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Coursera capstone project quiz 3 online

Coursera capstone project quiz 3 online ncua paracadutismo lancio tandem prezi presentation ´╗┐all right hey guys welcome to family toy review it's been a long time since I did a live toy show I kind of stopped doing them because I noticed the video quality wasn't so sharp but it's been a while and I wanted to share something with you I finally finally collected all of the Disney Cars Funko pop hi guys and uh I thought I'd show it off and hello to you too Turkey first I got the the Cruz Ramirez and Rusty's racing center Lightning McQueen and I wasn't planning on collecting everything but I slowly started getting each one and then finally I I thought you know what I might as well get the primer Lightning McQueen right here and all of these I got locally shout out to cool kid two to three I'll do shoutouts at the end shoutouts to Jeremy I'll do them at the end and I I tried to get all of these locally just through just go to the store and get it and I was able to do that for all of them except for the primer Lightning McQueen and mater I got as a gift because the primer lightning queen they were always selling these these are exclusive at Meijer store Meijer and they don't have that in California I'm I'm in California it's so I think it's an Illinois or somewhere in the Midwest they have these stores and there's just no way I could get one so I ordered this online and along with this and I like to talk about this one in a minute when I open it I don't think I'll open always I made some videos where I opened them before and then I noticed I did not have a regular Lightning McQueen so I picked that up and I wasn't going to get a Luigi but I thought you know what I got I got this today I thought you know what I'll have like everyone else I might as well get the Luigi and so now I have like the complete cars three collection plus mater he's not part of the cars three but here he is and I which wave to car sir diecast are you expecting not sure um so okay and I might as well talk about some other toys that are inch of interest to me this is a matchbox tooktook these are vehicles in Thailand they're like like little taxis and there are motorcycles with chairs and they're pretty cool and I love Thailand and have goodness every time I see one of these at the store I'll grab one because they're pretty cool these are tuk tuks and this is something we got new this is thanks to the Reyes Wonder fun family I'll put a link to their channel they also have cool cars three toy hunt and car three toys and I was able to do a trade with them and my son's been wanting this this is a 6x6 this is a mercedes-benz and it's got six wheels and this is based on a real vehicle guess how much this vehicle cost because my son he said he wanted to to get one a real truck I looked it up these are like half a million a million dollars these are like so expensive JJ is downstairs making a lot of noise playing with this toys he's a little too excited right now to do to do this video and again I'll do some shout outs at the end end of the video okay guys so this is pretty cool and I don't know if you guys saw our other video but we have a video where we customize our Disney Cars and we added some LEGO pieces to them this one and this one and I'm kind of proud of this one this is the Ninja Turtles shellraiser we turn this fritter into a shell raiser and it even has a little missile here with the Ninja Turtles and I'm gonna shoot and this is a we uploaded a video with this and I'm gonna shoot somebody so that's that's pretty cool we got the doctor damaged recently this is a die cast which I think I got at Walmart or Target I think I got this at Target they've just been starting to release the deluxe size diecast at some of the stores I've only seen them at Walmart on Ana target and not very mean so I was able to get any doctor damage and a miss fritter at Target a different targets had to go at different times and they were just hard to find but and I've been trying to do more toy hunt videos but they're kind of hard to do because there's not too many new toys oh and I don't want to keep doing the same video same toys for you guys by the way this is coming up in a new video we just got this from playmates this is a new Ninja Turtles toy and it's like a street sweeper for the Ninja Turtles and micro mutants and stay tuned for that this week so this is pretty cool it's got the little Ninja Turtle dudes in here I'm gonna open one of these Funko pops and this one is this one's pretty cool if you've been collecting Funko pops if you order them online like Walmart or some some stores sometimes you'll get the Funko pop and they're damaged and if you're collecting these you want the box you want everything in really good condition well this Meyer saw I've never ordered from them before but look at this they they packaged it in a plastic to keep it nice and it so far it looks pretty like in great condition also some places some places they'll put up they'll put a big old sticker like a price