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Copthorne hotel cameron highlands buffet dinner order

Copthorne hotel cameron highlands buffet dinner order write for me capstone construction sarasota write my dissertation on ability due tomorrow ´╗┐obviously Tulsa played really well today we give him a lot of credit they their small lineup is it's just a tough matchup for us and we had to make so we were searching for different ways to play defense none of them were working obviously until we went with tre Scott at the really when we went small we just played no Center we had to go to a no center lineup to be able to stop him the way they were making shots so give their guys credit but that's what trade was recruited for so you know situation you got to have different guys on your roster so you can play situational basketball especially against spread you know nowadays there's a lot of teams that go small there's a lot of teams that spread you out and try to make the three-point shot they're their weapon and use their quickness excuse me to beat you off the dribble and when that happens you have to have some guys on your roster to be able to make an adjustment and play small defensively and you know last two games tre has been our leading rebounder as well so that was finally the defense that defensive move that worked against Tulsa and give him a lot of credit he did a good job and obviously Gary once we were able to start getting Gary Clark the ball we stopped having to live at the three-point line that was about you know I thought that was big as well because you know again they're small so you got to be able to get him get him going expect you know and in in deep especially with Kyle on the bench now I said what I see is it were 25 and 4 and 14 and 2 in the last two years we've won 55 games I don't know what people expect I'm just I'm just answering you I'm allowed to answer you however I want I'm gonna give you a stack Kentucky Indiana and Louisville this year combined for 32 losses tell me how my long that's taken us to lose 32 games tell me how many years combined it you'd have to go back for us to lose 32 games so you know we're not perfect we're far from perfect and if you look around at what's going on then people out to be real happy at Cincinnati with where the basketball programs being run next question whether again they're small and we finally were able to get him the ball and get him going but I got told him in the locker room you know players win games he's got it he's got to be assertive at all times but he's a great player but I would say this you know cuz I don't want you I say he he's one of the guys okay there's a lot of good players in this league and you know so I'm not one of those guys my guys should be player you know Gary's a great player obviously I'm partial to my guy but there's been some guys had great years in our conference notably Rob gray and some other guys so I respect all the kids there's some really good players in our league yeah but I thought I had a meeting with the staff Friday early and we talked about everything each guy what they needed to do as a shooter to shoot the ball better and it's going to start happening period it's not it's not arbitrary so you want to make shots you got to get your feet apart you got to get lift get it get your hips down your hips back and your head forward stand up shoot 22 footers see there was a time in basketball yeah and you know you watch ESPN Classic nobody even shot the ball from where the current three-point line is really back when you were in your prime but you know so those I mean those are those if you're gonna shoot the ball with range you have to shoot the ball through your legs all you got to do is watch Steph Curry and klay Thompson you know and watch them you know today's kids you know they all want to shoot it out there well then there's fundamentals if you're gonna shoot it out there you're gonna shoot it you're gonna get your feet apart so you can get your hips down and so you can get to get some lift on your shot if you don't if you get your if your feet are together and your hips don't get down that then you're gonna be short we've had a lot of guys shooting line drives because of that we've been sloppy with our fundamentals there's a reason the ball goes in if you shoot the ball the right way all the time and you're committed to that and that are in our program you know and we got good kids because they look at them they made the adjustment you know and it's my job to make sure that my staff and when we go to do shooting stuff that it's getting done the way it needs to be taught the right way it's no different than a blocking technique it might work two out of ten times and you have bad technique you gotta have the right technique the proper technique at anything to do it well to do it well consistently so you know guys work hard at it Friday and Saturday we want each guy jaren all we watch film each shooter had to watch film with them of their makes and misses you know we put a lot of time in on trying to do it and trying to get to get these guys to become a better player so they weren't you know I'd give those guys credit well what I would say is I'm happy with 26 assists and you're right no coach is gonna be happy with 14 turnovers what you'll find is this is where assists you know these totals can be misleading when teams play zone your assist totals will always be higher because there's less dribbling there's more passing if teams play a lot of man and mug you like when we're at Houston and you can't make a pass and you can't even get open or you can't even post up because you're being mugged then it's hard to have an assist those games it's really it's hard to make an assist so that's why you know I won't get too too excited you know I know why the assist totals are high and low for us we need to be able to make assists when it teams climbing into us and trying to take us out of our offense playing man-to-man but you're still have you know all right we got guys that are unselfish but it's a lot easier to pass the ball when zone offense because you're not dribbling what do you think did you watch me he missed the call he apologized which doesn't help me doesn't help me I don't get to apologize when we lose and our fans are upset with me I don't need that doesn't help me I will say that Gress you know when my dad was young he and my mom I had this little trophy I said what was it he was bragging that they won this dance contest down at mood like Gardens the old Coney Island you ever getting one of those see back back in the 60s everybody could dance but to win that contest you got to be able to dance to every song that comes on so if you're gonna make a run you can't just win one way so yes is the answer to your question I mean you know you're gonna run into some games where a team gets hot and you got to be able to score with them you're not gonna be able to just shut everybody out that's why jokes like I talked about you know different it's not our defense sometimes the other teams making shots it's not it's not our defense so that's all I meant by it you know it's it's the other team's practice too they they get scholarships as well you know they're trying you know they had a game plan it was we knew what it was gonna be it was the right game plan Frank's a good coach they've won six in a row they're probably gonna be a four seed and in the tournament so but yeah you got to be able to win different ways if you're gonna make a run you have to but that being said we got some guys that you know I'll leave you guys with this we have got to be if we're gonna take