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Capstone treatment center in searcy arkansas

Capstone treatment center in searcy arkansas write for me capstone aurora il the great gatsby essay about symbolism ´╗┐good morning everyone good morning thank you so much I am used to speaking on Sunday morning slightly different venue and I have to admit that i'm not a convention person i'm more of a writer i guess and i do have to confess that my last Libertarian Party convention was 20 years ago that was nineteen ninety-six in Washington DC I was in the delegate I was more of a party crasher but while I was there I met some really great people including the phenomenal libertarian author and thinker Harry Brown I met the heroic urban I meant the remarkable Walter Williams it was a great experience in those days my wife Grace and I lived in Philadelphia it's something like the fourth largest metropolitan area in the country but back then the Libertarians of Philadelphia met in a little back room denny's on cityline Avenue and it's how you the truth there were more weapons there than libertarians and that's that's because pretty much everybody carried a pistol but several the guys carry food so we were outnumbered by guns and it was the absolute safest place to be in all of Philadelphia it was great we were really small but committed group and back in those days a lot of people really didn't know what libertarian ISM was but the word meant or if they did they laughed at you and we counted it a win just to get candidates on the ballot and if you managed to get two percent in an election we celebrated it like it was a victory of landslide proportions but let's fast forward to today libertarianism is a force to be reckoned with think about how our friends on the left drop the term civil libertarians think about how our friends on the right embrace the term libertarian-leaning oh yes people still mock us but not quite as many but there's been a lot of water under the bridge in the last 20 years we've seen a vast increase in government in 2001 we had nine eleven eleven and as a result we we saw the creation of the TSA the expansion of the NSA and the subsequent revelations of Edward Snowden we saw the Iraq and Afghanistan wars and then in 2008 we saw the horrific financial crisis and in 2010 we had Obamacare and then since that time we've seen an increasing pool by executive Fiat by the president we're hearing talk of negative interest rates by the Fed and then right now in this election season there's a near complete breakdown in trust in the corrupt machinery of the Democrat and Republican parties in short we've seen that they gross failure statism of socialism of the warfare welfare state an imperial intervention ism we've also seen some good things as well that have been helpful to the Liberty movement we had two remarkable campaigns by Ron Paul we have an ongoing intellectual campaign on the internet and in the media especially blogs and podcasts and the line we have Lew Rockwell com if we have the top would show we have Andrew Napolitano appearing on Fox News we have organizations like the Acton Institute and the Tenth Amendment Center and others you want to hear with but we're still not seeing this translate into libertarians winning many elections clearly we need to focus more on outreach and I know that some of the breakout sessions deal with this topic and there's some really good people working on as for me I think we need to see ourselves as missionaries the word missionary is based on a Latin word meaning to send because missionaries are set out to do a job and a related concept is the word evangelism which is based on a Greek word meaning proclamation of good news I think we libertarians can learn from the example of the early Christian church think about how the church began began with Jesus calling his early disciples including 12 liters one of those leaders betrayed him and then committed suicide and then Jesus was executed as an enemy of the state and we Christians believe that Jesus rose from the dead but his 11 remaining leaders found themselves frightened and huddled together in a little room probably not much bigger than that dennys on cityline Avenue they had no idea what to do next and yet from this inauspicious beginning decades the Christian Church has spread all across the Empire even though it was persecuted by the government within less than 300 years with no mass communication the Emperor himself became a Christian and all this was achieved without weapons without violence without force the church was a voluntary organization and its instrument of expansion was word of mouth that is to say persuasion so we libertarians also have good news to proclaim and mission work to do we have our own version of evangelism we are also nonviolent we are also a voluntary organization and our instrument of expansion is also persuasion and the good news that we have to offer is that Liberty is part of our human DNA and then we can order society to be freer and more humane and more peaceful but all too often I think we try to win debates instead of as Jesus said winning your brother over for ultimately we don't want to win arguments rather we want to win hearts and minds that is our missionary endeavor now another saying of Jesus is the innocent as doves and wiser serpents I think this is good advice for us libertarians as well in our context to be innocent as doves means we