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Capstone theatre hire

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well again are you losing 43 years because you just substituted do better follow I so didn't you like what they were doing it was a mixture so many different things but thanks guys I feel that you know every group has a sort of life during which the individual members are sort of helpful to each other on a show musical level and a performing level and that we should have reached the end of out and how they going now they're going fine but I think that because this to you faces in the truth performing in my father do you think the big boss will continue to sector year the same love happen in music and written / bomb to talk to anybody else you take a bow line up you're hesitating with you a lazy chose your presence I think it's pretty nice I've never actually in all the time of this team work with the hoop I have many times your visual decoration stage I've got to be that lot of blood in 68 anything very big going up won't you for example there's a little religious projections there's 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