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Capstone turbine message board for money

Capstone turbine message board for money do my overall what was your capstone experience like emory goizueta employment report ´╗┐was the charlie hebdo cartoon of Mohammed Islamophobic press Ramallah thank you thank you for the invitation because we don't have much time let me go straight to the point I think that when it comes to Islamophobia we have to be quite clear about the definition because not everything is about Islamophobia and I think that this is a term which is sometimes miss used when we there is a critical take on an Islamic or a religious principle when it's criticizing the behavior of Muslims or what they are thinking this is not Islamophobia Islamophobia is a type of racism against Muslims when we are targeting Muslims because there are Muslims whatever they think and whatever they do and when it comes to Charlie Hebdo and the way they were treating Islam it's quite clear that we have to look at what was done within a specific atmosphere in the French society seventy-five percent of the people in France when it comes to the survey are thinking that Islam the perception of Islam is negative so Islam is a problem per se it has to do with violence it has to do with discrimination of women so we are not dealing in a void we are dealing with in an atmosphere and the way they were treating Islam was quite specific yes it's true that Charlie Hebdo was targeting Christianity less much less than Islam they were targeting some other religious principles of other religion but in fact the way they were treating Islam and the way they were treating it within the atmosphere in France why nerd was nurturing a clear type of racism so yes at the end if you look at the atmosphere if you look at the context is quite clear that we're nurturing and targeting Islam not only because they were targeting terrorism are some of the the attitudes of Muslim but it was very much about the very essence of Islam and making it being a Muslim in France was a problem and nurturing a sense of alienation in the whole discussion so this is one thing which is important the second is that I was challenging them in the way they were treating and I said to the Muslims because I also have a problem with them Islamophobia when Islamophobia is nurturing with Muslims victim mentality it's just to be on the defensive so this is why I was saying you take a critical distance with this you don't react to that it's exactly what they want they are provoking a reaction and they want Muslims to react in such a way but at the same time I was challenging the people of Charlie Hebdo by saying what you are doing with Islam targeting this population and targeting the people who are marginalized into the society and creating an Islamic problem within the society this is in fact a way of creating a type you are nurturing racism even though per se the caricature or the cartoons are not Islamophobic within this atmosphere this is exactly what you are doing so this is your responsibility this is what I was telling them and I think it's it's problematic add to this which is important in the whole discussion is the double standard because the way they were dealing with Islam you had exactly the same Charlie Hebdo when Sydney was working with Charlie Hebdo did something about the son of Sarkozy and mentioning the fact that he was a Jewish son who will succeed because he is a Jewish son in to within two weeks he was fired so how come when it comes to Islam you can say whatever you want in the name of freedom of expression and when it comes to a specific discussion about the Jewish tradition you can't do this and when I was saying how come you fire this one and you are nurturing and promoting one they say not in the name of freedom of expression not everything can be said so well is it's it's about Islam you can say whatever you want why is this important because you cannot just extract this without looking at the whole atmosphere in France with this perception that Islam is a problem Muslims cannot integrate and you are targeting the Islamic values are saying they are problematic per se so as the Islamic values are problematic / see it means that Muslims are a problem within the French society and then this is racist so at the end looking at the whole picture yes this is a kind of Islamophobia to which we have to respond by saying that's fine freedom of expression is freedom of expression we have to promote it we have to protect it this is what I said from the very beginning but with a consistent take on everything if you are for freedom of expression here you have to be for freedom expression there for all the citizens exactly the same way and then you also have to take into account so this is one minute okay you have to take into account the atmosphere that years within the society a last point here which is also important is the way the people from within Charlie Hebdo were dealing with the issue it's as if in fact they knew that by provoking the reactions they were having this kind of exposure within the society and I was telling them if you are serious about freedom of expression and not only provoking and making money of the whole process because you also have a book was written about what what is behind the scene in which way everything which was done was creating this kind of controversy and they were making