Conceptual Framework For Capstone Project
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Conceptual framework for capstone project

Conceptual framework for capstone project topics for research in finance management for money drug testing welfare recipients not cost effective [Music] dear seasons already open in South Carolina and some other states it's easy to see why so many hunters are excited as part of this excitement hunters are getting their gear ready and their bows tuned up growing deer is brought to you by bass pro shops also by reconyx trophy rock eagle seed nikon winchester the cross footwear bloodsport arrows flatwood natives morrell targets on typical wildlife solutions cooks custom calls montana decoys summit treestands drake non-typical clothing howes lubricator genesis no-till drill yamaha fourth arrow sent crusher antler extreme iscope bone view mossy oak properties of the heartland code blue decode g5 broadheads prime bows and redneck hunting blinds during bass pro's annual Fall Classic I went up to the grandfather of all stores in Springfield Missouri spent some time hanging out in the huntin Department Daniel and I really enjoyed visiting with several fellow hunters talking deer hunting management strategies for their property and what gear to use several folks brought Maps or aerial photos of the property and Daniel not took time to visit with them and lay out a habitat and hunting management plan what I realize do you do if possible maybe not now later but this is good but I'd like to see you can come here in the middle and develop you a couple acre footballs that's your target this is your goal okay and the reason is you're not gonna be able to compete with all this food but you can steer shortstop you set up perfectly to have a great staging area and because of the way the road system is here no matter when I'm evaluating the property that's new to me or a friend brings me a map of a property I want to zoom out because I'm looking for the best sources of food cover and water in that area not just on the property where we have permission to hunt and then find the most limiting factor be it water or food whatever and figure out how to add that to the property where we hunt maybe the opening they're already out you can expand or something yep make those adios and you're totally focused on fall food you can't compete with this but you can have the best food in the fall and it would be awesome that would totally change out this place huh yeah is this water here is that fine when you identify the most limiting factor and then add it to the property where I permission to hunt it greatly increases your chances of having successful hunts Daniel and I had a good time reviewing the maps with several different properties but we really enjoyed visiting with all our fellow hunt order it would be awesome yeah archery season opens September 15th in Missouri and our goal this year is to remove 40 or more dough's from the proving ground so Daniel and I recently hopped in the truck and went to an archery Pro Shop to make sure his prime was tuned to perfection well I'm at the local bow shop today with Wayne he's our local bow mechanic we're gonna shoot a few arrows through paper to see if the arrows going up or down or left or right so I wanna make a perfect hole through the paper perfect hole through the paper that's the goal we'll make adjustments if we need to we'll see what we have got some tear looks tearing to the left we want to move the rest to the right to the right yeah move it over a little all right move it over just a little small increments so Wayne's moved the rest a little to the right yes we're going to try it again like we may have moved it a little too much so I'll just back it off a little bit decrease the size of the hole that's getting pretty good this is an easy way to diagnose if the D loop and the rest and everything is lined up just as it should be our friend Wayne made a few adjustments Daniel shot again and this time it looked like a perfect hole after Wayne was satisfied with the paper tuning it's time to go that extra mile now okay system adjustments we're going to shoot bears yeah okay what's the bear shaft tell us all the energy is going straight down the back of the shaft or if it's pushing it off to the left or right right okay great let's shoot it see what happens punch to kill a perfect hole that's it perfect hole as far as shooting a bear shaft through paper so that means all our energy is going down there oh great down the shaft and getting all the energy that the arrow can get when tuna bow we want to make sure you're shooting the same length weight the same arrow you'll be hunting with including the weight of the point if you change any of these components even the helical deflesh it will change how to bow caste arrow will come into the range we're going to shoot a bear shaft and see how it shoots well it hit the dot but it looks like the arrow may be a little knock left so we're gonna go check it out see if when you do a little adjusting well taking a look at the arrow it's definitely a little knock left