the next step as a team Garrett Gary has got to take control of his team and he's got to raise guys to hit he's got to set the standard cuz he's the guy that can play what he plays well on both ends and he's got a he's got a hold Kyle accountable defensively so you're never going to be great if a guy only defends because the coach is going to take him out or yell at him I don't you know I don't think that the Golden State Warriors are worried about Steve Kerr yelling at them what I think is that they rotate defensively because they're worried about draymond Green yelling at them see I think you know great teams have internal pressure great great teams hold each other accountable and these are the things that separate you know you get to the top and there's a lot of you know and it's we're gonna we're trying to prepare two guys to playing a one and out tournament where you're I mean it's over one game's over so it can't be okay to just let guys we we've checked you into the game and the first thing you do is lose your man you can give up a three you got to be fearful that when you come back to the bench your teammates are gonna be on you not the coach and that that to me that's what separates the great teams if you look around pro sports you know that's that's what I believe thanks guys I think we just stayed together it took us a while to create separation between the two of the teams in terms of score I mean they played he's he's played exceptionally well they were making shots but we knew that coming in well I think we have to be more accountable especially myself just playing defense and just being aware of all our all our assignments and just being ready but I think we showed resilience today so I'm proud of our team as a whole guru cow you know early on it hit some threes and you let a team get in rhythm and get comfortable like that you know the three becomes the equalizer in the game and we have a lot of turnovers early so you know we had to stay together hold each other accountable firmness and we had to keep knowing that for the last two role games especially were you able to kind of see some areas um you know it is frustrating but you know what the group of guys we got they were they were kind of they were holding it down while I was sitting down but you know said have who was just you know you saw at first half that they weren't really trapping and you know just getting stops defensively that's where well we you know separately we kept getting stills you know Trek came in blocked some shots when we went the other way for cami├│n layups and Jacob and Jaron you know shooting threes you know Jacob Jaron n Kane you know when we have the extra offensive punch it gives us a different it gives a different perspective for everybody but it also gives us a different level you know I think great teams have different levels and different ways to win so we can continue to develop that and continue to show that we can win in different ways because you know obviously coach isn't happy with seventy four points and we're not happy with seventy four points and we want to do better so you know we're gonna focus on what we have to do to get better on the defensive end of the ball but when we keep on growing those offensive that offense and potency it was combination a lot but you know taking care of the ball is a huge that's one that's one possession we don't get a chance to get a rebound or score so you know it just it just you know takes a life out of you especially when teams getting rebounds well getting second opportunities and we're not even getting shot up and you know once we start taking care of ball to second half and you know able to rebound and you know just get out there defensively that's what we kind of started pulling away I've been telling you guys a lot over the years but I think Gary and I've been through a lot on and off the court I don't think we ever countered count each other out I don't think we ever count our team out and I think that's a mindset that you develop over time in life and I think that's a great message for anybody that wants to listen because even though we could be down twenty honestly to tell you choose when we still think of it we have a chance to win so I mean we obviously want to put ourselves in that position but it's the same thing in life you might take a few bumps and bruises but if you're willing to keep on working and keep on fighting I think you'll come out and prevail at the end so I think that's our mindset I think that's the rest of our team mindset I think I think I was just trying to approach it as a regular game you know there was a lot of festivities and a lot of uh you know a lot of they were someone else a lot of love today so I think it was cool I think and I appreciated I know Gary appreciates it and you know I've appreciated the Cincinnati fans and and all of y'all the whole time the whole three years I've been here so I think I've been gracious and I'm gonna continue to be Who I am saying you know it was a it was a moment where they finally I think it kind of was starting to approach me that this was my last time playing in front of you know our fans at home and you know you know it I don't think about it leading up to today because I have a good crowd but today it was it was special you know for me to be spending all my four years here and to you know enjoy the atmosphere of our fans it was it was pretty cool you know it's funny because all the stories we tell hi I first saw him and she stayed and me recruiting him you know we've been a relationship through recruit me and then he comes here and then we're will pull the opposite on the court but you know just to go out with a guy like this it is special because you know like dang bro I kept looking like this it right here it's the last home game here where we can wear white uniforms and being from our student body and fans we never Gary and I never played each other pickup at NC State we saw each other once I camp and I was like who's this six eight three men on a size 18 shoe and with meat cleavers on the end of his wrist so I was like I thought he was gonna be a good player I got a chance to see him play in the elite camp at state but we never played each other uh but you know when I decided to transfer I thought he was gonna be a great player and he developed to be a great player I mean look what he's done it at this university it's amazing so I'm happy I'm happy to be a part of that and I'm happy to be with him like we said we were different in a lot of different ways but we had the same mindset when it comes to life overall so we were a great team that's tough honestly you know people may not believe me but that moment where I I miss up and I purposely don't look at coach and he's over there just throwing a fit cuz he's trying to get my system I purposely don't look at him I'll probably miss Dex I'm like what if I look at like what is what is he doing right now but that's probably well I think though I think the fans cuz and just the exhilaration and making a great play whether it be on defense or offense you know you live for stuff like that I know when I was a little kid I used to watch college basketball every Sunday every every chance I could and just I would be like I can't wait to be in that position where I'm on a team a great team and you know the the fact that God has been able to grant that for me in my life I'm extremely extremely grateful for that so it's just that's a beautiful feeling and Gary's answer - that's a great answer [Music] capstone exercise chapter 2 excel 2019 Maritime College.

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