money out of it and I told them if you are serious about this take all the money that you are getting and give this money to African countries just to show that you are serious about the principles and not using the controversy to get more exposure because you know that Islam is making money so yes there were Islamophobic because of the environment and because the way they were dealing with it thank you very much that professor Ellen Marin mazzie was the charlie hebdo cartoon Muhammad Islamophobic thank you very much everyone it's a pleasure to be here and to be standing here I think that criticism of religion however offensive isn't racism against believers I think there is a misconception about this term if we're talking about racism against Muslims then I accept that we should use a term Muslim phobia or bigotry against Muslims when it comes to Islamophobia I have a huge problem with this term because I feel that it is used in order to defend and protect criticism against Islam and I think what it is doing is conflating blasphemy with bigotry in order to impose Islamist norms on the wider society charlie hebdo's cartoons of Muhammad Islam's poor prophet are no more bigotry against Muslims then it's covers poking fun against Christian or Jewish God's prophets rabbis clerics are bigotry against Christians and Jews in Iran in Saudi Arabia in the Islamic state critics of religion are often faced with accusations of blasphemy and apostasy for very similar things here in Europe they are accused of Islamophobia accusations of Islamophobia in my opinion are used to scare monger people into silence rather than out of a concern for minorities as if minorities like myself do not have the right to criticise religion and Islamism which is the religious right-wing in fact someone like myself an atheist of of Muslim heritage is a minority within a minority and needs the right and possibility to be able to criticize Islam without accusations of Islamophobia essentializing and homogenizing muslims and equating them with Islamists which i think is what this term actually does reduce these masses of people to fanatics who are more concerned with cartoons than with murder it's like equating Christians with the KKK or with pegida calling Charlie Islamophobic in my opinion cease dissent and blasphemy through Islamist eyes an offense that must either be censored or punished by death whether it's by Sharia law in countries ruled by Sharia or via the collision occur if it is here in the West Shari Charlie Hebdo belongs to a anti-clerical and satirical tradition that is not the sole domain of the West for example we have the Aussie boy Johnny weekly magazine more Lannister Dean which was founded in 1906 which similarly poked fun at Islam Mohammed was also depicted in the weekly and mullahs in Persia at the time it's called Iran today issued a fatwa calling for the death of its editor mirza Jaleel you've got many examples of this nature the the deeply anti religious writer saw their Hidayat who died in 1951 he's another example where he said heaven is the best excuse to make this world into a hell the conflation of entire communities and societies with Islamism refuses to acknowledge that there are many within those who are considered Muslims which by the way include reformers include secularists including believing secularists as well as X Muslims and atheists and feminists socialists and so on and so forth who also want to I need to criticize Islam and Islamism often at great risk to their lives people like rife but are we who has been sentenced to 10 years in prison and a thousand lashes merely for raising the question of religion and politics Bangladeshi bloggers like AVG Troy who was hacked to death for his books on science and religion hasami Dean Pharisees are their 23 year old writer and student in Iran who's been sentenced to death for a book examining the history and questioning facets of Shia Islam Abdul Aziz Dada an Islamic scholar who has been sentenced to death in Nigeria for a lecture which was deemed blasphemous against Islam's Prophet and on and on saying Charlie is lama phobic is as absurd as saying rife Badawi or Futterman out now given three years imprisonment in Egypt for insulting Islam because she criticized Islamic animal soldiers it's it actually means that these people are also bigots which is absurd algerian sociologist Maruyama hello Lucas says this distorting Eurocentric vision sees Muslims only as victims and oppressed minorities whereas just crossing a few borders could allow one to appreciate that Islamist nature and political program whether its regards women's rights whether its regards blasphemy laws or free thought as women living under Muslim law says this movements main target is the internal democratic opposition to their theocratic project and to their project of controlling all aspects of society in the name of religion including education the legal system views services when they come to power they silence people including cartoonists what is really being said when charlie is accused of Islamophobia is that criticism of Islam and Islamism are forbidden blasphemy laws are required to protect Muslims or rather Islamist sensibilities and that therefore threats and actual murders of critics is perfectly legitimate whether in Paris or beyond thank you you ap capstone due date NYS College of Ceramics.

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