take another arrow stick it up there definitely over a little bit we're gonna back up to 20 and see what happens we're at 20 yards that just shot a bear arrow now I'm going to shoot an arrow with things on it and see the difference all right so Wayne definitely much straighter on this arrow with the veins than the bear arrow you see both shafts are going in this one is still a little bit knock left but we we've pretty much got the energy into this shaft so we know that we're in good conditions as far as getting the energy energy to the shaft and now all we got to do is get our sights on and we'll be good to go it's just a matter of getting sighted in now I appreciate it thank you very much thank you if you haven't tuned your bow or only use paper tuning I strongly suggest you shoot a bear shaft and make sure your bow is perfectly tuned [Music] it's late August and our first whitetail hunt is with my good friend mr. Terry Hamby in Kentucky season opens in Kentucky September 2nd we're rolling about September 5th and I am so excited that excitement would be quickly dampened if I missed a good buck or known a need oh right off the bat I shoot my bow year-round I just love shooting a bow but this time of year I take my practice it's dreamily serious early summer I'm launching a lot of arrows and working on form but this time of year I'm thinking all about hunting and my practice is shooting one arrow at a time making sure each shot counts my practice this time year is all about replicating a hunting situation I'm shooting 3d targets I've got a quiver full of arrows I'm using the same rangefinder I'll use from a tree stand or out chasing elk you know gets a little sweaty during these warm practice days but I'll put it in a sink crusher for a few minutes clean it up and be ready to hunt I take it even further I've got boots on like I might be wearing when I'm hunting I wear long sleeve shirt because I'm gonna hunting a lone sleeve shirt and that make sure my form is such that the string is not hitting my sleeve I use a field point from g5 that's actually called a BMP ballistically match point it flies exactly like the broad head I'm gonna be using so I'm tuned exactly for broadheads so this time of year I'm not shooting dots I'm shooting a 3d target and thinking about where the kill zone is so on think about the path of the arrow through the vitals and wherever I don't want to place that shot in a hunting situation so what you're seeing behind me is right side in bows and I practice I mess around and back up a long ways and do some shooting like that but what you're not seeing I've got three 3d Murrell targets set up downhill Tim Byrne rocks right behind him if I missed that target that arrow is gone now am I worried about losing an arrow or am I worried about making sure I know my effective range so I can confidently harvest every animal I draw on what you're seeing behind me the typical practice setup and I've got a big square target behind there so when I'm out there mess around at lone distance if I missed a deer target I can still find my arrow but really when I get serious practice I'm shooting the targets or getting ready to show you this setup teaches me my effective range because if I start getting towards the edges target and thinking about losing arrow I know I shouldn't shoot at a critter near that far realistic practice this time of year will make your hunting much more enjoyable this fall boom losing an arrow may cost you a few bucks but it's nothing like wounding a critter so only take shots in the field that you're 100% comfortable you can make the shot I'm thinking cuz the bigs of parkour they don't say that because yeah what's the name mr. basketball do all voting for adjustable you can tell we're all fired up about deer season but it's no time to forget about habitat management or food plot it's sunny today but there's rain in the forecast for tomorrow so this morning we're scooted out and planted some of our hidey hole food plots hidey hole food plots are one of my favorite habitat and hunting techniques I like to combine the hidey ho small food plot mill woods with the staging area location and right through those trees is Narnia a brand new five acre food plot lots and lots of timber this way so we envisioned deer coming out here getting a little snack or staging before to go to Narnia so we've got this staging area food plot acres and acres of timber and a little gap going right through to much larger plot [Music] this clots so small we knew it'd be over brows this summer so we planted a blend to actually build the soil and not necessarily focus on providing quality forage to feed deer one of the main components of the summer blend we planted in here was sorghum Sudan grass seed grows huge volume and will help us build organic matter so in this application we used two herbicide to terminate the summer crop and Henry's gonna broadcast our fall crop into it Buffalo blends kind of a working name to go with the Buffalo system we have of creating a lot of biomass and trampling it down to build organic matter we did it's fermenting and I'm not