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Capstone wasilla fax number order

Capstone wasilla fax number order howard university capstone 2016 for money 1 minute presentation video format ´╗┐remind her the following video is made for educational purposes by adult medical marijuana patients in California if you are underage or this somewhere where medical marijuana and/or marijuana are illegal do not try this at home what's happening jokes here from D one and only nugget recom backing out the house real quick before I get my day started I want to make a video answer a question today gonna be a bitty pretty busy day today and I don't have a lot of time to be at the house so I figured fuck it I'll film in the car since I'm gonna be in the car a lot today I really tried to do this by myself I made a video like this once before with l-dog and it worked out well but he had he was sitting over here next to me with the camera between his legs he can handle the shaking and shit like that the question that I wanted to answer is when I get asked often and that is excuse me if do I smoke any flowers anymore or if not will I ever go back to smoking flowers and I gotta be honest with you guys I don't right now no I'm not smoking anything but concentrates reason for that is basically like I said before I smoke to get high so the buzz is is much stronger faster and lasts longer with concentrates so that's kind of what I'm fuckin with when it comes to I'm not the kind of person you know I'm never say never that's something that I do believe you see if I hold on to this right here sorry about the shaking guys like I said this is kind of an experimental angle I'm going to you know Never Say Never but I don't know why I see no reason why I would go back to smoking flowers when concentrates are working so well for me at the moment that's it I mean my tolerance is pretty high so if I make the the jump back to flowers it's going that there's going to have to be some sort of tolerance break in between I don't have any you know desire to take a extended tolerance break right now and even let's say I did take a tolerance break got my tolerance level down and then I go back to smoking flowers let's say I think a tolerance break that lasts probably I don't know two weeks three weeks after that tolerance break I go back to I go back to smoking flowers no concentrates even if I was just smoking flowers I'm going to be craving the level of stone that I'm used to or have gotten used to acquiring over the last however many years when I sit down and get high when I sit down and dab so I feel like I'm going to be smoking so much flowers and company constantly chasing that high that eventually I'm going to have to go back to dabbing or add some sort of concentrate to my to the to the to the to the circulation to the roundups sorry I had some crazy shit going on over here that's gonna happen from time to time when and when I'm filming in the cars I'm gonna get distracted here and there now I'm gonna have to add some some concentrations to the rotation eventually I would imagine because just like before my tolerance is gonna get my tolerance to flowers is going to get to a point where it's it's not going to be realistic for me to just smoke flowers and still get high so I don't know I don't know I can't what do you guys think I mean what's what in your guys's opinions what would be a good reason to switch from Strictly concentrates back to flowers if you had all the good concentrates that you want which I do right now I'm heading over to the lounge fire department the old lounge we still have that building I'm not sure what we're gonna do with it I'm gonna go right now I check a couple things out it rained probably should I don't know four nights ago five nights ago out of the blue during the middle of the night apparently there was a leak that some damage to the ceiling tiles so I'm gonna go check that out after that I got to go to auto divert office I'm heading over there I got to drop off a whole bunch of shadow we're gonna melt that down we've got some new killer concentrate so I've got to drop off nature's lab got to drop off West Coast cure I got to drop off then I got to head down to the printer we're moving some of the work some of the some of the auto divert work that I get done at one printer I'm moving it over to a new printer just because it's always good to have backups so I got to go to a vine see the printer we're gonna do a new block so I can't talk too much about the new Auto divert box yet because that's still under wraps and then after that I'm heading from Irvine to Anaheim I got to go to the bank take care of bullshit at the bank after that I'm coming back to Santa Anna I've got another wax meeting I'm going to be looking at what the hell's the name of it I got it some samples what the fuck's that called Heisenberg Heisenberg extracts from San Diego I gotta check some of their shit out and after that I am gonna go to the playground which is a restaurant here in Santa Ana that I have recently fell in love with and I'm gonna fuck up