tag right on your box and that kind of rui-zi if you're gonna peel off the price tag it's like one of these things a barcode it's gonna like mess up the box and that's really sad when they do that when you order online but this Meyer company they took really good care they put the sticker on on the plastic it's it's really protected I'm really pleased with with um how they ship these things and they even put that it's exclusive a Meyer exclusive Funko pop so they know that it's a special thing so this is pretty cool I don't really collect too many Funko pops hello Elsie Maura looking for a doctor damage yeah um let me know but my wife she does collect some Funko pops and I'll open this guy up if you guys want me to open up one of these other ones just let me know yeah you know these are the deluxe sizes their net rare they're just not out yet a lot of the toy stores they have a whole bunch of their other vehicles they need to sell first and they're not going to open up the new boxes until they start selling all of the all of the toys they have on the floor so it's just taken a while for them to sell out most of their stuff and replacing them with a new stock so you just have to wait a little bit so here's the primer let'em Queen and I guess I'll open all of them maybe I don't know should I open all the Lynam Queens and compare them I think I will and uh this one and then here's a cruiser Ramirez by the way it's it's kind of interesting how sterling pronounces her name even though he's seeing it normally but it just sounds weird to me he says like this is Cruz Ramirez Ramirez you're awesome dude well thank you I mean spammy opener okay since you asked I will open no mater - I just wish these guys their wheels rolled funkopop sometimes they do like custom things like they'll add some hair to it sorry about your shed or phone Tyson it be cool if they made the tires rubber or made them spin that'd be pretty sweet and this is not a new one this is uh from a regular thing but you know like mater oops hi Oh mater this one it looks kind of simple I wish it was a little bit darker you know yeah he's missing some of his uh his uh some discoloration kind of like how the primer lightning McQueen you see some like different colors right here the alma mater toys they have like different shades of brown and black and this is kind of missing that it'd be nicer if it was like that what does a mister family toy review sorry guys I'm Emma almost like not reading as I go it's hard to do both so I might be missing some of the stuff and going on and here's one of my favorite ones but yeah I like all of these you can still get out in the stores I still see them today except for um the primer I don't know because I've never been to the Meijer sir so I don't know what they have but I got this today at Walmart and I saw this one at Walmart to greet on and uh I have this is the one thing I have not seen this anymore this used to be at Toys R Us I used to see them but I don't see this anymore so this one's gonna be harder to get I still see targets with a lot of these and these are like one of the best ones I think they're so shiny it looks pretty cool and you still see these regular ones at different stores so thank you so much Elsie and say my name please Alper what is your favorite cars Funko pop open Rusty's okay I'm gonna open all of them and I guess I guess that one dude his name is Alper he really wants us to say his name Alper so everyone that's uh on the count of three let's see it his name upper one two three a proper a proper a proper a proper a proper alright maybe it's not gonna ask anymore here's the rusty assignment I'm gonna open this up thank you cool kid and Andy Lartigue uh Tyson Robertson by the way Tyson's Robertson's phone shattered did you drop it or something can I get a cruise sorry guys I only have one of these well I am doing a giveaway for some of the die-cast toys it's in one of the videos I figure out which one but you're supposed to watch some of the dino trucks and or some other videos and leave a comment let's see how many of these I can stack together without dropping them I'm taking a chance here and this one is only at Target I hope I hope it doesn't fall you know there's some people they're crazy they can balance rocks they balance like different kind of they're like experts at balancing but I think I can sack some Funko pop if I do them at an angle you know all right well let's open up this one yeah yeah I guess I'm going to open up all of them do the fungal pups you know they all feel like plastic they all feel like plastic except that this one feels like a little bit smoother plastic maybe because of the it's got some kind of thing on it but they all feel like plastic okay I'm a little bit nervous here one more all right one more oh you saw an RV diecast yeah by the way yeah I always try to go and get some of these toys but sometimes I'm too late there's something called shopkins cutie cars and they have something these are pretty cool if I I know this are kind of like a girl toy but acid eye casts are pretty cool they