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Creative capstone project for money

Creative capstone project for money do my csulb easy capstone presentation of rivers in regeneration ´╗┐welcome to the life the veteran service connecting army discharge I'm in West Texas I'm standing off of beach county road 428 next to highway 285 north and when I first came on starlight house in 2012 symphony in December noble firs I put it in my 18 building which I began to domicile in this area it's been all feel activity on too many of you have discovered because it's probably only use etc but anyway here you go these are some of the lights along the horizon you can count over 100 plus and and there's this thousands people thousands of gas flares out here in the desert now subject of concern is right in this back area anadarko and a company known as resolute energy came out here with all feel activity my previous building 10 x 18 burned down in 2015 I was forced to leave so that I could go back and reestablish my identity we collect some items are left in storage came back to the property last October 2015 they were throwing dust in my face then I began trying to counter the measures asking for some assistance from reefs County the Sheriff's Department had the Sheriff's Department called him because I was stopping these people and asking down right now you have the activity of two 18-wheelers this one's coming from the highway 285 and it's going to pass us by this one there it is coming from the back okay they're pulling water and oil these all feel extractions which ain't no big deal why I sure wish I could show you the cloud of dust that they are creating okay goes up 30 40 50 and this is constant 24 hours a day seven days a week folks okay I had a vehicle just went prior way faster the smaller vehicles don't give a crap there's no consideration for life or human being that lives here I've tried to come outside to breathe to exercise to do a regiment that I keep myself fit by because I've reduced my dependency on prescribed medication but this doesn't matter to anadarko or resolute because they are an entity known as the oil field it is said here in Vegas Texas that all feel does what it wants cattlemen have had to take ranchers have to take cattle off their properties because it's become too dangerous there's been hard contract people show up cutting fences and just like this this access on this county road there's other routes that they could utilize but they've taken county road 428 as their own to do what they want and what they're doing they're suppressing a human life because misery I am NOT able to get things done in my own yard I am trying to winterize to prepare for the winter I stayed here last winter for a half months doing the same crap of doing now trying to get the attention of irresponsible adults who don't give a because their minds are focused on stupidity and ignorance that's the bottom line people there's no intelligence in 2016 going into 2017 using or utilizing barbaric measures to do the same thing they've been doing for over a hundred years so what I'm doing is piecing together these films all these horizons there you go you can see some red flaring there that's actually probably anywhere from ten fifteen twenty twenty miles away I mean it starts to look like a miniature City out here there's a huge huge effort to establish a larger transmission line to handle the power that's required every well they drug they changed it with the grid line there was no uniformity when I first came here everything was so a wasteful chaotic on logistically plan we're talking now 2012 this for years for years and what they do is they'll hire a contractor less educated on environmental on the welfare of humankind because hands a job and getting paid money etc etc when the price of the barrel all went down so did the jobs so did the work for the people whose lives are stolen by this hamster wheel if you want to put it this is reality people ok let's talk about life it was a day that I know and it's not just because I went to college and have a natural applied science background but our country had a greater content and awareness so where is it now people have striven to protect a turtle that pees in the desert if striven to protect all sorts of animals of a homo sapien and we are now the endangered species think about it people okay I'm not trying to be dramatic it's just a reality I try to come outside to enjoy life I tried to sit this was October the first Saturday afternoon just to simply sit and enjoy a little bit of the you know horizon setting and I couldn't even sit to have a cup of coffee because of the dust I tried to prepare earlier Nami was trying to get ready to go see someone who I formerly worked for right there ain't paid his taxes and while I was dressing I I my eyes my eyes begin getting irritated because of the dust just this evening I was trying to protect my evening meal rockfish I'm having to taste dust this is constant when t four hours a day seven days a week who gives a the reprobate mind the uneducated would say you know but I'm hoping that the people who view this heaven intelligence and have knowledge and have understanding and have courage to take a stand under the Constitution obligation that we have if the government is not working on behalf of the people it's time for a change at your obligation under the Constitution I stood for for those same stipulations when I was in uniform as a veteran I've done the same on behalf of veterans and on behalf of you folks you just don't know it you don't know all that I have actually done in corresponding to bring up issues that pertain to us citizenry and so here it is folks where you at how do you stand it's not just my planet I don't live here alone and I do apologize it's a it's a cheap camera I bought at walmart for 18 bucks but it's the only utilization of tool that I have right now fortunately I have an occasional wind shift changed it does drive this stuff wait but it's still here I'm beginning to have congested problems with it my lungs are bothering me having headaches my paralysis is starting to return it's a lot of complications it's one thing if a man woman or human being survives and puts themselves up against nature okay you see it a lot on TV now I'm not advocating or advertising that it's actually I'll live I've been off the grid just 2012 the end of 2012 this is my sanctity my refuge and this is where I've come to his eye you decide you know i'm not against people's occupations but they showed no consideration whatsoever you know and i know i'm here and i've even have even called upon and our co-op obscene messages for them to come see me and the asshole who ran it resolute he tried to impose a mediation to try to buy me out and didn't even offer me sum of money at the value of the appraisal of the property in the 90s that's how worthless his attempt was and this was at the same time that he caught on the sheriff's deputy to come out here and arbitrate a conversation between him and I you know and that's their ideology out here they just muscled out whoever they need to and now people in fakers Texas and in other areas realized just what's happened when you give the oil field as they say just a small measure okay they don't do anything for you in the long run and then that way we're looking at I am a human life breathing entity my daughter who doesn't reside with me my biological daughter is a straight-a student academically scholar rewarded and awarded honors she represented her fifth grade class in Washington DC and she's returning to Washington DC as guests to the inauguration but this is the treatment Texas allow see because Texas does not say there has to be speed limit signs in fact there's no speed limit sounds to Texas the state of Texas allows these assholes to drive 30 miles an hour that's the best of max speed they're not being monitored on that see so the dust pollution its of no matter to them and as other shots I've taken them in the sky the early morning sky came with a an overcast and it created a smog okay with the fog with the cool temperature there was an earlier rain showers and the same thing that dust gets collected up into the atmosphere it also settles all along the foilage the trees the plant species this is all reality that's occurring I'm just letting you know out there okay it's not just about me this is your life this is your planet truth be told think about it pulp and paper technology books pdf order American Museum of Natural History.

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