some of their desserts because they are fucking on fire come on guys really really Jesus Christ you really get surprised you should have to pay to have a license you really should more than you already have to we got some retards in my way the neighborhood over here in Santa Ana where the old fire department is the old school neighborhoods got some of the most killer trees tree-lined boulevards if you will of any residential street I've ever seen in Orange County I ran kind of a fucked up near it I get shot over here but it looked good be a peaceful death I got a run in to take care of some shit I'll be right back okay I'm back what's happening done with this shit her almost backed into a Hummer right now that would have been bad another question I've been getting lately is when is the first time I ever smoked hash not wax just hash and oh I've been kind of racking my brain and I've got a few different memories that are kind of spinning around in my head and I'm having a hard time figuring out which one happened first but I think and I might have told this story before but I think this is the first time I ever smoked hash was in high school my friend Rudy who I talked about yesterday my other video he was working at a shoe repair place in rowland heights that's kind of his his part-time job after school I was called Harvey's shoe repair and Harvey's on a side note man this place is crazy horny horny Harvey Hardin is what Rudy used to refer to a mess because this buck in the owner of the shoe repair place in the back where customers couldn't see where was just staff the walls were plastered with fucking Playboy and penthouse centerfold and there's all kinds of crazy porn magazines all over the back fucking nuts but anyways hanging out with Rudy and the good thing about it though is it's Harvey didn't mind if we got baked and as you can imagine shoe repair it's not like you're fucking seeing 100 customers a day so he would get bored as shit and I would hang out I would come over we get baked in the back in the shoe repair place I was going out to my car one time to grab my pipe on the way back in this cat stopped me in the parking lot and said he had some hash from Amsterdam yet the amsterdam came back he was supposed to do him it's not off with a story or not sound like a story at the time I'm supposed to do some deal when he came back and it fell through and yada yada yeah I know he's stuck with a bunch of hash and he needs to unload it a low price do I want to buy any hash some random head in fucking probably 1990 hit me up in a parking lot which was very very uncommon but me being the fucking stoner that I am I wanted to smoke some hash I told him yeah cruise into the fucking shoe repair place so he comes in he breaks out of Patty it was just a regular dark fucking you know European hash look good smell good for the fur at the time and I don't know remember how much we bought weeks through it like a 20 or something like that and bought a little bit of a little a little challenge from the dude he split we smoked it I went out to the car after we smoked it to get something I forget what I went out to do get something to eat or grab something else out the car put something back in the car whatever oh shit I fucking panicked right now I forgot my car was in Eco mode shit off fucking eco mode stops the car at stop sign so you don't waste gas but fucking heart stop right there anyways I'm on my way back in from the fucking car going back into the shoe repair place and I get one of the biggest head rushes I've ever had in my life spinning fuck I can make it I can make it and share enough well sure enough nope not gonna make it I had to fucking sit down in the middle of the goddamn parking lot kind of fucking blacked out for a second and then when shit came back I was fucking surrounded by people who were all concerned wanting to know if I needed an ambulance and shit like that I just had a big-ass smile on my face it was rad I don't know what I don't know if it was Nepalese or fucking Moroccan or whatever that shit is that they fucking we're cranking out in mass probably still are cranking out in mass we just don't see as much of it over here in Southern California but that was some of the first hash I ever smoked and the way we smoked it is we just had a bowl we bucket pack the bowl half way stuck some hash in there pack some weed on top of that and that's how I smoke cash for the first time and it's one of the most memorable stoner experiences that I have I just can't remember the exact timeframe in which it took place which is a testament to the fuckin strength of the hash whoa whoa what's going on here shit's moving fucking retards man sometimes you just gotta speed up a little bit and free yourself from the pack of fluster seems like fucking people like people who don't have the best driving skills like to drive next to other people who don't have very good driving skills stay in little clustered packs that way they're fucking limited skills don't stand out that's my opinion I can't help I can't hang in that pack I got a fucking