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Chapters 4 7 sam capstone project 1a order

Chapters 4 7 sam capstone project 1a order capstone ventures llc for money skewness and kurtosis reporting tools ´╗┐hey guys it's sherry just to let you guys know I do have a Facebook page just Jerry Andre YouTube if you guys want to go and like it that would be great thanks hey guys it's Jerry and today today I have a fun video for you guys personally funded fun um anyways I am showing you guys what I got my cosmetology kit this semester I thought that would be fun and it's probably gonna be a really long video so I'm gonna try to make it as short as I possibly can because our kits are huge and they come with so many things so I definitely don't want this to be too long sorry my dog that's kind anyways but I thought it would be fun to show you guys what I got in my kit because I have so much subscribers didn't want to see it but this is also for people that are searching for what they get in their kit because I know when I was thinking about starting school I was searching on you to try to find videos of what you get in your kit because I was really excited if I wanted to find out this is the video so we're like from the Paul Mitchell schools and we don't have any of those schools around where I live we have one but it's actually we have two of my state that's it and the closest one is like three hours two hours away so I couldn't go there but those were the only videos that I could find like I couldn't find a lot of community colleges or other schools so I figured I would show you guys because I go to a community college for cosmetology and I'm pretty sure the kids are different depending where here at school but the brand of my kit is very Anna and then when I was watching these videos I was trying to find out what brand their kit was and like no one would ever say it so I'm just gonna put it out there at the Brandon's Mariana and I'll have a link down below as well so like I said this is a community college kit so it might be different from your community college or wherever you go splat who knows I guess they're all kind of different really but you thought further ado I will show you guys what I got my kids and I about doing this with any particular order I'm literally just gonna pull it out and I will also put in a Clinton pal to show you how big or like bag is like I cannot lift it it's so heavy we have to look at back to school everyday so I'm going to put a clip in now of everything together to show you how much we have okay so this is my bags and I have to take to school every day this bottle is actually where most of all except as I just showed you and it's huge and it's really heavy but it's actually like a roller style suitcase so that's great we can just roll it and then the bag right here I showed him my when I got for Christmas haul is where I keep all my mannequin heads and then this is my nail bag with my little section thing where I put my clips and stuff so yeah that is what I have to lug back and forth every day to school so that's exciting the first thing I got in my kit - but it's like a bucket bag has a drawstring on it like that I really know what this is for exactly but it came in her kid but there's like a backpack style or you can make it like a messenger bag but it comes with all my brushes in here I used it last night but I mean you just felt like tons of brushes like how do these appellees like - okay these are all the brushes they gave us - the one that I just dropped in the floor so you get all these I obviously don't even over to use all these some of them are kind of like duplicates and just like maybe smaller in inches and I've already like - so they have hair all of them from my mannequin this bag is actually just something I found at my house but these are like not even all the cones that we got so many packs of cones like different columns like we got it this is cool which I use a lot in multiples of those we got a teasing comb and then we got a lot of these cones and these but I even all of them like I have so many more like you're still coming here anymore my other bags so many calls that's pretty nice that we get a lot of extra stuff in case we lose it a lot of people like in the class in the class said that most of this stuff I don't think I'm really gonna lose it because I'm really good at keeping up with my stuff but apparently they lost most of their babies already so this is my hair dryer that I got and it's actually a really nice hair dryer obviously cuz I guess it's professional it's by the hot tools bread and it's light and quiet I don't know about light and it's kind of heavy and we've been having to hold it a lot like this which I find really strange but I'm getting used to it this attachment which is the only attachment I need so far we've been using this attachment to do with the blowouts that's what we've learned this week so that was pretty fun but they gave us tons of tons of her brats because there's four different hers that we have to learn in my classes so this box this container is filled with nothing but five coloring curve right and this is not all of them I have another container full widest drop what was mostly in this in my bag I ran out of room in my containers they have like five types of these that I still need to open other boxes fifties sixties they don't buy a mini connector like she like on Jackie Kennedy 20 other religions it also got just some are so curly guard you got that one and then we got to bigger one which I think this is an inch maybe they haven't used it so I'm kind of nervous to use these because I know that there's like a certain technique that it involves with the like TV and whatnot so you don't even know yet but I know these are called the Marcel Carlin arch because that is the guy that invented the curling iron so I knew that learned that in the first chapter this can't just can't with these two bags to like put the curling irons it's actually great because we also got a hair straightener which we funded the straightener I've used it once but it's like the best of my opinion is called by the battle is brand bevel is probe porcelain ceramic just a sleek black hair straightener I mean it's nice but I prefer my normal straightener doesn't that one like I tried it on my hair but I feel like no straightener I have works better so we also got this thing I'm not sure what this is yet someone told me it was a hair straightener it's really heavy so we haven't uses Jeff I was called I guess the golden supreme brand it looks like a comb but I think it has something to do with like a hot straightener like hot iron kind of thing but not electric I don't know if I'm right so if I'm wrong you can tell me in the comments oh I forgot about this little baby we also got a mini straightener which I'll probably never use um I have one now that is like five these are only three but there's like two more so we're water bottles this week for some reason um I haven't even use these at all yet so got water bottles and whatnot I got a hair coloring bottle which probably B's and sometimes dude because this week we also did highlighting and fooling and stuff so that was exciting but we can't use some probe colored yet so he's been using shaving cream and cholesterol so I'm excited to actually use real color oh this is the other attachment I did use this because when we did our relaxer we use this to straighten the hair out after it's wash rinse shampoo dinner itself and the next thing I pulled out is our case which I haven't even opened any of these like I've opened them