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Change default page color onenote for money do my research on interpersonal communication looking for someone to do literature review on cheating for money ´╗┐oh yeah at the top of his list I would say like probably probably up three yeah it's exactly as you say but game 1ag let's get into it it's gonna be FD an its aging interesting strike but I really like it for every reason for both these characters I think sorry faint manly charging up their resources between needles and Shadow Ball obviously is gonna be really good on FD just kinda control stage with the projectiles but cool it's aren't enough nice for throw-in to bounce up into the classic the kool-aid regardless and percent he's gonna go for it and thankfully for all of us involved it does connect now a lot of fighting against Mewtwo is getting around his neutral a lot of his neutral revolves around that NER it's so active he could fade away with it make it safe cross up shields good mix ups between you know Nair and Shadow Ball woo okay okay okay STX but initially think about Mewtwo's is he's so horizontal so one of the reasons I like update for this and you can see it in all these commas STX is putting together he's just bring kool aid along one side to the other do it if there's one character we can do that to ya got me Sheik man you know for tilt forward to air just carry across the stage for bouncing fish both these characters right now this is like a very pivotal moment because you know ASCs on the ledge both of them are getting towards like KO percentage suit letter characters right here AG hmm here we go you know a lot of you two players quoted as saying he doesn't have a very good disadvantage I think we're seeing it in action here true just kind of stuck at the ledge for a while cool a table attack on some percent but still honestly a little bit of a deficit yeah absolutely man I mean it's just it's good to just keep them in the disadvantage he still has a big hurt box he's the lighter character glass cannon Oh grab down throw Oh stoic Oh STX yeah crazy stuff finally getting the shadow claw so taking the first stock I really like that Shadow Ball actually like poison kool-aid that back onto the ledge and then caching it on getting a KO very nice stuff look at STX stacking it up Buffalo coming to life in the crowd 26% all from one straight hit man bringing it all the way stuck at the ledge again but you've been mixing up with the command grab and some crazy movement oh wait wait right back what's what STX it should not be seeing you oh my god oh the FD pick we're gonna for kool-aid just barely that was yeah that's the egg but bouncing fish okay okay yeah okay how the turntables exactly actually you know new charges needles takes the time gets a nice little combo you said Karen Costa coast but STX is not trying to have any of it landing that fair trying to end cool late last stock here in this game one I was some good pressure buoy that's the X finite way out missing that channel bulb and putting the pressure back on with the nears the jabs I meant so creative I love watching him turn these hits into combos so great if both these players actually super creative with their combos and like you said their movement like the way their turnarounds at both these players I've had with their characters been immaculate and really helping each other out they're helping themselves up definitely every X go back in the ledge every little movement matters so much STX bindings way up the ledge very good stuff kool-aid though not done applying the pressure quite yet definite still on the hunt only 48 percent but he is taking the hits when he can not getting too greedy just put the pressure on so far he's stacking it up in 56 percent already drinks that's a reach that's a reach right there not eating the biggest punished for it though oh but you know what that'll do it I'll do it I mean fair vs. fair combat these are to the best fares in the game yeah I take you choose though is so good it's so seriously man it's definitely up there in terms of best fares in the game and you just see SDX use the right there close out that game you know and it's interesting to hear you see STX definitely a younger player him stepping up against veteran of they're very big veteran in this game who have been around since the brawl era nasty pit back and brawl now he kind of found his home with Sheik the Buffalo guys can you hear Buffalo right now awaken nuts and then one very loud let's go kool-aid from glare as he walks through the venue your venture yeah they are so we got Mars and grants yeah hug light and Kuwait all losers yeah so knowing them take it over a little bit but both SDX and Salem trying to steal turn them away from New England so far SDX is doing just that from Cooley taking that game one zoomy run back to FD I feel about this one AG I still like it for both characters I think it worked out a lot for kool-aid he was honestly pretty good in the defensive front he didn't get hit by a lot of too many crazy things it was really just him trying to steal the stocks and he wasn't really able to do it but these combos are still working out for him just fine like you said man no interference with the platform is a nice longer stage in order for kool-aid to carry SDX across the stage whoa like it to be it's who's always use that that route back here good doing that one throws it back at