum of engagement social interpersonal exercise diet memory working memory attention having fun these things need to be balanced and and used in equal equal equal components in a long language your goals effort must be exerted if you want to change your brain keeping on top of your effortful performance and pushing yourself as far as you can go is clearly associated with higher levels of satisfaction happiness and also is going to remodel your brain most effectively and finally always asking yourself the why why am I doing this what is the purpose where am I going and why do I want to be there with these ingredients I think you all can manage your brains optimally for empowered aging so with that all thank you very much for listening [Applause] what does capstone mean in education order Lander College for Women – The Anna Ruth and Mark Hasten School, Upper East Side.

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