out of the package but I haven't like unfolded them yet oh we just got like a whole bunch of different styles I'm assuming this one's for children because it's called it and we also have aprons which I haven't been voted yet either so just a whole bunch of different a you got some feathers styling razors which I have not open because we have not got two haircuts or anything like that I got this really nice clipper inside the wall brand which my husband's husband it will probably be excited to try this and even look better yet that's got some like extra blades and stuff on the senior to go with that that also came with like a mini one for like children I'm assuming something that I got some blades for that styling racer and then this is a plate disposable thing we'll just kind of eat crab I have a hairnet I have this a really cute timer that looks like a blow dryer so I thought this was super cute I haven't used this yet either these are extra of things that come with my mannequin stand which I'll show you guys in a second because I have no idea where that these right here as we'll leave our shears and combs maybe like a texturizing cheer and something and then these are actually no these are my shears okay so we got these and these are the shark fin shears it comes a little extra thing like group things I was even like I said we haven't opened any of this band-aid so that's kind of scary and like some instructions and then this is some professional shears oil think stuff like this so yeah I haven't even took these out because I don't want to mess with them until we're told to and like so I know what to do to this it's a one appointment book which is really cute I mean I probably want you because I believe we have like a certain piece of paper that we write down our stuff let me do clients in school so this is actually I really can't stand that we use the teachers have really nice ones with like a tray that catches like the hair and stuff that you've cut off and whatnot birds or just like the ones that you put like image get a table and these just stable and then this is like the extra pieces that we get because apparently these are really easy to break and then we got like four of these colored brushes and more columns so many phones have this type of cones I haven't even opened I think these are actually specialty columns I don't even know like what all the differences and then I got another pack this is the Mariana brand so in a RIAA that's the brand of the whole kit we got a little purple bags but this actually had like a color in Bowl another color and brush of it come with combs and flips and stuff but I've actually used some of that simple ready to do my own here um so that's actually means sanitized right now and then my teacher was nice enough to give me her purple bag because we've got all these flips that came to like plastic things when you throw away so she gave me her little bag to put my clips as well nice so I have most of my clips in here not all of them so the manicured stuff is stuff I'm not so excited about we got this bowl to put like your hands in and stuff when you soak your in but we had this little hit with like please our scissors files over to stuff haven't used it I got this bottle of instant hand flip there we got a base coat in the top coat this is actually cuticle yeah got this beautiful with a basin top coat red nail polish because red is the color that we have to use on the state board in and then this is our mannequin can I have it actually used this yet so I'm not really into the manicure/pedicure I did two minoccurs and pedicures once already and it was not my favorite and I had to do it on my birthday oh my god everything else in here just like Clippers these little brushes that I use I got this really nice good doctor its back the way open so I'm assuming this is so keep on your nail stuffing but we don't really have that much soap so my stuff all kitchen here and I'm assuming this is just like your nail design thing I put all my clips like that bill clips and like things like that and this so the kit comes with all this as well these are cold but I know that we use them for feet away jumping away from control and then just more clips like this like I said we haven't the only hope I'm useless with silver ones so far okay and lastly I'll show you guys a meeting okay so we also got three mannequins in our kit the first one is the ethnic one and I haven't really used her a lot because her hair falls out so easily and it's really annoying to clean up and even while you're working on it because it just comes out like in swamps in your hand and it drives me crazy so her hair is kind of the best but I haven't really touched her lately but I got her and her name is the opening she's miss Ginny so I was in the process of pulling her hair through a cat because they had to leave early apparently was sleeping but it wasn't really sleeping much so left early last night and I didn't get a chance to finish her hair but I was pulling her hair through her cat so I have to leave it like this but I've also got this one and she's supposed to be the brunette one and she's Miss American so got her and then first for some reason I didn't get a blond doll in my kit which is okay because I heard the blonde one was just as fat as the ethnic one where her hair is like really hard to work with and it falls out a lot but they actually gave me this one which she was really pretty because she had eyelashes but all her eyelashes had fallen off except for like the inner corners so that kind of sucks I haven't like pushed them like you just touch them and they thought it's really annoying but everyone was so excited when they see her because they never had seen a mannequin with eyelashes before so I'm assuming she was a mixup because our bookstore guide told us that she was not supposed to my kid because she's more expensive than the rest of them so that was the accident that on their part so honestly could keep her though but her hair is really nice to me right now it looks a mess because I just washed her hair out last night and let it air dry in the back so but yet her name is mrs. Jocelyn and I think she's supposed to be like Columbian or something like some kind of you know I don't like South American kind of hair I guess but yes she's really pretty drugged like some pouty face compared to the other ones but yeah these are my mannequins and that is everything your much chip I went there super best I feel like hopefully fast enough for this video so it's not too long I hope you guys enjoyed this I believe you found it interesting I have in love in school so far as if you guys don't like another video on what I've learned so far and how I've been doing it then tell me down below and I'll be happy to do that I was gonna kind of mention some of the stuff in this video but I feel like it's gonna be too long if I do that so if you guys want to see another video on that let me know oh I did want to mention that I'm going to Chicago next weekend or they are so kind of excited so if you guys have any like if any of you guys are from that area or you've been there before and he has like any uh like touristy things that you enjoy doing or just either things that you enjoyed I think we're gonna be staying in like the downtown area I'm not mistaken so just like comment down below like some things that you guys do while you're there if you have any suggestions that would be awesome so thanks for watching never get to like comment subscribe I do my ap capstone ap exam School of Law.

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