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Carleton university capstone project cheap

Carleton university capstone project cheap do my ati testing capstone harker heights water quality report baton ´╗┐hi my name is Kate Ellis and and the author of 20 crime novels most of which feature my hard-working detective di Wesley Peterson one of the greatest pleasures of my job is research and my exploration of history and human nature takes me to some exciting strange and rather unexpected places when I first began my career I found it hard to decide whether to set my books in the past or the present day I've always had a real passion for history Don the other hand I wanted to write about today's society of what drives people to commit the ultimate crime taking the life of another human being now when I started work on my first novel the merchants house I wanted to send to my plot around the terrible dynamic with many murderous possibilities and the subjects so intrigued me that for a while I was prepared to abandon my interest in history to write about the contemporary world then I had an idea why not have two narratives well in the past and walking the present after all the problem I was writing about was as relevant to the people of the 17th century as it is today so I began to weave two stories together a modern-day murder investigation and a 17th century crime revealed in the diary of an epidemic merchants to my life denied it worked well and in all of my wife repeatedly books since I've used historical and contemporary cases entwined together long story reflecting the other old sins and new I enjoy the challenge of using a different period of history in each book in my recent book The Jackal Man I researched the bizarre world Egyptology and my latest book the cadaver game was inspired when I came across the tale of a sinister manhunt in the early 19th century to me history's full of inspiration the author LP Hartley famously wrote the past is a foreign country they do things differently their justice altogether true in the course of my research I've made some surprising discoveries now I'm not going to argue that the past wasn't a very different place than the present but we do tend to think that the dilemmas and preoccupations of the modern world are entirely new and that we are the first generation to experience them but how things really change much through the ages let's consider a few examples and one feature of modern life is the condensation culture think of all those adverts on telly saying that you if you've had an accident within the past five years you might be in $22,800 in the states but we might be surprised to know that it's please the Derby on would have been worked when st. Augustine first landed in Kent in 597 ad he persuaded King Ethelbert to write down his laws laws which contained a great deal of detail about compensation if someone broke your arm for instance the compensation due to you would be six shillings six hundred pounds in today's money the loss of a fortress 50 shillings five thousand pounds and the the loss of an eye and so on we still put monetary value on injuries today in the seventh seventh well after the 7/7 bombings a broken leg was valued at 3,300 pounds the total paralysis of brain injury at quarter per million pounds and we complain today about the burgeoning culture of surveillance apparently they're about 40 million CCTV cameras watching our every move today but back in the 11th century William the Conqueror used every means in his power to exert control over this population we sent out his agents to compile the Domesday book detailing every community in England every person and their possessions this was an exercise in state control on a national level to ensure that he could squeeze every penny out of taxes out of the English now almost a thousand years later we worry again about what information is staying hassanis and how will be used now how the norms in two beloved CCTV cameras throughout the ages that be privileged people have abused their position of power bracelet in the Middle Ages the great Cistercian monasteries North Yorkshire which becomes communities of prayer and simple poverty my journey became commotion corporations profits of sheep farming and mining archaeologists excavating monastic scientists often find that the skeletons of ditch skeletal deformity caused by overeating if we were to travel back in time to 18th century London we might come across a report written in 1751 by Henry Fielding he's the author of Tom Jones he also the founder of the boat speed runners this surf report was entitled an inquiry into the causes of the late increase in robbers fielding encountered all those crimes we know today robbery theft rape murder criminal gangs and organized crime and back in the 15th century things were no better in the 1450s the lady for Margaret pest and wrote that I have never heard say of so much robbery and manslaughter in this country as is narrow in Margaret's letters there are many references to robbers breaking into houses and unboxing unwary travelers in the letter of 1461 she warns her husband beware how you ride or go for naughty and evil disposed fellowships and she added God for His mercy send us a good world interesting there professor from st. Andrews University has discovered that hoodies are nothing new they were very much in favour in with 12th century juvenile delinquents teenage apprentices it seems were the scourge of London back then violent lawless and away from parental control they often rioted and made trouble and they used their we've tops to conceal their identity research at history throws light on the nature of the human condition we share many of the preoccupations of our ancestors we can feel the resentment of the anglo-saxon but if you master than last as the Normans come to collect details of his personal life and possessions for winning the conquerors do Domesday book and we can empathize with margaret partly custom when she worries about her husband being attacked on the journey we know how the 18th century London are feels as he picks his way past threatening jinsana trunks on the streets playing desperately not to attract the attention of all those ruffians and robbers hiding in the shadows I consider the job of a crime writer is to examine human nature and human frailty something that let's face it hasn't changed at all over the centuries the same old instincts of avarice lust hatred love jealousy and resentment apply as much today as I've always done eating the weakling the wicked to commit that ultimate crime murder now leaving the past behind for a moment I also do a good deal of research into present-day life there are the technicalities of course the latest developments in policing forensic science and cybercrime I also need a working knowledge of poisons which to Michael Smith discuss and various causes of death but I never lose sight of the fact that most trials are by their nature mysteries my culprit has to keep everyone fooled until that final trip now physical masks provide our identity when we're doing something bad but what about the sort of months as we can't see over the sanctuaries wrongdoers have hidden behind another sort of must fall together an invisible mass the mask of innocence my Shakespeare's Hamlet famously Besson said the devil hath power to assume a pleasing shape in our modern age with its technological advances offices offers many opportunities for the devilish to get one over on the unsuspecting the internet affords its users a degree of anonymity unthinkable in the days before mass electronic communication there been many cases and