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Do my capstone communities llc

Do my capstone communities llc capstone turbine yahoo how to use countif in excel 2018 ´╗┐because I see up here at the top as oh and you can start database decision-making in response to instruction and intervention database decision-making involves looking at a set of data and using the information to guide a decision about the educational path of a student this process is a critical component of effective teaching and a crucial element in a successful implementation of response to intervention or as it's known in Pennsylvania response to instruction and intervention response to instruction and intervention is a system for school-wide change that enhances education for all students students are exposed to an evidence-based core curriculum and undergo periodic screening to evaluate their risk levels for academic difficulty these assessments help teachers and other personnel understand which students need more or less help in areas such as reading math or behavior closely tied to each assessment is the ability to use results to make informed decisions about the instructional placement of school-age children the teachers now understand and use the data when making critical instructional decisions about children and their students in terms of reading this video is a guide to understanding the process and importance of data based decision making throughout all stages of an RTI I model specifically in reading you will learn about the types of data used in making decisions how and when data are collected how they are organized and analyzed and who is involved in the process specifically we will take you through four phases of the database decision making process Universal screening and pre meeting preparation core team meetings grade-level team meetings and process outcomes Universal screening and pre meeting preparation one of the first steps in the implementation of an RTI imodels involves the screening of all students this is a vital component of RTI and helps to identify those at risk for reading difficulties it is important to understand that this initial step involves all students in a building not just those who are thought to be struggling in a endemic skill screening measures our brief easily administered and designed to determine a student's risk level for academic difficulty this is typically done three times throughout the school year and can involve assessing skills such as fluency and oral reading phoneme segmentation and letter naming okay you're ready to go you can start when is asked for snuggling her pillows and mouth and fall asleep keep Elsa once every child is screened results must be organized for discussion by school professionals some schools use a data management system to keep track of results these systems allow educators to enter each student's scores into a database and calculate his or her risk level based upon predetermined norms if a commercially purchase system is not available the team can create a spreadsheet containing student name grade assessment scores and corresponding risk level the spreadsheets are first distributed to members of the school's core team core team meeting a school's core team is made up of a variety of personnel who have valuable input about student data and instruction for example the core team may include the principal reading specialists literacy coaches curriculum specialists and school psychologists when Universal screening is complete this group meets to examine each child's level of need by comparing individual performance to grade-level expectations the main goal of the core team meeting is to make preliminary decisions about the appropriate tier an intervention placement for every student a student's tier placement indicates what level of intensity a student should receive and a student's intervention placement describes what type of support is necessary these decisions are based on all available data which include Universal screening scores progress monitoring data curriculum embedded assessment and standardized test scores at overlooked elementary school we are in our fourth year of using a response to intervention model and we use Universal screening data and progress monitoring data and we also look at PSA data and unit test score data every six weeks to make data-driven decisions the core team begins its analysis by looking at the Universal screening data for each student the target or benchmark score for Universal screening probes is predetermined for each grade level along with the cutoff scores for strategic and intensive levels of need all members of the core team need to have knowledge of these scores worldly fluency for fourth grade read 68% low-risk category meaning that they reach 105 words per minute taking into account that the goal goes to 118 parts per minute at the end of the year a student who reaches benchmark is designated as a low-risk student and is typically placed in a tier 1 group where they participate in enrichment activities we have 34 that demos as place in benchmark only we should just take the top 17 scores that are below benchmark fall into strategic and intensive levels or tier 2 and tier 3 levels of support he's ready for the discipline of benchmark for silence don't shake nebula things hopefully by the end of the year and she should really be right where she needs to be all right but he's getting better strategic students in Tier three are typically those who score the lowest on Universal screening measures and therefore need the most intensive interventions and instructional supports skill deficits are examined and students are matched to an intervention group that targets identified weaknesses the core team must have knowledge of the intervention programs available in their schools along with a list of qualified staff members who can deliver instruction effectively once the core team has reviewed all data and suggested tier intervention placements for all students the recommendations are shared with classroom teachers these data are distributed before teachers gather for grade-level meetings so they have time to thoroughly review the information grade-level team meeting grade-level teams consist of all members of the core team plus regular and special education teachers at each grade level thank you for everybody for coming to great level team meeting and we have our third grade teachers here also with our special education which is support teacher learning support teacher intern psychology intern and also our critically and a visitor and our specialist supervisor today would be to look at your results from our zilla's results these at a third-grade goal during grade level team meetings teachers have the opportunity to ask questions about core team recommendations and contribute to the decision making process by bringing additional data to the discussion if a teacher disagrees with the recommendation made by the core team he or she must provide data to support a change in the recommendation is why you talk about instead similar to come and visit her outdoors question yeah I know I what are his course like real class for example a teacher can provide weekly assessment scores unit test scores theme test scores and permanent products to support his or her opinion along and on ninety-one pratik also making a rate of progress that went to nine which is minimal and whereas juggling with my group and tear - he's a jerk - guess what were his units course 81 and 67 John's weekly his Weekly's are not fantastic weakly he is like it's a 12 out of 13 7 at 13 17 on standard 1.1 remember without data recommendations are only opinions this data was before that yeah yeah she's not really good yeah that did it would definitely support down okay okay when all the data have been considered the grade-level team can come to a consensus on which tier and intervention program each student needs well how did the added he he he made benchmark yes he did well at least in the multiple-choice haven't scored the writing and do well in the multiple choice on unit three but the one yeah teachers also identify and target any strategies for implementation within core instruction across each grade level in order to improve instruction as a whole and promote progressive movement between the tiers outcomes between benchmark assessments student progress is monitored either weekly or bi-weekly depending on the tier placement the purpose of progress monitoring is to evaluate the effectiveness of a student's instructional program or intervention so you see all right that is so I'm just ready to be very good you do the grade level teams convene to examine student progress every four to six weeks look at you yeah the six weeks will review again we'll just take a look and we know he probably will have had a unit again a data management system help score and grade level teams analyze the trends and student data by comparing actual rate of improvement to targeted rate of improvement the going to benchmark in the fall benchmarking is bring that rate of improvement for a typical kid would be point nine four so comparing it to that he's actually making a nice improvement an increase in student progress may indicate that the less intensive level of support is required for the student to succeed a high rate of improvement may warrant a change from tier three to tier 2 or tier 2 to tier one lack of student progress on the other hand forces a team to consider a change in intervention program or tier level so should we move in to my strategic room try that what program are you store in every case teams are always using data to make decisions about the most appropriate course of instruction for all students is a continual process conclusion alright ready first word is Tom here we go s o m e to instruction and intervention is about providing support to all students whether it is through interventions targeted at skill deficits or by providing enrichment for those students achieving at benchmark levels through the use of data teams make informed decisions about how students benefit from the use of this model this is done through targeting areas of need through initial selection of interventions at the meetings and then potentially changing an intervention based on data outcomes over time this maximizes the use of interventions that are proving to be effective for students with data to support to your placements and interventions individual opinions are minimized while student potential is maximized we encourage you to attend any data meetings in your surrounding areas and share ideas with others as we all share a common goal to help our students succeed capstone topics for leadership for money Columbia Business School.

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