have to have integrity to our message of liberty of non-aggression no compromise no deceit no equivocation as far as being wise as serpents I think we need to be good at outreach to disparate groups in order to persuade them to join us it means being strategic and smart and so we as individuals can be missionaries of Liberty in our own stations in life part of the beauty of libertarianism is founded its simplicity and its universality it is not a religion or a lifestyle so therefore all religions as well as people who have no religion as well and all my Styles can be libertarian libertarianism is merely the assertion that it is wrong to initiate or threatened force or violence against peaceful be involved and the political philosophy that grows out from this is nothing more it's nothing less it's a simple axiomatic principle that allows diverse people to coexist peacefully we can all have different opinions and yet cooperate and collaborate I like the example of my own teacher and mentor in the Liberty movement I had to give a shout out to my dear friend Walter blog and he is a Jewish atheist and yet he and I are best of friends and we mutually respect one another and Walter sums up libertarianism simply this way he your midst to yourself as for me at my own station in life I often find myself being a missionary of libertarianism to Christians my own church body the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod is the fourth most Republican church body in the country we're actually more Republican in the Southern Baptist Convention I was a seminary student when 911 happened and if you were around in the Liberty movement at that time you know this was a difficult time to be a libertarian but some remarkable things have happened since then today a large number of my colleagues in the Lutheran ministry and lay people in our church body are libertarians for they have taken to heart the psalmist's injunction that we put not our trust in Princes so I do teach that Christianity and libertarianism rd compatible I think there are a lot of reasons for this Christianity emphasizes the value of the individual is right to life and property and it is based on our theology that all people are created in God's image and I think the non-aggression principle is very similar to Jesus's Golden Rule do unto others as you would have others do unto you and think about some examples from the history of the Christian Church the ancient church abolished infanticide and the blood sports that may murder a form of entertainment and this was due to the Christian view of human dignity in the 5th century the great theologian San Agustin pioneered Just War theory in the 13th century English Christians stood up to King John and enforce the Magna Carta also in the 13th century we find another great theologian say Thomas Aquinas arguing for the legalization of prostitution in the 16th century judgment scholars in Salamanca Spain pioneered free market economics also in the 16th century the reformer Martin Luther wrote about but recalled the two kingdoms which is a teaching that James Madison credited with the Constitution's disestablishment of any church one of the cofounders of the Libertarian Party dr. Murray Rothbard argued that of all the early colonial American experiments in libertarianism these were all started by Christians and think about modern Christianity it led the fight against slavery against European communism and even to this day continues to fight against human trafficking all of this is because of Christianity's defense of human dignity now also demonstrating the compatibility of Christianity and libertarianism is the number of leaders of modern libertarianism who are Christians including but not limited to I always wanted to say that there are many many leaders of libertarianism or Christians including Lew Rockwell Jeff dice Thomas woods Andrew Napolitano lawrence vance robert murphy jacob Hornberger milo gianopolous Robert Higgs pots Herman hapa your debito whole smile William grig Gary North Riley making Chuck call Steven Yates Norman horn Daniel McAdams ran in England and this other guy known as Jeffrey Tucker I know that there are many many others as well so in conclusion I wanted to point out that a lot of things have changed in those last 20 years since my last visit to a libertarian convention and most of it's been good but we do have more to do as missionaries as Everton I hope that maybe I'll crash the 2036 convention and find some things the same especially our unequivocal commitment to proclaiming the good news of liberty and non aggression but I do hope to find some changes as well I'd like to see a tiny or even a non-existent state and the people who cherish their liberties now to be sure as we Christians know there is no utopia in this life and I think libertarians understand that as well we are realists we're not utopians but having said that just imagine how much more peace and prosperity we would see in a libertarian country and world that is our good news to proclaim that is a mission and for the sake of outreach I think we should also remember something that Murray Rothbard said he said whenever you say the word Liberty you should smile so my friends I wish you peace prosperity and blessings to each and every one of you and I thank you so very much you you capstone logistics marion indiana SUNY Technology Colleges.

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