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Chapter 4 capstone project order

Chapter 4 capstone project order what is a capstone option for masters example of scientific essay conclusion ´╗┐hi everybody welcome to resistance live it's the 25th of April 28 teams my birthday I think everybody knows this already and that isn't stopping me from working my tail off but thank you all for joining me today I'm gonna celebrate my birthday tonight with Mexican and chocolate cake with my kids and it's a it's a mellow kind of day so so it's all good and a little bit a little bit of an announcement at the top of the broadcast you're gonna see a link many of you know that we've been running this incredibly awesome program the quality of the past participants is just booked that's a way call that rides an activist leader boot camp we've run it twice before once last fall once this spring and we have now decided that we're gonna revamp it and we're gonna run it again this summer starting June 1st but there it's gonna be different and there's gonna be three different pricing tiers because we had some comments from a few of you that you really wanted an access point that was much more affordable than what we were doing it at before so there's gonna be three different pricing tiers or three different versions of content lots to share about that but we're doing a free webinar on how to use your voice for change and that will also discuss the rise program as revamped on Friday so if you want to sign up for that free webinar it's 2 p.m. Eastern on Friday and the link is in at the top of this broadcast right up there ok um alright so it's been you know I just want to reiterate this it's been a slow news week so far in quite a number of ways and it continues to be you know here we are on Wednesday without any massive breaking news at the moment French president Emmanuel macron while we speak is addressing Congress I've already had text from a few of you that you're crying which is not surprising because he's talking about the importance of American democracy in the preservation of it and the role that America has played in the past and in international relations and leading the way and here we are in the chaos of the Trump administration and why would we not grieve that so he's there you know y'all can watch the comparative mens beams between McCrone and his wife and Melania and Donald or something to see on Twitter if you would care to support of them but in any event that's happening we also had a little bit of breaking news on OMB director Mick Mulvaney in the last 24 hours which you all should be aware of where he basically made a statement that he was giving highest priority to people who'd given money to the Trump campaign that by the way is illegal it also smacks of corruption but it's actually illegal and so that is another interesting little layer of the mass corruption that we've already seen in this administration you know with everything else that we're dealing with at the moment between the VA nomination that's now probably tanked and Scott Pruett over and over and over and over and over and over and over again and there was a whole big piece on Morning Joe this morning which many of you may have seen about the fact that it doesn't really appear not that this is any big surprise that there's been any segregation between Trump and his businesses since he ascended to the presidency there was also a note by the way that Don Jr and Eric are supposed to be running those businesses and all they ever do is tweet about politics so who knows what the hell is happening there but nonetheless the Mulvaney comment is also something to watch because it opens yet another avenue for potential investigation okay two big bits of legal news that you all should be aware of today the hearing in Michael Cohen's document investigation remember this is the one that is being overseen by judge Kimball wood who in the past was considered for the Supreme Court it's pending here in the Southern District of New York this is the investigation being run out of the US Attorney's Office here in New York there was supposed to be a hearing in May about the potential appointment of a special master wish all of a sudden it's happening tomorrow at noon and some of you asked the question about why well courts schedules change like let me just say that there's nothing unusual about a court altering a calendar for a particular hearing or a particular motion the one thing I will say is that bumping it up a little bit does seem to be an indication that there's some urgency here and attempting to process the materials and so we'll see what happens in you know at that point it does look the tea leaves tea leaf readers are looking at this as if it appears that there will be a special master appointed if you remember from back when we had the hearing a couple of weeks ago on this I talked through the difference between say a special master and the taint team doing a review of these materials for attorney-client privilege the hearing tomorrow is on how the discovery should proceed given the attorney-client privilege issues raised by Michael Cohen if a special master is appointed that is an independent individual a lawyer sometimes it's a passed judge sometimes you know this is also done through magistrate's who actually sit on the US the US district courts but this appears to be a special master appointment