people hiding behind a created online identity how easy it must be fitted for a potential predator to use the mask of the internet conceal its true intentions there are lots of online cons taking in the lonely trusting and vulnerable something the police regard as a major problem is internet grooming a predatory middle-aged man often pretends to be an attractive boy who strikes up a relationship with an innocent teenager of his purported own age in what particularly disturbing case the perpetrator actually turned up at the girl's house pretending to be the fictitious for his father saying he was going to take her to a meeting she'd arranged with his son the girl trusted him because his mask Bertha's nice teenage boy and caring father to be so convincing and afraid to say the result was tragic there have always been people prepared to employ an innocent for solar to conceal their true natures that's the con man who plays the part of the helpful tradesman or concerned passerby to prey on the elderly or vulnerable or indeed any of us might be fooled at the wrongdoers mask it's constructed well enough then there is the man or woman who uses the mask of innocence to commit the ultimate crime murder we see particularly intrigued by murderers who present an unimpeachable face to the world somehow both in real life mean crime fiction these mask wearers see far more fascinating than the obvious gangster will bill and where what you see is what you get what about Winton the gender known before the advent of feminism of the fair sex we have to face the fact that should an attractive woman for even a comfortably maternal woman commit a heinous crime society tends to regard her more harshly than her male counterpart she's smushed society's expectation that women are protective nurturers they're naturally gentle and they give life rather than take it society regards women like the Moors murderer Meyer in England and Rose West the female top half of the giro who committed the infamous Cromwell Street murders as monsters monsters have used the mask of their femininity to lure their victims to a the public has always been particularly fascinated by a murderer who is not what he or she seems to be and what case that has engaged us consistently since the later years of the 19th century is that of the Whitechapel murders who was Jack the Ripper quite an industry's grown up around that intriguing question and I'm sure the enduring interest in the case is because the killer was often said to be someone who led a highly respectable life by day and became a depraved monster who cut prostitutes to pieces by night another more interesting suspect Sabine Queen Victoria's grandson the Duke of Clarence but Her Majesty's own physician in ordinary Sir William with a girl the idea that the Whitechapel murderer was a highborn gentleman has proved dingy or mainly popular however Jack's intimate knowledge of the watchable area and his ability to disappear at will after the killings suggests that rather disappointed clearly he was far more likely to have been a local man that abiding image of the top bottom top lurking in the foggy shadows of Whitechapel and running rings around the police seems so much more appealing than the alternative solution of Jack being just some soldier or sailor or laborer with a grudge against the oldest profession perhaps this desire we have for Jack the Ripper to have been a respectable member of society as reflected in a fictional story which caught the public imagination but it was first published back in 1986 the dr. Jekyll and mr. Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson we have a doctor of impeccable character which transformed into mystified a murderous misanthropic monster it's so easy for the Unified to lurk behind Jekyll's amiable persona a better example is the in savory reality that may lie behind the mask of respectability and talking of doctors it's quite amazing that's in the history of crime and criminals there have been so many in that caring healing profession who ended up in the doc charged with murder in fact in my novel the flesh Taylor that's an archaic term for surgeon by the way my detective Wesley Peterson examines a fictional web website called murderous medics and finds it surprisingly fruitful now we all know the name of dr. Hawley Harvey Crippen a mild-mannered and staid American doctor who after indulging is overblown extravagant white corers ambitions to be a musical artist poisoned to the cria scene cut up a body buried her in his cellar before absconded with his mistress it's hard to contemplate a more death silent seemingly harmless man than cricket maybe many other doctors who used them the masks of their professional innocents to gain their victims trust then eventually just a few of them there was dr. John bodkin Adams and he spawned GP with a reputedly column in bedside manner who benefited financially from the suspicious deaths of several of his patients back in the 1950s he was tried for murder in 1957 but because of the brilliance his defense from the court and there was dr. Bock Roxton a highly respected GP up in Lancaster was known to waive his fees if he thought his patients can't afford to pay this time a bright and respectable medical man strangled his wife and he did percent of the housemates prevent her discovering his crime he dismembered them mutilated their bodies before dumping them in a stream he was arrested for the crime in 1935 so notorious if this place become the children of this day set this verse to the tune of Red Sails in the sunset and I promise you I'm not going to sink red stains on the carpet red stains on the knife Oh dr. Bock Ruston you've murdered your wife then marry she saw him you thought she would tell so dr. buck Ruxton you killed her as well however the most notable murderous doctor of recent years has dr. Harold Shipman a well liked and trusted family doctor he turned out to be one of the most prolific serial killers in global history with 215 murders ascribed to them although the real numbers undoubtedly higher dr. Shipman's patients loved him and like dr. Botkin Adams and dr. buck Ruxton before he was regarded as a good and caring man again the mass is brought into play benign exterior writing a terrible truth as wrongdoers so often hide behind the mask of innocence in real life it's hardly surprising that this kind of deception is used frequently in crime fiction indeed a whodunit would hardly be a whodunit without a stunning surprise at the end after all if everything was just as it seemed that'd be no mystery it's the masking of the murderer that provides the explosive climax in that final chapter so why does this leave us is so comfortable fact that a villain might wear a smiling an innocent face might be carrying them all none of her horrendous crimes when we're looking elsewhere the culprit the mask of innocence is the reason we tell our children not to talk to kind strangers very sweets this is why we are instruct our elderly parents not to admit that nice helpful man of course at the door offering to do them a Baberaham in their room this is why in this day and age and no doubt in other any other here or two we can't fully trust offer them an fiction reflects life in crime fiction as in life not what they seem to be on the surface sir to conclude my research takes me to some fascinating places to the past and to the present the innermost workings of society and human nature that is why for me writing crime fiction is simply the best job in the world ched capstone project format Queensborough Community College, Bayside, Queens.

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