run very well they go in the Hot Wheels track they have a good feel and they have cute designs they have exclusives of these two and the excuses are like shiny glittery kind and they're not easy to find and every time I try to go they're all gone I went to Walmart today and I saw like seven these in this in a in a stack and the Shelf and I just took a look at and there were some girls there and I walked away for a minute I came back because I wanted to take a video when I came back they were all gone somebody took all of them and uh and one of our videos always I need a extra focus on this I don't think I can uh okay I can do it I can do it yeah okay let me see how many I can stack was it yeah some of our videos we're doing some giveaways of the Lightning McQueen I had a tough thing I got some wind blowing right here I gotta curtain some wind Boise and the wind might knock it over so I got to be very careful what should I put on top next should it be uh Luigi or Guido or mater I don't know I feel like I don't want to put Guido he's gonna be too hard the first person to pick a car I'm gonna put them on top mater Louise your Guido made her okay alright well it's gonna be tough okay I can do it yeah all right all right who's next uh Luigi or Guido all right sorry guys that was - laughs all right my man so yeah they all came down oh there's not much this is our Funko pop video here and these are still mint condition by the way there's no scratches these are these are all good this one I wanted to talk about Hot Wheels for a second how was our cool cars to collect by the way there's something for everyone I just want to point out that I noticed this one car this is an Acura NSX its 2017 I think this is a new car this year I think they I'm not I'm not a car guy but I think they stopped making the NSX for a while and they just came out with this recently so this is kind of cool if I'm right and I just want to point out that there's some cool details on on the car like all the paint you can see the front lights and the grill they edit a lot of little tiny details I usually don't see on Hot Wheels especially in the back here a lot of cars they have though the rear the rear lights the red light and here howls are showing the one that goes all the paint all the way around a lot of times hollows they won't even paint that so they'll just make it all yellow they won't add so much they'll just paint over the whole thing yellow and they don't add so much detail so it's kind of cool then they went as far as adding the paint to that I thought that was pretty cool you know I guess I'll start doing shoutouts now so and you'll arteaga Dillon for 484 little Nick gaming by the way I mess up on Instagram family toy review you can send us comments or anything I do some more posts there crews with sunglasses this one yeah it kind of looks like she's wearing glasses here but I have another crews with glasses that I made maybe see if I can find her maybe not whereas okay yeah in our other lego video I made this cruiser mirrors this they sell this at Walmart it's a Lego tape that you can cut into pieces I think this was like 15 bucks and speaking of Cruz Ramirez with glasses here we go either she looks like a welder or some kind of futuristic if I get one of the colored windshields it looks like a featuring system this is Chad who died horn die yuppie Rihanna and Harley Quinn or she looks like a grandma now 2:12 Martinez Britain gun and Jonathan Pryor and Simon's week thanks for watching our videos - Thomas stop it more thank you and shout out to the sister of I love you you uncle but thanks for watching from Turkey and thank you to Jason Robertson oh you kids you watch our videos thank you so much live stream of my channel I don't know shoutout to LeBron Thunder pace thank you so much for watching our videos and I think we'll probably try to do a live show like maybe on the weekend since everyone goes to school shout-out to his sister NCE and Thomas stuff and more and we're going to try to upload more different kinds of videos but I noticed that YouTube they only give us views if it's Disney Cars related so I'm trying to mix and match like do dine on trucks with cars or Tonka trucks with cars so I just check out our videos if you see something you like that that'd be cool all right well thanks for watching guys see y'all next time I'll do some shout outs on our way out alright I don't see any more shout out requests shout out to Matthew in yet - Simon's week he needs to get 100 subscribers help him please cool kid 2 to 3 from NY New York thunder pace goes to school in September he's very lucky he starts later than everyone else shoutout to cool kid 2 to 3 is EE I you know do whenever our giveaway there's some video where we think it was child - Tyson Robertson's subscribe to him and andy'll arteaga alright thanks for watch guys and sub to everyone in these chat rooms they need to get to 100 subs to survive all right later do my ieee paper on skinput technology Queens College, City University of New York.

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