which is something slightly different nonetheless the same standards are going to apply the Special Master is going to review the documents figure out whether or not a given document actually a subject to attorney-client privilege or for that matter or potentially subject to an exception to the attorney-client privilege like the crime fraud exception we talked through in great detail when we talked about this a couple of weeks ago so God is one to watch for tomorrow and once again downtown Manhattan's gonna be crazy but we'll have to see what the outcome of that will be it sounds as though judge wood wants to move quickly on this and I'm sure that the US Attorney's Office really wants to move quickly on this I'm sure Michael Cohen would appear would prefer that it all sat in purgatory for suppose it was possible but we'll see so that's happening tomorrow the other bit of news that broke yesterday which is worth noting is that it was disclosed that call me Jim Comey has hired Pat Fitzgerald as his attorney and I posted on the feed last night this was a very big deal and then didn't clarify so I apologize for that to all of you because I know you all hate it when my legal mind gets ahead of my my fingers when I'm typing but the thing you should know about this is that Fitzgerald was appointed as the Special Counsel to investigate the Valerie Plame leak that sent Scooter Libby to prison so there's it's a little bit weird because the other thing that's strange about this is that Comey apparently hired him like literally right after he was fired so Fitzgerald has been representing Jim Comey for like a year which is pretty astonishing without us knowing that that's the case now Fitzgerald works for a a world famous law firm called Skadden Arps it's you know like one of the top five law firms in the world and it's enormous and you know has a vast book of business it's also you know rumored to be one of the hardest places to work ever if you're an attorney but Pat Fitzgerald works for Skadden Arps and he also now has been retained or was retained a year ago by Jim Comey the thing that's a little bit weird about this surgically is just that it looks to be a little bit of a cat-and-mouse game right because Jim called me now has somebody working for him who was previously in charge of an investigation into leaking and lying to the FBI by the Bush administration and so there's some very strange political dynamics going on behind the scenes here the one thing that is good about it is that from the standpoint of what's happening inside the the ongoing investigation by robert muller and any potential impact it may have on Jim Comey one way or another not that he is a subject or a target of that investigation but he certainly is a witness to obstruction of justice and that aspect of the investigation he we now know that he has a lawyer on his team who knows basically more about how a Special Counsel investigation works into corruption or other criminal violations by an executive branch than anybody but let's say Robert Muller and potentially Ken Starr who I'm way not a fan of so it's a very smart hire on his part it also by the way is a little bit of a finger flipping to the President and that's also just worth noting right like I mean this wasn't the case a year ago what you know I mean it or maybe it was who knows but it wasn't case a year ago when Jim Comey hired Fitzgerald to represent him that the president couldn't find adequate legal representation but it's certainly the case now and you would ordinarily think that if the president was a target of an investigation or a subject of an investigation by Robert Miller he would want to hire somebody like Pat Fitzgerald which he now can't do because Pat Fitzgerald is conflicted because he represents Jim Comey who's a witness in that investigation so it's all quite astonishing politically and legally and very smart on Jim Comey's part to have done that and we'll see what the impact of that happens to be down the road but I mean it's a higher I would make if I was in Jim Comey's position so it's it's it's pretty pretty astonishing all right so that's where we are today you know obviously we're gonna see what happens to would hearing tomorrow but I will remind you all one other thing here which is this as always when it's this quiet it's usually because there's a really big thunderstorm coming down the pike from Robert Muller and I stating that there's there's thunder and lightning comin in in new and louder waves and we have ever seen it before before too long just will add you know the pressure on Michael Cohen right now is like sky high so you know indictments they may not even need the documents they've got already by the way because we know they were tapping his phone's so we'll see what happens fingers crossed more indictments coming I'm knocking on wood and it's my birthday so I'm gonna let you all go and say have a wonderful Wednesday I'll talk to all of you tomorrow regular time and do what you should do when it's quiet which is take a break and get some ease and take a nap and go for a walk and play with your animals and you know play with your kids and relax because this is as quiet as it's been for quite some time like I don't remember the last time we had three days that were this quiet okay lots of love bye capstone development services llc order Grey Nuns.

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