Critical Risks Assessment And Milestones Schedule For The Capstone Project
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Critical risks assessment and milestones schedule for the capstone project

Critical risks assessment and milestones schedule for the capstone project write for me researchable tourism topics official reports definition ´╗┐basement of LaPenta it's WIC are hello everyone welcome back to the sports while i'm your host with the most Jersey Joe joined by insects and your faithful partner as always big shower Rob gentlemen it's a pleasure to have you here i'm going to read one of ian's excellent reads you're listening to the WIC our radio thought tonight the members of WIC are are broadcasting from 5pm to 5am you heard that right in conjunction with Relay for Life it's a great event Ian Sachs one of those people will be holding down the fort until 5am Ian I see the pot of coffee brewing already are you in store for what's going to be a fun but long night Joe I have been ready what willing and anxious for this night Chelsea and I signed on for the late shift to close down the shop we've got Nick grippo coming by we've got Pete console Dori Pistol Pete it will be in the building tonight I don't need the coffee well no I do need the coffee but with that star-studded lineup coming in here you guys right now I don't need any caffeine that's got me going all weekend but yes i will take the coffee at i like that in and you know what what better note to start off this we're gonna be here for a while boy so buckle up we got a lot of food in the hallway thanks to my mom and dad so thank you to them we're gonna be here a while mama and papa Archie know okay I soaking it up thank you thank you thank you and thank you and you know what I'll thank you for everything that I eat tonight and that's going to be a lot of thank yous I think when we take a break guys we might have to go and feast a little bit but Rob I do want to say this because a lot of people on Twitter on Instagram on Facebook basically the entire world has been saying when is Rob going to break his record for people who don't know and haven't been with us in our last Radiothon Halloween big shot Rob set the cupcake eating record at ten cupcakes during the night an incredible feat that may never be replicated again and everyone's asking can he break the chain can he break his personal best Rob give us an update on your cupcake streak as you stand tonight as of now I had one but here's some here's a differential right now they found the key to my heart cookies my biggest weakness chocolate chip cookies they're unbelievable chocolate chip cookies I've ever had my goodness my mom is going to be very happy Rob I gotta tell you I to be honest so I almost ate them all by myself last night and my mom was fighting me she was hit in my hand with the wooden spoon telling me Joe save them for your friends thankfully i really liked my group of friends so i wanted to save you guys something they are delicious we still got a tray of them out here come down a little Basin will repent if you're listening because we got cookies we got cupcakes we got pizza what don't we have down here Ian so you got to think about it because we held on we literally have it all down we have the chips we got the candy and catering let's get to a break soon cuz I really not now all the guys you all see you yeah well see you guys in a while now all I do is pick up the milk oh those cookies are amazing already mad oh wow don't get me some go to the beach mother somewhere that sells milk after this and uh maybe a little donation but guys wait Joe beechmont you know it in I'm all turned around my mind right now is focus on our sports topic we'll get the milk somewhere else maybe Marcus Mariota I I wouldn't trust the milk from beechmont that's probably a general rule of thumb yes the milk from you sorry beach rock don't trust the milk but boys in our first sports department look I've if you follow me on twitter if you phone on any facet of social media you know i am a nun bashful Marcus Mariota Fanny's I'm a super fan I love the guy and one of the themes of the night for me every show i've been i've been asking people i want you to give me your state of the union address on Marcus Mariota now like I've already said I love the guy he's got everything I would ever want in a franchise quarterback I think he's going to do a lot of great things in this league but you two guys watched the game very closely he is connected to both of your teams makes it interesting as well what are your thoughts on Marcus Mariota as we stand right now with the draft really just a week away Rob you take it first the way things are looking Joe he could be ending up as number one I mean yes I've I keep saying Jameis Winston vonel oh it's definitely Marcus Mariota Tampa tempah can't make the mistake they've been make him for years they had to draft the right guy and at this point Mariota the smartest man for the job he doesn't have the problems that Winston brings to the table Winston has too many problems off the field and if that comes into the team effect or if he has any issues