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Do my capstone construction cleveland ohio

Do my capstone construction cleveland ohio do my great pyramid capstone wiki looking for someone to do my essay on freedom for 10 ´╗┐so far in this project I've fallen victim to selection bias in the I'm only talking about events like the Germany conference or things like that which happened very rarely but give it a lot of attention to them so makes it seem like that kind of thing happens all the time which isn't what this projects about so this past week I've had three hours of this theory lectures in the network and some building three hours of this atmospheric physics lectures in the atmospheric physics building and an awful lot of time here in the college library or I've actually worked exclusively this week a lot of time I first have mix up where I work and I know that I can but I don't know why but the moment I just freely like working the codes library as much as it's possible to make working in library this week the work that I've been doing has been for theoretical physics we've been looking using functional calculus and in quantum mechanics and the link between quantum mechanics in that formulation and statistical mechanics it's basically a lot of stuff that Richard Feynman did we haven't gotten to his QED type stuff yet but it's it's that formulation of quantum mechanics and what we're doing atmospheric physics is a scattering in the atmosphere so looking at things like Rayleigh scattering my scattering that kind of thing actually after the lecture this week I was chatting to the lecture about geoengineering and he's involved in this project which proposes to cool the planet so to reverse anthropogenic climate change by injecting aerosols into the stratosphere the idea being that you're reflecting light from the earth so that the earth is radiating more energy than actually reaches the planet so the planet starts to cool that has lots of ramifications and he actually the great thing about that was that he is involved in this project then immediately after the lecture sent us all the paper that he was talking about so if you're interested have a look at this which I printed out on I'll read later in addition to the work I've been spending quite a lot of time in the JCR so a lot of time just sat around talking to friends Steph still hasn't really got going I've got two sets of deadlines this coming Friday which means that now works properly so I had two weeks of ton time where things were just kind of getting started and it was really nice just to spend that time not just spells I know to be able to spend that time in the JCR talking to friends watching TV spending time in the bar so on a daily basis what I've been doing is I reach for my name perhaps I've forgotten on Monday I had a rehearsal for my women so mr. one last week I was in Germany but every Monday I meet with a bunch of other musicians in John's College Chapel and we play women music so I play saxophone and this term we're doing Paris the Caribbean we're doing something my son saw from Samson and Delilah bacchanal we're doing something by rimsky-korsakov we're doing some Christmas pieces later in the term the idea is we're we're kind of unique in the University in that were a Sinn Fein wind band so you know playing orchestral pieces the doesn't audition and doesn't take yourself too seriously so it's basically for people who aren't you get at their instruments at me but don't like taking things that seriously and don't want to commit to loads and loads rehearsal so we rehearse for two hours a week every week up until the concert and I mean we put it on and and we raise a couple hundred pounds and then that gets reinvested back into the band we can buy more music music stands lots of biscuits that's mostly what we spend it on on Tuesday I had my meditation class I should point out that meditation class happens at Keeble college which isn't known as being one of the pretty aqua colleges but it looks like this this and this so it's a relative scale after that then I had formal hope so literally hit straight from him into meditation put on my gown went on to the Dynel I try to take footage of each course but I failed because this was my starter which was a very nice fruit salad and then we had nut roast and this kind of very crumbly thing which was very nice this was just a bunch of fourth years so a bunch of people like physicists mathematicians sciences that kind of stuff it all got together I just decided to go for four former Hall that's very nice it's just over a fiver it's what six six fifty I think for three courses and table service so space you can value and it's just a nice evening on Wednesday we had the pub quiz in the bar I might have mentioned this with if not we have the best bar in the university we've actually been vote we know we were elected by one of the students papers is like the best college bar on the university and the reason that we're the best is because we were completely student-run we decide what we put on top or how much we charge for it so about a pint is like one pound sixty and lighten ie come from around bath and there's a brewery by bath which makes a really nice beer so I asked the bar if we could get in so we've got a couple of cakes and now we now we sell that and it's like one of the people's favorite bitters in the bar so that's really nice anyway we had the bar we have a pop quiz which of course my team won but then after that it was weird bill I live in an accommodation block by one of the rivers in Oxford and this girl fell in that night and so I had well with a bunch of people from Paradise Street had the gun Fisher out which if you're watching this by the way I really hope you're okay you looked a bit like a like a drowned rat last time I saw you but I hope you're alright on Thursday we had the physics society talk now I think any first last time around this time we had a talk by Yvette Fuentes who is from Karen which University but she basically works in relativistic quantum information so I'll include a link to a video article about this in the description but quantum information theory has to do with this concept of entanglement and it's really interesting to actually not that many people were there but we had a quick Q&A session afterwards and then there were nibbles like we do every week next week to talk looks really interesting it's the title is does time exist so I'll report back on now and that should be really interesting to Friday I don't have any fuzzy for Friday so don't get your hopes up a bunch of guys I know went to gym and then we went to GB cake your bode kitchen for dinner after that we had a really nice evening there's more relaxed day on Friday actually and then on a Saturday we had up so I spent a lot of the afternoon trying to think of a costume failing so each pop is normally themed so in the past we've had spc so like come as something that begins with SPOC we've had the Nintendo bot loads of people dressed in his Pokemon we had a designer uh-huh what else if we had we have critic you know like Christmas teen lobster this week was best of British so I wanted to come as an RAF fighter pilot can't find a costume anywhere in Oxford so I just rocked off in my tuxedo and came is James Bond which I really should have taken off before I went to the club afterwards because I felt like I've lost weight just being there in that tux and then today Sunday went to the gym in the morning and then my parents came up for a visit so as with them for a couple of hours came back started filming this few lovely people so yeah I hope that this is a bit more representative the past week because this project so far hasn't necessarily been terribly representative and if there's anything you'd like me to talk about more or less please let me know because this is ultimately an access experiment and traditional vlogging in a sense but accesses the the overall priority here so if there's anything you'd like to know like for me to talk about then please do leave a message in the comments or send me a private message whatever yeah this week's been a bit more normal this is this is what a normal week kind of looks like except normally there's a bit more work than this so maybe next week I'll do a day a day in the life that video I will see how it goes because that's gonna be quite a hassle carrying the camera around everywhere but yeah you guys have a good time watching this and I will see you next week do my capstone reading Technical Career Institute College of Technology.

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