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Definition of capstone project online

Definition of capstone project online write for me github coursera capstone how do you quote a book in a research paper I'm Danny shader this is John miner from Payoneer me we're going to show you the Payoneer me cash transaction network that lets the quarter of the country that doesn't have a credit or debit card use cash to pay for a bunch of different kinds of remote business transactions now it passed renovates we've shown how the Payoneer me platform is connected up in real time to the point of sale terminals at all the 6500 7-eleven stores around the country and then we've also shown it to innovate how we've connected that platform up to enterprise systems and businesses like Rio financial progressive financiero and greyhound bus and those cases either they are we have written software that connects those two pieces together but there are a lot of other businesses in the country that want to take advantage of the ability to collect cash and so we've started building applications ourselves on top of the platform we're going to show the first two today one is for auto lenders one is for landlords and then we'll open up the platform in the future for third parties and it'll be exciting to see what they do so today we're going to simulate a bunch of those because it's hard to put all new dealerships in 7-eleven stores in here but let's start with auto lending so subprime auto lending is an absolutely huge business it's 24,000 dealers in the United States who sell on average about 30 cars a month they do 1.8 million originations per year and that wields about 65 million payments about half of which are done for cash that's 32 million or so payments and it's a real pain it's a pain for the consumers who have to drive down to the dealership and it's a pain for the dealers who have to deal with all this cash but the bigger problem is for the dealers they can only serve consumers who live really close to them that's not so great so we've solved that problem with the Payoneer me auto application which will show you now so I've kind of got this broad walk sorry Boardwalk Empire thing I've got this Atlantic City fantasy so let me be Danny in a really cool red apartment on Atlantic Avenue and I've got this old jalopy and what I'm going to do is I'm going to drive it across town now to John's auto lot to go get myself a new car unfortunately they have free parking which is useful so many many cars here for sale I think I like that el camino looking thing we'll take it for a spin I like that car I mean negotiate the price I'm ready to pay for it so I talked to John my friendly auto dealer hey John hey congratulations on your loan I'm very excited to have that call we're excited to have you excellent so Danny I noticed while filling out your information so that you traveled across town to get here is that true that is true so I have a great great content for you please switch the laptop so we are now able to via a pain you're me to offer a service to our 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load swipe the card we're going to give you your card back and the receipt I forgot I need to give you the money well that would help that's good thank you very much super ok well now I've got a receipt that shows that I've paid my payment to John's auto it came out in real time and I'm feeling this vibration in my pocket let me pull this out and we can put that up on the monitor there ok so now we can see in my email in real time when I made the payment at the register I got an email signalling that i did pay John's auto the 352 dollars 99 cents and now I'll click here to go to something we haven't shown before which is pain your mousse mobile web app and we can see the payments I've made now I certainly have made the one payment to John's auto in my accounts not surprisingly that's also John's auto and i can add an account but i don't have time to do that right now because I have another errand I need to run which is a real pain for me I'm one of the twenty percent of renters the united states that needs to pay my rent with cash or a money order and to be clear that's about 39 million rent payments a year that get made with cash and it's a real hassle to landlords in my case it's a real hassle because I got to schlep down to go visit my landlord so let me go down to this really cool house on Indiana Avenue and talk to my landlord John hey John hey Danny good to see you good to see you again too you know thinking I was thinking about you this month I like it when you think about me key please purchase a laptop great so Danny my cousin who owns a car dealership down the road John I know that guy just bought a car from him yeah that's my cousin you know you look a lot like an that except people tell me I'm better look and it's probably trick hey so I have the option to pay near me like he did for the dealership via me being a landlord my tenants can pay me back with cash with pain you're me at 7-eleven are you interested in I'd love to do that great alright so I have your information here already Danny live in an orange house and Cornell drive i'm gonna go ahead and all i could do is enter your email address information in here so what i had on file was danny at gmail comms at work that will work for me all right all I'm gonna do is just submit that in okay so if you know I don't want to use one of those card thinks it's got that mobile app okay great okay so the information saved air please go back to mobile okay great ok so let's go ahead and refresh the screen here and then there it is John's auto and John's ran so you'll both hold i'm good for me alright fabulous ok well i'll pay them in that you know what let's add me kind i'd like to pay my utility bill please sure so there's brick utility to the inside and paid app for you it's a $62 44 cents please and a feeling you would say that lets you know you're a smart man and what's your account number one two three four five six seven oops ok super yeah so look at that now yo John's auto John's rental and brick utility great so why don't I go ahead and pay you and I will pay the brick utility sure alright we go make a payment for 541 dollars and ninety four cents will be great click make payment and the apps telling you to go to 7-11 I'm assuming you want to do that head there next alright great so they go ahead and do make payment I was telling you to rotate your phone ok we rotate the phone here and then there it is there's a bar code you're gonna take that down to 7 11 make a payment awesome fabulous let's head down to 7 11 right now alright welcome back on if you're gonna get that on in our limited amount of time all right there you go excellent fabulous I'll get the ridge terr out again hey this time instead of swiping card why don't you just scan my phone let me hand out any sure oh that will help this time of cores are good let me enter the amount in our test load this time I'll use the scanner all right i'll scan that barcode thank you very much and i will give you your receipt again okay fabulous and this receipt summarizes the two payments I've made so let's see what we've done here we've just shown the mobile application how people with phones can do things that previously people who had bank accounts could only do we've shown standalone applications for rent and for buy here pay here lending and it's all been incredibly easy we'd like to talk to anybody who's interested in accepting cash payments thank you very much capstone paper tips for money Rose Hill campus, The Bronx.

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