sure what Eagle wind up calling it West is in his master's program in Louisiana Wildlife algid course and ty just got out of high school ties to a unique program with us he didn't really want to go to college I understand that so Ty's here with us a year and we're just gonna emulsion in we're gonna dunk him in everything we do wildlife give him hands-on training and hearing that being a great property manager so we want a broadcast to seed today we don't want to do it too many days ahead of a rain because doggone turkeys and squirrels will eat up all the seed when you're broadcasting so you're broadcasting home I know you got tough work schedules but don't broadcast one week and let it lay on top of ground for a week or two before rain it won't germinate often without that moisture and the rodents and birds will eat most of the scene so we've mapped this food plot in years past we know it's right out of quarter of an acre but we're broadcasting so we want to go a little heavy the Buffalo blend is designed to plant at about a hundred pounds per acre let's end up putting about thirty thirty-five pounds out here to be a little bit heavy because we know the squirrels and birds are going to eat a little bit before it rains tomorrow you may end up walking it a couple of times actually I'd rather go over it twice on a small plot just take few minutes then actually we won't halfway through and go Boone's grant I'm out of seed hey we've wasted seed and it beats so thick the competition and none of the plants will do really well couple of tips I've just learned from years of experience or maybe not being too coordinated is I want to fill my cedar when I'm using these over-the-shoulder types eaters in the plot because we're gonna spill a little something seep out it goes where we wanted to grow right and the second thing is I've learned to bring this tub put the shoulder cedar in the tub that way when the bag falls over if I'm doing it by myself or some slips out it's in a tub but I can just take that tub and pour it in my see the handle goes in okay and I don't just set this open I kind of just keep my thumb on it now I can see if I'm putting too much enough and what you can do is open your fingers up and you feel it spreading out against your fingers all right because this coming up so fast it's hard to see so I just keep my thumb on here and I'll open the gate a little bit and you're feel on your belly right here feel that okay you can just feel it on your fingers going there and you're kind of you want a constant flow but you don't want it real heavy because we're gonna go one's gonna go back and forth one's gonna go this way you know cause up there but that way we get good coverage there you go remember you got cover the whole thing with half a bag so walk faster and keep turning [Music] an issue with small food plots especially those surrounded by large trees can beat a root zone it's easy to see a line where the summer food plot did much better and almost non-existent close to the timber that's because the roots are coming out from this heavy timber here and removing a lot of soil moistures called the root zone oftentimes big commercial farmers will have a shank or a root clip it's just a big tooth that pulls behind a massive tractor and their drive right along the edge and cut those roots from big trees that way they're not robbing moisture from their fields we and most food plot farmers don't have any equipment that big so we've got to make our hidey hole food plots or any food plot large enough compensate for the root zone another reason I don't prefer leaving trees in the middle of a food plot because all around that tree will be a root zone oftentimes 2030 feet if you leave several trees you could give up a significant percentage of that food plot to a dry area because the trees are pulling all the moisture away from the forage crops in the hidey hole food plot we just got to make sure we make them big enough so something one in the middle and the root zone doesn't reach in from both sides and rub all the moisture this time of year there's something cool happening at the proving grounds every day you want to keep up with what we got going on maybe glean some tips help you and your hunting check us out on Facebook Instagram or Twitter I really enjoyed visiting with my fellow hunters at Bass Pro but I got to tell you I also enjoy the times I get to be outside by myself and enjoy creation and more importantly some quiet time so I can slow down and listen to what the Creator is saying to me thanks for watching growingdeer food for the staging area and more but they're getting getting payback oh gosh you guys can't get anything there we go hope he shoot knows better than you feel horseflies right buddy oh I got him that time I hit him somewhere I did not I failed him well he's tough I failed him I think I saw him fly off buddy that's all I got that's like I made a good hit but there's nothing to be in a blood trail what that is [Music] capstone mortgage order Columbia Graduate School of Arts and Sciences.

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