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Completed capstone projects

Completed capstone projects capstone logistics new stanton pa phone number how to order thesis on voting for money ´╗┐hey youtube we've been here in Florida six days now moved from Illinois it was really hard to vlog to be honest because it was really really busy but we've made it last night we became Annual Pass holders at Disney World which once I said I was on that monorail as an annual pass holder coming in I could say we finally made it in the Florida and we're here for real you know so it was a really good feeling to be walking around last night and just just enjoy our time and didn't feel any pressure to do anything in the parks I mean we went on a few rides we went on a few rides we did a few things just enjoyed the evening didn't feel like vacationers having to get on every ride and having to do every activity and attraction everything it was just nice and knowing that we have all the time in the world to come here whenever we want we've just been unpacking I think we have about one box left cuz I'm waiting for some pegs for some shelving so I could finish that literally just one box and it's it's nothing important but we're done in five days we unpacked everything or subtle them the moving truck was like twenty one hundred dollars from u-haul and that included all the mileage in the days and I even returned it a few days early a little more gas and less mileage used but I didn't get reimbursed for anything it would have been nice but you know the water bills here required deposit electric bill requires deposit the deposits are a little steep they're a little a little too much if you ask me but it's okay you know it's Florida because everything else pays off in the end basically everything's gonna be cheaper there are no gas lines here coming from the North Chicago area I'm used to gas gas lines gas stove gas dryer nope everything is electric because of land here they don't do gas lines water and all that so no gas which is great that's one last bill oh I have to worry about I'm fine with so everything's in just electric cool you know got cable hooked up that's decent spectrum isn't the area if you're looking for cable if you're moving down here spectrum they're they're pretty good the Internet is amazing compared to AT&T at home to be honest um turn to think of what else I can talk about real quick I'll throw some videos and a few pictures here I took it'll be vertical videos so it might not be the best quality here on YouTube but I'll just throw them up there at the end of this video if you want to watch and you can watch them if not I mean it was traveling on the road Disney stuff like that this is just kind of a compilation video I'm gonna do from our move to Florida so now most of my moves my my videos I should say will be based on Florida but we love Florida right now I mean this is just amazing the weather has been amazing the area is amazing it feels like home I mean do I miss Chicago at all no I don't I don't miss the Illinois weather like I look back at the weather and check at you know on my apps and like yeah it's 20 degrees it's 30 degrees I'm glad I'm not there what we have been doing on a Friday night when it's 30 degrees sitting inside our house but we were walking around Disney World so I feel like we are doing a lot more activity here there's so many things to do so much to see just there's just so much in Florida and it's always nice weather so you're always able to get out it's not below zero where it's like okay I gotta be a hermit and I gotta I gotta sit inside my house all day I can't move for six months straight and gain on that you know extra pounds and just yeah it's not worth doing it and I'm glad I'm not doing it anymore I really am but I'm loving Florida I'm loving the house we got the rents cheaper I'm just and the discounts the Florida resident discounts let's talk about that Disneyworld okay a lot of people don't understand like if you if you are not a resident of Florida you will not see the discounts on Disneyworld now I'm can make payments on my pass hold my pass holder account and in for it it's based on two passes I got from my wife and I and they they divide it down 12 12 payments 12 months so it's not bad it's about a hundred dollars a month you know and I cut out my DirecTV so I hardly watch TV and now being in Florida we're pretty active how much time we're actually gonna be able to sit down and watch TV not very much so we're going TV list if we want to watch anything I guess will stream it or something I don't know I'm not worried about it really because I'm honestly loving Florida and loving being outside like every day I just want to get out I'm ready to go seven o'clock in the morning I'm outside I'm sitting on the front porch I'm just enjoying the weather just being outside go for a walk do whatever there's so many things that I want to do but you know the floor the Disney passes you get discounted it's not a huge discount but compared to everybody else it's a decent chunk of change I mean and then and then you get the the convenience of making payments if you'd like so you can't go wrong with that you know I did that at Six Flags Great America in Chicago I made payments every month and I did that for four years they've made a lot of money off me even when they're closed I'm making payments to a park when they're closed seven months out of the year kind of sucks but you know yes how you keep your your passes and keep the low price but all right I'm gonna end this here I'm gonna post some videos some pictures just little clips and stuff of the Move Disney World just to past six days that we've experienced coming to Florida if you're thinking about coming to Florida I'd highly recommend doing it it's it's amazing it's like nothing else that you all have experienced in your life especially if you're from north but please like and subscribe and I'm gonna put more videos up up Florida coming up hello in there up the ramp and down from the top of there holy scare me oh is it you you I put my deep freezer in here everything frozen and it's been sitting in the truck for two whole days and everything a solid brick a hole deep freezer filled with stuff and deep freeze frozen hot outside says the weather have the truck unloaded drove six hours this morning have a few things left it's really hot and I'm loving it my kids playing outside he's loving the outdoors my brother told me Illinois Chicago area I only got to 47 today do I miss it nope hello YouTube we had to take my wife's parents to the Tampa Airport for their flight out they helped us move I didn't do a lot of vlogging at all during the move but we moved to Florida we're here they stayed with us for a few days we did some unpacking getting some settling in took them to the Tampa Airport what's here in Tampa our favorite place Portillo's and if you're not from Chicago this is the holy grail of hotdogs and beeps and peppers sweet peppers on a beef man but that's what we got we got some beefs I'll show you here got a couple beefs to beef and a chocolate cake shake - if you've never had a chocolate cake shake their chocolate cake is amazing and the beeps are amazing with the sweet peppers and this is dipped so it gets the bread a little wet makes it nice and juicy and the taste is all there but Portillo's of Tampa it's a great place to go if you wanted a go at Chicago style hot dog or a beef and tasting it here it literally does taste exactly the same the whole process the drive-thru everything is exactly the same they do in Chicago area so if you are from Chicago and that's what you're missing out on it's right there in Tampa they got another one and I think Braden or Brandon or something which is I think another 15 minutes away from here so there's two locations in the Tampa area but definitely worth a try and especially if you haven't tried them you have to [Music] please stand clear of the door doesn't see how they know that I quit ladies and gentlemen boys and girls welcome aboard my role coral our next stop is the Magic Kingdom if you're standing please do not lean against those doors and please continue to hold onto the silver amaryllis the entire time the treat is a potion thank you that national thing there you go this has got to be the best feeling in the world when you're walking around Disney World and you're a resident annual pass holder I love it [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] you do my ndu capstone program SUNY University Centers.

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