with court cases that could really affect Tampa down the stretch I mean he's a verte I'll quarterback imagine if my Jets get him we could be really up high this year I mean we have the off and set but it's either I have a funny feeling they'd see that he goes to tampa Philly or San Diego that's the way it's looking San Diego you got to watch out for them Phil Philip Rivers is connected with Tennessee right now that's his hometown if they could get that deal in place it Philip River wants to agree to extension with Tennessee you guys see Marcus Mariota in the blue because i am a charger spent am I crazy for wanting this trade to happen I I actually am in favor of it in look I understand Philip Rivers has still probably got a four to five year window playing at a very high level left in him but I just look at everything in the possibility of them leaving for LA and I just think I kind of want Marcus and my crazy though boys no you're not you thank you in you are not crazy and I'll tell you I'll tell you why you know what come to dr e come on the doctoring I'll you are not crazy at all am working a little bit detective today I'm working a little bit doctor right now see inside joke curing your craziness you are not a crazy man and I will tell you why right now number one Philip Rivers has had a very successful career yes yes he's done a lot of great things for the San Diego Chargers but when you look at his track record what has he done in the post he's led them to a ton of playoffs a ton of seasons they've made the postseason but where have they gone they've been in the AFC Championship game once or twice one with North Tarrant once yeah I lost to the new england patriots and i will say in phelps defense he did tears ACL during that game and he did try to go out there which didn't help but billy volek gave it his best shot but still one trip to the AFC championship game 0 Super Bowls but fun no Super Bowl appearances fun one trip to the AFC title game for the number of times that they have made the playoffs you have to get further than that I think one year that really shows as a missed opportunity for them would be January of 2010 they were 13 and 3 got the number two seed in the AFC lost to the jets in the divisional round that game really killed it for me I thought San Diego was going to go in and beat indianapolis in the AFC title game and go to the Super Bowl I really had big thoughts of that happening but the loss to the jets really I know Joe this must be a big wound rina battle and here's the funny thing in like you said it all looked like he was lining up for the Chargers perfectly they were finally going to not play Tom Brady in your Patriots they finally had the matchup that they did such and that's one thing you give Philip Rivers credit for us he's done very well through it during his career against peyton manning just even when he was on the coats the Chargers are just seem to be a team that seemed have given Payton problems it seemed like it was all in their favor and they lose to Big Shot Rob's Jets I turned my phone off every Jets fan I've ever known or will know called me was texting me harassing me it was not a fun time even people who didn't like sports and knew I was a Chargers fan we're giving it to me and that's how you know it's really bad so a couple bad memories buddy and I'm with you that was as big s opportunity as there is Bob I want you to weigh in what do you say I want Phillips gone you do yeah he's played Joe honestly he's played with ladainian tomlinson he's played with the number one running back in the 2000s and you know what when you have a great running back like that you have prior on the best tight ends and Lee Antonio Gates and you can't get much work done you really have problems because that offends you seen them go 14 into 13 and 3 under schottenheimer and he just never knew how to excel to that next level which is the thing i don't like about philip rivers philip rivers doesn't know how to step it up come playoff time really his stats are just nothing special 11 touchdowns nine interceptions really that's not what you want to see I of your quarterback you've nothing like a Tom Brady and Eli Manning come the postseason and that's the reason why I say dump him now start right now with Marcus Mariota you have a young quarterback he's go give you about 15 years in the NFL 15 more oh you hope you hope he gives you know he is well let me ask you this guy's because Rob the average NFL careers three seasons what I quarterback I think Rob is right i think a quarterback when you're drafting a Mariota or a luck you're expecting to get a 10 to 15-year window out of these guys write your when you draft them you're expecting you're hoping yes said this player is going to be the face of your franchise but look at Sam Bradford yes good point yes but in Marcus's defense he hasn't had those injury troubles Sam Bradford even in college did come out with those red flags he had his shoulder look at tseebo yes look at Tim Tebow look it look at colt mccoy the three stud quarterback from though from that year what have they done in the NFL here's the amazing tim tebow