him like the whole full bot enchilada yeah oh yeah out there carry dude I like this equals he's getting creative like he's makes you have the timing on it quits not ready for those do you exactly you know if you're watching out for fear the up-arrow I catch you off guard every time but story Allah sent me an STX stuck at the ledge like he doesn't really mind it though he looks comfortable every time right nightmare Wow what's cool man DX I'm telling you but not gonna take it yet go wait at the ledge now it's crazy because I feel like oh you know what this lab monster right now SDX holding on with the rage taking the first stock we'll be seeing you cool it's got a climb his way out of a hole again the stock deficit looked him straight in the eyes who it was not ready he would do that Oh in the diamond cutter Apollo retaliation kool-aid I'm saying you know I'm not done man I'm not done didn't even take a percent use it right back up let's see how this last stock goes man Cooley get a little better in the defensive front sort of knowing what options SDX is gonna go on the offense but great stuff man wow thanks the Baron now machine couid actually off stage in the disadvantage but we'll do a lot with that I mean she obviously has a few oh my god wait he was in the air yeah he was in the air why would you do that tomahawk I don't know well I don't know man another fair knocking kool-aid off at 81% on the Anzu SDX needs to calm down okay cut Buffalo get your man just Buffalo needed SDX 20s DX is that what's going on right now with this Mewtwo I'm not sure yeah well he's doing minis trying to find an answer and trying to find it anywhere Buffalo right now SDX in this losers top eight he's play a five sets needs 500 right now three 300 against player crushed him so far m2o against kool-aid kool-aid perhaps gonna switch switch up the color and shoot maybe that'll help a little bit I don't know man these have been close game so a tree I gotta say I guess all things considered that want that last one pretty STX here with that first one anyone's game for sure we're gonna see how this third one goes maybe a fourth one on town city finally little change of scenery say yeah maybe you know different stage could help pull it out a little bit but this beauty was so oppressive so creative and you know he does SDX okay those foot which are shadow ball right hits you with a minute that's a good start as of YouTube but I like the way he hesitates like he's always waiting a second and then reacting to stuff and hitting people for it like he's just really creative plant man like I said you know we're the SDS fanclub right now exactly right but other side of the coin man that patented aggression from Kool Aid and him 50% as he put that combo together chefs the Blanco man I love that face I was a wacky face to the background hey G yo dude kool-aid also creative man go with the F tilde or combo rings STX to the right hand side trying to find some stage but Julie's not given to him we go again another pivotal moment in this match and the board arrow will be senior D is with combo serve on the grace of grace yeah get a scoop anyway there's a sail over there we couldn't try to find a scoop I woulda been sick book right right he'll take the fair though I don't that side me that's the extra ledge see if we can get the stock off he's been really good at answering the stocks honestly but wow wow I mean the pressure pro Wow good job bear - cool nice dude brave is the word yeah bold brave anything dude would reach with the fair first pretty I stopped stage from beat help Mary I've ever seen one Oh down to do these foul logs these conversions up here has been so good yeah right for sure it's just like so many of you that's it head that was like dude it really just happened like that but the fact that SDX is looking at the game that way is crazy so good dude nice up here to get back in here by the second second one also the power shield to judo that's a reaction time that's young man reaction time pretty all right let's see big grab here what do we got down throw into oh okay dude that's the thing too is SDX he's not feeling any pressure to come back to the stage like he's just taking his time with it Oh scroll around it's that good movement though sneaks in that back here takes up for a stock 81% STX prayin put that up smash this pressure right on the corner to bunch of nares moving weaving in and out can't believe sheiks merrily just 3% right way I mean it deserves it but always surprising Wow cool a going with the needles but still put the pressure on to let he's been so good but STX is so good at getting off of it sometimes it's with the fair dude that's how we did it last game - and another fair over the ledge nice job by STX getting out of a bad situation Wow Wow harsh on the shield is that it no oh they fist bump oh they first plate this plate a fist bump oh yeah that's the extra threw his hands up like oh my bad someone getting DQ'd they're gonna keep playing it out obviously okay fourth row four cool win no down there what a response from STX now they get the official fist bump so we have 300 STX six Mon so far on this top eight eight GS gonna be moving on into top four yeah crazy stuff man especially when you see the rest of the bracket the names I mean like I said I would do my ieee paper on concrete technology Suffolk County Community College.

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