break free get out there one of the lexus over here's got the fucking new black and yellow california license plate looks fucking sick damn I need plates like that if I had plates on my car that beast downshifting love the sound of a fucking turbocharged v8 ok got everything done an auto Debra right now I was gonna head to the bank but I realized I don't have my fucking deposit with me heading back to the house I've adjusted the camera mount so hopefully you guys will have a little bit more stable ride with me right here while we're cruising it's kind of hard to set that up when I originally set up the camera I set it up in my garage I wasn't able to go around to the other side of the car I just kind of climbed in through the driver's side right now I got in there good and kind of set it up so hopefully it's it's if not perfect just minorly wobbly it's light as shit in here though turning down the music so you guys can't hear the music you know YouTube doesn't like that okay looks like the cameras a lot more stable than it was prior to my new fix what's up I'm gonna pull out right here step on the gas a little bit and we'll see how wobbly it gets check this out how deadly I will admit I fuckin whoa whoa whoa fucking crazy toothless chick right on the fucking Street I need to get a front-facing camera so I can splice the footage together so you guys can see some of this crazy ass shit that I'm seeing when I'm driving instead of just being able to see my reaction Carnot chick in the car next we don't want none driving some mercury something really er but even if she did have the right kind of car she still don't want none you can see in her eyes she shivered shimmering trying to just go the same exact speed as the car next to me it's fucking painful it really is I ain't gonna lie Kanda I gotta go I gotta run gotta open her up a little bit so I feel many more of these car videos when I'm driving around like this sooner or later without a doubt you guys are gonna see a side of me that you haven't seen before because I tend to get most frustrated in life while I'm behind the wheel I'm not gonna say a road rage but sometimes I road rage I cut through all the time going from my house to the shop or going from my house to the office it's fucking chilly ain't never cops over here knock on wood I'll fuck I swear to god there's a motherfucking cop right behind me right now it's an uneasy feeling I fucking jinx myself when I said that I know if you guys can see the fucking panic in my face what are the chances I'm all fucking quiet right now because the goddamn cop behind me has me paranoid like a motherfucker I don't have any wax with me so I don't know why I'm trippin but it's just an uneasy feeling growing up doing what I do kind of just preconditioned the fucking freak out get a little Parenthood the cop gets behind you all right there he goes hey get that out of my system want to hear something really impressive check this out pretty sure you guys can hear that all right I'm gonna wrap this up head in the house get baked I might add that the session oh shit I just got fucking fingerprint on the inside of my windshield son of a cunt god damn mother I told you I get most frustrated in the fucking car I may or may not edit in the session oh fuck it let's go get high of course mrs. chubbs she thought her tire was just a little bit low I took it to BMW right now it turns out there's a big-ass huge chunk of metal in the tire it's maybe a two-and-a-half-hour fix she doesn't feel like getting the loaner car she wants me to come get her and take her to lunch which is normally not a problem I wanted to get some shit done this is kind of shit that happens when I have so I had planned on doing a couple things and then filming another quick video just a quick special video and then doing a couple other things get back to work upload the video out of the blue two and a half hours fucking cars there mrs. chubbs wants to go eat and just fuck if those a wrench in my entire day so I think I'm gonna tell her if she wants to have lunch then she's gonna have to be cool with me filming she'll be my behind the scenes on it she'll be my my cameraman slash producer that's just the way it's gonna have to be today hope you guys enjoyed cruising around with me a little bit because I definitely enjoyed having you guys with me I think I'm gonna do that more often like I said I just need to find a way to get a better kind of mount in the camera I said I don't have to use a GoPro but I don't you know have that vibration with the Panasonic should be that part for now let me get baked and we're gonna wrap this up get this video uploaded and I thought I'll tell you guys that story there Cheers you guys are wondering when I was just dabbing right now boss extracts oh yeah yeah well if this boat sinking nice and good get some video editing done upload this video get the rest of my work done today I hope you guys are having a red day I'm chubs negatory peace write for me capstone requirements document Manhattan campus.

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