has one playoff when the three of them have a combined one point off win and the only one that has a starter job is Sam Bradford right now and that's even in question in Philadelphia who knows what's going on there it could be Bradford it could be Sanchez it could be Mariota if they get him to to mccoys defense was he wasn't looked at right in the draft McCoy put him on a good team McCoy's a great quarterback I'm sorry McCoy's a great quarterback you know what always amazes me and even to this day after all we know and the three of us in this room there's a lot of knowledge here it's amazing just how in no other position at no other sport is the drop-off bigger than quarterback from college to the pro level there's not a bigger drop off at any position in any sport it's amazing how you can see guys and it's amazing when you look at this fact that to look at all those guys Tim Tebow where did he go florida Colt McCoy where did he go texas who is winning Super Bowls in this league Joe Flacco Delaware look I mean you look at Ben Roethlisberger Miami of Ohio Eli Manning Ole Miss it's amazing how the quarterbacks at the u.s. sees the Texas is the Florida's aren't the ones who are winning and dominating on Sundays Andrew Luck Stanford it's just that mentality that jump I just I don't know if we can put our finger on one thing that's the reason but it's amazing when you just think about it in the grand scheme of things right well that's that's the whole gamble of it going from college to the pros is that some guys are just going to be put in situation's and Excel some guys aren't and that's the gamble of the draft that's why it is so much of a wild card but going back to our original discussion of Philip Rivers Marcus Mariota I said how Rivers hasn't succeeded the way that he's capable of and that's one reason why the Chargers should not be locked into keeping it but another thing is Rivers has been in the league for a good number of years he's either at or just beginning to decline from the pinnacle of his career Marcus Mariota Rob you said it you're hoping you're going to get 15 years out of him this very much oh not not to the same extent but looks like this could be a similar situation to the Green Bay Packers a few years ago when brett favre retired and they said you know what okay brett favre retires were going to go with Aaron Rodgers now Brett Favre wanted to come back they said uh-uh it's Rogers time and look at what Aaron Rodgers has done for that franchise oh and when the packers came out and said that everyone who looked at them like they were crazy you go Brett Favre this God who's been a rugged great quarterback for you for over 10 years and you're going to turn this guy down for a bird a backup but now look it look at what all the cheesehead fans are saying Aaron Rodgers is a god out there so I think you have to look at it this way that yes next year who's going to be a better quarterback philip rivers or Marcus Mariota Philip Rivers I know Mariota is going to do great things but in the fall of 2015 Philip Rivers is going to be a better quarterback than Marcus Mariota agreed but where are you going to be 10 years her names from that yes I've even five years from now excellent points and you know what I even look at it a little bit like the pain Manny Andrew Luck thing where they were in such an interesting situation because look pain wasn't done certainly but you have a chance to take andrew luck I mean think about that I think for the charters this is kind of like it could the Colts have still probably competed for another time frame with pay in there yes we've seen him do it with Denver but you're set for 10 years 15 years with andrew luck I think the charges are in that same spot I mean Phil probably has a longer window than painted in their situation but I think like Ian you just really said in that great point it's very similar yeah he knocked it right on the point right there but I mean I on Mariota you have to go with him hands down you have to go with this guy you know what everybody you go back up a couple years ago with Russell Wilson another player Joe overlook the Ionian overlooked don't overlook Mariota there's things to come from this kid I mean we've had in the past we've had the Vince Young's we've had the matt leinart but there's something special about Mariota and I think he could really pan out well in the NFL he just he stands out to me the most and I know he's the kid who's going to be reading that playbook before he write as soon as he gets drafted who his team he's gonna be looking at that playbook and he's gonna go out there and he's going to compete can't end it on a better note but guys I want a cookie I'm sure you want a cookie or cupcake so let's cut our segment here 15 16 minutes in on Marcus Mariota when we come back who knows what we're talking about what will be eating when we're talking about it but I can guarantee you we will be back so for Ian sex big shot Rob and Jersey Joe stay with us and we will be right back capstone projects 2018 for money School of Industrial and Labor Relations.

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