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Detailed outline for capstone paper for money

Detailed outline for capstone paper for money do my capstone lighting led outdoor gooseneck lantern my favourite bird sparrow essay scholarships ´╗┐hey YouTube how you guys doing it's bringing you another video on using some of the tools that I have I have a problem upstairs in my attic where the beam has separated from the rafter that's going across in my attic so what I'm trying to do is I'm trying to repair it before it gets any worse the guy's got to excuse my lighting I don't have the greatest lighting in the world here I'm in my garage so let me just see if I got excused the shadow as well all right but what I'm going to attempt to do is I'm going to pancake the long joist that's in the roof so what I did I purchased this two by 10 and I'm going to sandwich that one beam on both sides I have two bad areas where the wood is splitting so I'm going to sandwich that beam and I'm going to cut four pieces of two by ten to take care of that area but I am using my Milwaukee cordless - miter saw the stock number is 27 34 - 20 this was a kid that I purchased from Home Depot so what I got with that is I got two if I remembering that correctly 201 9 amp hour battery said you know what I grabbed the wrong bag grab the pot so I believe with that kit I got to 9 amp hour batteries my belief at the time I brought it I think coming in the summer I would have had this for about maybe a year so the price I'm not too sure about if I'm not mistaken I believe right now online and in stores they are selling this for $5.99 but I believe I got it cheaper what that cheaper is I really can't I really can't tell you also I got a graphic charger with this kit and I got a ear bag not an air bag does collected but right off the bat the dust collecting bag on this saw does not work well I'm gonna see if I show you if I can show you how much sawdust and stuff that it leaves behind I made a video earlier hopefully I'm panning the right way because I don't think that you can see it but it's in that corner and you actually can't see it but in that corner maybe I don't have it pan the right way let's if I didn't have a pan the right way so let's see if we can keep on going where I can show you and actually I can so but in that corner I have a vacuum and even with the vacuum it does have a long hole it doesn't pick up too well I don't know if because that hose is long or not so what I'm going to do is I'm going to make four cuts of this two by this two by ten by eight so you can get an idea of how the sword works and how it cuts pretty much like butter and I'll try to go over some of the functions and stuff with you there give myself some room like I said I'm in my garage so my space is a little a little limited now what I have this - so on is my rigid stand which I like it's portable and works well now one of the features that is on this saw that I can tell you from right off the back and you press it there's a button right over to SOI hand I want to tell the handle you press it ok that's your shadow line ok so the light casts a shadow on the blade and it drops down onto the surface okay now right now I got this set at x0 all right so I'm going to go ahead and cut my 4 pieces so you can see also before I put the battery in just want to show you it was fully charged it was it is fully charged four bars across snap it in here now I do have a holder but I don't know if I got it case so then you just screw down your clamp hold your hold whatever it is that you're doing into place okay so here we go with the first cup again let me just hit that make sure I've got that lined up [Music] [Applause] that's my first cut I just want to bring it to you and show you it's actually a clean cut I got a couple of birds over at the side but they're very minimal the cut was easy I wasn't forcing it or anything [Music] [Music] that's my shadow line on my line on my board okay so let's go ahead and make that second cut again smooth clean-cut very minimal rip into the board at all and just in case I did not mention this is the ten inch not the seven and a quarter which I believe has a better dust collector right again it up a little bit long see if I can get my shadow line lined up before I even start cutting all right make sure that my material is again against my fence again clean-cut line now I'm just doing a straight I'm just doing straight cuts because this is what I'm actually working on right now again let's line up our line make sure our material is back against the fence [Music] [Applause] again another clean cut and the teeth that I have one here is the original it's the finishing buying finishing on blade believe this is a 60 teeth that comes with the sword - aw this is what I have left over okay so let me see if I can bring it in a little bit so you can see what I'm talking about as far as the dust all right so just give me a moment let me all right so I don't know if you guys can see all of that dust that's back there unfortunately this is the nature of the beast although I have the dust collecting bag in there they're still just tends to be a lot of dust and I try to clean this salt off as best as I can when I'm done with it but like I said otherwise otherwise then that sorry I hit the wrong button guys otherwise than that I like I like the saw and I like what it and what it what it does what it can cut through I'm really not ladies I'm not a contractor so I'm not cutting through lots of material and stuff all the time so the saw for the purpose of me suits me quite well okay so right here is where you have your your D tense okay or your stops okay we got about eight to ten stops on this apply and it locks they lock right right into place okay so who can make a forty five to three to your left and make a forty five-degree to your right okay now when it comes to making your miter cuts all right this is how to do it there's a handle vents back here so you press up on that handle and you make your you might have cut which is uh 33 to the right [Music] and 45 a little more than 45 to your left okay now the other thing about this saw is the railings or not above the saw they're encased in the body okay so when you're pushing it back before you really don't see the railings and stuff that's encased in the body the saw itself as far as weight if I'm not mistaken weighs about 45 pounds I really haven't picked this up since since I brought it almost a year ago okay so I believe it's about 40 45 pounds now you can take off your French if you feel me - if you're cutting something and this gets in the way so you can't take your fence off if you need to but the whole point is is that you know you should have your fence there but you know sometimes you got to do what you have to do and you just merely screw that back on okay now the dust collection alright I don't know if you guys can see it but this is actually a pin on the side here that locks the saw into place it keeps it straight okay and you do have a height adjustment that's right over here where you can adjust the height of the blade if you want to cut anything out okay [Music] but the dust collection like I said it's it's really bad because when it's standing still it's right here see if I can bring you guys in see if I could bring you in a little closer so you can see what hopefully see what I'm talking about okay so where the dust goes through is this little port that's right here but the blade as you can see is all the way here it's not behind the blade so it has a channel in which it has to travel through in order to get here to get to the bag but in the midst of all of that you end up with again a lot of dust this is the only negative thing that I can say about this Milwaukee saw otherwise than that this is my first - ooh and my first miter saw Stan so for me I'm loving it I do give this saw two thumbs up because it is still a good saw okay and not as heavy as some other miter saws okay so I hope you guys enjoyed this video again this is just an average guy sharing his purchases and giving you some specs on them like I said I haven't used this that much but from what I've used my lifetime I've cut some blades some shades in my house for that I've cut a couple of pieces of 4x4 which I'm getting ready to do something else with dealing with my attic but if you guys like this video of the average guy give me a thumbs up leave your comments below and subscribe to my channel I really appreciate it until we meet again peace how to write an outline for a capstone paper order School of General Studies.

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